Chapter 398: Surprisingly Close Teamwork

Chapter 398: Surprisingly Close Teamwork


“Already at five gates huh? The casting speed is so fast I can’t even react.”

Ayrin saw that the caster was from one of the two Goat Horn Team members who arrived later. He had a standard appearance of a Baratheon main house’s bloodline. A handsome oval face, magenta hair and yellowish pupils.

After sending Stingham flying, the arcane master with Baratheon main house’s bloodline moved his hands. Over ten crystal balls with transparent wings suddenly flew out. They flew up to the sky and circled around over a thousand meters, then returned to his hands.

“Heat sensing crystal fairy, it’s an item that could only be bought during the Era of the War with Dragons.” Chris remarked in surprise.

It was a woman’s nature to love cute things.

Those heat sensing crystal fairies not only acted as a great support item for the arcane master by detecting body heat released by arcane master in the surroundings, they could also absorb starlight at night and fly around in the room like fireflies. They looked just like real fairies and were very cute.

“Are you really here to die? Liszt and the others are not following you? You all should still be in Eichemalar three days ago. You sure are fast now that you are here.”

The moment he saw that the heat sensing crystal fairies had no reaction, the arcane master bearing Baratheon main house’s bloodline traits immediately relaxed. He leisurely spoke, “Since you all have come to give us such a big present, why don’t we get acquainted first? I’m Augusta, the captain of the Goat Horn Team, as well as the lord of Baratheon’s Newland Ridge.”

“This is Singo.” He pointed at a tall, metal grey hair arcane master who was carrying a canvas bag about the height of a person, “The vice-captain of our Goat Horn Team.”

“And them.” He then pointed at the arcane master wearing a strange gem choker amplification device; the slightly chubby, round-faced, sunken eye arcane master with grey-magenta mixed hair; and an arcane master with a soaring braid, two strange red marks on his cheeks, who looked very quiet and skinny, “They are Ingit, Prando and Diaphano.”

“I’m Stingham! The most handsome genius in the national tournament!”

At that moment, a loud shout came from afar.


The five Goat Horn Team members and the four Eclipse Moon arcane masters twitched their mouths.

He didn’t die?

He was blown away, yet enthusiastically introducing himself now, who exactly is he?

On the other hand, the rest of the Holy Dawn Academy team did not feel strange at all.

Stingham, full of grass, squeezed out from the bushes while plucking off the grass growing on him, reappearing before everyone.

“These Holy Dawn brats are worth much more than those wounded Eclipse Moon arcane masters.”

Augusta, the captain of Goat Horn Team, took a glance at the seemingly uninjured Stingham and turned serious.

He looked at the other four members, “A change of mission, let’s get rid of these people.”

“Get rid of us?”

Stingham, who had returned to Ayrin and Rinloran, shouted in disbelief, “We have so many people, you want to get rid of us with just the five of you?”

“Ingit, begin!”

Augusta completely ignored Stingham, he just ordered the arcane master wearing the gem choker amplification device.

“The hunt begins.” Ingit combed his hair.

At the same time, the unique aura of domain suddenly filled the surroundings of the four Eclipse Moon arcane masters!

The four Eclipse Moon arcane master immediately reacted, but waves of black crystal light instantly pressed onto them, seemingly freezing all the arcane particles within their bodies.

The four of them were completely imprisoned within the black crystal light, unable to move.

At the same time, layers of black crystal light also appeared around Ingit’s body, he seemed to be imprisoned as well.

“Water Dragon!”

The moment the black crystal light appeared, Ayrin already probed. The huge water dragon crashed onto the black crystal light, but the entire water dragon instantly disappeared after rushing in. It did not have any effect against the black crystal light spanning over several tens of meters.

“Don’t waste your arcane particles, it’s useless.”

Rinloran looked at Ingit, “This is the Selfless Imprisonment Domain, a domain that imprisoned both the opponent and caster. Unless the arcane master within the domain has a domain that works against it, any external arcane power cannot invade into it. Any arcane skill or domain is useless.”

“Selfless Imprisonment Domain?” Ayrin asked in a hurry, “Will the people inside be in danger?”

Rinloran shook his head, “They won’t. It’s just a two-sided imprisonment. Once his arcane particles are exhausted, this domain will be released.”

“Not bad, this is indeed the Selfless Imprisonment Domain from us Baratheon. Using one person to trap an entire team is worth the tradeoff, right?” Augusta’s laughter echoed. The other two team members on the tree branches moved and the four of them stood in a line twenty meters apart, facing Ayrin’s side from the front.

“Even so, the four of you want to oppose us? We have six!” Stingham arrogantly shouted.

“Don’t we have eight?” Moss looked at Stingham strangely, “There’s still your girlfriend and Merlin!”

“There’s no telling if Merlin even has all her parts, she can’t be counted. As for my girlfriend, she’s to be protected, how can you say she’s counted as a fighting force?” Stingham shouted like a protective boyfriend.

The Dark Queen Mermaid behind him seemed to be in a bliss.

“Idiot.” Rinloran did not even look at Stingham, “In that case, only five can be counted. You can’t be counted into the fighting force, you will just drag everyone down.”

“Is such a team really a strong team?” Seeing the quarrelling play out, the four Eclipse Moon arcane masters lost the last shred of hope.

“Rinloran, I’m getting more suspicious that you are a girl.” Stingham suddenly said that.

Rinloran immediately lamented, “Idiot, what do you mean?”

“Because only girls like to say the opposite of what they mean. You know well that I’m the most important super handsome meat shield of the team, the one with the most presence. You actually said that I will drag everyone down.” Stingham proudly spoke, “I will definitely peek the next time you take a bath.”

“Idiot!” Rinloran’s eyes released solid killing intent.

“Do it!”

Augusta became serious and ordered the rest.

He was not Rinsyi, other than probing and observing on purpose, he did not like to chatter.

Also, if the opponent was just dragging time, if Liszt and the rest caught up, the situation would immediately change.

“Divine Wind Cut!”

The round-faced, grey-magenta mixed hair chubby arcane master, Prando, immediately chanted.

A wind blade with even greater force than the ones that hit Stingham, a wind blade of over two peoples’ height, immediately appeared before Stingham.


However, in that instant, countless diamond dust-like glow exploded in front of Stingham. Countless flashes appeared on the huge wind blade, obstructing its path.


At the exact same moment, three huge trunk-like sand waves erupted from the ground, becoming three huge sandworms and blocked the huge wind blade.

“Got you!”

The unharmed Stingham showed a creepy smile.

Augusta and the others suddenly felt a sense of foreboding.


A unique power shot out from Ayrin’s hand.

That black crystal light domain seemed to become a stream of water in an instant and drained towards Ayrin’s hands!


Ingit, who was maintaining the domain, shouted in shock.

The four Eclipse Moon arcane masters were surprised and released powerful arcane energy fluctuation.

Four different lights instantly shrouded Ingit’s voice.

The other four members of the Goat Horn Team did not expect such and change and could not intercept.

With a loud boom, Ingit cried in pain and flew back from the light with blood spewing out from his mouth. His left arm was completely fractured.

“We were tricked!”

“Treasured Book of Sealing!”

Augusta’s expression completely stiffened. His heart was beating harder than ever, a cold chill filled his body.

They were tricked!

They totally did not notice the other side’s plan or any tricks.

That team which quarreled all the time to the point of infighting was actually a team with tremendous teamwork?!


Without any hesitation, Augusta commanded.

In a situation where Ingit was heavily injured and the other side had the Treasured Book of Sealing, it was impossible for the four of them to handle the Eclipse Moon arcane team and the bunch of brats who made him change his impression.

“Running? Not so fast!”

Holding the ‘Starlord’s Lost Skull’ in his right hand, Stingham fluttered his hair and activated the ‘Spiraling Earth Gem’ in his left hand.

The ground they and Augusta’s team were standing on suddenly shook violently. The wave on the ground became a spiral.

For a moment, all of the huge trees shook violently, Augusta and his team almost got thrown to the ground.

The entire Holy Dawn Academy team had already divided into two groups instead.

Ayrin, Moss, Rinloran and Merlin formed a group. Stingham, Chris, Belo and Dark Queen Mermaid formed the other. The two groups quickly closed in from the left and right.

“Eclipse Moon people, you just need to handle that injured guy, leave the rest to us!” Stingham proudly shouted at that moment. However, his voice strangely gave them a sense of security this time.

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