Chapter 386: The Duel Between The Strongest Begins!

Chapter 386: The Duel Between The Strongest Begins!



Audrey grinned. For some reason, she thought that competing against that weird team for the top was something exciting and interesting.


Chris was waving back to her father on the stand with tears in her eyes. When she heard Audrey’s sudden call, she reflexively turned her head.

“You would only show such a gaze when looking at your father. This is the real reason behind your declaration of winning the tournament and desperately trying to become a god-like girl.”

Audrey watched Chris and spoke in a serious tone, “Since Ayrin and Morgan are going to fight a proper match, then let us, the girls, fight a match. Since we are both ladies, fighting each other is better than fighting the boys.”

“A lady? You?”

The bunch from Dragon Breath Academy immediately lamented, “Even if you two are the second to go, it may not be a fair match. Someone from the first match will definitely continue to fight.”

“Even if you cannot win, you won’t leave Ayrin with much energy, isn’t it right, Morgan?” Audrey glanced at Morgan and asked.

“Looks like Audrey knows me best.” Morgan also laughed and tapped Audrey’s shoulder, “Relax. If he is more powerful than I imagined and I can’t defeat him, I will do my best to give you and Chris a fair fight.”

“Chris, then shall we be the second to go up?”Audrey probed Chris.

“Sure. I’m also happy to have a fight with you.” Chris strongly nodded, “Then let’s be the second to go!”

“What? You are all already deciding the sequence before the match? If that’s the case, since we are both from elven bloodline, fighting each other should help the both of us improve.” In the Dragon Breath Academy team, the member who had slight resemblance to Rinloran politely looked over and spoke.

He was the only non-dragon bloodline amongst the five main powerhouses of the Dragon Breath Academy. He was Cuswoth, possessing the high elven bloodline.

“Okay.” Rinloran looked conflicted.

It was difficult to meet another high elven bloodline ever since the annihilation of the ancient elven kingdom in the river of history.

“The two of you are dueling huh.” Stingham excitedly came forward and looked at Cuswoth, “I remember your nickname. Your nickname is balcony singer, right?”

“Haha!” The bunch from Dragon Breath Academy blinked for a moment before spewing out laughters.

Cuswoth was filled with disdain.

Had he not known that Stingham had always been such an idiot, he would have treated it as his provocation.

“How idiotic are you going to be? You can actually call the decent nickname Heavenly Singer as Balcony Singer!” Rinloran fumed. He even thought of killing Stingham.

“Ah? Did I remember wrong?” Stingham scratched his head as he still seemed to doubt.

“I originally hoped to fight against Ayrin. Since it’s become like this, then let us fight.” Gaskin grinned towards Moss, “I more or less have a little giant bloodline.”

Moss felt flattered and immediately nodded.

Another powerhouse, Treyn, from the Dragon Breath Academy turned his gaze onto Belo.

“You all found your opponents huh. Then it’s us left?” Stingham immediately shouted towards the last member of the Dragon Breath Academy.

“......” Everyone gave him a strange stare.

“Why are you all staring at me like that? Is it because I’m too handsome?” Stingham flipped his hair and proudly spoke.

“Idiot. There are only five contestants. Since they all found their opponent, will you have a chance to go up if they arranged accordingly?” Rinloran could not endure any longer and yelled at him.

“Oh right!” Stingham’s eyes opened wide, “That won’t do! Ayrin, you stay back, give me your opponent!”

“Oi, blondy brat.”

At that moment, Belo declared, “I’m not interested in this tournament that doesn’t let others lick my foot, it isn’t thrilling. If you want to go, I will give you my opponent.”

“Belo is the weirdest amongst them...... He’s actually not interested in this kind of tournament and always want others to lick his foot.” The bunch from the Dragon Breath Academy were speechless.

“The atmosphere seems great.”

“To think that they really made it into the finals.”

On the stand, the girls, including Nikita, from Agate Lake Academy which attracted attention, were all looking at Ayrin’s group with elation and excitement.

They were still unaware of Ferguillo’s incident and were focusing on the tournament itself.

To them who had witnessed every match Ayrin’s group had participated back in St Lauren, what Ayrin, Chris and the rest were creating was a true miracle.


“From how it looks, the lineup has been decided before the match officially begins?”

In a corner on the chaotic stand, an ordinary looking person wearing the typical blue robes revealed a creepy smile.

A murky yellow glow with murderous intent flashed beneath his black pupils.

“Ferguillo is already eliminated...... I originally wanted to eliminate Ayrin, but if his opponent is Morgan...... Morgan should have hidden his real arcane power level...... It should be impossible to set Morgan up with that arcane power level. In that case......”

He mumbled silently in his heart. He swept his gaze across Moss, Rinloran, Belo and Stingham as if judging them.

“Apart from Ayrin, this elven bloodline and beast boy are the next most dangerous...... If the beast boy isn’t going up, then I should eliminate this elven bloodline first.”

The arcane master grinned. Then he seemed to have completely blended into the momentum of the audience and cheered for the match that was about to start.

The normal-looking arcane master should have come from the Rapids City in Golden Roses Plain, as most of the audience in his surroundings came from the Rapids City. They were mainly from River Bend Academy and other academies in the Rapids City.


“It’s about to start!”

“Huh, the main referee this time is Cocktail Grandmaster Leonardo?”

“I heard that the previous main referee Kleis was gravely injured in the Fallen Shadow Valley campaign and lost an arm.”

Time flowed past in the feverish atmosphere. The entrance of the referee team caused another wave of cheering.


When both sides were submitting their fighting sequence, Ayrin shouted towards Morgan again.


Morgan looked at Ayrin in curiosity.

“I will fight with my full strength, there won’t be any mercy.” Ayrin scratched his head and spoke.

“Seriously. Are you worried that I will get angry if you hurt me?”

Morgan looked at Ayrin with mixed feelings. He soon became serious, “Don’t worry. I will not hold back as well.”

“These two... To think that the biggest suspension will be revealed in the first match.”

Leonardo shook his head after seeing the fighting sequence of the two sides.

It would definitely be a fascinating match. However, when he remembered the appearance of the Maelstrom Team on that particular day, he constantly felt a shadow looming down in his heart.

The better Ayrin’s group performed, the more danger they had to face afterwards.

“Liszt, can you really defeat the Maelstrom Team?”

His gaze swept across the stand a few times. After taking a deep breath and made confirmations with the other referees, he announced the start of the finals.

“The Hegemonic Cup of Starry Sky Braves finals, Dragon Breath Academy vs Holy Dawn Academy!”

“First match, Morgan vs Ayrin!”


The instant he announced, the entire arena seemed to be drowned in cheers.

“This is......?”

Within such noise, the father who only had Chris in his eyes recalled many scenes which had not appeared before in his mind.

He felt that such noise and scenery were strangely familiar.

“How about it? You also want to fight like this? But not this time, this is their battle.” In a corner, Rui told Merlin whose eyes were glowing.

On his side, Merlin wore a large hooded arcane robe which covered her face. She gave off the feeling of a petite and quiet arcane master.




Ayrin immediately gave a shout.

The instant he walked onto the stage, his body exuded a red glow, as if flame was burning on his skin.

“What a powerful aura!”

“He feels completely different from before!”

“What an astonishing improvement speed!”

“No wonder those Abel Academy could not beat him in a duel!”

Screams rose from the stand, but disappeared soon after. The entire stand returned to silence.

Morgan calmly walked up before him. As they were in position, they simultaneously signaled Leonardo that they were ready.


Leonardo shouted and swung the black flag on his hand. The duel between the strongest amongst the talented youths of the Kingdom of Eiche had begun!


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