Chapter 40: Celebrity fighter

Destroyer of Ice and Fire

Chapter 40: Celebrity fighter

“Sevenfold Gravity Gym!”

Moss was a little numb from the shock. Cold sweat flowed continuously down his body. His fear diminished bit by bit; there was something new seeping inside him. The conceit inhabiting him back when he first joined Holy Dawn Academy began to vanish for good.

Gravitational gym, this was one of the most special gyms.

Thanks to some unique materials, anyone entering the area would weigh heavier than usual.

Sevenfold gravity gym, this meant that anyone entering inside would weigh seven times heavier than usual. Moreover, the force was spread out uniformly over the whole body, hence those who weren't used to it had trouble even maintaining balance.

It was indeed difficult even walking normally inside for ordinary people, but the Iron Forest guys stood right now as if nothing were out of the ordinary, as if there wasn't any difference with standing outside.

“These Iron Forest guys, their bodies are truly made of steel!”

A burst of “ka ka” came to Moss' ears, the sound made by the joints of his fists clenched too hard.

This sound suddenly made Stingham aware of his presence. He turned his head and saw his face covered with sweat. Stingham mumbled, “What a weird guy. It's not raining outside, why's his face so wet.” Then, still looking as narcissistic as ever, he walked forward and went inside the building.

Sweat gathered under Moss' chin. Dripped to the ground.

At this very moment, Moss could hear the sounds of his own heartbeats.

He saw Stingham walk inside, not looking affected in the slightest, as if he were leisurely strolling outside.

Silence descended in the gym.

“I've never seen you before. You're a freshman who's never participated in any match before?” Ferguillo asked once again. His voice was still faint, but it seemed exceptionally cold in the silent gym.

“Haha.” Stingham laughed out loud, tossing his hair. “I'm indeed a freshman who's never fought in any match, but this year I'll certainly become all the rage in St. Lauren, a dazzling character who'll make myriads of pretty girls go crazy, the most powerful, most handsome lady-killer in the tournament!”

“I really can't stand this kid anymore. Big boss, let me beat him up?” This was a boy looking especially intrepid, the sides and rear of his head shaved smooth with only the hair on top of his hair left, tied into a braid. His chest bulged high, several overlapping cross-shaped scars on it. He said to the still calm-looking Ferguillo, “We don't have much friendship with that group of people from Golden Lion Academy anyway.”

Ferguillo didn't waste the slightest breath, saying indifferently, “Be careful.”

The previously mild-looking intrepid boy suddenly turned sinister.

“Kid, you're actually the first one to have the balls to come in our Iron Forest Academy and talk to us like this. I'll definitely give you a proper welcome.”

“Bloodthirsty Berserk Punch!”

Moss' feet carried him to the gym's doorway on their own. What made his breath choke in his throat was, with only a nasty laugh, this intrepid boy turned into a gust of raging wind, his punch bombing toward Stingham.

The muscles on one side of his body swelled up violently in an instant, this side of his body almost doubling in size. When his first step landed forward, the wind his punch blew up was already blowing Stingham's hair straight backward, seeming to lengthen them.

“Swish!” A sound like a blade slicing through the air.

Stingham's figure suddenly vanished from Moss' vision.


Many stifled cries of surprise rang inside the gym.

Stingham was already in front of the intrepid boy. He stretched a hand out and clutched the intrepid boy's throat.

It was only one hand, but it firmly held the boy in place!

The intrepid boy's body returned to its normal state. His whole face turned blood-red.


Just one second later, with a shake from Stingham, this intrepid student a full head taller than him flew out. Heavily fell on the floor.

Moss had no idea how to describe his mood at this instant.

Stingham merely let out an enchanting smile and shook his hand. “That's really too slow.”

A painful groan came from the boy fallen on the ground. He couldn't climb back up any longer, for now.

“Death's Clutch.” A tall boy gloomily said. He sported a buzz cut, and the joints of his hands were especially thick.

Other than Ferguillo, the other people all nodded with a solemn face.

Death's Clutch, this was a secret skill from Golden Lion Academy that created a flow of wind with arcane particles and pulled the opponent straight into one's hand. It was said to be extremely difficult to grasp, but not only did Stingham display a speed surpassing everyone's imagination with this arcane skill, its might was also exceptionally strong.

“A particularly strong affinity for arcane power. The might of his arcane skills is much stronger compared to ordinary people.” Ferguillo's voice sounded one more time. “He's an arcane master with a special bloodline.”

“Big bro, let me go?” a male student asked, turning his head toward Fergillo. He had a queer hairstyle, short on one side, long hair hanging down on the other, covering his skin fair white.

Ferguillo thought a little, then nodded his head. “Ok.”

Stingham's gaze swept past Ferguillo to the boy with the peculiar hairstyle, earnestly saying all of a sudden, “Are you the one called Wilde? I've heard about you. Your hairstyle is indeed very cool,” as if he truly very much appreciated his hairstyle.

“Is that so?”

Wilde threw Stingham a glance. His tone was also very faint, as if infected by Ferguillo's seemingly inherent indifferent calm.

Arcane particles flowed out from his fingers like streams of water. They circled around his palms and started revolving around. These arcane particles then emitted rays of abnormally dazzling magenta light, and it seemed many fairies' tails suddenly appeared in the air, the blue tail-like streams of air gathering into his hands one after another, transforming into two long and slender blue swords as tall as his entire body.

“This is Materialization!”

Moss' hands trembled violently once again.

Materialization could be called Iron Forest Academy's signature skill.

A material weapon created from the combination of arcane particles and arcane power, tougher and stronger than even metal forged by metalsmiths. It could cut through steel!

The most important thing was, even if almost every arcane master in St. Lauren were aware Iron Forest Academy had such a formidable secret skill, it was a skill only elite students and elite teachers of the academy were able to grasp and use in battle.

Because one had to burst out with a large amount of arcane particle in one go. The arm bones and muscles of ordinary arcane masters were simply unable to withstand such an explosion and coiling of arcane particles.

“I'm going to attack, you be careful...”

As soon as “careful” came from his mouth, a wave of water suddenly rolled up around Wilde's feet, turning into a whirlpool.

His body appeared without a trace behind Stingham.

The two strangely long, blue swords glinting with biting cold light were only one meter away from Stingham's back.

Stingham merely turned his head back slightly, however. He didn't do anything, as if he were waiting for these two long and slender blades to stab inside his body.

Wilde's figure suddenly vanished.

Just as these two long swords seemed about to pierce inside Stingham, Wilde's figure actually from the air all of a sudden, then reappeared to Stingham's left.

“Even in a gravitational gym like this, he can be so fast and use such an arcane skill!”

Moss' face turned even paler. The only one he previously knew from Iron Forest Academy was Ferguillo, but now he was certain that Korin and the others from Holy Dawn Academy's team were probably unable to stop but a single blow even from this Wilde.

A touch of cold flashed through Wilde's eyes, as sharp as the glittering swords in his hands.

“Kid, you actually totally think Iron Forest Academy's for show!”

“You act so arrogant even in front of myself and Ferguillo, now I'm going to give you a lesson you'll never forget!”

The swords in his hands ruthlessly slashed toward Stingham's shoulders!

“Frost Nova!”

“Just quietly lie down!”

A loud and crazed shout also exploded from Stingham at this precise moment. All his golden hair floated upward.


Wilde could simply not tell what was happening. He only felt the blades of his swords touch Stingham's clothes, but then a sudden outburst of cold and hailstones actually flung his body straight out flying. He heavily crashed on the roof of the gym, then heavily smashed on the ground under the formidable gravity. His body was thoroughly numb; lifting himself even o single inch from the ground was something impossible for him at this moment.

In the eyes of the onlookers, his appearance was even more miserable.

The pellets of hail had smashed countless sunken, pale white wounds on his bare upper body. The long hair on one side of his head was frozen against his face, quite a bit of it broken as well.

If not for warm air spraying out from Wilde's mouth, people would immediately have associated him with a dead body frozen for a long time.

“Even Wilde's Flash Strikes actually...”

“Who the hell is this guy!”

“Why is his Frost Nova so powerful... Even Wilde's body couldn't withstand it even once!”

The muscle men beside Ferguillo had restored their calms very quickly even when Stingham sent the first braided muscle man flying with one hand, but their expression turned entirely different when they witnessed even Wilde being defeated so efficiently and so thoroughly.

Space and time seemed to still inside the gym.


In this atmosphere, Stingham actually put his hands on his waist and laughed out loud. “It seems the Blue Wasp Wilde of resounding fame isn't all that special.”

After putting his hands on his waist and laughing out loud in a very lame manner, he still stuck out a finger with insufferable arrogance and pointed at Ferguillo and the others, saying, “How about it, you guys afraid now right? You can directly forfeit the next match!”

“Is it a dragon bloodline?”

Ferguillo slowly walked forward, forward toward Stingham.

Even in such circumstances, his voice and expression were still cold and indifferent.

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