Chapter 390: The Final Trump Card

Chapter 390: The Final Trump Card


“So, what now?”

“Is it a draw?”

“They both can’t fight for sure......”

Everyone on the stand pinched their noses and were lost for words.

Nobody could imagine the fight between Ayrin and Morgan to end up like that.

However, seeing the two entangled together and still vomiting, an indescribable emotion filled everyone.

No matter how bizarre, how comedic, Ayrin rendered Morgan unable to fight.

Ayrin was a first year of the Holy Dawn Academy, yet he had already caught up Morgan who was the strongest amongst all academies!

Be it Morgan or Ayrin, the multitude of arcane skills and domains used, their powerful physical strength and close-range combat, they were definitely at the level where most could not even react.

“So strong......”

It also made those teams which mocked Holy Dawn Academy team before the start of the national tournament more speechless.

Somebody started to applaud.

Then waves of applause swept across the entire stand.

It was a match with the strongest contestants and the most unexpected result throughout the national tournament.

“Ayrin’s so awful, he actually used that arcane skill...... Haha...... so cute.”

“So, is he awful or cute?”

“Captain, don’t you know that awful and cute mean the same thing when said by a girl?”

The group of girls from Agate Lake Academy were gossiping amongst themselves.

“Next will be Chris. After so long, she finally got this chance.” Sophia’s smile gradually disappeared. Her eyes filled with expectation and respect as she glanced at Chris within the Holy Dawn Academy team.

A person who kept pursuing her own dream and worked several times harder than others should deserve the most respect.

“It’s my turn.”

At the edge of the stage, Chris returned her gaze from her father. She watched the referee separating Ayrin and Morgan, then spoke in a serious tone, “Ayrin, thank you!”

“Rinloran, Stingham, Moss, Belo...... Thank you all!”

Then, she turned around and sincerely thanked Rinloran and the others.

They were surprised for a moment, then felt an unknown feeling surge from their hearts.

“We are in one team. It’s our duty to fight for everyone!” Rinloran looked at Chris and firmly told her that, then added, “Do your best.”

“Haha, you should thank me. It’s because of me, the most handsome guy, that we can easily get into the finals!” However, Stingham instantly destroyed the atmosphere. He stood akimbo, laughed proudly, and did his signature hair fling as if it was not enough, “I’m the most handsome!”

“You go die!”

Rinloran and the others lamented and gave Stingham a beating.

“The Holy Dawn Academy team is so weird. Look, they are beating their teammate before the match again.”

The audience became speechless again.

Chris and Audrey made their way to the stage.

On the stand, the images within Chris’s father’s head became clearer and clearer.

Many images began to overlap with what he currently saw.

In a daze, he seemed to have seen himself encountering a girl who looked similar to Chris. He also saw his own appearance rather young.

The images quickly skipped.

He saw the girl become his wife. He saw them holding hands and sat on the same stand to watch the tournament.

He saw a small Chris hopping towards him and his wife.

He saw Chris washing his hair. He saw Chris telling him that she would definitely bring him to watch the tournament again.

Then those images slowly disappeared. He saw Chris walking towards the center of the arena.

His eyes became blurry.

Tears flowed down his cheeks.

This is the finals of the national tournament. Did you see it? Our Chris can already participate in the national tournament. And she has advanced to the finals.

“Chris, do your best!”

He stood up from the stand and shouted towards Chris while desperately waving his fist.


Despite the noisy venue, Chris clearly heard his shout as she almost reached the center of the arena. She immediately turned her head around.

Then she saw her father crying as he made a brilliant smile she had never seen before.

Then her father raised both of his hands. He gave her a double thumbs-up just like how he praised her for something she did well when she was little.

“Father, finally......” In that instant, Chris greatly trembled. The resilient god-like girl covered her own mouth.

“Chris, I’m proud of you......”

Chris’s father did not say anything more, he just maintained his thumbs-up action.

Chris also gradually showed a brilliant smile.

She gave a double thumbs-up to her father. Then she turned around and walked towards Audrey.

“Oh no...... Audrey may be in trouble...... the god-like girl’s aura completely changed.”

The instant Chris turned back, the bunch from Dragon Breath Academy trembled. They could not help making a sour face and muttered amongst themselves.

“You give off a completely different feeling, Chris. Is it because you finally put down your burden and your body feels light again...... Chris, come at me with the power you received from familial love!”

In the Holy Dawn Academy team, Carter watched Chris and grinned.

He knew that ever since Chris desperately trained up to the match now, this match would be the happiest match amongst all the matches Chris had participated, regardless of outcome.

“Such a match is perhaps the finals of the Hegemonic Cup of Starry Sky Braves in its truest meaning.”

Watching Audrey nodding towards Chris, Leonardo and the other referees had such a thought.


“Dragon Breath Academy vs Holy Dawn Academy, Audrey vs Chris!”


Leonardo’s voice echoed in the arena again.

“Let’s start!” Audrey and Chris did not make a move immediately. Audrey nodded first, and told her to start.

“Alright, let’s start!” Chris nodded back.


It was as if both of them did a mental countdown so that they did not take advantage of the other. Strong arcane energy fluctuation rippled out from their bodies at the same time.

They made their moves at the same time!

“Absolute Zero!”

Audrey started off with a large-scale area of effect arcane skill.

Such arcane skill’s coverage completely exceeded the limit of evasion an arcane master could take in an instant, so it could only be defended with arcane skill.

At the same time, countless dusk light shot out from Chris’s surroundings, immediately covering both her and Audrey.

They both used large scale area of effect arcane skill!

Chris’s body was immediately coated in a layer of frost and looked stiffened. However, her teeth were clattering, indicating that she was severely chilled.

However, at the same time, Audrey’s action also clearly slowed down. She looked weakened.

“Could it be Holy Dawn Academy’s Weakening Domain?”

“It’s not Weakening Domain. Chris could not cast Weakening Domain with her arcane particle quantity!”

“It’s Weakening Reflect! It’s an arcane skill that is similar to Weakening Domain. But this arcane skill will affect the caster as well!”

A tsunami of comments exploded from the stand.

“Weakening Reflect?” The Dragon Breath Academy team immediately understood Chris’s strategy!

When Chris faced Audrey, her only advantage was the tremendous damage of the Dark Destruction Dragon.

Audrey possessed more arcane skills than her. Many of Audrey’s ice type arcane skills were stronger than the normal arcane skills Chris had.

However, the weakening caused both of their bodies to be fatigued...... Chris’s usual training quantity was several times of a normal person. She probably got adapted to train and fight under such fatigue.

In that case, Chris’s endurance under fatigue would become her greatest advantage!

As expected of the god-like girl!

What a sharp battle instinct!

She could keenly find the best method to fight against any kind of opponent!

The bunch from Dragon Breath Academy looked at Chris with respect in their eyes.


“You actually came up with this strategy! If you want to tire me out with this strategy, I have to end the match quickly!”

Audrey also possessed a sharp battle instinct. In that instant, she already understood Chris’s strategy.

As her body condition became worse and worse, she could make a mistake in judgement and evasion. That meant she might not be able to dodge Chris’s Dark Destruction Dragon!

“Come! Here’s a finisher!”

“Ice Witch: Eternal Winter Domain!”

A dangerous domain energy exploded out from Audrey’s body.

Everyone could see powerful ice arcane energy formation weaving in midair at astonishing speed, becoming the shape of a huge ice witch.

Meanwhile, Chris’s figure was at the center of the huge ice witch.


At the same time, the bandages wrapped around Chris’s left arm completely snapped!

Terrifying black flames surged out!

“Dark Destruction Dragon!”

The audience on the stand almost shouted out that name in unity!

The strongest arcane skill of the Holy Dawn Academy, Dark Destruction Dragon vs Eternal Winter Domain!


The sky above the arena made a screeching sound as if a piece of cloth was torn apart.

A typical arcane skill could never match domain power. However, everyone could see a huge black dragon coming out from the body of the ice witch.

The terrifying arcane energy impact actually smashed apart the domain.

Audrey quickly evaded to the side.

Rumbles of black flame swept across a part of the arena like dark clouds, disappearing together with the ice witch.

That settles it, right?

Audrey could see the light of victory.

It was all within her expectation.

Her domain was used to force Chris to use Dark Destruction Dragon.

That was because Chris could only use Dark Destruction Dragon to counter her Ice Witch Domain.

However, the Ice Witch Domain did not exhaust all her arcane particles.

On the other hand, after Chris used Dark Destruction Dragon, she should be powerless.

The cold air and black flame became a revolving black mist.

Chris’s figure slowly walked out from the black mist.

The pupils of Audrey and all the audience immediately contracted!

Everyone could see that Chris’s hands had burning black flame as she walked out from the black fog.

In her hands were two half-meter long piercers!


Astonishment and surprise flashed across Rinloran’s eyes.

Nobody had ever seen Chris use any materialization skill!

Chris had always hidden...... her materialization skill!

That was her final trump card!

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