Chapter 391: The Moment To Be Proud

Chapter 391: The Moment To Be Proud


Just as Audrey was dazing out, Chris disappeared from the spot.

She dashed towards Audrey with astounding speed!

It was a completely pattern less dash.

Her dashing path was not a straight line. There were many hops and rolls in her dash.

There was nothing between Audrey and her, but in her eyes, there seemed to be many invisible obstacles.

Audrey’s breath gradually hastened, sweat began to seep out from her palms.

She did not have enough arcane particles to cast another large area of effect arcane skill after casting the Eternal Winter Domain.

Furthermore, under the weakening effect, she was not confident enough to hit the advancing Chris with any pinpoint arcane skills.

Chris did not seem affected by the weakening at all!

Truly a god-like girl...... Did you endure the fatigue and trained at normal times also?

Audrey felt respect towards her once again.

“Since that’s the case...... I will exert every last ounce of my strength...... see if it can stop you!”

Audrey moved. She did not retreat, and dashed towards Chris instead.

In the situation where she could not lock on Chris, only one method could guarantee the arcane skill to hit Chris.

That was in close range, casting at close range!

A fight with one’s everything, that was the biggest respect one could show to an opponent worth respecting!

Fifteen meters...... Ten meters...... Five meters......

In almost a blink of an eye, Chris and Audrey were less than five meters apart.


Chris completed two flips in that instance.

She was originally in front of Audrey, but she appeared at Audrey’s left in the next instant. However, that was just an afterimage, she already appeared behind Audrey. With a piercer in each hand fluttering like wings, it granted Chris even faster speed.

Audrey did not turn back.


All remaining arcane particles erupted from her body.

They surrounded her body and became countless snow-white ice spikes, lunging at Chris like swords!

Chris’s body surface became like a snow-white porcupine.

However, the difference was that the spikes of the porcupine was stabbing inwards.

Countless ice swords assaulted Chris!

It was a rare homing skill!

In close range, it could attack the arcane skill of the opponent using the presence fluctuation exuded by the opponent!

Facing such an attack, Chris’s eyes shone a brilliance never seen before.

Her two hands immediately crossed. In the next instant, her two hands became countless hands.

Countless streaks of black light thrusted out from her body. The black piercers in her hands seemed to have transformed into a black fortress in an instant, leaving no gaps!


Countless shattering sound of the ice spikes merged into one single note.

In just one single frame, everyone could see the snow-white ice spikes surrounding Chris completely shattered. Chris wielded her dual piercers and dashed out!

“Flurry Stab!”

“It’s the close-range combat skill of the Holy Dawn Academy...... Chris has actually mastered this fundamental combat skill to this extent!”

All the audience became speechless from the astonishment. Especially for the Holy Dawn Academy students, they felt the urge to cry from the excitement they felt.

It was a normal combat skill that could be learned during the early second year in the Holy Dawn Academy just like ‘Leaf Flurry’. However, not a single person could really train it until Chris’s level!

How much effort had Chris put into such a fundamental combat skill?

“I lose.”

Seeing Chris instantly shattered her ice spikes, Audrey stopped all action and spoke.

Chris also stopped immediately. The two black piercers vanished from her hands as if they retracted into her body. Then she supported herself on her knees and heavily panted just like her usual training.


“You had such ability, such performance. As your opponent, even I could not help but feel proud for you...... Now should be the moment your father is most proud of you.”

Audrey came closer and held Chris’s hand. They faced Chris’s father who was on the stand.


Loud applause and cheers immediately erupted from the entire stand.

Almost everyone stood and clapped their hands, regardless of Holy Dawn Academy side or Dragon Breath Academy side.

“Oi, that guy, stop looking around, it’s you, the one wearing blue clothes! Shouldn’t you feel excited and touched at such moments? You should at least cheer or applause. Aren’t you too heartless not giving any support?”

A few complaints suddenly broke out from a part of the stand where River Bend Academy and people from Rapids City were located.

Redwin stared at the blue-robed arcane master with disdain.

That blue-robed arcane master was the one who was secretly planning to harm Rinloran and the others before the start of the matches.

Hearing Redwin’s complaint and seeing the many Brotherhood members’ menacing expressions. The blue-robed arcane master’s expression turned stiff. In order not to draw attention from the rest, after a little hesitation, he also clapped.

“What? You look so reluctant. Weren’t you so happy at the start? Yet you didn’t applaud for that touching scene and seem completely unmoved. Are you really here to watch the tournament or what?”

Redwin felt that the blue-robed arcane master was still acting, and complained again.

The blue-robed arcane master slightly twitched his lips. He pretended not to hear Redwin’s complaint, but his eyes showed cold murderous intent.


“Chris was so impressive. What’s her materialization skill? Those two black piercers doesn’t seem heavy, but had astonishing piercing power. They really suit her...... But Chris should be more or less unable to fight, now it’s 2:2......”

A gust of stench suddenly assaulted the Holy Dawn Academy team who were focusing on Chris.

“I...... Ayrin get lost, you’re so smelly!”

Stingham almost fainted when he turned around. He saw that Ayrin had already gotten up.

“Haha, still smelly? I have already showered and changed into new clothes.”

“Get lost! So smelly!”

“Haha, since we are teammates, we should share our happiness and troubles. Since I stink, we should stink together!” Ayrin immediately jumped into the center of the gang.

“The Holy Dawn bunch sure are close. They look eccentric, but are really good buddies that went through thick and thin together......”

Someone in the Dragon Breath Academy team exclaimed.

“There’s no need to feel envious. Aren’t we just like them?” Gaskin said.

“I also feel that way......” A familiar sound, along with continuous vomiting sound, came from the side.

“Ah! Get lost!”

They exerted strength together and blew away Morgan, who showed up with a depressed face.

“Didn’t you say we are like them?” Morgan was speechless after getting pushed far away. He spoke while vomiting.

“But you’re hundreds of times smellier than him. If you come closer again, we won’t be able to fight the following matches!” Gaskin and the others pointed at Morgan and threatened.


“Chris also can’t fight anymore?”

“She already used her Dark Destruction Dragon. The next opponent from the Dragon Breath Academy is Cuswoth who excelled in speed. She should be unable to continue and withdrew.”

After Audrey admitted defeat, Chris also chose to forfeit. The score became 2:2. Watching Chris leaving the stage, many discussions were going on within the audience.

Amongst the noise of those discussions, Carter showed a proud smile.

In Chris’s perspective, unless she could not even get up, there was no way she would think that she could not fight anymore.

Hence, Chris forfeiting was because she did not need to let her father to see her fighting desperately...... She was just fully confident of the next teammates to go up, fully confident of their victory......

“Rinloran, aren’t you a neat freak?! Why didn’t you chase Ayrin away?!”

Stingham pushed away Ayrin, who went close to him, and complained to Rinloran.

“Because I’m going up next, it’s irrelevant to me.” Rinloran nonchalantly answered and left for the arena immediately after.

“......” Stingham became dotted eyed as he did not think of that.

“He’s next?”

At that moment, the normal-looking blue-robed arcane master revealed a chilling intent.

“Executing another valued student with boundless potential before your eyes...... Liszt, Carter, will this humiliation cause you to lose control of your emotions and make a fatal mistake?”

While the blue-robed arcane master had such a monologue, he lowered his head even further.


“I never thought that we can really stand on the same starting line, and have a fair fight!”

Two high elven bloodline owners stood facing each other. The Dragon Breath Academy star, ‘Heavenly Singer’ Cuswoth looked at Rinloran with a smile, then looked at Stingham in the Holy Dawn Academy team, “But my teammate after me seem a little more reliable than your Stingham. Your pressure is greater than me.”

“That’s not true.” Rinloran shook his head, “Although this guy is an idiot...... he is quite reliable when it matters.”

Since that’s the case, I hope our battle will be like Ayrin vs Morgan, Chris vs Audrey, making the crowd respect and cheer for us.” Cuswoth greeted Rinloran with an ancient and elegant hand stroke gesture.

Rinloran also returned the gesture with a stern and serious expression.

It was the gesture of ancient elf race.

It meant a respectful, impartial, all-out battle!

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