Chapter 385: Promised Duel With Morgan

Chapter 385: Promised Duel With Morgan


“Morgan! Morgan!......”

“Ayrin! Ayrin!......”

“Glory to Holy Dawn Academy!”


On the day of the finals in the Hegemonic Cup of Starry Sky Braves national tournament, the entire Eichemalar and the Arena of Fire and Blood were already boiling with fervor half an hour before the fight.

Countless supporters for both Holy Dawn Academy and Dragon Breath Academy were waving flags on the stand. Many hot air balloons with colorful ribbons floated in the sky above the venue.

The excited audience constantly threw colorful confetti. Many were blowing trumpets and simple instruments, creating a jumbled orchestra.

It was an annual congregation of the entire Kingdom of Eiche. Many who could not spectate the entire tournament would come for the finals.

However, it was bizarrely silent in the Holy Dawn Academy team’s preparation room; where it should have been the most energetic.

Carter inspected the team that made everyone from St Lauren feel proud.

“I know what you are thinking. But I hope that you can temporarily put the matter regarding Feruillo behind and properly face this tournament first.”

Carter slowly spoke.

“Before the real enemies show up, any amount of hatred and anger are meaningless.”

“And you must respect your opponent, respect the spectators coming to watch your competition. I don’t want you all to vent your frustration on them.”

“Competition is competition, it must stay true to its meaning. You can think about other things after this competition.”

“Also, Ayrin and Chris, don’t forget your dreams.”

After hearing Carter’s advice, Ayrin took a deep breath. He tightened his fist, shook his head, and threw Ferguillo’s image out of his head.

“I understand, Teacher Carter. In this competition, I must respect Morgan, Audrey and the rest. I must reach my peak condition and concentrate on this competition!”

“Let’s go out first. When we’re outside, it won’t feel so depressing.” Rinloran nodded and stood up.

“Let’s finish it quickly. Then we can make those Baratheon bastards kneel down and lick our feet. And I will reject them at that time.” Belo impatiently walked out of the preparation room first and snorted with recklessness.

“I’m actually very scared. Those people in the Maelstrom Team are too powerful...... But what an arcane master can do is to keep on fighting!”

Moss raised his head, “Then we just have to give it our all for every fight!”

“Let’s go!”

Carter nodded with a pleased face, “Constant victory is the best punishment towards the enemy.”


“Holy Dawn Academy team is coming out!”

The moment Ayrin’s team appeared under the sun, a loud cheer boomed from the stand.

“Rinloran!” “Rinloran!”......

There was a sudden surge on the stand, many people were shouting Rinloran’s name and overwhelmed the rest.

“What’s happening?”

“They are all from River Bend Academy, and all of them are male. Why does Rinloran have so many supporters from River Bend Academy? Could it be that the male students in River Bend Academy have some strange fetish and like Rinloran who looks like a beautiful girl?”

Many people were surprised. A large surge of people rushing to the edge of the stand are all wearing River Bend Academy uniforms.


Rinloran looked stunned.

The instant he turned around, he could see that those people were all members of Brotherhood. The person leading them was Redwin who could be more idiotic than Stingham at times.

What perplexed him even more was Redwin and a few brothers beside him were all looking very pale. They seemed to have gotten ill and looked weak.

However, when they saw Rinloran, Redwin immediately waved in excitement, “Brother Rinloran, come here!”

Confused, Rinloran walked towards the stand where Redwin was located.

“Here! Catch!”

Redwin immediately threw a thick scroll towards Rinloran.

“What’s this?” Rinloran asked.

Redwin gestured with satisfaction. He did not speak out but shaped the words with his mouth.

“Thousand Storms Sword?”

Rinloran’s eyes were immediately filled with astonishment.

He could not hold back the urge and opened the scroll to take a peek.

“It’s actually......”

Rinloran’s body stiffened again.

“What’s that?” Stingham’s head stretched closer to take a look.

“Where did you get this?” Rinloran ignored Stingham and asked Redwin with elation.

“Haha, it’s found at the training place of Peerless Swordmaster Gideon in his late years.” Redwin proudly laughed, “One of our brothers thought that since Swordmaster Gideon was defeated by Rhodes, he might be researching Rhode’s sword technique. As a result, we really discovered Swordmaster Gideon's step-by-step deduction research records.”

“The research records were actually intact?” Rinloran still couldn’t completely believe it.

“It was in an underground cave. As it was flooded by water, it took great efforts to sort it out.” A Brotherhood member next to Redwin told Rinloran, “That’s why we were chilled pretty badly.”

“You sorted the records from a cave submerged by underground spring......” Rinloran was astonished. As he looked at the pale complexion of Redwin and a few other Brotherhood members, he was lost for words and sniffed his nose for some reason.

“What pretty badle are you talking about? It’s not a big deal.” Redwin knocked the head of that Brotherhood member and laughed it off.

“Are you the Brotherhood from River Bend Academy? I heard that the Brotherhood is quite fun. Bring me along!” Meanwhile, Stingham seemed to have discovered a new continent and shouted.

“Sure, but you must participate in our entrance ceremony.” Redwin laughed, “Holy Dawn Academy team members are Rinloran’s brothers, you’re also our brothers.”

“Two idiots, now it will become a gathering of idiots.”

Rinloran could not help but curse after seeing Stingham and Redwin make a fool of themselves. However, warmness was showing on his face and in his heart.


“Looks like the Holy Dawn Academy team has gone out.”

In Dragon Breath Academy’s preparation room, Morgan heaved a sigh after hearing the explosive cheers, “Let’s go. We should head out as well. It’s also a chance to have a little chat.”

“What, you also can’t wait anymore?” Audrey also stood up, “It’s been a long time since I last saw you filled with fighting spirit. But I feel that we won’t end well today.”

“Haha. Audrey, since you are saying that before the competition, it seems like you no longer cared about the outcome and just want to fight to your heart’s content. But this condition is the best.”

“I’m...... also like you. If I can fight to my heart’s content, it doesn’t matter if I was beaten to a pulp.”

“Also......” After a pause, Morgan turned his head back and spoke with more emphasis, “I have not tasted the feeling of getting beaten up for a long time.”

“Captain is finally becoming a complete pervert.”

Gaskin and others next to Audrey were all showing excited and sly expressions.

How long had it been since Morgan last displayed his full strength?

Even his teammates were looking forward to seeing his true strength. They were looking forward to see their bratty captain getting beaten up.

“Dragon Breath Academy is also coming out!”


Seeing the Dragon Breath Academy team walking out from the passage, the stand exploded with loud cheers again.

Dragon Breath Academy had already obtained championship last year, they were definitely the brightest star amongst the star teams. And Morgan was known to be able to obtain the champion without using full strength.

“It’s Morgan’s team.”

Ayrin’s group also turned their attention.

“Ayrin, we meet again. We will finish it this time.” Morgan called out to Ayrin from far away.

“Morgan......” Ayrin also shouted back. At that moment, he suddenly felt Chris acting strangely. He turned around and chased after Chris’s gaze, then brightened up after seeing it.

He saw Chris’s father cheering and waving at Chris.

And Chris was full of tears in her eyes.

“Chris’s father is also here. This is the most familiar scenery in his life, it will surely make him recall many joyful scenes...... Since that’s the case, I must focus on this competition all the more...... To give a worthy fight!”

Ayrin’s cold chest slowly heated up, once again lit with a blazing flame.

“Hey...... Morgan!”

He tightened his fist and shouted towards Morgan’s team with fighting spirit, “Morgan, why don’t the two of us take the first baton in this fight?”

“A fair duel against me at the start?”

Morgan was surprised.

Audrey and the rest were also surprised.

“Sure.” Morgan smiled. “Alright!” He nodded towards Ayrin again, and a rare fighting spirit was shown on his face.

“Everyone heard that?”

Ayrin waved his fists and shouted towards the entire stand, “Morgan agreed to go first with me. It will be our fight for the first match!”


Ayrin’s shout detonated the stand. Various noises exploded all at once, they could not even hear what the audience was shouting.

“Oh Ayrin, you are still worried about me regretting and cheating? To think that you just shouted it out.” Morgan helplessly scratched his nose.

“You are good at tricks.” Gaskin and other team members spoke with despise, “Cunning.”

“Is that how you talk to your captain?” Morgan almost fell down from their comments.

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