Chapter 393: Inspirer

Chapter 393: Inspirer


“What’s happening?”

“Did Cuswoth’s arcane skill go out of control? But Cuswoth is blocking it for Rinloran!”

“Such sharpness! Cuswoth’s body will be chopped into pieces!”

When Cuswoth’s body was cut up by the black light and almost chopped into pieces, the audience finally realized the situation.

“It actually......”

The expressions of Liszt, Rui and the others on the stand immediately turned livid.

Ever since they received the warning from Ferguillo, they had suspected that the Maelstrom Team would make their move during the national tournament. Hence, apart from Carter who was stationed at the edge of the stage, the rest of them were surveilling from the stand.

It was obviously the effect of an interference forbidden skill!

However, none of them, including the patrolling teams from the Office of Special Affairs, had felt any special arcane energy fluctuation!

The medical teams at the side also looked extremely grievous.

Those experienced medical arcane masters could immediately diagnose that they could not save Cuswoth.


However, at that instant, Rinloran also became a silhouette of light.

Countless streams of pale blue light, mixed with pale green light, rushed out from his body.

“This is the Gift of Life from the high elves blessed by the Lunar Baptism, along with Ciaran’s......” A captain of the medical teams regained the flame of hope in his eyes.


In Rinloran’s eyes, there was Cuswoth on the verge of collapsing.

Using arcane skills beyond the limit had also caused Rinloran to feel his body breaking down. However, he only had one thought at that moment: He must save Cuswoth!

If not for Cuswoth reacting in time and risking his own life to save him, the person collapsing would be himself!

Cuswoth’s body was also instantly wrapped in the pale blue and pale green streams of light.

Cuswoth’s body was about to break apart, but the light desperately stuck his body back. Some of the cuts on his body were also filled with pale blue and pale green light.

“Leave the rest to me!”

A few medical teams were rushing onto the stage in desperation. However, at that moment, they heard a familiar voice.


They immediately stopped their feet. Songat, the number one medical arcane master from the Office of Special Affairs, had already rushed past them.

“Teacher Carter!”

Ayrin, Stingham and the rest who were trying to run up were stopped by Carter.

“Don’t worry. Cuswoth should not die.”

Carter looked at Ayrin and the others, and spoke with a grievous expression, “If he can’t be saved, Songat wouldn’t waste his effort and rush in.”

“Is it caused by the Maelstrom Team?” Ayrin clenched his fist until it crackled.

From the situation just now, if not for Cuswoth’s desperate attempt to save Rinloran and Rinloran desperately saving Cuswoth in return, at least one of them would have died by now.

“It’s such a level of secret skill. More importantly, to be able to suppress the arcane energy fluctuation to the point where none of the arcane masters present could detect; it can only be achieved by those arcane masters on the level of the Maelstrom Team.” Carter glanced at him and spoke.

“Can we find him from the stand?”

Chris surveyed the stand with a slightly pale face, “Even the most important member of House Baratheon wouldn’t be let off for making a move on the contestant during the tournament. They will be charged by the Office of Special Affairs!”

Carter shook his head, “It’s fundamentally impossible. It is an internal charging type arcane skill. When practicing said arcane skill, the practitioner will explode into pieces from a slight mistake. But an arcane master who can master this arcane skill will not leave any trace when casting. Even specialized artifacts used for detecting arcane energy fluctuation cannot detect it.”

“If this is that invisible and mysterious fifth member of the Maelstrom Team, it’s still fine. But if it isn’t, then they must be reevaluated. Because those who mastered such an arcane skill are definitely Shadow Dancer level arcane masters. In other words, the Maelstrom Team may have two Shadow Dancer level assassins. Amongst Demonic Eyes Rintucci, Demonic Blade Rinbowen, Hell’s Emissary Rindy and Demon of Calamity Rinchenson, one of them is hiding his strongest talent!”

“Two Shadow Dancer level arcane masters?” Stingham’s face turned green, “Are they going to continue sabotaging here?”

“This tournament must definitely not be interrupted by a single person or House. Otherwise, it’s a humiliation not only to us, but also to the entire Kingdom and every arcane master in the Office of Special Affairs. Those arcane masters from the Office of Special Affairs will surely cast domain on the arena next.”

“Some of the trigger type domain will point to the caster. In the situation where all of the teams from the Office of Special Affairs start to deploy, making another move is pretty impossible.”

“Also...... They should only have one chance. Furthermore, Morgan is probably too strong, so they choose to kill Rinloran...... Otherwise, their number one target is definitely to kill Ayrin.” After a pause, Carter watched Ayrin and spoke.

“It’s the Maelstrom Team huh...... They actually dare to make a move here!” On the stage, many arcane masters from the Office of Special Affairs had started to deploy domains and artifacts. In the center of the stage, Leonardo, who watched Songat taking Cuswoth away, was also trembling in shame.

“Message from the organizer...... The tournament is to continue, it must not be interrupted. Investigation will be done in the dark. But in order to let the tournament continue as per normal, you are to announce that it was Cuswoth’s arcane skill which malfunctioned. Due to Cuswoth and Rinloran saving each other, they both survived and avoided casualty.” A vice referee, showing the same grievous expression, walked next to Leonardo and whispered.

“The Maelstrom Team really think that they are the strongest arcane team in the entire Doraster and don’t intend to care about others huh...... But you guys probably didn’t expect the beliefs of these hot-blooded youths; and didn’t expect Cuswoth and Rinloran risking their own lives to save the other, causing your plan to fail!” Leonardo’s mouth twitched as he nodded, then picked up the referee flag again.

At that moment, there was already a vice referee announcing that it was Cuswoth’s arcane skill malfunctioning and the tournament would continue.

“Was that Cuswoth’s arcane skill malfunctioning?”

“But Cuswoth actually risked his own life to save Rinloran. That is what a real arcane master should be like......”

“Rinloran is also praiseworthy. At the crucial moment, he also risked his life to save Cuswoth......”

Most of the audience believed it and became even more enthusiastic. That was exactly the match they wanted to watch.


Carter slapped Moss’s shoulder and told the red-haired youth, “Don’t ruin the mood...... Although that’s not the truth, the performance of Cuswoth and you guys can inspire more people, leading more people to share the same beliefs as you all.”

Dragon Breath Academy’s Gaskin also walked up at that moment.

His face was showing a never seen before brilliance.

“Thank you......” After walking up to Gaskin, Moss thanked him in a serious tone, “Without Cuswoth, Rinloran might have been dead.”

“Fighting evil is the mission of every arcane master.” Gaskin solemnly said.

Just that simple line made Moss very grateful. He felt that a team like Dragon Breath Academy was indeed a well-deserved champion team.

“Later...... I may have to apologize.” Moss hesitated and told Gaskin.

Gaskin was surprised.

He could not quite understand what Moss meant.

“Are you ready?”

Leonardo saw the arcane teams from the Office of Special Affairs signaling their readiness. He took a deep breath and asked Moss and Gaskin.


Moss and Gaskin nodded and spoke at the same time.

“Dragon Breath Academy vs Holy Dawn Academy. Fourth match, Gaskin vs Moss!”


Leonardo’s voice rang again, he swung his flag.


Moss apologized to Gaskin again in his mind.

At the same time, Moss’s body immediately enlarged. Due to him obtaining the effect of the Heart of Fury fruit, after the transformation, his skin seemed to be burning in red flame.

He looked like a real magma giant.


His heavy body vigorously compressed the air and an astonishing explosion immediately occurred below him.

The audience on the stand felt that their ear drums exploded, causing ringing sounds in their heads.

Moss’s body blasted forward.

And the moment he blasted forward; his body already returned small.


Gaskin’s pupils quickly contracted.

In that instant, Moss’s charging speed had already exceeded his dynamic vision.

However, that was not all.


Another shocking heat wave exploded in the air.

Almost everyone opened their mouths in shock, while their eyes could not catch Moss’s position.

They only saw countless traces of burns in the air with smoke trailing behind.


A breath drawing sound.

The stationary image appearing in everyone’s eyes was a materialized huge blade burning in bright flame and Moss’s body fiercely crashing into Gaskin’s body!

Gaskin was a power type arcane master, he did not have any advantage in speed.

During that instant, he completely lost his target and could only cast a defensive arcane skill.


His body could not endure the impact and was shot backwards.

“This guy...... He has already improved so much. It’s because I can’t fight back and will lose the earliest...... Hence he apologized to me.” At that moment, he finally realized why Moss apologized to him.

That was because Moss was no longer a power type arcane master of the giant, but a furious charging speed type arcane master! Moss was exactly his complete bane!


While Gaskin was still suffering from the first impact and could not muster any further defense, Moss’s second charge had already impacted him.

Gaskin’s body was blown out of the stage. He fell into the stand along with shouts of surprise, creating a big crater in the stand.

“It’s already over?”

“Can Gaskin still fight?”

Majority of the audience could not react to the situation.

However, they immediately heard Leonardo’s voice announcing the end of the match. Only then did they realize that even if Gaskin could still stand, he could not defend against Moss’s charge.

“This guy...... There’s probably nobody who can defend against his charge without any preparation huh? Except Morgan?” The bunch from Dragon Breath Academy team were also speechless.

The stand became silent for a moment.

That was because this match gave them even more shock. Moss was a target of mockery since the start of the national tournament. He was the one who performed the poorest. However, that red-haired youth was constantly improving himself, constantly changing everyone’s opinion of him.

“Oh no...... This year’s champion belongs to Holy Dawn Academy.”

Somebody on the stand said so.

“Why?” The audience around him asked. In their perspectives, even if Dragon Breath Academy only had one member left, there was still a chance.

“Have you forgotten? That red-haired youth knows the giant bloodline’s double sacrifice arcane skill......”

“......” The audience who asked also trembled as they remembered.

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