Chapter 388: The Troublesome Two

Chapter 388: The Troublesome Two


“He’s finally forced to use his domain!”

“What’s Morgan’s domain?”

Most of the audience on the stand were filled with shock and excitement.

In the national tournament last year, Morgan did not use any proper domain power.

His hidden domain skill was finally forced out by Ayrin!

For a powerful existence like Morgan who also had strong affinity for fire, his domain should be the fire type.

Many students from the Dragon Breath Academy were full of expectation.

The surging domain power immediately contracted after that instant expansion.

A crimson fat frog about the height of Morgan appeared next to him.


Everyone looked surprised.

Morgan’s domain actually became a frog?

That frog also looked dumb and very lazy. Apart from the unique domain energy fluctuation, it did not seem to have any fire arcane energy.

“It’s actually a Gluttony Frog Domain!”

“It’s the real super gluttony monster!”

“The Gluttony Frog Domain is one that can directly destroy water, wind, ice type domains! And it’s a sustainable type domain which can last over three minutes! Within this period of time, all domains acting on him will be swallowed!”

However, the expressions of the elite arcane masters on the stand suddenly became serious.

“What’s this?”

Ayrin blanked out for a moment after jumping out from the shattered crystals.

That crimson lazy-looking dumb frog opened its mouth.

Arcane power could be seen gushing into its mouth.

The entire Water Rendering Domain was sucked into its stomach like a transparent piece of glass paper.

Meanwhile, its stomach did not even bloat up.

“A domain that can swallow other peoples’ domain?”

When Ayrin comprehended, his eyes opened even wider.

He had never heard of such domains.

“Since I have brought out this domain, it seems to be the time to decide the winner.”

Morgan rubbed his moist face and smiled at the shocked Ayrin.

“Supersonic Vacuum Blow!”

His hands suddenly moved in front of his chest and made a hollow circle.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!......

Wave after wave of vacuum shockwave blasted on Ayrin’s body.

“Such power!”

“What a rapid continuous attack!”

Rinloran and others changed their expressions.

The instant that shockwave blasted, they felt the ground shaking even though they were located at the side of the stage. The power from the shockwave itself was already ridiculously destructive, but more importantly, the shockwave was continuous. It was like heavy punches continuously thrown out.

Such arcane skill was also extremely unique!

Ayrin’s arcane particles had mostly been exhausted. Even if he was in peak condition, he probably could not defend it after getting hit by the first shockwave.

“It’s over, the match’s finished.”

Stingham was a little sarcastic, “That’s what he gets for picking such a strong opponent like Morgan......”

Before he finished, the ground under his feet suddenly rumbled greatly.

The entire arena was rumbling, rumbling with a rhythm.

“Shock Conduction? Ayrin you pervert, how did you learn this skill!?”

Stingham was shocked. He could not help but yell.

Ayrin crossed his arms before himself and planted his feet firmly on the ground. While getting slammed by the shockwaves, he did not retreat a single step.

The strong impact seemed to have become a special tremor and travelled through his body towards the ground beneath his feet.

“This is?”

Morgan was astonished. Knowing that his arcane skill could not completely defeat Ayrin, he immediately stopped.


Despite feeling discomfort from the impacts, Ayrin looked at Stingham proudly and laughed, “I have seen you getting beaten up by Teacher Rui quite often, so I learned it.”

“You actually......”

Rinloran, Chris and Moss looked at one another in disbelief.

“If he had even learned this Shock Conduction, then that skill Moss usually practised in front of him...... was even more often. That Ayrin......”

They had the same thought in their mind and trembled. They gathered their gazes on Ayrin again.

“You can even defend against this kind of impact type arcane skill huh?”

Morgan immediately recovered from his astonishment. He cunningly mumbled and was about to chant.

However, no sound came out from his mouth.

“Domain of Silence!”

Morgan immediately understood how he was silenced, and felt how ridiculous it was.

That was obviously the secret technique of the Abel Academy. Though it was just an arcane skill with domain in its name and not a true domain, it also required plenty of arcane particles to cast.

However, Ayrin should have exhausted most of his arcane particles before.


It was also in that instant where Morgan felt how ridiculous it was and his chanting was interrupted.

Ayrin’s body disappeared from his sight along with a loud boom.

“It’s Explosive Impact as expected!”

Rinloran, Moss and Chris showed an expression as if they had been waiting for it.


A fist suddenly appeared before Morgan’s eyes.

Due to the overwhelming speed of the rush, Morgan was unable to react. However, a layer of flame quickly emerged above the skin on his face.


Before most of the people realized what happened, they could see a ring of flame burst out and Ayrin shot backwards from where Morgan stood due to recoil.

Meanwhile, Morgan’s robust body also flew backwards.

Morgan’s right eye had become a black panda eye.


When Audrey and others from Dragon Breath Academy saw that eye, they could not endure their laughter, “This guy finally got socked.”

“Is that how you act towards your captain!? Your captain got hit but you all are just gloating!”

Morgan depressedly shouted.


However, in the next instant, Ayrin disappeared from his sight along with a loud boom again.


Morgan’s depressed expression immediately changed serious.


A leg so fast that it seemed to have grown from thin air kicked on his crossed arms.

Morgan flew backwards again.

Ayrin recoiled backwards as well.


A pillar of fire erupted from underneath Ayrin, swallowing him inside.


A painful cry was heard.

Ayrin was pushed out from the top of the fire pillar.


It was Moss’s side that laughed this time.

Ayrin’s hair was burnt. He was completely charred, looking just like a burnt sweet potato.


Seeing Ayrin’s appearance, Morgan, who successfully ambushed Ayrin, also could not help but point at him and laugh.


The totally black Ayrin suddenly disappeared from the spot.

“You thought I let my guard down? You fell for it!”

The laughing Morgan looked cunning again and another fire pillar suddenly erupted from the ground in front.

“You also fell for it!”

However, Ayrin’s voice also called out at that instant.

He did not rush directly towards Morgan, but a dozen meters beside him.


At the same time, a blue ice pillar erupted from underneath Morgan and viciously slammed onto him.

“You’re even more cunning than me!”

Morgan cried out as his body was knocked up by the ice pillar.


Ayrin suddenly appeared above Morgan and a fist dropped down on him from above.

However, like a magic trick, another Morgan appeared below the original one!

Ayrin’s punch seemed to have hit a soggy rubber man instead.

The rubber man’s body was extremely dense, causing Ayrin unable to retract his fist for a moment.

“Rubber Doll Substitution!”

“Morgan even knew such unorthodox arcane skill?”

As the crowd clamoured, the real Morgan flipped up from below and served a fierce kick at Ayrin’s chest.

Ayrin stabbed his feet onto the rubber doll.

Majority of the impact from Morgan’s kick was immediately converted to shockwave and acted on the rubber doll.


The blackened Ayrin cried in pain and was flung backwards, but there was no real damage to his body.

“Those two are really not getting ahead of each other.”

“Even after so many tricks, they are still evenly matched?”

Audrey, Gaskin and others could not help but look at one another.

Although Ayrin looked more beaten up on the surface, they understood clearly that Ayrin was more resilient than Morgan.

“Morgan is so difficult to handle!”

“It seems like every method is not effective against him!”

“Looks like I can only try that move, but I don’t have enough arcane particles......”

Ayrin made up his mind while flying backwards. After he landed, he rushed towards Morgan again.

“How to finish off this guy!?”

At the same time, Morgan also had a headache.

After revealing the Gluttony Frog Domain reluctantly, his arcane particle exhaustion was also severe. Meanwhile, regardless of physical attack or arcane attack, it seemed difficult to bring Ayrin down within a short period.

Thoughts about saving his arcane particles kept flashing in his mind.

“Let me beat up this guy first!”

The instant Ayrin rushed towards him, he also made up his mind. He decided to use his superior close-range combat techniques to beat up Ayrin first.

“Activate: Fist of the War God!”

Every cell in Morgan’s body seemed to have suddenly livened up.


The instant his body shot forward, red power brand appeared outside his body which actually transformed into many red dragon claws!


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