Chapter 399: Undead Puppeteer

Chapter 399: Undead Puppeteer



Augusta immediately realized the grave mistake he made.

Those brats seemed rash and inexperienced, but it totally changed during battle.

Furthermore, Stingham’s idiotic behavior also unconsciously affected their judgement and caused them to let down their guards!

Also, Ayrin’s group was really quick!

The shaking of the earth, the entanglement of the huge trees and vines, they all did not seem to affect Ayrin and Rinloran at all.

The dashing speed of the two were obviously a level faster than them.

The ground beneath Moss blasted away and he immediately caught up with Ayrin and Rinloran despite being the last.

As for the strange metal clockwork war avatar, it was extremely bizarre. She did not seem to use much arcane energy, but her agility was even better than Rinloran. Every action was well-practiced to the point of perfection. She always moved in the shortest and most accurate path behind Aryin.

What astonished them even more was that the metal clockwork war avatar was still replacing its hand part even while moving!

Its right hand opened up the cube box it carried on its back. Then, it dismantled its left arm with shocking speed. After that, it took out a suitable left arm and quickly installed it.

“What’s Merlin doing?”

Leaving aside Augusta’s confusion, even Ayrin did not know what Merlin was doing.

“Raging Gale!”

“Thorny Vine!”

The chubby arcane master, Prando, and the skinny arcane master, Diaphano, casted at the same time.

Countless mini-tornadoes swept up countless dry branches and fallen leaves to assault Ayrin’s team. At the same time, countless vines with sharp thorns grew out from the surrounding trees, weaving into many black webs.


Stingham cried in pain at the other side.

He rushed into the thorny vines head on.


Rinloran nimbly dodged the vines in the surrounding, then chanted an incantation quickly, “Forest Goddess: Holy Tree of Protection!”

Countless moonlight broke out from the ground. In a mere instant, they became glowing light trees, also forming a dense forest.

The retreat path of Augusta’s team was also blocked by the light trees.

“Thunder Blaze Wall!”

Ayrin also chanted.

A large wave of thunder blaze swept across, burning all the vines into ash.

In a moment, the trees and grass around the Goat Horn Team disappeared. They became the five black dots amongst the red charcoal and light trees.

“They are actually this powerful...... In that case, even if we retreat with all our power, we may have to leave two or three behind...... Then, we can only fight back with our all.”

Augusta was the first to stop his retreating figure, then spoke to himself.

The remaining four members of the Goat Horn Team, including Ingit, who had a broken arm, all stopped.

Even during such an escape, the distance between them remained around twenty meters.

Ayrin and Rinloran also tensed themselves.

It was their first time facing the elite team from Baratheon head on. And according to the arcane skills they used, a typical elite team from Baratheon had all its members with at least four gates opened. Just like Augusta who attacked first, some could have even opened five gates.

Even if Ayrin’s side had a numerical advantage, the opponent’s casting speed was still a great threat.

“Moss, hit me a few times!” Ayrin immediately called Moss who was behind him.

Using the Treasured Book of Sealing at the start had exhausted the majority of his arcane particles, so he urgently needed to recharge some arcane particles. Otherwise, the only methods he had left were to use the Treasured Book of Sealing to release the domain he had absorbed and the Treasured Book of Time he won from the Abel Academy.

The other normal artifacts would probably not have much of an effect against such an opponent. They would only waste the chance to attack.

“Sure!” Moss immediately dished out punches onto Ayrin’s back.

“It’s just as the rumor said, they are a super strange team. Although they didn’t seem to have received specialized cooperation training, perhaps due to fighting together very often, they have developed a unique way of teamwork.”

At that moment, Augusta did not make a move immediately after stopping. His eyes gleamed as he turned around and looked at the vice-captain, Singo, “Looks like we need to use ‘that’ item of yours.”


The metal-grey hair Singo also did not seem like to talk much. He nodded and removed the canvas bag he carried.

“What’s this?”

By then, the Eclipse Moon team, Ayrin, Stingham and the rest had surrounded the Goat Horn Team from three directions. However, the instant that silent vice-captain removed the canvas bag, everyone was shocked.

It was actually a scaly dried corpse inside the canvas bag!

Judging from the texture of the flesh and blood form the corpse, it was definitely the corpse of a real arcane master. It seemed to have undergone some treatment as its entire body looked waxen. Most importantly, its skin had a strange pale white color and emitted a weird arcane energy fluctuation.

That arcane energy fluctuation seemed to vaguely match Singo’s arcane energy fluctuation.

Without any pause, Singo sat down on the ground after taking out the dried corpse. Arcane particles spewed out from his hands and feet at an astonishing pace, instantly wrapping him and the corpse inside.

In an instant, magenta arcane particles mixed with arcane power became countless pale white turbulence and flowed into the dried corpse through its facial orifices.

Everyone could feel that Singo’s strength was drastically plummeting. Meanwhile, the corpse’s strength was drastically growing. Before long, the dried corpse bloated up, becoming a normal-looking, pale-faced arcane master. The arcane energy fluctuation on his body greatly surpassed Singo, and even Augusta!

“What’s that arcane skill?”

Moss’s voice immediately changed, his body uncontrollably shook.

“Undead Puppeteer!”

Rinloran’s expression turned grievous.

They never expected that a member of the Baratheon elite team would be a rare Undead Puppeteer!

Undead Puppeteer was a type of necromancer. They could transfer their own power into the corpse of an arcane master, allowing them to utilize a portion of the power from that corpse. It was just like the reverse of the Soul Reincarnation Rinsyi received.

The chilling fact about Undead Puppeteer training was that, they had to carry the corpse of the arcane master they had chosen with them for ten years continuously. They had to train with secret sacrificial techniques in order to succeed.

However, once the Undead Puppeteer succeeded, they would be abnormally stronger compared to other arcane masters!

“Singo, you and Ingit are in charge of stalling the Eclipse Moon people and Stingham’s group. We will handle Ayrin’s group first!”

The moment that pale-faced arcane master corpse opened its eyes, Augusta immediately ordered.

The sitting Singo did not move an inch, but that arcane master corpse nodded its head, sending chills down everyone’s spine.


Just as the arcane master corpse nodded, a heavy impact sound rang from the side of Singo’s body.

A ball of white light about the height of a person quickly appeared. It actually became a huge pale face about the size of a person.

The moment that huge face manifested, Augusta’s face immediately exuded a chilling killing intent.


Light flashed across his yellowish pupils. Two yellowish tornadoes immediately became two huge octopus and rolled up the light tree forest before him.

The light trees created by Rinloran’s arcane skill quickly crumbled into countless floating moonlight.

At the same time, Prando and Diaphano quickly closed in towards Aryin, Rinloran, Moss and Merlin.

“Let’s attack!”

Chris immediately shouted and started her charge.

Everyone could see that Augusta wanted to divide them up and crush them one by one in order to weaken the numerical advantage.

“Dark Moon Goddess: Magnetic Moon Domain!”

The four Eclipse Moon arcane masters were more experienced than Chris’s group. They clearly understood that the key to the fight depended on those decisions made in mere seconds. Without any hesitation, the oldest Eclipse Moon arcane master quickly chanted.

Almost all of his arcane particles gushed out in an instant. A powerful domain aura immediately shrouded the surroundings.

A black moon exceeding three meters in diameter suddenly appeared above the heads of the five arcane masters from the Goat Horn Team.

Every member of the Goat Horn Team, including the charging Augusta, Prando and Diaphano, as well as the body of the Undead Puppeteer, were attracted by the domain power exuded from the black moon. They were lifted up against gravity and attracted towards the black moon at high speed.


However, at that instant, the huge pale face suddenly released countless rays of pale light.

There seemed to be another pale face covering that black moon.

The domain power was brutally sealed.

All of the floating Goat Horn Team members regained freedom.

“What arcane skill is that stupid face!? It can actually forcefully block such a strong domain power?”

“What a strong arcane energy fluctuation. The arcane power of that Undead Puppet is already reaching the sixth gate?”

The four Eclipse Moon arcane masters turned pale.

“Divine Wind Cut!”

At that moment, an incantation suddenly came out of the Undead Puppet’s mouth.

A terrifying mass of arcane energy condensed at a frightening pace before him.

That arcane skill was used by the chubby Prando before. However, when the Undead Puppet used it, the force was completely different.

The wind blade generated by that Undead Puppet exceeded five meters. Furthermore, metallic light reflected on the surface of the wind blade.

That huge wind blade, which probably exceeded most materialization skill in sharpness and durability, rushed towards Chris, Stingham and the others who were charging at the front like a huge wave!

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