Chapter 395: Maelstrom’s Pride

Chapter 395: Maelstrom’s Pride


“From today on, this fellow is our good friend, he is also our brother!”

“What’s with the politeness? We are brothers. If you keep acting so courteously towards me, I will get angry!”

“We found the place Thousand Storms Sword Rhodes used to train!”


“Here, the Thousand Storms Sword!”

“Haha, it’s found at the training place of Peerless Swordmaster Gideon in his late years!”

“It was in an underground cave. As it was flooded by water, it took great efforts to sort it out......”

“See that? My Brother Rinloran and his friends won!”

“You must properly learn the Thousand Storms Sword......”

Scenes after scenes of Redwin flashed across Rinloran’s mind, eventually stopping at Redwin spitting out blood and telling him that line.

Rinloran could even tell that Redwin had not finished his sentence.

What he did not finish was not ‘You must properly learn the Thousand Storms Sword and revenge for me’, but ‘You must properly learn the Thousand Storms Sword, or you will also get killed by such a strong enemy.”

That was because Redwin forever regarded loyalty and friendship more important than himself!

“Idiot! Why would an idiot like you die!?”

“I can’t even...... can’t even properly call you a brother for once...... How can you die!?”

“Come back to life! Wait until I recover some arcane particles, I will heal you!”

Blood tears streamed down Rinloran’s cheeks.

Rinloran let out beastly roars as he shook Redwin’s body that was losing heat.

“Rinloran......” Moss pulled Rinloran as he could not bear to watch any longer.

“Get lost!”

Rinloran turned around with a furious expression. Moss unconsciously took a step back seeing that.

“Maelstrom Team...... You imbeciles, you would even kill such an idiot!”

“I will definitely...... definitely learn the Thousand Storms Sword!”


“Belo, what are you doing!?”

Ayrin watched the whole scene in a daze. Suddenly, he saw Belo carving something on his own forehead.

The sharp nails carved deep wounds on the forehead, forming a ‘kill’ character.

“Belo, Rinloran is suffering so much now, yet you still have the mood to write characters on your forehead.” Stingham watched Belo and groaned.

“This is the ancient beastman tribe’s blood vengeance mark, unending till one side dies.” Carter explained from the side.

Liszt and the rest had surrounded them.

“Blood vengeance mark, unending till one side dies?” Stingham and the others were shocked, “Belo......”

“What’s the fuss? These guys killed my teammate’s brother, doesn’t that mean they’re not giving me face? Would I let them off?” Belo pushed up his spectacles with a chilling expression, “This great me won’t even give them the chance to lick my feet......”

“Who was it...... Rinloran, who assassinated Boss!?”

The Brotherhood members cried out and dove onto Redwin.

“It’s the Maelstrom Team!” Moss shouted out with bloodshot eyes.

“The Maelstrom Team of House Baratheon? The Maelstrom Team, the Baratheons, both will be the sworn enemies of River Bend Academy from this moment onwards! Those afraid of making the Baratheons and Maelstrom Team into enemies are free to withdraw from Brotherhood!” The obedient-looking Anderson, who was called the tactician of Brotherhood, roared out with tears. At the same time, he cut his palm and swore with his blood.

“What’s the belief of our Brotherhood? It’s loyalty! It’s comradery!” Many Brotherhood members roared back in response. They also cut their palms and swore with their blood, not a single one withdrew from Brotherhood.

“This incident hasn’t been investigated. What proof is there to accuse the Maelstrom Team of us Baratheon? Don’t get incited by someone with ulterior motives and used by them!”

A cold voice came from the stand behind them.

It was a man wearing the uniform of Golden Stag Academy.

“It’s Ghastly Wave Master Golan, a professor in Golden Stag Academy, and one of the lords of Baratheon!” Someone immediately recognized the identity of the man and shouted.

“Do you know why?”

The obedient-looking Anderson immediately changed into a furious expression. He took a glance at Rinloran, then at the lord from Baratheon, and told him word by word, “Because he is a brother of our Brotherhood, and you are not. So we believe in him and not you!”

“Then you will regret it!” That lord was taken aback for a moment, then sneered and left.

“What happened?”

“The Maelstrom Team...... actually killed a student from River Bend Academy who was Rinloran’s friend, after failing to assassinate Rinloran?”

The members of Dragon Breath Academy team looked at one another and turned furious.

“Those guys are freely bullying the weak just because they are strong...... Those people are no different from Evil Dragon followers and bandit teams...... Aren’t we born to fight such people!?”

Audrey took a deep breath and spoke in an icy tone while looking at the stand.


At that moment, Stingham and the rest suddenly felt the surrounding temperature rising.

They turned around and saw Ayrin’s body releasing an astonishing amount of heat. His muscles were so tense they seemed about to explode.

“Ferguillo...... Redwin......”

Ayrin did not grasp the situation at first and was a little confused. However, in his current state, the world before his eyes seemed to have become unlimited rising hot air.

The feeling of wanting to destroy everything filled his heart.

Especially when he saw the lord from Baratheon leaving, he just wanted to rush up and fight.

“Ayrin, endure it a while longer!”

At that moment, Liszt walked next to Ayrin and put his hand on Ayrin’s shoulder.

“Next will be our war against the Maelstrom Team and Baratheon. But our battlefield is not here.”

“What? There was an assassination on the stand?”

“Someone assassinated a student from River Bend Academy, and was a friend of Rinloran?”

“There can even be an assassination on the stand, those Office of Special Affairs bunch still haven’t caught the perpetrator? What the heck are they doing!?”

“Who dares to commit assassination in the venue of the national tournament finals...... That’s too much!”

Waves of anger swept across the entire stand with Rinloran and River Bend guys at the center.

The fervent cheers a minute ago became ignited fury.



In a desolate alley of the Eichemalar main city, four silhouettes gathered.

“We failed our assassination this time.”

One of them said, “Rinchenson, you still made a mistake due to your pride. You shouldn’t have killed that River Bend student. That River Bend student is the president of River Bend Brotherhood, the son of Rapids City’s lord. What you did is equivalent to pushing the entire Brotherhood to Rinloran’s side, as well as instigating River Bend and Clan Tarly to fight against our House. Not only that...... Killing anyone from the Holy Dawn Academy during the tournament could still be treated as an accident, but an assassination after they won...... will only incur the wrath of the audience, bringing great disadvantage to us Baratheon.”

“It’s fine.”

One of them smirked, “Hadn’t us Baratheon been fighting against everyone all the time? Pushing River Bend Brotherhood to Rinloran or not doesn’t matter, because they will soon be killed by us. They won’t have a chance to become lords or create corps that would pose a threat to us Baratheon. As for the crowd incitement...... as long as we kill the Holy Dawn Evil Six, those rage will become fear. Us Baratheon never lived depending on praises, but lived depending on ability and prestige.”

“Those brats improve at an amazing speed, we cannot give them time. We must first create a chance to eliminate the Evil Six. Without Liszt and the rest, those brats can easily be killed.” Another voice rang in the alley, but there was no silhouette.

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