Chapter 394: Blood Tears

Chapter 394: Blood Tears


“It seems like we really can’t continue. It was unexpected for the outcome to be settled in that match.”

In the Dragon Breath Academy team, the fifth contestant, Treyn helplessly looked at Audrey and the rest, “To counter his charge skill and Sacrificial Halo, I can only use my Rock Domain. But after using Rock Domain, I won’t have much arcane particles left. It’s impossible to fight Stingham next.”

“Use your Rock Domain and restrict his action, don’t let him get the chance to use Sacrificial Halo.” Audrey groaned for a moment, took a look at Ayrin and the others, then said, “They may have to fight against even stronger opponents next...... Since we already can’t win this tournament, we should not increase their injuries......”

“Alright. Let’s witness the birth of a new champion team, the miracle from St Lauren. Compared to us, those guys should be more inspiring......”

Treyn shrugged his shoulders like Morgan and entered the stage.

“Wahahaha......” Stingham suddenly laughed in the Holy Dawn Academy team.

“Moss only has this move alone. He will surely be finished off by the next Dragon Breath Academy contestant. Then it will be my turn last. I will defeat that guy and become the messiah to save everyone and bring Holy Dawn Academy to the top. I wonder how many pretty girls will court me by then.”

“Stingham, didn’t you already have the Dark Queen Mermaid as your girlfriend?” Ayrin reminded Stingham after seeing his strange laughter.

“That doesn’t matter.” Stingham proudly spoke, “I can always refuse the pretty girls courting me.”


The Holy Dawn bunch could not endure it and beat Stingham up again.


“Let’s start, brave warrior Moss!”

Treyn, who had stayed with Morgan for a long time and was influenced by Morgan, imitated Ayrin’s tone and spoke to Moss.

Since the result had been settled, there is no need to waste time. It’s time for all of you to shower in the glory that belongs to you.

Treyn thought so in his mind.

“Sure, let’s begin!”

Moss did not know the thoughts of those people from Dragon Breath Academy. He still nodded towards Treyn with a strong fighting spirit and sportsmanship.

“It’s going to begin!”

The audience on the stand opened their eyes wide.

As Moss’s charge was too quick, they would have missed it if they blinked. They did not want to see the match end without being able to see anything.

“Dragon Breath Academy vs Holy Dawn Academy, Treyn vs Moss!”


Leonardo swung down the referee flag strongly.


An explosive sound rang.

Moss began his charge again!

He was a youth who would shake in fear when facing a strong opponent. However, his charge was always straightforward.

A huge revolving blade appeared from his back again and instantly spun to his front.

The huge curved blade seemed to be burning with soul and will.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!......

However, at that instant, countless huge cyan rocks appeared before Moss and the sky in the surroundings!

Rock Domain!

Countless huge cyan rocks blocked his path, and the surrounding rocks constantly fell onto him.


Moss immediately raised a cry of pain.

In such a domain, he could only enlarge himself into a giant with blazing rock skin and endure the smashing by clutching his head.

Pieces of huge rocks continuously smashed onto Moss’s body, clearly hurting him. Moss could not advance at all, not even get into the distance to use his Sacrificial Halo. He looked really pitiful.


Seeing that scene, Stingham laughed even louder.

“I guess it’s a draw?”

“Although I can defeat him with Rock Domain, if this goes on, my arcane particle will be fully exhausted...... I’m going to forfeit the next match.” However, at that moment, Treyn shrugged towards the main referee, Leonardo, at the side and spoke.

Leonardo was surprised for a moment.

However, he immediately understood the intention of Treyn and the others. It was up to Moss whether he would agree to leave it as a draw, but if Treyn was going to forfeit the next match, the tournament was already over.

Hence, he raised the referee flag in his hand.

“Treyn is forfeiting?”

“In that case, even if Moss can’t fight anymore, Holy Dawn Academy has already won against Dragon Breath Academy?”

“The champion of this year’s national tournament is Holy Dawn Academy?”

The audience on the stand could not hold back their excitement and stood up.

Although they had already thought that Holy Dawn Academy would definitely win, when the moment actually arrived, they still felt unbelievable.

After all, a weeds-level team, a team that had to go through the preliminaries to participate in the tournament, eventually won the championship with no dispute. It was a real miracle.


Stingham was dumbfounded after realizing what happened. He shouted towards Treyn with frustration, “Treyn! How can you forfeit! You should at least hold out until the next match and lose to me!”

Treyn looked at the furious Stingham and shrugged. He laughed, “It can’t be helped. My arcane particles are exhausted, I can’t fight anymore.”

“Then you should at least stay until the next match. Take a good pose and get beaten by me.” Stingham cried tears of frustration.

“Holy Dawn Academy, victory!”

“This year’s Hegemonic Cup of Starry Sky Braves champion goes to the Holy Dawn Academy!”

Leonardo’s sonorous voice rang.


The entire venue reached the boiling point!

A new champion was born.

Especially for the St Lauren supporters, they literally went mad.

St Lauren people hugged one another, screaming and jumping madly.

It was a huge honor.

It had been decades since any of the academies in St Lauren won the national tournament championship.

“Heroes! They are St Lauren’s heroes!”




Waves of loud cheers and shouts almost toppled the arena. They continued to rise, accompanied by the Holy Dawn Academy anthem slowly getting louder.

“Are we really the champions?”

“Have we really won the tournament?”

Chris covered her mouth, her tears uncontrollably flowed.

“Haha! I should feel happy, but why am I crying?” Ayrin giggled, but his face also seemed moist.

“Someone like me...... can actually be a member of the national tournament champion team?” Moss could not believe it, he suddenly hugged his head and cried.

“I didn’t even get a chance to perform......” Stingham was crying harder than anyone, “Can we have a rematch?”


“Haha, Brother Rinloran and his friends are really impressive. After reaching the fourth match, Dragon Breath Academy has already given up.”

“How about it? The man that I, Redwin, fancy, is definitely not a wuss. He will definitely make us proud!”

On the stage, Redwin and the Brotherhood gang were also elated.

“I actually failed......”

“My assassination...... actually failed......”

At that moment, only the blue-robed arcane master had a stiff expression, the roaring in his heart sounded like a beast.

The prouder the arcane master, the harder he took the fact when he failed while playing with his prey.

As a Shadow Dance level arcane master, despite making a move, his prey was still alive and well. His prey was even celebrating and enjoying the victory, it was as if he was slapped in public.

“River Bend Academy’s Brotherhood is it...... Aren’t you Rinloran’s brothers...... If I kill you, they should lose their calm, right?”

In the corner of his eyes, he saw Redwin who was cheering for Rinloran’s victory.

The stiffness on his face disappeared.

It was replaced by an excited laughter. He also looked like the surrounding people, enjoying the spectacular tournament and cheering for the new champions.

“Your brother is indeed impressive.”

He even hugged Redwin and spoke.

“Of course!” Redwin, who was even happier than if he had won himself, completely forgot that the blue-robed arcane master was the one he scolded before. He also tapped on the blue-robed arcane master’s back and felt proud, “He’s my brother after all.”

Redwin also did not notice the slight stinging pain on his back.

The blue-robed arcane master then mixed into the cheering crowd and disappeared.

Suddenly, a team from the Office of Special Affairs noticed a strange arcane energy fluctuation.


In an instant, at least ten arcane teams from the Office of Special Affairs rushed to the stand where the River Bend people were.

“What happened?”

Ayrin and the others noticed the commotion while still feeling excited and turned their heads around.

Rinloran saw Redwin’s gang in a glance.

“Thank you!”

He strongly waved towards Redwin and shaped his words.

“Rinloran, good brother!”

“I’m proud of you!”

Redwin noticed Rinloran waving towards him, he shouted back even more excitedly.


However, at that moment, Redwin’s body suddenly stiffened. He could feel a fatal presence suddenly explode from his back.

The power made him feel that his whole being was destroyed in an instant.

His cheering abruptly stopped.

A burst of blood sprayed out from his mouth.

Rinloran’s smile immediately froze!

“This......” Ayrin, Stingham and the others were also shocked.

“Boss, what happened to you!?” The surrounding River Bend Academy students screamed.

“Was there any suspicious person!?”

Several arcane masters from the Office of Special Affairs had already arrived next to Redwin and asked with a grievous expression.

They could feel that the Redwin’s insides had received fatal damage!

“There was a blue-robed arcane master!”

A Brotherhood member suddenly remembered and cried out.

At the same time, Rinloran already appeared next to Redwin.

Rinloran was a neat freak, but at that moment, he pushed away an arcane master from the Office of Special Affairs and hugged the fallen Redwin.

He did not make any sound, but the corner of his eyes slightly ruptured. Two streaks of blood tears flowed down his fair cheeks.

“I...... I was set up huh...... I’m so useless...... Brother Rinloran...... You must properly learn the Thousand Storms Sword......”

Redwin looked at Rinloran. His gaze gradually lost focus, his body slowly getting cold.


Rinloran hugged Redwin and let out a beastly roar.

Blood tears flowed down his face.

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