Chapter 392: Assassination, Descends!

Chapter 392: Assassination, Descends!


All noise gradually faded away, the entire arena eventually returned to silence, only heavy breathing echoed.

Due to the score being 2:2, every match thereafter was even more important.

“Compared to the Fallen Shadow Valley before, you look more confident and exudes stronger aura...... Normal tactics should not be a threat to you anymore. Since that’s the case, I have to use my trump cards just like Captain Morgan.”

Just as Leonardo announced the start of the match, such thought flashed across Cuswoth’s mind.

His entire face was suddenly shrouded in black light before anyone realized.

His facial features had all disappeared. The entire face became absolutely black, like a smooth black board, yet boundlessly deep!

It seemed that beyond his face, the internal of his body had become a world of black light!

“What’s the meaning of this?”

“Why did his face become black? Teacher Carter, what arcane skill is this?” Ayrin and Stingham stopped their quarrel and shouted with surprise.

“Face of Darkness! One of the strongest forbidden skills of the Dark Elves. It allows arcane particles to be emitted from the face directly. It also reduces the distance between the Life Gate and body surface, improving casting speed. It’s known as the sure-hit target skill. After casting this forbidden skill, any projectile type arcane skill will become the most accurate arrow and lock on to Rinloran’s position, never missing him! Hence, while both of them have high elf bloodline, Rinloran obtained the inheritance of forest ranger and moonlight swordsman. However, Cuswoth’s true secret should be the inheritance of the eternal night hunter from the dark elves!” Carter quickly explained.

Just as he as explaining, the scene on the stage had changed.

Rinloran vanished, leaving only a few flashes on the stage.

However, immediately afterwards, a black crescent light slashed out from the front of Cuswoth’s body. It seemed to have slashed empty air, but with a flash of black and pale blue light, Rinloran’s body suddenly appeared with a sword blocking the front. His body was pushed back by the strong impact.

“Fear Angel Feast!”

With just a single strike, Cuswoth had gained complete advantage. He had the lead in casting arcane skill, maintaining one step faster than Rinloran.

Countless angel monsters with stinger tails constantly flew out from Rinloran’s surroundings, swarming towards him like an army.

“Forest Goddess: Holy Tree of Protection!”

Rinloran quickly chanted. Countless rays of moonlight grew from the ground.

In a mere moment, countless glowing trees stood on the ground.

The incoming fear angels collided with light trees, becoming balls of grey flame.

Rinloran began scuttering between the light trees. The audience could not even see his figure.

“You have already experienced a complete Lunar Baptism and become able to cast such arcane skills.”

Despite the face remaining as a black board, Cuswoth still expressed his surprise and lamented.

“Have a taste of my Dark Night Sword!”

Cuswoth shook his head. The black light on his face instantly increased in intensity. Black light concentrated into a black pillar and spew out from his face!


Sounds of people drawing their breaths came from the stand.

The vision above the entire arena was suddenly blocked by mysterious darkness.

A black longsword peeked out from the void.


The black materialized sword also accurately locked on to Rinloran’s position and used unimaginable acceleration to slash at Rinloran as if it was teleporting!

“What speed!” Ayrin could not clearly see the sword flash of that black sword. He just felt that it was even faster than Rinloran’s Moonlight Erosion!


A lightning sword flash suddenly hit the black sword flash.

Cuswoth was immediately filled with astonishment.

The Dark Night Judgement of the Dark Night Sword was at a speed of the sudden nightfall. It was absolutely faster than Moonlight Erosion. He believed that Rinloran would never be able to block it!

However, the sword on Rinloran’s left hand properly blocked it at that moment.


Just as Cuswoth was feeling astonished, a sharp sword flash had already arrived before him.

“What’s this sword technique!?”

“What sword technique was amalgamated into the Moonlight Sword!?”

Cuswoth immediately reacted and black light surged before him.


However, just as his body was flung back, a burst of blood came from his chest.

A cross-shape sword scar was carved on his chest, with moonlight faintly glowing.

It was also a target skill by Moonlight Swordsman. Next, Rinloran’s sword charge would be even faster!

“Darkness Goddess Protection!”

Cuswoth immediately disappeared in a ball of darkness.

Rinloran’s two sword flashes cut through the darkness, but Cuswoth appeared more than twenty meters away. At the same time, the sword scars on his chest was shrouded in darkness. The pale moonlight could not pass through.

“You indeed have great potential. Even at our age, we can only do so much. It’s a pity that you are the enemy of House Baratheon...... So, your time is almost up......”

During the duel which could not be seen and yet so breathtaking, the blue-robed arcane master on the stand smirked in his mind. Then a silent incantation began within him.

Many arcane particles gathered the bizarre arcane energy stored within his body. It appeared like a choir by many tiny people.

However, there was no arcane energy fluctuation visible outside his body.

Even the audience squeezing next to him did not notice any strange phenomenon.

“You better be careful!”

Cuswoth, who seemed to have narrowly evaded Rinloran’s attack and was already injured, suddenly told Rinloran in a serious tone.

At the same time, that black sword flash suddenly dove down from the sky and pierced into the ground before Cuswoth.

As the sword landed before him, his face poured out endless black light again.

A black angel with six pairs of wings manifested behind the black longsword.

That angel also seemed to be made from materialization skill.


The black angel just crossed its arms before itself, as if hugging the black longsword stabbed onto the ground. However, countless black sword flashes shot out from its body and the sword at that moment!

Rinloran’s expression immediately changed!

Those black sword flashes looked weak, but they possessed power that seemed to be able to burn the soul.

It was one of the strongest secret skills of the dark elves: Dark Judgement Angel Sword!

Rinloran almost instantly fell back into the light forest he created.

The black sword flashes swarmed at him like a tsunami. Pieces and pieces of the light trees were destroyed, shredded into countless sparks.


Many streaks of pale blue light manifested around Rinloran and began flowing around him.

Flower longswords appeared on both of Rinloran’s hands. He slightly crouched his body and was prepared to face the tsunami-like black sword flashes.

None of his protection arcane skill could defend against Cuswoth’s secret skill.

The only thing he could do was to parry away some of the sword flashes with his materialized sword. Then he would use his medical arcane skills to cure himself and weather through the sword flashes with his body!

“You actually chose such a method to fight a war of attrition!”

Cuswoth showed a bitter smile.

It seemed like they had no choice but to determine the winner through the current method.


The first few scattered black sword flashes pierced into Rinloran.

A few tiny blood drops splashed out from Rinloran’s body.

The streaming light surrounding Rinloran then immediately repaired the wounds.

“What’s happening!?”

However, at that instant, Cuswoth’s expression greatly changed.

He suddenly felt at uncontrollable power mixed into his Dark Judgement Angel Sword.

That power was violent, and appeared all of a sudden, melding into his black sword flashes.

In just an instant, he could feel that each of his black sword flashes became a violent and menacing devil!

Rinloran’s calm and composed expression also immediately turned pale.

He suddenly felt a terrifying aura.

He was the second to feel the change in Cuswoth’s arcane skill!


The blue-robed arcane master on the stand revealed a cruel smirk.

Even now, there was no arcane energy fluctuation outside his body. Everything was digested within.

“Rinloran is going to die!”

Cuswoth felt a chill, but his mind reflexively made a decision.


He made a fierce roar in his heart.

He exerted all of his strength to fight that violent power.

The black color on his face fully detached from his body, just like a black mask leaving his body.

Meanwhile, countless black torrents shot out from the rest of his body. They pushed his body like a huge winch and rushed into the tsunami-like black sword flashes!

“What’s happening!?”

“Not good!”

The audience could not understand what happened. Only at that time, the referees felt the mutation in Cuswoth’s sword flashes and changed their expressions.

In that instant, even Leonardo, who was the closest, could not react in time!

Cuswoth generated countless black torrents and instantly shattered the majority of sword flashes. He was the most familiar with the arcane skill, so he used his own power to destroy its arcane structure.

However, at the same time, those uncontrollable violent power also became chaotic and hit his body.

Countless pieces of black light cut through his body.

His body was almost torn into pieces!

The expression of the blue-robed arcane master on the stand turned sour. He never imagined Cuswoth to take such action!

You actually used your own body as a shield to save Rinloran! Are you an idiot!?

He cursed in his mind as he had believed that his plan would be perfectly carried out.

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