Chapter 400: Merlin Is Fighting

Chapter 400: Merlin Is Fighting


“Not good!”

The oldest Eclipse Moon arcane master unconsciously closed his eyes.

The charging formation of those from Holy Dawn were too poor compared to the Goat Horn Team. They were almost squeezing together.

That single huge wind blade cutting horizontally had managed to target all of them.

Such a powerful wind blade was truly something only an arcane master nearing six gates could cast. He might be able to block the wind blade before casting ‘Magnetic Moon Domain’, but he had no arcane particle left to spare now.

He could not bear to see the blood splash as those Holy Dawn bunch get bisected from the waist.


However, the moment he closed his eyes, he heard a heavy impact sound, but not the sound of cutting flesh.


As he opened his eyes, he saw Stingham standing before everyone. Stingham was like a pillar, blocking that huge wind blade.

The huge wind blade hit Stingham’s body, but Stingham did not retreat a single step.

A strange metallic zombie appeared on his body and its yellowish hue flickered. On the other hand, his body surface was undulating strange shockwaves, as if the strong impact hitting his body mostly became that strange shock waves and were directed to the ground underneath his feet.

“He actually blocked it?”

“Isn’t that Ever-Standing Meat Shield Ashur’s arcane skill?”

Such a scene caused the members of the Goat Horn Team to contract their pupils.

“Sextuple Armor!”

Augusta’s yellowish pupils flashed fiercely again.

He stretched out his hands and made a strange pose with six fingers. Countless arcane particles immediately sprayed out from his fingers.

Six powerful arcane energy fluctuations appeared in the sky above Ayrin’s group.

The six pieces of golden light like six turtle shells quietly floated in the sky.

“What’s happening!?”

Ayrin was already injecting arcane particles into the Treasured Book of Time from the Abel Academy, but despite the arcane power within the Treasured Book of Time activating, it could not form the Time Domain.

“Watch out!”

At that moment, Rinloran shouted out a warning and covered for Ayrin.

Prando and Diaphano also made their moves.

“Chilling Wind Spear!”

“Northern Gale Holy Flame!”

A spear glowing black light and a streak of transparent flame rushed for Ayrin’s body from two sides at almost the same time.


Two lightning-like sword flashes appeared before Rinloran, accurately hitting the black spear.

The black spear was deflected towards the ground, exploding next to Ayrin.

However, Rinloran was already pushed back by the impact despite crossing his swords before himself!


Rinloran was startled.

The opponents were all arcane masters with more than a single level higher than them, they completely overwhelmed them in casting speed. Ayrin failed to activate the Treasured Book of Time, Rinloran felt that Ayrin could not block the other attack.


However, Rinloran saw Merlin’s petite figure suddenly appearing in front of Ayrin.

On her left hand, a round metallic shield that looked like a mirror was opened up like opening an umbrella.


That streak of transparent flame hit her shield. Her body shook from the impact but managed to hold out due to the metal box supporting behind. However, that streak of transparent flame was mostly reflected back by her mirror-like metal shield.

Many thin streaks of transparent flame rushed back towards the skinny Diaphano like a shower.

A yellowish wind shield immediately stood before Diaphano and blocked the impact of those transparent flame. However, the Goat Horn Team held their breaths from the counterattack made by Merlin.

“What exactly is that metal clockwork war avatar? Why is she so strange? What’s that shield which can actually reflect a portion of the arcane power? She just replaced her left arm a while ago, could it be that she replaced it in preparation for such a fight?”

In their eyes, Merlin’s impression immediately became dangerous, mysterious and powerful.

“Merlin! You’re so impressive!”

Such a change brought huge surprise to Ayrin instead.

After Merlin overheated last time, he and the rest had always been worrying that Merlin might suddenly breakdown. However, as Merlin helped him block that attack, she did not seem to have any problem.

“Merlin, so you are also very strong when fighting.”

“So you can really fight alongside me!”

Ayrin immediately became excited. His skin was glowing red, as if he was really burning.

“Brave warrior Moss! Their captain is too strong, you probably can’t beat him. I will leave that narrow-eyed fatty to you!”

He immediately turned around towards Moss, who was unable to grasp the situation, and shouted with fighting spirit.

“Narrow-eyed fatty? Talking about me? Want to handle me alone......”

Hearing Ayrin’s shout, Prando, who was already less than thirty meters away from Ayrin’s left side, narrowed his eyes further, and a cold glint flashed.

However, at that exact moment, his gaze suddenly froze!

That was because he suddenly lost sight of Moss. He could only see a blast of air behind Ayrin and a few trails of smoke left in the air!


A wave of burning hot air impacted his body before he could even think.


At that moment, he could only let out a scream and desperately gushed out his arcane particles to gather in front of him.

Augusta and the rest also changed their expression.

Only after the huge explosion happened in front of Prando, could they see Moss wielding a huge blade of burning flame and fiercely crashed into Prando.

The countless shining magenta arcane particles and raging gale scattered before Prando.

He was unable to even complete an arcane skill before getting knocked back.


And in the next instant, Moss’s body disappeared again!


Another ball of arcane particles and raging gales scattered before Prando, and his body flew backwards again.

“Oceanic Hurricane!”

Augusta chanted with a grim expression.

He did not target Ayrin immediately, but shot an arcane skill towards Prando’s position.

A barrel-shaped hurricane immediately surrounded Prando who was flying backwards.

Countless streams of water surged out from the hurricane like waterfall.


A huge wave scattered apart, Moss knocked into the hurricane wall with the burning huge blade in his hand.

The strong impact and power from the burning huge blade tore a crack in the hurricane wall.


A mouthful of fresh blood spat out from Prando’s mouth.

“Wind Crystal Barrier!”

Without the time for panting, Prando chanted an incantation, arcane particles rushed out from his hands again.

The raging gale quickly gathered and condensed into a crystalline cube outside his body.

“You’re using defensive arcane skill huh, what a powerful arcane energy fluctuation...... But I only know this way of fighting......”

“In that case, I will just use this way of fighting to the end...... Only by doing this, Ayrin and the rest will have a chance to win......”

After continuously receiving the counter force from hitting the wall, a trail of blood dripped down from Moss’s mouth. He raised his head again and burning fighting spirit dwelled in his eyes.

“Brave warrior Moss, fight!”


He threw himself forward with explosive force again and the burning huge blade in his hand instantly vanished once more. It became countless raging flame particles thrusting out from his back, the particles then condensed into a spinning huge blade and returned to his front.

The moment his hands caught the spinning huge blade, it had already smashed into the crystalized barrier outside Prando.


The crystallized barrier did not shatter.

However, Prando, along with the barrier, were flung back again!

Receiving the shock wave, Prando spat out fresh blood again.

Fear dwelled in his eyes once more.

That was because, in his eyes, Moss’s figure had disappeared without pause, charging towards him once again!

“He actually......”

The four Eclipse Moon arcane masters held their breath from the unbelievable outcome.

“This guy... How can he achieve such a charging speed!?”

In just mere moments, Moss and Prando were already several hundreds of meters away from Augusta, out of the battle zone.

“Brave warrior Moss! Good job!”

Ayrin shouted like a berserker.

“Rinloran, let’s ignore that Augusta first. We will take on that red-faced guy!”

Ayrin’s battle-crazed gaze immediately locked on to Diaphano.


In the next instant, he, Merlin and Rinloran already became three shadows and rushed towards Diaphano after gathering.

“Death’s Energy: Shadow Ball!”

A golden energy ball appeared before Ayrin while he was moving at high speed.

“Bastard! Don’t tell me you want to use my plan against me and get rid of us first, before taking on the Undead Puppeteer?”

Augusta immediately felt that he was shamed, his face turning red with fury.

“Wind Tunnel: Oceanic Monster Summon!”

He roared out an incantation.


A huge wind tunnel suddenly appeared above his head.

Countless rain clouds and wind currents were revolving. A huge head stretched out from within!

“Monster summoning?”

“What a strong fishy smell, is it an aquatic monster from the ocean?”

Ayrin raised his head to look up.

Before he could even see the figure of the huge monster crawling out from the wind tunnel, Merlin had already opened her box with great proficiency. She quickly dismantled her left arm and changed into another arm.

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