Chapter 396: Immediate Departure

Chapter 396: Immediate Departure


“Teacher Ciaran, Teacher Liszt, please persuade Rinloran. He hasn’t spoken a single word ever since returning from the arena, I’m worried that he may get sick.”

A heavy atmosphere loomed over the living quarters of the Holy Dawn Academy. Chris watched Rinloran who was sitting at a corner in silence with worry and asked the teachers that had just walked in.

“Say nothing more. Team assemble, we are setting off.”

Liszt took a glance at Rinloran, then informed the team.

“Setting off? Teacher Liszt, Teacher Ciaran, where are we going? Ayrin was surprised and asked.

“To the Hunting Forest of House Eclipse Moon and House Roland.”

Carter, Rui, Minlur also walked in, each carrying a military backpack. Carter answered for Liszt, then said, “Get ready in one minute, prepare to leave.”

“One minute? I will comb my hair immediately!” Stingham jumped up and rushed to his room.

“Will the Maelstrom Team be there? Are we going to find the Maelstrom Team for revenge immediately?” Ayrin asked again.

He saw Rinloran standing up, as if he could leave anytime without needing to prepare.

“When facing opponents like the Maelstrom Team, going the orthodox way to look for them will only let them find chances to attack us. So what we need to do is to continue our own business and force them to come to us. What we can do now is to hurry, hurry to the point they cannot make plans and make them follow our pace! We must be quick enough so that even if they realized what we are doing, they won’t have time and lose the initiative!”

Carter’s tone was also filled with never seen before grimness, “Didn’t House Eclipse Moon have a hard time surviving due to pressure from both House Roland and House Baratheon...... We will destroy all the Baratheon teams there in one fell swoop. Let’s see if the Maelstrom Team will show up!”

“But are we going to Hunting Forest by ourselves? Without asking Teacher Donna or Teacher Berryn for help?” Moss asked with worry.

Since the arcane teams from Baratheon and Roland already had the advantage in that primeval forest area, it was the same as saying that place was Baratheon’s territory.

The few of them seemed a little too insufficient.

“This is the battle between us Holy Dawn and Baratheon. If we can’t match them, it will drag others in.” Liszt glanced at Moss, “And we must be fast, so we never informed anyone.”

“Let’s go!”

Chris’s eyes showed her determination, she then shouted, “Stingham!”


Stingham rushed out, but slapped his head and rushed back again, “Give me a few seconds! I just bought some honey cream for skincare, I forgot to bring it!”

“What’s that smell, why is it so smelly?”

Just then, Ayrin and Moss sniffed and looked outside in surprise.

The smell seemed to have drifted from the road outside the door.


Then they realized who it was.

“What’s Morgan coming here for at this time?”

Ayrin ran to the door and saw Moran retching occasionally while walking closer from far away.

The stench on his body caused the flowers to wither along the way.

“Morgan, are you here for revenge against me? Can you do that later?” Ayrin saw Morgan’s slightly pale face and bashfully spoke.

“You little...... Where did you learn such a horrible domain!?” Morgan leapt over and clutched at Ayrin’s neck a few times. After letting go, he showed a complex expression, “You guys are going to fight against the Maelstrom Team soon, right?”

“Umm......” Ayrin was hesitant. He did not know if telling Morgan the truth would ruin Carter’s plan.

“This is for you.” Morgan could guess the gist from Ayrin’s hesitant expression. He gave an item to Ayrin.

“Morgan, what’s this? Is it some arcane skill?” Ayrin looked at the item in surprise. It’s a sealed document which should have something recorded.

“It’s a letter from Jean Camus.”

Morgan glanced at Ayrin, “He said that if I felt that you are stronger than me and surpassed me in strength, then I should pass this letter to you.”

“Honestly speaking, although we resulted in a draw during the match, if we are going to fight to the death, you are more likely to be killed by me. But I think...... with your improvement speed, you should surpass me soon. So this letter should be passed to you.”

“Why would Jean Camus give me a letter?” Ayrin wanted to open the envelope.

“Wait!” Morgan immediately stopped Ayrin.

“Wait for another ten or so days, if there’s still no news from Jean Camus, then open the letter.” Morgan looked at Ayrin seriously, “I vowed not to open the letter in advance with my arcane master’s pride. I didn’t hand over the letter because I’m afraid that one of you cannot endure and open the letter. But you guys will definitely fight against Baratheon’s arcane teams, I might not be able to find you...... You must also vow with your arcane master’s pride to only open the letter at the necessary moment.”

“A letter that can only be opened at the necessary moment? Alright, I promise you with my arcane master’s pride to never let anyone open the letter in advance.” Ayrin vowed in a serious tone, then spoke again, “What exactly is Jean Camus trying to do?”

“I don’t know. He returned to the Kingdom of Doa for something important. But regardless of what it is, it must be something very dangerous, very difficult...... Perhaps he thinks that you may be able to help him after knowing.” Morgan took a deep breath, but started retching again.

“If I can help him, I will definitely help. Shouldn’t Arcane masters help one another if needed?” Ayrin nodded and kept the letter.

“Actually...... I am giving you the letter now because the Maelstrom Team is really too strong. I’m afraid that if you guys were to be killed by them, you will never be able to see the letter’s contents. And perhaps, Jean Camus’s letter may also contain something useful to you.”

Morgan looked at Ayrin. He could not help but shook his head and tapped Ayrin’s shoulder, “Although you made me stink for so many days, I still hope that you can win, don’t let me hear the news of your death.”

“We will definitely win!” Ayrin swung his fist powerfully and shouted.

“Then it’s farewell. I’m so smelly anyway, nobody will welcome me. I should do a special training alone.” Morgan shrugged and left.

The moment he turned around, he sighed in his heart.

You interesting fellas better survive this ordeal.


“Ayrin, I think I saw Morgan giving you a love letter! Don’t tell me he likes men just like you?” Stingham walked out with a face full of skincare cream. He looked like he grew goosebumps as he spoke to Ayrin.

“Let’s go!”

Liszt, Chris and the rest walked out from the door.

“Are you prepared to fight? The upcoming fight may be even more difficult than the time at the Fallen Shadow Valley.” Liszt looked at everyone. As he was leading at the front, he turned around and spoke.

“They aren’t worthy of being called arcane masters...... Not fighting an opponent that is stronger than them, only bullying the weak and killing others...... I can’t wait!”

Ayrin clenched his fist and controlled his urge to destroy, then thought, “Baratheon’s territory...... House Roland’s territory, I can destroy their properties to my heart’s content by then?”

“Redwin, my brother, I will definitely avenge you!”

“Regardless of what family they are, I don’t care...... How strong they are, I don’t care...... Unless I die...... Baratheon...... will definitely fall!”

Rinloran slowly raised his head, starlight from the night sky reflected in his eyes that were containing blade glints.

He slightly opened his mouth, revealing his white teeth, and swore with a voice only he himself could hear.

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