Chapter 405: House Eclipse Moon’s Invitation

Chapter 405: House Eclipse Moon’s Invitation


Moss mindlessly watched Rinloran’s strike from afar.

So strong...... Moonlight Swordsman’s moonlight targeting talent with Thousand Storms Sword huh?

The Goat Horn Team member could not block that strike even after using his strongest secret skill.

Rinloran’s eyes seemed to have become like Ayrin’s...... The Rinloran in the past did not seem to have any major goal, did Redwin’s death...... cause him to set a goal he must reach?


The Undead Puppet was still spinning.

However, most of its muscles seemed to have been snapped. Merlin had already stopped attacking, so the Undead Puppet appeared to be a broken rope spinning with split ends.

“Oi, will you lick the foot of this great me?”

Belo walked to Singo and asked.

Singo watched Belo blankly. If he had a choice, he might have considered. However, as he had used the Undead Puppeteer’s secret skill, he could not move at all.

“Oh, not interested? Never mind then.”

With a snap, Belo swiftly twisted his neck.

“Belo, are you out of your mind? You asked him whether he wants to lick your foot, but he can’t move at all. Then you just killed him.” Stingham immediately complained.

“It’s fine. I don’t feel like letting him lick my foot anyway.” Belo snorted.

Stingham lost his words.

“They are indeed all monsters......” Seeing the battle completely finished, the four Eclipse Moon arcane masters were all speechless when realizing that the infamous Goat Horn Team from Baratheon were completely annihilated.

“What’s that?”

However, a shocking scene appeared.

They saw some sort of shadow sweeping past the corpses of the Goat Horn Team. Then the corpses seemed to have undergone a complete looting, even the amplification device hanging on Ingit’s neck were gone.

“Great King’s speed is way too fast, I don’t even feel the excitement of looting.” Stingham grumbled in his heart.

“Rinloran, Moss, are you alright?” Ayrin called out.

“I’m fine.”

Rinloran shook his head and took out two potions. He drank one himself and passed the other to Moss.

“Rinloran, you didn’t just learn healing skill from Teacher Ciaran, you also took great efforts to learn some medical treatment methods?” Chris understood something from Rinloran’s action. She turned to Stingham and spoke like a real captain, “Stingham, Rinloran had learned all those for the sake of the team. You should also work harder at normal times. Although you performed well this time, you are slacking off too much usually.”

“Haha, a genius like me still needs to train?” Stingham stood akimbo and flung his hair, “I’m the most handsome!”

“He has such a strong defensive power even without much training?” The four Eclipse Moon arcane masters wanted to speak up, but became speechless again.

In the situation a while ago, if not for Stingham’s over-the-top defense, they would definitely incur casualty when facing that powerful Undead Puppet.

If he already had such strength without much training, how strong would he be if he seriously trained?

“Uncle, what’s your name? What’s the current situation of the battle between your House and House Roland plus Baratheon? Isn’t this the central part of your territory? Why was even here overtaken?” Ayrin looked at the oldest Eclipse Moon arcane master and asked.

“I’m called Annon.” The oldest Eclipse Moon arcane master showed a bitter smile, “You’re right. Even our most important Beast Ring was breached. If not for the two powerful artifacts our House possessed, as well as the Hat of Concealment you let Jano bring back...... We might not even be able to do a guerilla warfare against them.”

“What’s Beast Ring?” Ayrin was curious.

“It’s just some huge beast encirclement. However, what’s different from the usual one outside is that our House Eclipse Moon’s huge beast encirclement is just like a powerful sentry stronghold. As we can even control some of the powerful huge beasts and monsters that couldn’t be tamed normally, we can use them to fight against the enemy if there was any arcane team infiltrating those places. Most of the time, we have a symbiotic relationship with them, helping each other in times of need.” Annon watched Ayrin and bitterly spoke, “The big advantage we had over House Roland in the past is the aid of many powerful huge beasts. But the most important Beast Ring has been breached by the cooperation between House Roland and House Baratheon now. Some of the huge beasts and monsters inside had become materials for their artifacts instead.”

“I see. Does House Roland have many huge beast encirclements?” Ayrin looked directly at Annon and the other three Eclipse Moon arcane masters and spoke, “Our priority here is to kill their Emperor Evil Eye. Do you know where their Emperor Evil Eye is?”

“What? You want to hunt their Emperor Evil Eye?”

The four Eclipse Moon arcane masters were shocked.

They knew the terror of Emperor Evil Eye better than anyone else.

However, they returned to their senses immediately...... The arcane team before them could annihilate the Goat Horn Team. Such a monstrous team might even be able to handle Emperor Evil Eye?

“Emperor Evil Eye is inside House Roland’s territory. The place it lives in is called Evil Eye Cave. We know its exact location, but going there is too dangerous.” Annon spoke of the facts with a serious expression, “Because it’s at the central zone of House Roland’s territory, so you will likely be attacked by arcane teams from both House Roland and House Baratheon. Just Baratheon’s elite teams we know of numbered over thirteen.”

“Then we better not go.” Stingham immediately commented.

“Idiot!” Rinloran stared at Stingham with a killing gaze.

“It’s fine, just tell us where it is. We came here to fight against Baratheon’s arcane teams anyway!” Ayrin spoke with fighting spirit.

“Do you just want to fight against Baratheon? Or does Emperor Evil Eye have some special utility? Are you trying to obtain something from it?” Annon hesitated for a moment and asked Ayrin.

“It’s for my cultivation. I have pure human bloodline. By integrating Emperor Evil Eye’s bloodline, I will have greater room for improvement.” Chris answered without hesitation.

“In that case, can you visit our House’s chief shaman?” Annon spoke with a serious expression, “You were originally friends House Eclipse Moon had acknowledged. In addition, all of you have come here to fight against House Roland and House Baratheon. If you managed to kill Emperor Evil Eye, it would also be of great help to us. So our House Eclipse Moon will also provide as much help as possible.”

“Are you going to give us some powerful artifact like the Hat of Concealment we gave to Jano?” Stingham’s eyes beamed.

“If it's going to be artifact, then there’s no need.” Before Rinloran could scold Stingham, Ayrin spoke.

“Why not?” Stingham shouted at Ayrin’s refusal, “Are you an idiot?”

“An idiot calling other people idiot?” Rinloran lamented.

“That’s because we already have many powerful artifacts. Also, the stronger the opponent we face, the less help artifacts can provide. Just like encountering the Goat Horn Team this time......” Ayrin’s gaze fell onto Augusta’s corpse, “His arcane skill seems to be able to interrupt the manifestation of all domains, rendering my Treasured Book of Time and Treasured Book of Sealing useless...... And these guys have such fast casting speed, we have to take an extra step from activating to generating the arcane power of any artifact compared to casting arcane skills ourselves. So using artifacts becomes slower than casting...... An even stronger opponent will have an even faster casting speed. If we don’t become more powerful ourselves, no matter how powerful the artifact we have is, we won’t get a chance to use it...... So the most important point is to become stronger ourselves.”

After a pause, Ayrin excitedly swung his fist and shouted with enthusiasm, “So next, I want to fight without using any artifact!”

“That’s because you are a pervert!” Stingham pouted, “A handsome genius like me should have a sword a hundred times better than Rinloran’s Thousand Storms Sword. Cutting anyone down with one strike is the coolest thing to do.”

“That’s because you are an idiot and slacker!” Rinloran lamented with an urge to cut Stingham down.

“Ayrin, our House Eclipse Moon’s distinguished friend, it’s not related to artifacts.” Annon looked at Ayrin, then spoke in a serious expression mixed with a trace of complex feeling, “Our chief shaman...... he practiced a unique secret skill. He is an elder who has lived for a long time, so he has an extensive range of knowledge. I believe that if you visit him, he will definitely be able to provide some useful advice.”

“Ah? Not some secret treasure of House Eclipse Moon? You’re not giving away some super powerful artifact? Then we aren’t going!” Stingham immediately felt depressed and disappointed.

“If you don’t shut up now, do you believe that I will shove a sword into your mouth!?” Rinloran gave off a chilling warning word by word.

Stingham immediately sealed his mouth.

“Death’s Energy: Shadow Ball!”

After Ayrin sapped a shadow ball from Augusta’s corpse like recycling waste, he nodded towards Annon, “Then let’s go now?”

“Ayrin, what about this grafted zombie?” At that moment, Moss pointed at the twin-head oceanic monster.

The ‘Zombification: Grafting Technique’ hailed as one of the strongest necromancy skills during the Magus Era was very creepy and powerful. The twin-head oceanic monster had lost one head, the other head was also full of wounds, but it did not completely die. It appeared to be half dead, and its arcane energy did not disperse. It seemed that only when the other head and Ingit’s head at its chest were destroyed, it would completely die.

“Let it follow of course. It’s much stronger than normal arcane masters. Also, it was so hard to find the chance to use this arcane skill, I may not even find a chance in future.” Ayrin spoke as if it was natural. He looked at the twin-head oceanic monster with one head missing like looking at an interesting pet.

“......With such an ugly thing following, my handsome image is going to be affected.” Stingham grumbled in his heart.

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