Chapter 402: Finally, This Arcane Skill Can Be Used!

Chapter 402: Finally, This Arcane Skill Can Be Used!


It felt like an egg was stuck in its throat.

Everyone’s gaze turned stiff.

Yellow fluids suddenly seeped out from its throat.

Pieces of exoskeleton and flesh abruptly rotted and fell off.

Augusta’s hands uncontrollably trembled.

A rotten hole appeared on the oceanic monster’s throat.

Belo showed up from inside.

The blue-colored blood of the twin-head oceanic monster mysteriously lingered around him. The blood became droplets and slowly seeped into his skin.

“This guy’s beastman bloodline has actually evolved to this extent!”

Augusta had the worst possible expression.

Belo’s was able to not only evolve his blood into lethal poison or corrosives, he was also able to absorb and integrate the blood of other huge beasts and monsters. Every time he completed a cycle of absorption and integration, his power would grow and obtain a portion of the arcane power from the beast.

Obviously, the twin-head crystal spike shark Augusta took great efforts to tame was finished, and became Belo’s nourishment instead!

No wonder Liszt and the others let this team act alone here!

But do you really think that Baratheon’s elite team cannot even kill one of them?

We cannot tarnish Baratheon’s reputation even if we have to bet our lives!

Augusta’s eyes showed a dreadful and determined glint!

“Eye of the Storm: Abyssal Crush!”

Augusta’s continued to change hand signs. Materialized yellowish hue shot out from his eyes, countless gales and dark blue water currents generated around him. When those gales and water currents entered the two-meter range around him, they disappeared instead.

The arcane energy fluctuation surrounding him kept increasing, but no attack was released.

“Be careful, it’s Baratheon’s forbidden skill. An arcane energy accumulation type secret skill!”

“Ayrin! Chris! Interrupt his casting! Otherwise, its power would be unimaginable when he released it!”

The oldest Eclipse Moon arcane master and Rinloran’s call sounded at the same time.

“Chris, help me attack that Undead Puppet!” Ayrin’s gaze greatly flickered. He clearly understood the situation, but he asked Chris for help instead.

“Why are you attacking the Undead Puppet? Aren’t we supposed to interrupt Augusta’s casting!?” Stingham’s comb fell from his hand. He could not understand why Ayrin shouted that.

Chris also did not understand what Ayrin meant, but she trusted Ayrin more than anyone.

That was because Ayrin had helped her become the national tournament champion.

Pssh! Pssh! Pssh!

Right after Ayrin’s shout, she jumped three times consecutively. Along with three bursts of dust, she was less than twenty meters away from the Undead Puppet.


Her body violently shook, the strong recoil deflected her backwards.

Terrifying black flame instantly filled the space between her and the Undead Puppet. The destructive aura of the Dark Dragon Flame rushed towards the Undead Puppet.

The Undead Puppet chanted an inaudible incantation.

At that moment, even Singo, who was sitting before the Undead Puppet, shot open his eyes.

The huge pale white face erected at the side suddenly moved forward and blocked the path of the Dark Dragon Flame.


Countless black flame and white light collided against each other and were swept away like a stream.

“Death’s Energy: Shadow Ball!”

At that moment, Ayrin’s body also exuded strong arcane energy fluctuation.

He used that arcane skill again. However, this time, it was not just one golden shadow ball appearing, there were more than ten golden shadow balls.


Those golden crystal-like shadow balls still aimed neither at Augusta nor the Undead Puppet that was desperately blocking the Dark Dragon Flame. They flew behind the Undead Puppet, aiming at Ingit whose arm was fractured and gravely injured!

“How can he shoot so many shadow balls at once!?”

Ingit could not muster up the courage to block so many shadow balls. In an instant, he was engulfed by the golden crystal light.


Without any pause, the ground Ayrin stood on exploded.

His body also shot forward like Moss. The instant Ingit was hit, his figure had already appeared at the center between the twin-head oceanic monster and Ingit.

“He can actually use that charging skill as well!”

Diaphano had already prepared to cast an arcane skill on Ayrin. At that moment, Ayrin’s charging speed made Diaphano feel that he could not lock on to Ayrin.

“I will kill Rinloran first!”

Such a thought thought flashed in Diaphano’s mind. He felt that he might not be able to hit Ayrin. Chris had used the Dark Dragon Flame, so she would not have much fighting power left. There was still that Stingham with a monstrous defense power behind him. The one he could kill now would be only Rinloran.

“Divine Punishment: Sea God’s Halberd!”

Violent arcane energy fluctuation immediately rippled out from his body.

A blue-golden mixed trident of about the size of three to four people thrusted towards Rinloran along with a huge blue wave!

Rinloran’s body was pressed down by the powerful pressure emitted from the arcane skill. Diaphano’s overwhelming arcane energy fluctuation did not allow him time to evade.

However, right at that instant, his entire body suddenly flashed with a whitish metallic sword flash!

His body surface seemed to have generated countless sword flashes like waterfall splashes all of a sudden!


As he raised his right hand and pointed at the trident, all those sword flashes shot out towards the direction he pointed!

Furthermore, every tiny sword flash smashed into the sword flash before it with the greatest momentum!

The countless sword flashes became a long line with astonishing speed.


The front most sword flash had been accelerated uncountable times in that mere instant. The air before it was pushed apart layer by layer.

An awe-inspiring sword flash was created and fiercely crashed into the approaching trident.


The trident abruptly stopped in midair. A hole suddenly appeared at its tip and end, then it exploded section by section!

“What’s this sword skill, it actually......” Diaphano unconsciously took a step back, even the red marks on his face turned pale.

However, the tip of the sword flash pierced his body. It actually drilled a tiny hole through his body!


Rinloran lost all strength after shooting out that sword skill. He was slammed backwards by the accompanying blue wave.

Blood spewed out from his mouth.

“See that...... Brother Redwin...... This is the Thousand Storms Sword...... Although it’s just a prototype...... I was only barely able to let hundreds of such sword flashes to clash instantly...... it’s still nowhere near the real thousand storms...... But did you see? Just the prototype of the Thousand Storms Sword already has such power......”

However, Rinloran, who was sent flying back parallel to the ground and only seeing the sky, did not feel any pain and warmly muttered in his heart, “Redwin...... I will definitely learn the Thousand Storms Sword properly......”

“No way......”

Even Augusta, who was still accumulating arcane energy for casting, felt numbness in his head after seeing Rinloran’s sword strike.

At the same time, after charging to the center point between the twin-head oceanic monster and Ingit, Ayrin started chanting again!

“Zombification: Grafting Technique!”

Two chain-like purplish black light rings suddenly shot out from thin air, one hooked onto the collapsing twin-head oceanic monster, the other on the almost unconscious Ingit who was hit by golden shadow balls.


Everyone’s gaze froze.

Ingit’s pupils immediately turned purplish black. He lost all signs of life, seemingly to have been instantly killed. At the same time, however, Ingit’s body floated up due to the lingering purplish black arcane energy and flew towards the twin-head oceanic monster.

Ingit’s body sank into the twin-head oceanic monster’s chest at unbelievable speed and merged with it!

The twin-head oceanic monster also became purplish black. With Ingit growing on its chest, its appearance looked extremely creepy!

“Nice! I wanted to try this arcane skill for a long time, now I finally got the chance!”

Ayrin kept waving his fist and shouted in excitement.

“Zombification: Grafting Technique?”

“Is it that strongest necromancy forbidden skill Teacher Rui found in the black witch’s ruin located at the Fire Caracal Lord’s den after he was injured?”

Stingham looked at the scene in a daze and finally remembered.

If that was the case...... the semi-zombie monster made by grafting that dying arcane master and the huge monster could be controlled by Ayrin?

“Merlin! Belo! Get away!”

Ayrin shouted again.

The semi-zombie monster with lingering purplish black necromancy aura turned around and faced Augusta who was still accumulating arcane energy.

Merlin and Belo quickly got down from the semi-zombie monster.


Augusta’s arcane particles were finally exhausted. The accumulated arcane energy erupted like a volcano.

A yellowish swirl appeared.

There were countless water currents and wind blades spinning inside. There were even shattered corals and remnants of shipwrecks. The skill seemed to be similar to the summoning skill as it could draw power from the depth of the ocean far away.


However, at the same time that yellowish swirl appeared, the semi-zombie monster with purplish black necromancy aura shot out countless water arrows from its twin heads. On its chest, Ingit also released a black pillar of light.

At the same time, the enormous body of that semi-zombie monster crashed into the yellowish swirl.

“So that Ayrin freak is thinking of this...... He felt that with Diaphano still there, they may not be able to interrupt Augusta. So he used this method to stop Augusta!” Stingham realized Ayrin’s intention.

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