Chapter 401: Huge Marine Monster Battle

Chapter 401: Huge Marine Monster Battle


“Look, Merlin is changing her arm for no reason!”

Stingham made a fuss.

“Our arcane skills are useless?”

Chris did not even see the huge monster in the sky, she was only focusing on the battle between her and the Undead Puppet.

All arcane skills shot towards the Undead Puppet were deflected by the yellowish wind gate opened by the pale-faced Undead Puppet.

“Stingham, let’s do close-range combat!”

Her figure became a blur and a full speed assault without pattern resumed.


Belo, who had been laying low, took a glance at the Merlin, then at the vague figure of the huge monster from the wind tunnel. Fanaticism and impulse finally took over his expression.

His body immediately showed a change. He ran on all fours like a bloodthirsty wolf.

“Close-range combat?”

Stingham was still looking at Merlin. Just spacing out for a moment caused him to fall behind over ten meters. Chris and Belo had already rushed to the Undead Puppet from left and right.

Thump! Thump!

Two sounds of impact rang.

Stingham did not even see it clearly as Chris and Belo were already flying backwards.

“Even its physical strength and close-range combat are close to a six-gate arcane master huh?”

Chris crossed her arms before her chest. Although she barely blocked the punch from the Undead Puppet, her arms screamed in pain as if they were snapped.

In that instant, the Undead Puppet actually used close-range combat and blew them away with one punch each.

Belo’s chest had a clear punch mark, blood was dripping down his mouth.

However, he licked the blood with his tongue and snorted with even more blood thirst, “Interesting, he can lick my feet.”

“You even want an Undead Puppet to lick your feet?” Stingham felt hysterical.


Just at that moment, the wind tunnel above Augusta’s head collapsed.

Bringing along moist sea fog. an enormous body measuring over twenty meters officially made its appearance along with dispersing wind currents and rain clouds!

“What’s that?” Stingham shuddered.

It was a monster with two heads.

Its body was completely covered with black exoskeleton. Its body looked like a huge snake, with two flat heads like cobra. Huge fangs were exposed outside its mouths, but wing-like membranes circled around its heads. The membranes were connected by huge black crystal-like spikes, reflecting a chilling glint. The surrounding blue mist made its two heads seem always shrouded in sea fog. It gave off a menacing and mysterious feeling.


Suspicion, however, flashed across Rinloran’s eyes.

The Goat Horn Team had renewed their knowledge regarding Baratheon’s elite teams.

The Maelstrom Team was not the only team that was strong, Baratheon’s elite teams were definitely at least a rank stronger than most Corps elite teams.

Based on the ability of the Goat Horn Team captain, Augusta, if he were to summon a huge beast or monster to assist him, it should be at least equivalent to a lord rank with five gates.

It should at least be on par with Abyss Lord or Storm Lord.

Otherwise, it was not worth spending that large amount of arcane particle to use the wind tunnel summoning.

However, while that twin-head oceanic monster looked scary and menacing, its arcane energy fluctuation was much weaker than he imagined. It was definitely not at the five-gate level arcane energy fluctuation.

As if answering the suspicion in Rinloran’s mind, the heads of the twin-head oceanic monster Augusta summoned suddenly unleashed tidal wave-like arcane energy fluctuation.

On its two heads, the tip of every black crystal-like spike between the membranes gathered arcane energy at a rapid speed.

Psst! Psst! Psst!......

Shots after shots of waist-width dark blue water arrows rained down from those tips!

Rinloran’s face immediately turned pale.

His sight was instantly filled by the seamless dark blue color!


At that moment, he finally understood the reason!

The twin-head oceanic monster Augusta summoned did not match lord level monsters in single arcane skill power, but its casting speed was unparalleled!

The spikes on its two heads had a natural minuscule difference in arcane energy gathering, resulting in the difference in timing when the water arrows were shot.

It became as if seven to eight four gate arcane masters were attacking at the same time!

It completely became a storm of shots!

Pssh! Pssh!

Ayrin and Rinloran were instantly engulfed by the rapid-shot water arrows.

“It’s actually this type of oceanic monster...... Such an oceanic monster can probably exterminate an entire normal arcane team......”

“Are Ayrin and Rinloran dead?”

Stingham watched the scene unfold in shock.

Bang! Bang!

Two loud crashes could be heard.


Stingham became speechless.

Ayrin and Rinloran were knocked back over twenty meters, crashing into the wet ground.

Their bodies were literally slammed into the ground like putty, forming two human-shaped pits. They were embedded into the ground.

What made Stingham want to laugh yet couldn’t the most was that Ayrin was not only convulsing from the barrage, he was also constantly spitting out seawater and foams due to opening his mouth.

“Damn it, you forced me and Singo to reveal our strongest hidden abilities!”

Seeing such a scene, Augusta showed an expression of his hatred getting vented.


However, at the next instant, his body stiffened again!

Many streaks of pale blue and pale green light flowed out from Rinloran’s body and onto Ayrin.

The convulsing and foaming Ayrin suddenly jumped back up.

As Ayrin jumped up, he was also very excited. He swung his fist full of fighting spirit and shouted, “I’m fully recharged again!”

“He didn’t die huh?” Stingham was dotted eyed, “What an idiotic shout!”

“What a powerful healing skill...... But is that kid really unkillable...... Such a fast recovery, and he seemed even stronger than before!” The four Eclipse Moon arcane masters were also shocked.

“Rinloran, heal yourself first! Leave that guy to me!”

Ayrin shouted towards Rinloran.

The twin-head oceanic monster also showed seriousness in its eyes.

Its two heads could not understand why Ayrin became even more lively than before.


The arcane energy fluctuation on those spikes became even more turbulent. Continuous shots of water arrows flew out again. The water arrows at the front generated a strange wind breaking sound, pushing the air aside. The water arrows behind lost air resistance and became faster than the water arrows at the front.

Ayrin’s figure was engulfed by the water arrows again.


He then showed up in everyone’s sight again, flying backwards.


However, what surprised everyone was that the moment Ayrin landed, he stabilized his body and landed firmly!

His arms were crossed before his body, protecting his eyes. His entire body was violently shaking, seemingly in great pain from getting hit. However, his arcane energy fluctuation was getting stronger instead!

“He can even endure this level of continuous arcane skill strikes? What kind of body is that!?”

Augusta felt a numbing chill in his body.


At that moment, Stingham suddenly shouted as if he saw a ghost.


Everyone was surprised for a moment, then looked towards the direction of Stingham’s gaze. Merlin, who was carrying a metal box, had already climbed onto the oceanic monster’s back unknowingly and got near to the back of one of the two heads!

“Come back!”

Just as everyone was in a daze, Stingham was already shouting, “Merlin, what are you doing up there? It’s dangerous, hurry up and come back!”


Rinloran scolded that word out of habit as he sat up.

In that instant, Merlin’s left hand seemed to be blooming like a flower, shooting out countless thin silver wires

Those silver wires immediately stabbed into the head of the oceanic monster.


The body of the twin-head oceanic monster seemed to have lost balance in that instant, half of its body started to shake violently.


“Polar Storm!”

The yellowish hue in Augusta’s eyes was spinning so fast it seemed to be flying out.

A gale containing countless ice blades swept towards Merlin.


However, at that moment, the oceanic monster’s head suddenly twisted around and protected Merlin behind it like a shield. At the same time, the sound of wind breaking rang again, continuous water arrows collided with the gale.

For a while, countless scattered mass of water and gusts of wind kept clashing in front of the head of the oceanic monster and exploded. It was a shocking scene.

“Merlin actually controlled one head of the oceanic monster? What nerve controlling method did it use?”

That scene was even more shocking to Ayrin’s side.


At that moment, Stingham shouted again, “Belo, what are you doing!?”

Belo, who was originally fighting together with Chris and Stingham, had rushed to the oceanic monster unknowingly.

“Isn’t there one more head? It should be my prey, right?”

Just as Stingham was shouting, Belo slightly raised his head, his face filled with menacing blood tattoos.

“Northern Gale Holy Flame!”

It was also at that instant, Diaphano, who had a red mark on each side of his cheeks, appeared from the side of the oceanic monster. A streak of transparent flame immediately pierced through Belo’s chest.

A burst of blood spewed out from Belo’s back.

However, what made the Goat Horn Team turn pale was, Belo did not stop his advancement.

He leapt around on the twin-head oceanic monster with astonishing speed, his nails left bloody scars on the twin-head oceanic monster’s body along the way.


The other head which was not controlled by Merlin let out a pained cry. It then opened its big mouth and bit down.

Belo’s body disappeared.

“He got eaten?”

“Belo was eaten whole?”

Stingham opened his mouth wide in shock.

The head of that oceanic beast which swallowed Belo also did a clear swallowing action. However, at that moment, that head also froze.

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