Chapter 403: Determination For Victory

Chapter 403: Determination For Victory



The enormous semi-zombie monster was wrapped by the countless exploding water foams and wind currents. It was hard to tell if it could block Augusta’s full power attack yet.

Stingham’s left hand suddenly felt cold at that moment.

When he lowered his head to check, he saw a sneaky little paw was retracting back. Meanwhile, a black gem appeared in his hand.

“Gem of the Zombie Lord!”

Stingham shouted in excitement.


The enormous semi-zombie monster suddenly swayed and stepped backwards.

“It still can’t block it?”

“Zombification: Grafting Technique is one of the strongest necromancy skills during the Magus Era. This necromancy skill should be combining Ingit and that twin-head oceanic monster, as well as a portion of my power, yet it still can’t block that? The Baratheon’s elite team members are so strong......”

Ayrin had already moved to Rinloran’s front and cautiously watched the exchange. After the enormous semi-zombie monster got pushed back, the scenery before it became clear.

One of the two heads had gone through the wringer, the other was also in tatters, with cuts everywhere.

Ingit did not seem to have suffered much injury though.

Meanwhile, that yellowish swirl before it was still spinning. Just like a cup filled to the brim with water, the water currents, wind blades and other wreckages seemed to almost spill out.

“Hahahaha...... You’re no good already. Now it’s time for the most handsome genius!”

At that moment, Stingham proudly laughed.

“I’m the most handsome!”

Along with his signature narcissistic shout, foggy black light spewed out from his front.

A cube-like black zombie suddenly appeared and dashed towards the yellowish swirl.

“Zombie Lord......”

Diaphano, who had retreated to where Augusta was, turned pale.

Zombie Lord also began to rush at the yellowish swirl.


The backing off semi-zombie monster released that strange wind breaking sound again.

Rapid water arrows and the black light pillar released by Ingit at its chest swarmed the yellowish swirl again.

“As expected of the semi-zombie monster created by my arcane skill! A real warrior must fight on even if he loses one head!” Ayrin shouted with satisfaction.

“It has three heads. Even if one is gone, there are two more. What real warrior is that?” Stingham disagreed.

“Captain...... Looks like we can’t even kill a single one, we must try to retreat......” Diaphano turned around and told Augusta who had exhausted his arcane particles.

“Trying to run away now? We won’t let you. Either you surrender, or fight to death!”

Ayrin swung his fist to provoke Diaphano.

“This opponent is mine. You handle that Undead Puppet.” Rinloran’s determined and stern voice came from Ayrin’s back.

As he spoke, he appeared before Ayrin with blue light wrapped around his body.

“You’re mostly recovered huh! Sure, this guy is yours!” Ayrin’s fighting spirit-filled eyes immediately focused on the Undead Puppet.

“A random member from Baratheon's elite team can be this strong...... But it’s just perfect for me to practice the Thousand Storms Sword on you...... to add pressure on my casting progress......”

“One day, my Thousand Storms Sword...... will pierce the throne of Baratheon!”

Rinloran looked as if his entire body became a sword as he slowly walked towards Diaphano.

“Haha! My intelligent, divinely skilled, and most handsome self is the best!” Stingham’s idiotic laughter sounded again.

The black Zombie Lord also crashed into that yellowish spiral.

The yellowish spiral completely stopped and started to crumble as it could no longer support itself.

Diaphano and Augusta felt more and more chills.

Don’t tell me that the infamous Goat Horn Team is going to be annihilated here, without even killing a single opponent?


The Dark Dragon Flame was slowly dispersing before that huge pale face.

Many black patches seemed to have appeared on it, but it was still there. Chris’s Dark Dragon Flame was actually blocked by that Undead Puppeteer with brute force!

Ice shards suddenly floated at the back of the Undead Puppet.


Ayrin suddenly appeared behind the Undead Puppet and a huge ice ring began to bloom from his body.

However, that Undead Puppet did not even look and swung his right arm horizontally like a bat after a half turn.

With a loud impact, Ayrin was knocked back along with countless shattered ice.

“What power and reaction speed!”

“He actually broke my chain arcane skills with just explosive strength and physical combat skill!”

Ayrin fell onto the ground with shattered ice stabbing into his body. He watched the pale white power brand lingering in the air with respect.

The Undead Puppet used by Singo should have only displayed the majority of the power he had when he was alive.

Just that majority was already so strong. He had blocked Chris and the Eclipse Moon team alone!

That Undead Puppet should have been a top expert who went through countless training and combat when he was alive!

How can the corpse of an expert like you be used by someone like Singo. Allow me to defeat you and give you a burial!

Another burst of air exploded beneath Ayrin. His body charged towards the side of the Undead Puppet with astonishing speed again.


The Undead Puppet’s fist carrying pale white power brand suddenly appeared between Ayrin’s brows.

Ayrin was astonished.

His arm forcefully cushioned between the fist and his forehead.


Ayrin was knocked back again. His had a concussion, as if his head suddenly felt several times heavier.

“Impressive! What a strange close-range combat skill! I will definitely learn a lot from fighting this guy!”

Ayrin vaguely remembered that the Undead Puppet used a completely different fist technique compared to others. He did not retract his fist then punch, but twisted his body from the start and threw out his entire arm. The two arms of the Undead Puppet were like two machetes. They moved in big motions and had greater coverage. They could strike faster and earlier.


Suddenly, Ayrin saw Merlin’s figure showing up on the other side of the Undead Puppet in the corner of his eyes.


The Undead Puppet still did not turn to look and his arm threw out like a machete again, aiming at Merlin’s head.

Merlin’s body suddenly swayed backwards. The Undead Puppet’s fist only grazed a ball of silver afterimage.

Her right hand chopped the Undead Puppet’s arm with a clear motion.

The Undead Puppet’s body shook and left its standing place for the first time, jumping to the side.

Ayrin and Chris opened their eyes wide in disbelief.

Merlin’s close-range combat skill seemed to be even stronger than that Undead Puppet?

The Undead Puppet completely focused on Merlin. His arms immediately became countless white shadows.

Sounds of clashing resounded. Merlin’s figure constantly appeared all around the Undead Puppet. During every clash between their fists and feet, Merlin’s body remained stable. On the other hand, despite the Undead Puppet’s strength obviously surpassing hers, he was thrown off balance by Merlin.

“Every strike of Merlin seems to be finding a chance to break the opponent’s balance. Then she would see if she can find a chance in the next strike.” Ayrin had grouped up with Chris and discussed Merlin’s combat skill with Chris like researchers.

“Footwork...... Her actions do not seem fast, but her entire body is like a pendulum. The next action after evading is especially fast, it’s because of her footwork!” In contrast to Ayrin who focused on Merlin’s hand movement, Chris locked on to Merlin’s footwork.

“What the hell is this metal clockwork war avatar!?”

Singo, who was just next to Merlin and the Undead Puppet, was already shocked to the extreme.

Not only was the Undead Puppet he was controlling stalled by Merlin and could not attack others, Merlin’s left hand also seemed to have a great mystery.

It seemed that when she got there, she had changed into another arm.

Every clash with her left hand caused Singo to feel less connection with the Undead Puppet.

The unique arcane energy connection between him and the Undead Puppet was no longer complete. He could not even retract a portion of his power from the Undead Puppet!


“Moss, what about your side!? We are almost finished, do you need our help!?”

Stingham, who was the freest amongst them, remembered the almost forgotten Moss. He shouted towards the continuously exploding zone far away.

“Ayrin’s side is almost finished?”

“I can’t let them mock me again......”

Moss struggled to pant. Blood was flowing out from his nose and mouth.

Compared to the start, the duel between him and Prando had become more difficult.

That was because his attacking route was always a straight line. Prando was slowly adapting to it.

Prando just had to defend the direction he charged from to minimize the injury.

However, his body received quite an amount of damage due to the shock of impact every time.

“Originally, Berserk God’s Returning Scorched Sun is not limited to a straightforward attack. It can attack from any direction using its spin......”

“I must learn this technique...... I must defeat this guy! I must not hide behind others! I must let my mother feel proud of me!”


He disappeared again. Trails of smoke appeared in the air once more.

“Spin, Berserk God’s Returning Scorched Sun!”

Moss’s brain recalled every diagram in the skill scroll, recalled the voice of Minlur who explained the skill to him.

“I just need to guard the front. He should not be able to hold out after another two or three times. Then I can counterattack and kill him!”

Prando, also with blood flowing out from his nose and mouth, pushed his hands forward. Five to six rapidly spinning crystal pillars appeared in front of him.


However, at that instant, his blood seemed to freeze.

He saw Moss’s robust body slamming into those crystal pillars.

A burning presence came from the back, cutting into Prando’s body before he could react.

Half of Prando’s body flew out while burning.


Without the materialized blade for cutting, Moss’s body directly hit the crystal pillar, causing him to spit out blood.

However, as he fell to the ground, his heart was filled with pride.

“Stingham! No need to help!”

“It’s over on my side!”

He shouted with all his strength.

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