Chapter 387: Morgan’s Domain

Chapter 387: Morgan’s Domain



Ayrin clasped his hands together. His ten fingers formed a strange shape as arcane particles shot out between his fingers.

Countless ice shards floated down in the air immediately!

His figure vanished into thin air.

“What’s this arcane skill?”

Most of the audience immediately tensed up. They had never seen Ayrin using that arcane skill before.

“That Morgan, he won’t end up getting defeated by Ayrin’s chain skill set despite being so strong, right?”

Seeing Ayrin’s first arcane skill, Rinloran and the others thought as such.

They knew that Ayrin was about to use that violent ice chain skill.

“A blitzkrieg, it won’t be so easy......”

“Fire fang!”

Morgan did not move from his spot and just chanted an ancient draconic incantation. His body emitted a shocking amount of flame.

Bursts of flame quickly condensed into palm-sized fangs and surged out in all directions.

“Draconic arcane skill!”

Rinloran’s gaze turned serious.

Morgan lived up to his name. His arcane skill was cast later, but matched Ayrin’s casting speed.


Flame and ice shards collided. All the ice shards were dispersed, and even the ice arcane power in the air seemed to be purged.

Ayrin appeared near Morgan’s left side and seemed to have been hit by quite a number of fire fangs.

However, Ayrin did not stop.

He did not cast any arcane skill, the muscle on his entire body seemed to explode in an instant.


The ground beneath his feet greatly sank in.

His body disappeared from where he stood, and a fist already approached Morgan.


Morgan narrowed his eyes. His muscles also seemed to wind up. With another explosive sound, their fists collided squarely.

Their bodies trembled from the impact, and both retreated three steps.

Layers of shattered arcane brands fell off from their bodies.

“Evenly matched!”

“Morgan has a high Dragon bloodline. Furthermore, it’s the Red Dragon bloodline which has the best physical strength and arcane affinity. A physical clash against such a body actually resulted in an even match!”

“Power brand! Ayrin actually produced a power brand! Has his physical strength already reached the standard of a five gate arcane master?!”

Almost half of the audience stood up.

“Morgan’s physical strength is actually this strong.”

Ayrin thought so in his heart, but his body did not stop and he launched forward again!

From just the first clash between their arcane skills, he could feel that Morgan was better than him in casting experience and speed. And in the current situation where even their physical strength were on par, Ayrin could only try and see if his continuous momentum could overwhelm him.

And in the grey swamp advancement round, he was greatly enlightened in close-range combat.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!......

In just three continuous side steps during his advancement, Ayrin’s body action had already surpassed his consciousness.

Just when he left behind an afterimage before Morgan, he was already behind Morgan. His leg seemed to have completely vanished into thin air as he kicked towards Morgan’s back.

However, right at that instant, Ayrin’s instinct told him that a punch travelling even faster than his kick was driving towards his chest.

Ayrin was only able to cross his arms in front of his chest on reflex. His arms only touched the edge of the punch while the impact had already reached his chest.


Everyone was only able to hear a deep impact.

Ayrin’s body seemed to pop out from behind Morgan and flew backwards.

Morgan’s fist remained lunging forward!

“You have similar physical strength as me, but it was still recent when you improved to this point. So even if you exceeded your limit, due to insufficient synchronization, your body control isn’t fast enough. And in terms of close-range combat, I have trained longer than you.”

Seeing Ayrin’s confused face as he flew back, Morgan did not rush to attack and explained the reason.

“Morgan, you are really strong! Even your physical strength and close-range combat are strong!”

Ayrin flipped around and landed steadily. He rubbed his chest and shouted.

Another loud cheer came from the stand.

Ayrin did not look injured even after taking such a powerful punch!

Seeing Ayrin getting ready again, Moran shrugged, “You better take out those truly powerful techniques you have hidden, or else you won’t beat me.”

“Looks like I have to give it my all!”

Ayrin strongly nodded and showed even greater fighting spirit.


A creepy arcane energy fluctuation suddenly rippled on Morgan’s back.

A huge ball of shadow seemed to be born from within Morgan’s body and rose up. It became a huge shadow monster and sat on Morgan’s body.

Morgan’s pupils immediately dilated, fear showing on his face.

“Isn’t this Death God’s......” Many held their breath and showed an unbelievable expression.


It was also at that instant, two rays of red light shot out from Morgan’s eyes. It seemed to ignore spacetime and hit Ayrin’s eyes.


Arcane energy fluctuation was emitting from Ayrin’s body again when the rays of light hit, causing Ayrin to scream in pain. He held his head and retreated a few steps.

“To think that you can actually use such a scary mental attack skill...... If not for my mental strength, I would have been defeated.”

Morgan’s body surface emitted a layer of golden light. There seemed to be a mysterious power repairing everything in his body. It also purged all negative power out through each of his nerve ends.

“What’s this nerve stimulating attack is this? My head hurts!” Ayrin shouted back in agony.

“It’s just a headache huh. That means your mental strength has also reached a certain level...... With your physical strength, opening the fourth gate is not far away.”

Morgan tapped his head to relieve the last bit of discomfort. His lip curled at the same time.

You are indeed a super fast learner and super strong youth.

Let me see what kind of ability you still have, how much better you can still perform!

Morgan’s smile spread across his face.

A dose of fearsome dragon flame surged out before him.

A red dragon instantly dashed towards Ayrin while waving its claws!

“Fire Embers!”

Morgan’s first counterattack caused Ayrin to feel life threatening danger. Ayrin’s casting speed was also forced to surpass his usual limits.

Grains of embers surrounded Ayrin.

“Got you!”

Morgan’s smile immediately turned into a cunning one.

Fire dragon’s arcane power suddenly changed, the flame quickly vanished and became black crystals.

Fire dragon instantly turned into a black crystal dragon.


Ayrin stared at the black crystal dragon passing through the embers and crashed into him.

“The older one is still the more experienced!”

“Such a cunning captain!”

“See, he’s cunning after all.”

The bunch from Dragon Breath Academy started to comment.


The black crystal dragon knocked Ayrin down onto the ground behind. The strong impact caused the black crystal dragon to shatter into pieces and buried Ayrin under a mountain of crystals.

“Dark crystals, freeze!”

On the other hand, Morgan looked like a peerless expert. He did not move his body and chanted another Draconic incantation. A strong gale swept around the shattered black crystals. All the shattered crystals amalgamated under the powerful arcane wind and condensed into a crystal pillar.

“Ayrin won’t get killed, right? Morgan is also using chain skills......” Stingham gulped. He suddenly realized his own worth and felt that he would be beaten up black and blue if he went.

“But anyway, I’m still the most handsome!” He mumbled again.

Morgan looked like he had finished his job. He could take a break and see how things turn out.

However, right at that moment, astonishment showed on his face.

“Crack crack crack......”

The newly formed black crystal pillar, which even he himself could not break free, was immediately covered in cracks.


Almost at the same time, a strong wave of water arcane energy fluctuation filled his surroundings.

Many transparent water droplets condensed in the air.

His body was immediately wrapped in a cubic transparent water body.

“Fire Dragon Fang!”

Morgan swung both his hands forward.

A huge materialized scimitar burning in fearsome dragon flame immediately appeared before him.

The water body in front of him collapsed and white steam exploded from the water. The entire water body was about to be destroyed by that materialization skill.

“This guy’s materialization skill is also very powerful!”

Moss’s head was full of sweat. He could see that Morgan’s fire blade seemed to be stronger than his Berserk God’s Returning Scorched Sun.


At that instant, Leonardo’s eyelid fiercely twitched.


Along with a tremendous arcane energy fluctuation, the crystal surrounding Ayrin’s body shattered and shot out in all directions.

At the same time, a powerful and eerie domain power also formed in the water surrounding Morgan.

Countless minute water droplets started to seep into Morgan’s body.

“It’s actually Water Rendering Boundary!”

“This guy actually learned such a barrier?”

Morgan’s eyes also opened wide for the first time.

Due to water droplets seeping in, his eyes seemed to almost pop out.

“I can only break this domain with another domain!”

“Ayrin actually managed to force me until this far!”

He reluctantly used his full strength to release the arcane particles in his body.


A surge of domain power exuded from within his body.


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