Chapter 389: A Double-Knockout Result

Chapter 389: A Double-Knockout Result



Ayrin was blasted away.

One of his eyes was also swollen, becoming a panda eye.


Morgan gloated. Before Ayrin could react, his other fist hit Ayrin’s other eye.

“Now both your eyes have become panda eyes. You shouldn’t be able to see clearly anymore...... Ah!”

Morgan spoke in complacent as his other fist connected with Ayrin’s other eye. However, at the same time, a black foot was becoming bigger and bigger in his sight.


Morgan’s other eye also took a fierce kick, he was also blasted away.

“Got you!”

After Ayrin managed to stand up with difficulty, he squinted his eyes and spoke, “I purposely did that just now. Did you think that I couldn’t even use a mutual sacrifice method!?”

“You’re so cunning!”

Morgan shouted in frustration.


Both Holy Dawn Academy and Dragon Breath Academy were speechless.

Both contestants in the match got swollen eyes. They both squinted hard but couldn’t clearly see their opponent.


Suddenly, Ayrin raised a cry of pain and fell onto the ground.

“What happened? Did Morgan use some secret technique?”

The audience was surprised.

Morgan himself was also surprised by the sudden turn of events.

However, right at that instant, the fallen Ayrin suddenly crawled frantically towards him and immediately arrived next to him.

“He even learned Belo’s dashing posture.”

Stingham speechlessly guessed, “Is he going to bite Morgan next?”

“Idiot, since when did you see Belo biting someone?” Rinloran criticized.


Morgan slightly lifted up his body and strongly stepped on Ayrin’s back.

“Sorry, your posture looks so comfortable to step on, I feel bad not stepping.” Morgan wanted to say that.

However, when he stepped down, his eyes popped open even bigger.

His foot felt like stepping into soft rubber!

“Rubber Doll Substitution!”

He screamed in disbelief.

Ayrin’s figure sprung out from beneath the ‘Ayrin’ he stepped on, and connected a punch at his abdomen.

Thump! Thump! Thump! Thump!......

In an instant, Morgan’s body was thrown up like a ball, the strikes disfigured him.

“Sorry, Morgan. That arcane skill of yours is really too simple, I feel bad not learning.” Ayrin spoke.

“Bastard! Do you think I can’t use the mutual sacrifice method!?”

Thump! Thump!

Two deep sounds of impact rang.

Ayrin and Morgan simultaneously flew back.

When they landed, both of them were beaten black and blue, with their nose bleeding.

“Captain actually got beaten up by Ayrin to this extent.” The members of Dragon Breath Academy looked at one another, unable to gloat again.

Ayrin rubbed away his nosebleed and shouted with burning fighting spirit, “What mutual sacrifice? I hit you so many times and you only hit back once.”

“Bastard, then why don’t you try again!?” Morgan shouted back, but he was frustrated inside.

He originally wanted to beat Ayrin up with his robust body and superior close-range combat, but due to Ayrin’s super resilience and mutual sacrifice method, he himself was also beaten up.

“Looks like I can only rely on casting speed to finish you off in one shot...... Ayrin, no matter how unexpected you can be...... If your bones are broken and cannot stand, surely you cannot continue to fight...... I’m sorry for this, but I really can’t think of any other methods to defeat you.”

Morgan took a deep breath and calmed himself down. His panda eyes showed an apologetic gaze.


However, right at that instant, his body unnoticeably trembled. His apologetic gaze immediately turned into astonishment.

The arcane particle in his body mysteriously dropped by a large amount!

I was only doing continuous physical combat. I purposely did not use any arcane particle, how could it suddenly disappear!?

Could it be that Ayrin had some special arcane skill that could deplete my arcane particle during close-range combat?


Morgan suddenly accelerated and disappeared from the spot, retreating dozens of meters.

“What’s happening?”

“Even in the fight just now, Morgan still seemed to be joking around like he was fighting his junior in a play fight. Now his expression and gaze seem completely different......”

The audience on the stand also noticed the change in Morgan.

“Not good!”

“Looks like I’m still lacking some arcane particles.”

Ayrin also immediately felt Morgan’s change. He felt extreme danger.

Ayrin brought his fingers together and quickly made hand signs.

A unique aura surrounded him.

He quickly refined arcane particles through high concentration during the match.

“Isn’t that suicidal?”

“How can he replenish arcane particles at this moment!? Is he going to completely ignore Morgan and take the hits?”

Seeing Ayrin’s action, everyone caused an uproar.

“This guy, he’s preparing some fatal counterattack!”

However, the fully serious Morgan, who had no leeway to worry about gravely injuring Ayrin, also keenly felt a fatal threat at the same time.

He felt that the outcome was just a small stretch away.

“Dragon blood...... Frozen Flame Domain!”

A unique, slow yet deep draconic incantation echoed from Morgan’s body.

At the same time, everyone felt a dense and scorching aura sweeping across the entire arena.

“Another domain!”

“Morgan is casting a second domain!”

“In his current condition, casting a second domain will completely exhaust his arcane particles!”

More than half of the audience could not help but stand up.

Bits of blood red particles scattered from Morgan’s body.


The air in the arena seemed to have been suddenly burned up.

Countless ruby-like flame suddenly condensed and swarmed towards Ayrin.

Leonardo’s hand which was holding the referee flag unconsciously rose upwards.

He knew that it was one of the fire type Dragon bloodline domain.

If it was finished, the flame would condense into solid state and become a huge flame crystal, trapping Ayrin inside. The temperature of the crystal would be several times that of the normal fire type arcane skill!

Such power could only be blocked if Ayrin could open five gates and above and cast Fire Embers!

“Looks like it’s about there...... but it may still be a little lacking......”

Ayrin stopped his hands.

The temperature in his surroundings shot up, causing smoke to rise from his body.

However, at that moment, he actually began to ponder.

“I should absorb a little more arcane particle!”

His eyes flashed, and he made up his mind the next instant. He dashed out and crashed into the fire crystals.

“Is he trying to suicide after losing?” Stingham was shocked.

“Idiot!” Rinloran’s palm was completely sweaty. He vaguely felt that something incredible would happen soon.

“Ah! Ouch! Ack!”

Ayrin’s screams resounded in the flame.


However, at the same time, a wave of strange arcane energy fluctuation suddenly swept across the arena!

“Another domain energy?”

“This guy actually had enough arcane particles to cast a domain?”

Ceaseless shouts and screams echoed on the stand.The entire stand broke out in a commotion.

Morgan’s expression was extremely serious. He quickly dashed away.

However, Ayrin’s domain covered at least forty meters. In that instant, Morgan was still shrouded within.


Countless yellow and black glitters travelled across Morgan’s surroundings.

“This is......?”

Stingham suddenly reacted. He jumped back and pinched his nose.

Morgan’s expression also completely changed.

Countless bubbles of various sizes formed around him.

A few bubbles touched his body.

All his hairs stood on ends at that moment.


A few bubbles drifted out from the top of the domain and burst.


Almost everyone on the stand throughout the arena immediately vomited.

An indescribable vile stench seemed to have instantly filled their bodies.

“What’s this domain!?”

“Why is it so smelly!?”

The Dragon Breath Academy group kept retching. Their faces turned white and green.

“Even us can’t take it after taking a whiff of the stench outside the domain, won’t Captain who’s inside......”

Suddenly, they had such a thought.

When they looked again, they could see Morgan swallowed by the yellow and black streaks of light. The fire crystals outside obviously lost control and were quickly dispersed.

“So smelly!”

“Morgan must be finished. He even lost control of his own domain.”

Ayrin desperately pinched his nose and retreated, looking at the domain with sympathy.


Suddenly, Morgan dashed out. He kept vomiting while dashing.


The stench Morgan brought out caused the audience on the front rows to start vomiting again.

“Morgan, sorry but you should surrender now......” The totally burnt Ayrin scratched his head in embarrassment and spoke.

“I......” Morgan pointed a finger at him but couldn’t say anything. He vomited again.

“......” The audience felt pity for him.

“So cruel...... How much longer will the stench from this domain last......” The Holy Dawn bunch felt even more pity for Morgan as they knew what Ayrin’s domain was about.

“I sur......”

Morgan shouted. It seemed like he was going to surrender, but at that moment, he suddenly appeared next to Ayrin with a speed faster than ever and tightly hugged Ayrin.

“So smelly! Ah! Morgan, what are you doing!?”

Ayrin immediately shouted and vomited as well.

“You’re so cruel! You actually used such a domain against me, I will stink you back......Urgh!”

“Urgh...... But you also burned me to this extent...... Urgh...... release me!”

“We will stink together...... Urgh......”


Everyone became speechless.

Morgan desperately held onto Ayrin, not letting go no matter how much Ayrin struggled.

Then both of them kept vomiting while shouting at each other.

They vomited until they lost the strength to struggle, then supported each other as they vomited.

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