Chapter 397: Goat Horn Team

Chapter 397: Goat Horn Team


Hunting Forest is a monster forest similar to the Southam Demon Forest. Like the latter, apart from the huge trees covering up the sky, various python-like vines hung on the tree trunks. The only difference was that this primeval forest seemed to have more animals than the Southam Demon Forest. Turtles, reptiles, rodents, rabbits, various small animals could be seen everywhere. Even trails of huge beasts and monsters that could gather arcane energy and pose a threat to arcane masters like demonic apes, wind wolves, spike beasts, carrion monsters, salt armor monsters could often be seen.

When arcane teams travelled through such a primeval forest, they must be even more careful. According to the natural law of food chain, such a large quantity of low rank animal ecosystem would definitely generate more powerful lord level monsters.

A five-men arcane team was quickly dashing through the forest.

They all wore tight dark green arcane uniform. It was made with the skin of a certain python, allowing their figures dashing through the forest to look like five dark green pythons.

Three male and one female arcane master camouflaged on a huge tree not far away from those five arcane masters. Those four arcane masters wore arcane robes that could change color according to the surroundings, allowing them to blend into the environment. Their skin was dark brown like the tree trunks, with a crescent mark on their foreheads showing a natural silver color.

Seeing the skin color and the silver crescent mark could ascertain that the three male and one female arcane master were from House Eclipse Moon.

“It’s the Goat Horn Team!”

Amongst the four arcane masters, the oldest one looked just past his thirties, but his hair already had some whites. He was holding a simple crystal monocular made by the dwarves. The instant he saw those five arcane masters clearly, the oldest Eclipse Moon arcane master changed his expression.

“What to do? If they cross here, Jano’s team will be sandwiched!”

The other three arcane masters next to him were very young, at most twenty years old. The moment they heard the name Goat Horn Team, their faces turned pale.

“You three fall back first!” The oldest Eclipse Moon arcane masters immediately made a decision.

“No, Uncle An, I’m the weakest here. So if someone has to stay to delay them, it should be me.” Amongst the other two male arcane masters, an arcane master with inch-long short hair and an eye-catching scar on the back of his head spoke.

“You two have better potential than me. When I was your age, I wasn’t as strong as you two...... Enough talking, go! You are the future hope of our Eclipse Moon!”

The oldest Eclipse Moon arcane master commanded.

However, at that instant, his body froze.

Only two of the five arcane masters wearing dark green arcane robes remained in sight!

The other three had disappeared while they were talking!

Three vague arcane energy fluctuations quickly spread out from the three directions surrounding them!

On top of three huge trees no further than sixty meters away, the three arcane masters that disappeared suddenly reappeared. Just like three big birds, they stood atop a thin branch and sneered while gazing at where the Eclipse Moon arcane masters were at.

The other side also seemed to have noticed their presence, and surrounded them in such a short time!

“Augusta, it’s just four small fries. Us three are enough, you two can go ahead.” Amongst the three Goat Horn Team members, an arcane master with a green gem choker that seemed to be some unknown amplification device combed his hair and leisurely told the remaining two arcane masters that arrived.

As for the other two arcane masters standing on tree branches, one with a round face and sunken eyes, grey-magenta mixed hair shook his head in pity, “Are the elite arcane masters of Eclipse Moon getting more and more timid? It’s been days since I last met a proper opponent.”

The four Eclipse Moon arcane masters felt more chilling by the second.

They were not afraid of dying in a fight.

However, they knew that it was an evacuation route for the injured guarded by an arcane team behind them. Currently, if they could not delay the Goat Horn Team; even if only two arcane masters broke through and set up ambush on that route, the evacuation arcane team would be caught up by the trackers unless they escaped with the fastest possible speed. By then, that arcane team and more than ten wounded they were guarding would be devastated!


At that moment, a tree branch breaking sound suddenly came from the dense forest nearby.

Just from that branch breaking sound, the four Eclipse Moon arcane masters could immediately judge that someone stepped on a branch.

The Goat Horn Team was already an elite arcane team of the Baratheon. Could there be another arcane team crossing here?

Even if it was a normal arcane team from House Roland, they would probably be unable to escape at all.

The four Eclipse Moon arcane masters turned even more pale.

However, at that moment, the three Goat Horn Team members on the tree branches looked grim.

The two rushing Goat Horn Team members also stopped.

“Are you really an idiot!? You even made a sound during our ambush!”

“It’s all your fault. You just have to comb your hair at such a place! Can’t you be more careful!?”

“Hmph! You’re not bad for being able to comb your hair while running at this speed, why don’t you kneel down and lick my foot......”

Some strange chattering could soon be heard.

“Flickering Flame!”

Amongst the three Goat Horn Team members on the tree branches, the one with a gem choker that was obviously an amplification device did not waste any time, sparks of arcane particles spread out from his hands.

A gentle gust quickly swept across the dense forest where the sound came from.

At almost the same time, countless embers that seemed fluffy appeared from the air.

It was an arcane skill which did not cost many arcane particles. The flame’s temperature was also not high, seemingly just able to ignite the flammable arcane energy in the air.

However, that temperature was just sufficient to burn the leaves and thin branches.

Countless ash scattered, that blackened forest area immediately became clear.

An arcane team’s appearance immediately showed up.

“It’s actually a wind type and fire type combination skill...... but the power is too weak.”

“Idiot, you thought that was an attack!? It’s all because of you making a noise that we lost the chance for a surprise attack. It’s only used to check who we are!”

A grumbling that sounded clearly despising and a scolding with icy tone could be heard immediately afterward.

“Not an arcane team from Baratheon?”

The four Eclipse Moon arcane masters looked at the arcane team that showed up with suspicion. According to the conversation of that arcane team, they seemed to be trying to ambush the Goat Horn Team.

Furthermore, that arcane team was way too strange!

The six arcane masters before them were composed of five young men and one young woman. They all looked like students wearing pale green arcane robes. Behind the six student-like arcane masters, one big and one small figure followed behind them.

The big one looked like an alluring arcane master, but apart from the natural charm on her face, why did she seem to be giving off a strange darkness aura?

The small figure looked like an even younger girl of about twelve to thirteen years old. She was completely covered in arcane robe, but was carrying a cubic metal box even bigger than her body. Her face that was hidden in the hood seemed to be reflecting a metallic glint.

At that moment, as if feeling that it would be a battle soon and there was no need to hide herself, the small figure suddenly let down the hood covering her face.

A silver face and bronze blade-like hair, along with an ancient aura, appeared before everyone.

“Ancient metal clockwork war avatar?”

The four Eclipse Moon arcane masters were shocked.

There were many arcane masters in the Kingdom of Doa owning metal clockwork war avatars. However, even the oldest one only came from the latter period of the Magus Era.

Meanwhile, the metal clockwork war avatar before them was obviously even more ancient. Some of the decorations could only be seen from the metal clockwork war avatar remains from the Era of the War with Dragons in antique shops!

“Dark Queen Mermaid?”

“Metal clockwork war avatar?”

“You people are from the Holy Dawn Academy team?”

That arcane master who used Flickering Flame suddenly said, “You actually come to this Hunting Forest to die?”

“Holy Dawn Academy team? You are from the Holy Dawn Academy team?”

The four Eclipse Moon arcane masters immediately cried in joy.

“Yes, I’m Ayrin. Where’s Jano and Christine? They are my friends!” Ayrin shouted towards the four Eclipse Moon arcane masters.

“They......” The oldest Eclipse Moon arcane master completely recovered from his daze and told Ayrin, “We must not let this Goat Horn Team pass here! The team Jano and Christine are in is doing a mission nearby. If any of these arcane masters pass here, they will be in fatal danger!”

“You guys are so straightforward. Even if you treat us as friends, you should at least offer some greetings. You’re asking us to fight for you so directly?” Stingham took out his comb and combed his hair, “But small fries like these can be left to us. You just need to watch at the side.”

After saying that, Stingham jumped forward wanting to make a cool pose and provoke the enemy to fight.


However, at that instant, Ayrin and the rest felt an arcane energy fluctuation. Before they could intercept, more than ten dusk-colored wind blades suddenly appeared before Stingham, slamming into his body at the same time.

The wind blades were all about the same height as a person and released an icy glint. The concentration level was almost like a real materialized weapon!


Stingham cried.

As he cried, he was already flung back and became a black dot behind Ayrin and the rest.

“He flew a bit far...... I wonder if he died.” Belo pushed his spectacles and commented.

The four Eclipse Moon arcane masters looked at Stingham who was thrown out of sight, then back at the team, they suddenly felt the sense of security vanishing.

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