Chapter 382: Fourth Gate Is Not Far Away

Chapter 382: Fourth Gate Is Not Far Away


“So the advancement to the finals of this time’s national tournament was decided like that. Though, those bunches from Holy Dawn are really impressive, hats off to them. Even the Dragon Breath Academy only had Morgan and Audrey passed. Our River Bend Academy only had Alaina alone. Originally, it would only count when at least three members passed. To think that the competition between us and Dragon Breath Academy turned out like that......”

“More importantly, those guys from Holy Dawn struggled through the playoffs before emerging as St Lauren’s representatives. They were a small-fry level team at first, but had become so powerful now. Even Abel Academy were convinced.”

On a patch of grass plain, Redwin and his Brotherhood members laid there with legs crossed. They held a strand of grass in their mouths, watched the white clouds in the sky, and chatted carefreely.

“Boss, were Liszt and others unable to find any useful clue from those sword scars as well?” An underling next to Redwin asked.

“Not only Liszt, even Professor Lu went. They only concluded that it should be Thousand Storms Sword. But they could not find out the sword stance and thrust that could produce such penetrative power. After all, there was no other valuable clue apart from those two holes.” Redwin was warmed by the gentle sunlight and felt sleepy, “Looks like the academy is going to reward us for our discovery...... But when I thought that we couldn’t help Brother Rinloran, I just can’t feel happy. I really want to find the Thousand Storms Sword scroll for him...... Only the best sword skill is worthy for a talented person like Brother Rinloran......”

“But the house Thousand Storms Sword Rhodes lived in was already dismantled. We could only find that training spot after all that searching. He seemed to be fully invested in his sword skill and never took on any disciple. It’s very likely that the powerful Thousand Storms Sword is going to become a legend only......” A Brotherhood member flipped over and spoke with pity.

“Boss, do you think Peerless Swordsmaster Gideon researched or recorded anything about Thousand Storms Sword?” The guy next to him suddenly suggested, “Peerless Swordsmaster Gideon had left many things behind. The seventh cultivation hall was something he left behind. Also, in order to commemorate his contribution, his house was protected like a ruin, as well as his training ground.”

“Swordmaster Gideon......” Redwin sleepily murmured. All of a sudden, an idea popped into his head and he bounced up from the grass plain.

“That’s right!”

His eyes glittered, “What an ingenious idea! That’s very reasonable. If I was defeated by someone, I will definitely research on his arcane skills. Even more so for a grand master who was defeated on his prided sword skills! Perhaps Swordmaster Gideon had left behind something related to Thousand Storms Sword!”

“Get up! Stop lying there like a dog. Get moving, haha!”

In a matter of seconds, the crowded grass plain was emptied.

“What’s that crazy bunch of Brotherhood doing this time?”

“But I still want to join the Brotherhood. It seems fun following them around.” A few first-years looked at the scrambling Brotherhood members and commented amongst themselves with envy.


Southern district of Rapids City, an abandoned zone waiting for demolition and reconstruction.

A dozen or so workers in charge of demolition looked at Liszt and Professor Kennedy in suspicion, “Can you really guarantee that you can help us demolish this area before evening?”

“Of course.” Professor Kennedy looked at these people, “Do you think that and elder like me will play a prank?”

“It’s not that we don’t believe, but our deadline is a bit tight. We could have finished originally. If we don’t finish it today, our pay will......” A worker hesitantly spoke.

“You don’t have to worry if it’s just that. If there’s really a loss, I will compensate.” Professor Kennedy waved his hand and guaranteed.

“Then we will leave it to you.”

“How lucky, we don’t even need to work......”

“He’s a professor from River Bend Academy. Maybe he just needs this place to test the power of some arcane skill.”

“Then we should not stay around here. Some new arcane skills are prone to accidents during experiments.”

Those workers left the ground happily while discussing amongst themselves.

“Alright, no need to hold back anymore, destroy to your heart’s content.” Liszt snickered and shouted towards the place deep within the area.


It sounded like a large monster rampaging.

Along with the continuous exploding noise, a stream of dust criss-crossed like a dragon.

Two hours later......

All buildings in the area completely disappeared, leaving behind a land of rubble.

Ayrin, who was drenched with sweat and dust, sat on top of a pile of rubble panting.

A strong gust of wind blew and scattered the dust surrounding Ayrin. Liszt and Professor Kennedy appeared before him.

“How is it, are you satisfied?” Liszt spoke to Ayrin with a grin.

“So satisfying!” Although Ayrin was tired, he felt excited immediately after hearing Liszt ask him.

“This bloodline...... Although the arcane affinity isn’t the strongest, it’s much stronger than Dragon bloodline in many other aspects.” Professor Kennedy looked at Ayrin who was still not fully exhausted after a continuous rampage of two hours. He couldn't help but admire Ayrin’s super momentum.

“It’s fine if you’re satisfied. You better endure it during the finals, don’t demolish the Arena of Fire and Blood.” Liszt scratched his chin and lazily grinned.

Ayrin noticed the hint and immediately jumped up. His eyes sparkled, “Teacher Liszt, has the date for the finals been decided already?”

Liszt nodded, “It’s going to be held ten days later. So if we leave for Eichemalar after a day or two, we will be right on time.”

“I can finally fight Morgan!” Ayrin waved his fist excitedly.

“This fellow...... Only Morgan’s performance would be an uncertainty between the battle between Holy Dawn Academy and Dragon Breath Academy.”  Kennedy could not help but shook his head.

“Oh yeah, Teacher Liszt, Professor Kennedy, I noticed a strange matter! Look!” Ayrin seemed to remember something all of a sudden and called out. Then he immediately threw a powerful punch forward.

Explosive sound surrounded his entire arm. At the same time his arm glowed with blood red tint, clear white waves appeared in the air before his fist.

“See that? Teacher Liszt, Professor Kennedy, I didn’t use arcane particles and only used physical strength. But why did my punch show arcane power effect? Those waves...... clearly have some arcane skill power.” Ayrin checked the white wave and exclaimed in surprise.

“It’s normal, that’s called power brand.” Liszt returned to his usual lazy self and explained, “Showing such power brand means that an arcane master’s physical strength has reached the standard of an arcane master who has five gates opened. In other words, an arcane master with five gates throwing a punch will have similar power brand, as long as his technique isn’t too shabby. It’s principle is to generate an instantaneous explosive force that compresses the air. This naturally created an arcane power compression and drawing effect, then showing some phenomenon of arcane power.”

“So that’s why. I thought it was some strange phenomenon.” Ayrin was enlightened. He laughed in embarrassment but immediately asked in surprise again, “Then Teacher Liszt, are you saying that my physical strength is already on par with an arcane master with five gates? Teacher Ciaran told me that my spiritual strength has reached the level of four gates. Now that my physical strength is sufficient, I should be able to open the fourth gate. But why can’t I feel the critical point?”

“It’s a matter of synchronization.” Liszt nonchalantly explained, “There is also the matter of synchronization when gathering arcane particles. Due to the rapid growth of your physical strength, you haven’t adapted to the change in your body. You may crush the cup you are holding at times. This means that your mind and body are not sufficiently synchronized. In that case, it becomes one person commanding a stranger to do a job that requires two fully synchronized people, hence the failure. So you must adapt to the change in your body first.”

“Synchronization? So it’s because my mind is unfamiliar with the change in my body.” Ayrin seemed to understand, then asked again, “Then Teacher Liszt, how long will this process take?”

Liszt was a little loss at that question. He scratched his head, “Although I know the reason, me, Minlur, Rui, and others have never experienced this before. Perhaps two months? Or three months?”

“Two months? Three months? This fellow may be able to open his fourth gate?” While making an estimation, Liszt was suddenly surprised by his own guess. 

His body trembled. When he and Professor Kennedy looked at each other, he noticed that both of them were speechless.

Normally speaking, it should really take about two to three months.

However, in a matter of two to three months...... He would be able to open his fourth gate. Such progression was really too fast.

The time taken from his awakening to opening his fourth gate was probably even faster than Jean Camus.

“As expected of the legendary bloodline that can change an era. Only such progression is worthy of my treasured collection, worthy of all my efforts.”

Professor Kennedy felt strangely proud.

At least, he was the main contributor during Ayrin’s progress from third gate to fourth gate.


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