Chapter 384: News Of Death

Chapter 384: News Of Death

Surrounding the Kingdom of Doa’s palace were all buildings reconstructed immediately after the Era of the war with Dragons ended.

Various precious stone and wood materials, in addition to hearty usage of paint made from gold powder and gem powder, allowed those buildings to remain standing to the current date. They still shined gloriously under the sun.

All buildings were built in a stacking manner. Steps and steps of finely carved marble stairs looked like a climb to heaven. The entire palace was built from flat ground, but seemed to be built on a mountain when seen from afar.

Following the palace guards, Jean Camus entered the palace.

It was the most grandiose royal stronghold on the entire Doraster Continent. A coup d’état during the Magus Era had destroyed some of the original buildings. However, the usurpers were quickly suppressed and Doa royalty reclaimed their authority. The palace that was built afterwards used a large amount of crystal and glass ceiling, making it even more glamorous.

The paths within the palace were covered with red carpet. Red curtains hung next to the crystal windows. However, Jean Camus did not like such decorations each time he was here.

Perhaps the sunlight shining through the glass ceiling was not bright enough, he always felt a decaying and molding atmosphere coming from deep within the palace.

Special palace corps guarded the interior of the palace. Jean Camus’s father was the captain of the corps. In addition, Jean Camus displayed astonishing talent since young, so he had an unparalleled position even within the palace.

After another team swapped with the team leading him and brought him to the guardian divine temple, all of them did not continue further. Jean Camus entered the sole divine temple within the palace alone.

If Rinloran and Ayrin could enter the solemn divine temple supported by countless metal pillars, they would definitely feel disillusioned.

Because the god that the solemn temple worshiped was Green Dragon God.

Green Dragon had always been the earliest guardian god the Doa citizens worshipped. Even when the Dragon Era ended after the War with the Dragons, the religion was deeply rooted within the Doa citizens. Just like the many inflexible traditions of the royalty, the royalty themselves did not want to abolish the religion.

In the instant Jean Camus walked onto the big steps of the divine temple, a figure walked out from within the temple without any sign.

She wore white priestess robes.

Light from the flower-like glass ceiling poured down behind her, making her look extraordinarily holy and resplendent.

“Why are you back so soon? Didn’t you say that you want to spectate the national tournament to the end in the Kingdom of Eiche?” The priestess asked Jean Camus with gentle and peaceful gaze.

Jean Camus did not answer immediately.

He quietly looked at the beautiful eyes of that priestess.

“Mother, should I call you the divine temple priestess? Or Evil Dragon Arachne Bishop?”

After staying silent for a long time, his eyes lit ablaze with a strange flame as he asked.

The white-robed priestess caressed a green badge in her hand, and stayed silent for a long time as well.

“It doesn’t matter if I am the Priestess or Arachne Bishop. What’s important is, my son, Jean Camus, will you take my side?” She raised her head strenuously and asked in the gentlest tone.

“I choose protection and justice.” Jean Camus also felt strenuousness as he asked with slight trembling.

“But isn’t an arcane master’s protection used to protect his beloved family?” The white-robed priestess sighed, “As for an arcane master’s justice…… What is considered justice? Does this palace which looks grandiose on the surface but rotten in the dark represent justice? Is a decadent and foolish king better than the so-called Evil Dragon follower?”

“If my king betrays his citizens, I shall bet my life to resist till the end……” Jean Camus recited an ancient teaching. His calm gaze filled with determination, “Justice only exists within the arcane master’s belief. Be it a decadent lord or Evil Dragon follower seeking dominance, I will fight to my death.”

“Jean Camus, you are too intelligent, yet too young and naïve. I am certainly proud of you, for you have a noble belief. But not many arcane masters have similar beliefs like you. They only pursue their interest. So what difference is there between this palace, those nobilities and the Evil Dragon King?” The white-robed priestess gazed at Jean Camus with doting yet grieving eyes, “But my son, I know it’s hard to change your views. I cannot bring myself to kill you, so I will confine you in this divine temple until everything ends.”

“Confine me in this divine temple?”

The calmness on Jean Camus’s face was totally shattered. He thought of a certain possibility and was truly astonished.

“You are really too intelligent…… Just as I have told you before, there isn’t much difference between real authority holders……” The white-robed priestess sighed silently.

A burst of supersonic noise rang at that moment.

At least over twenty figures exuding strong arcane power appeared behind Jean Camus.

Jean Camus turned around. He looked at those overwhelming figures that could instantly subdue or kill him. Most were familiar faces to him, including his stern-looking father who had seldom talked to him.

“Not even the Fallen Shadow Valley is a main stronghold of Evil Dragon followers huh…… So the palace of the Kingdom of Doa has already become your main stronghold…… How many more Evil Dragon Bishops are there besides you?” Jean Camus closed his eyes in grief.

When he closed his eyes, he seemed to see the grandiose palace crumble down in front of him, leaving only countless rotten frames.



“How is that a weeds-level team? They are definitely super monstrous-level team.”

“In the final advancement round, even Dragon Breath Academy only had two members pass. But all six from Holy Dawn Academy actually managed to pass. I heard that even the captain of Abel Academy lost to Ayrin in a duel.”

“Will Holy Dawn Academy stay as a black horse to the end and beat Dragon Breath Academy?”

Impossible. Morgan is just too strong. Morgan didn’t even expend much effort to win the champion last year.”

“But it’s not only Ayrin who’s strong in Holy Dawn Academy now……”

In the streets of Eichemalar main castle, countless people were discussing about the finals of the national tournament soon to be held.

In a certain corner, a student from some random academy asked his teacher, “Teacher, the national tournament this time has become a mess due to the Fallen Shadow Valley campaign. Many arcane masters also died in that war, why isn’t the national tournament suspended until next year?”

“The influence from the Fallen Shadow Valley campaign is too large. Hence this national tournament is even more necessary and holds more meaning.” The teacher looked at his student and answered solemnly, “Before the Fallen Shadow Valley campaign, although the growing force of the Evil Dragon followers is a big threat, the power balance between the Houses and Kingdoms have been maintained. But with so many arcane masters dead, high tier elite arcane teams are starting to shine. They are actually becoming more important to those lords and Houses who owned powerful arcane teams. The balance between various factions is broken, it’s very easy to return to the territorial warring era where each lord claims sovereignty. The biggest meaning in the national tournament now is to nurture leaders who possess true arcane master belief.”

“Leaders who possess rue arcane master belief?”

“Yes. In such a national tournament, the members of the teams will become more familiar to the public, even becoming idol contestants everyone respect. If they fight for something at that time, it will be easy for them to gather followers, becoming corps commander or even corps leader. These leaders with proper beliefs will restore the balance in the continent.”

“The national tournament actually held such a meaning.” Light glittered in the eyes of that student.

“You better work hard and aim to become an idol contestant in the national tournament as well. To truly carry the responsibility of an arcane master.” That teacher gazed at his students with expectations and spoke.


“We’re here again.”

In the athlete village of Eichemalar, Ayrin inspected the familiar lodging and exclaimed, “It feels like I was just staying here yesterday. So many days have passed in a blink of the eye.”

“Then you better hold back these few days, don’t break the place on a spur of excitement.” Liszt expressionlessly warned him.

Ayrin immediately felt awkward.

“Teacher Liszt, Teacher Ciaran, when will Chris’s father arrive?” He scratched his head in embarrassment. Then he turned around and asked the teachers after suddenly remembering it.

“We were informed that he will arrive tomorrow.” Ciaran gave Ayrin a ‘don’t worry’ gesture.

“Thank you, teacher.” Chris gratefully spoke.

“Hmm? Berryn and Wilde?”

Ayrin’s group turned around. Berryn and Wilde showed up on the street behind.

“What’s wrong?”

Liszt looked surprised.

He instantly noticed that Berryn and Wilde looked horrible. Berryn’s expression was extremely horrible, and Wilde’s face seemed to be spasming as he held back his tears.

“You…… No, we were tricked.” Berryn stopped in front of Liszt and spoke with anguish, “Someone from the Maelstrom Team must have tailed me and found Ferguillo.”


Although his voice was not loud, everyone could hear him clearly. Their expression instantly changed.

“What happened to Ferguillo? Why isn’t he here!?” Ayrin couldn’t help raising his voice.

“He might have known the moment I showed up, but we didn’t notice. He probably left alone in order not to drag us in. A fight broke out at the boiling hot spring area in Deer Horn City, then……” Berryn stopped there.

“Then what!?” They held their breath at the possibility. While Ayrin immediately rushed up to Berryn and grabbed his hands before asking.

“Boss…… Boss…… might have been killed by them!” It took all of Wilde’s strength to say it. He held back his tears, but his distorted expression was even worse than crying.

Everyone was petrified.

“Before Ferguillo left alone, he asked me to pass a message to you all.” Berryn was also slightly trembling. He was one of the top arcane masters in the Kingdom of Eiche. He was also a proud arcane master. In the end, the Maelstrom Team did that right before his eyes. He also felt tremendous anger and shame. He slowly spoke with a chilling voice, “Ferguillo said that someone in the Maelstrom Team does not lose out to Carter in schemes and attentiveness. They will even spend a long time observing their opponent. Also, their biggest specialty is to strike when one least expects it.”

“We will definitely defeat and kill them!”

Liszt tapped on Ayrin who was greatly trembling but didn’t make a sound, “Regardless of which, you must finish the national tournament. I can guarantee…… it won’t be long.”

Stingham was spacing out.

Ferguillo seemed to be quite annoying most of the time, and acted cooler than him.

But why…… Why were his tears gushing out?

“So you stop thinking about slacking at such times?”

Rui expressionlessly glanced at the crying Stingham and did not say anything. He just tightened his fist until the bone cracking sound came out.

Icy fame was lit in everyone.

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