Chapter 404: Rinloran’s Pierce

Chapter 404: Rinloran’s Pierce


“Even Moss has already defeated his opponent huh......”

Rinloran stared at Diaphano with an even colder gaze.

His body surface quickly gathered many tiny whitish transparent swords, as if he was clad in a layer of sword armor.

“Wow! Rinloran, is that the Thousand Storms Sword? You have tiny swords on your entire body. You look like a blademan!”

“Blademan......” Ayrin and Chris cringed at that description.

Diaphano looked even paler however.

Waves of pain came from the wound in his chest which was stabbed by the sword flash.

Thousand Storms Sword...... Where did that secret skill come from? Those tiny whitish transparent swords are all materialized swords and not some condensed arcane energy. He created that many materialized sword particles within his body, but how is he able to control all of them at the same time? And it’s to the extent of each tiny sword striking the sword before it, allowing the impact to stack up.

How can a single person control so many materialized swords in an instant!?

I absolutely cannot let his sword hit me. No defensive skill can block it and I will be penetrated through!

I must kill this talented youth with high elven bloodline who wanted to challenge me alone. Otherwise, what we will lose here is not just Baratheon elite team’s glory and might...... If such genius is allowed to grow, even the heart of the Baratheon’s guardian, Storm Dragon, may be penetrated by this guy......

Diaphano’s body slightly vibrated.

A dense amount of magenta arcane particles viciously revolved around him.

“Baratheon’s forbidden skill!”

“Wind God: Dragon Guardian!”

Diaphano chanted.

The magenta arcane particles rapidly changed into spinning green arcane energy.

Two green arcane masters wearing dragon scale armor, holding a cross sword and a long spear respectively, suddenly appeared next to Diaphano.

“Is this the strange materialized skill that’s similar to Charlotte’s?” Stingham, who had nothing to do and was looking around, immediately felt that the two green guardians reflected real metallic hue. It was clearly not some normal arcane skill.

“Oi! You guys going three on one is too unfair!” In the next moment, Stingham could not hold back his complaint.


At that moment, however, Rinloran, who was moving forward slowly, instantly accelerated and vanished into thin air.

Diaphano’s pupils greatly contracted. He injected a wave of arcane particles into each of the guardians.

Psst! Psst! Clang......

In a fraction of a second, multiple cutting and metal clashing sound could be heard.


Stingham’s eyes opened to the widest.

Rinloran’s figure appeared about ten meters away from Diaphano’s side.

The spear-wielding green guardian’s spear had pierced Rinloran’s body and stabbed into the ground diagonally!

Rinloran held a pale blue flower sword in each hand. His hands were shaking non-stop. Blood flowed out from his body, trailing along the spear handle and dripped onto the ground.

Diaphano wanted to cast an arcane skill to kill Rinloran immediately on reflex. However, a sharp pain came from his abdomen again.

His body jerked. He looked down at his body and saw a cross-shape sword scar on his left abdomen, releasing pale moonlight.


Rinloran’s body disappeared from that spear. He showed up at the side, with pale blue and pale green light wrapped around his body.


Seeing that, Stingham heaved a sigh of relief and muttered, “I better learn some medical arcane skills from Teacher Ciaran in future. At least I will be able to save myself.”


Arcane energy fluctuation undulated from Augusta’s body.

However, after one second, his body suddenly stiffened.

Belo’s figure appeared before him.

“What, still want to recharge arcane particles?” Belo stared at him with impulse and fervor, then stretched his right foot forward, “I think you better save your energy and lick the foot of this great me.”

Augusta’s eyes immediately became bloodshot. With a roar, his body left afterimages as he pounced on Belo.


Augusta’s view became blurry for a moment and he lost sight of Belo, but his back conveyed a sharp pain.

Belo slowly raised his hand behind Augusta.

The nails of his right hand were dyed in blood.

Five deep scars were carved onto Augusta’s back.


Augusta’s mind suddenly felt great fear.

He felt that his blood was drastically mutating, as if countless burning blood cells were devouring normal blood cells, then producing more burning blood cells.

“It’s a pity. Only that guy knows Berserk Control...... Otherwise, someone like you can become a really powerful Bloodcrazed......”

While Augusta was extremely horrified, he felt that he started to lose control of his body. He also seemed to hear a very quiet sigh from Belo.

He lost sight of Belo once again.

Then he saw a pair of terrifying claws reaching from behind and landing on his neck in the corner of his eyes.


A huge force directly snapped his neck and twisted it.

The last scene in his eyes was Belo looking at him with an expression that seemed to be looking at a normal beast.

“Even captain......”

The freest person in the Goat Horn Team was Singo. However, he could not move at all.

The connection between him and the Undead Puppet was completely severed by Merlin.

“Merlin seems to be getting more and more relaxed and powerful...... Did she awaken something within her body? Like some battle instinct?”

Ayrin and Chris were completely attracted by Merlin’s close-range combat skill. They looked totally like two audience watching the fight.

Every time the Undead Puppet came into contact with her two hands, its balance would become worse. Gradually, its body appeared to be uncontrollably spinning the spot.

The four Eclipse Moon arcane masters also unwittingly joined the audience camp.

“Could it be that this is the rumored strongest close-range combat skill, Spinning Top Leaf?”

“Uncle, what is Spinning Top Leaf?” Ayrin immediately asked.

“It’s a close-range combat skill was said to have been lost at the end of the Era of the War with Dragons. This close-range combat skill allows the arcane master with weaker physical strength to resist an opponent with stronger physical strength. Every action aims to break the opponent’s balance. Those who grasped this close-range combat usually makes the opponent uncontrollably spin after a few exchanges, like a spinning top made to spin. By the time you are forced to spin, you would have become as brittle as a leaf, completely in the control of the opponent. Hence the name of this close-range combat skill is called Spinning Top Leaf.” The oldest Eclipse Moon arcane master watched the Undead Puppet which was spinning faster and faster, then spoke in astonishment, “This kind of close-range combat skill requires the user to have complete knowledge of the anatomy. The arcane master must grasp the opponent’s anatomy, power and weight distribution on the first clash. He also has to practice countless times...... in order to learn it.”

“As expected, it’s not a combat technique that clashed head-on, but aims to destroy the opponent’s balance...... In that case, if your strength is similar or even greater than the opponent, it will be even easier to destroy the opponent’s balance, making the opponent spin...... and making it easier to defeat the opponent!”

Ayrin enthusiastically watched Merlin’s every move without blinking once, memorizing Merlin’s every action.

In just a few seconds, the Undead Puppet had changed from spinning slowly to spinning rapidly like a spinning top.

“Next, Merlin should be finishing him off, right?” Chris had such a thought.


At that instant, a snapping sound came from the Undead Puppet’s body.

Merlin’s left hand changed shape. Her five fingers formed a beak shape after closing up, and pecked the Undead Puppet’s arm.

That crisp sound came from within the Undead Puppet’s arm. Chris clearly felt that the Undead Puppet lost a portion of strength from that arm, a strip of muscle was severed.

“Could this be......” The oldest Eclipse Moon arcane master looked even more astonished, he exclaimed in disbelief.

At the same time he exclaimed, Merlin’s hands continued to peck the Undead Puppet. Every peck caused the Undead Puppet to produce muscle snapping sound. Although his body was still spinning, it was obvious that his arms and torso were constantly robbed of strength. His body also became completely disordered.

“What’s this combat skill?” Ayrin could not endure his curiosity.

“Sonic Pecker!” The oldest Eclipse Moon arcane master spoke with slight pauses in his breathing, “It’s also one of the strongest close-range combat skills during the Era of the War with Dragons. By using the different stabbing strength and stabbing point of the five fingers when hitting, it creates a staggered force like five sharp thorns, instantly severing some of the important muscle tissues of the opponent...... This close-range combat skill not only requires complete control on the strength exerted, unbelievable speed when pecking to generate piercing power, you must also understand the anatomy very well...... If you get hit by someone who has grasped this close-range combat skill, you will definitely get some of your muscles and tendons severed. It only takes a few hits to disable you.”

“A close-range combat skill you can’t even come into contact huh? And it’s a combat skill that can quickly damage the opponent’s body when both are locked in a quick-paced exchange of blows without the chance to use arcane skill!” Ayrin’s eyes shone even brighter.


Meanwhile, Rinloran had resumed moving at breathtaking speed.

Despite having the high elf moonlight healing and Ciaran’s strongest Holy Dawn healing, getting hit by Diaphano’s guardians a while ago did not allow him to recover to full strength.

However, his current speed was still unimaginably fast.

As he was clad in sword flashes, he seemed like a trail of sword flash flying through the air.

Diaphano’s expression was getting even paler, he knew that he was locked on by Rinloran. The next strike would determine the outcome.


Rinloran’s figure suddenly vanished from sight.

All the sword flashes also suddenly disappeared. Then, the space before Diaphano seemed to split apart, with only a super fine sword flash drilling through.

Right from the front!

Diaphano held his breath.

The two dragon guardians which could make self-judgement reacted faster than him.

The two dragon guardians blocked his front at the same time.

However, Rinloran did not put the two dragon guardians in his mind.

Rinloran’s senses only sensed the cross-shape moonlight marking.

“Go! Thousand Storms Sword!”

He only let out a roar in his mind.


Thousand Storms Sword’s sword flashes prowled through the front.

Crack! Crack!

Two explosions came from the dragon guardians’ bodies before Diaphano.

Diaphano felt his mouth extremely dry, as if he suddenly chewed on a mouthful of sand.

He lowered his head and saw that his abdomen was completely drilled through by the sword flashes.


At the same time, the dragon guardians in front heavily knocked onto his body. Many shattered metal fragments pierced into his body.

Psst! Psst! Psst!......

Countless blood spurts and fragments burst out from his back.

Rinloran’s figure stopped before the fallen dragon guardians and Diaphano.

Rinloran’s face was pale as if all blood was drained from his face.

However, his eyes were sharper than any sword flash.

“Redwin...... I...... I will definitely learn the Thousand Storms Sword properly!” In his mind, the figure of that Brotherhood President who was more idiotic than Stingham appeared again.

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