Chapter 379: Forceful Recruitment

Chapter 379: Forceful Recruitment


“How was it produced?”

“If the materialized sword was thrusted with arcane skill, then he would not be able to hold the sword. The sword should also shoot forward. In that case, the hole in front should be dug by the sword and not the sword qi.”

Countless possibilities flashed across Rinloran’s mind, but he overthrew each immediately.

The only thing that could be certain was that it was definitely a super powerful close range assassination sword skill or technique. And it possessed astonishing destructiveness and penetration property.

Normally speaking, domains and some powerful forbidden arcane skills could only be used for long range attacks. Otherwise the power of the arcane skill could hurt the caster himself. However, the distance due to it being long range allowed the opponent time for reaction.

The advantage of close range combat was to restrict the reaction time of the opponent and its power would not hurt oneself.

This sword skill or technique was obviously a supreme existence amongst the close range combat skills. Its instantaneous explosive force was even stronger than his ‘Moonlight Erosion’. However, despite seeing those sword scars, he could not find any clue. It was as if he had found a treasure vault but could not open its door.

“Redwin, can you help me bring Holy Dawn’s Teacher Liszt and others here?”

Rinloran spoke on reflex. He felt that perhaps with Liszt’s experience, there would be more clues.

“What’s with the politeness? Don’t be reserved with me!” Redwin replied angrily.

“......” Rinloran’s face distorted once again, “Go bring Teacher Liszt and others here!” He roared angrily.

“That’s more like it. Alright, I’m going now. You just stay here.” Redwin reacted happily instead and ran out immediately.


“Remember, the content of this experiment is top secret. You shall not disclose any part of the process, not even to the principal. Otherwise, our teacher-student relationship is over, completely!” Inside Professor Kennedy’s laboratory, Kennedy strictly warned the elite teacher and his two apprentices.

“But the ceiling of our laboratory has already collapsed, would next be......” That elite teacher worriedly asked.

“The old doesn’t go, the new doesn’t come. It has worn down over the years, just the right time to get a bigger and newer one.” Professor Kennedy interrupted his question.

“......” The three became silent.

Professor Kennedy did not contribute much to the River Bend Academy in the past, so he was not really well off. If the entire laboratory really collapsed...... Although it would not be to the point of homelessness, a new and better laboratory would be a pipe dream.

“My foolish apprentices, it doesn’t matter if the laboratory completely collapsed. It’s even better if it did collapse...... Because once that guy truly grows up, everything we have done will be recorded into the fable sooner or later.” Professor Kennedy’s eyes sparkled with light and told himself that in his heart. Then he knocked on the edge of the big wok on his side, “Get started!”


A large monster with black fur, bat-like membrane wings and a round body was thrown onto the chopping board.

“It looks like Evil Toutous, should be delicious.” Ayrin commented with a serious expression while looking at the big mouth and fangs of the large monster.

The elite teacher and two apprentices almost fell down from that remark.


The sun had never reached the black market’s underground arena, but it was always filled with feverish atmosphere.

Belo stood face to face with a young man about the same height as him.

The young man who wore a tight leather suit kept straight pointy short black hair. There were scars on both sides of his mouth, looking very intimidating.

It was also this arcane master’s debut. His identity and abilities were unknown, his nickname was ‘Bat’.

Snake Charmer Hiruka sat at the edge of the arena gloomily.

She could keenly sense that the arcane master called ‘Bat’ had an extraordinary cold atmosphere. Such atmosphere could only be possessed by arcane masters in military teams that had gone through harsh trainings and killings, or in some mercenary teams.

Regardless of which, such kind of opponent was harder to handle than normal small fry arcane team members.

To her, Belo’s body definitely had not recovered to peak condition after just fighting against her. Dueling with such an opponent was no different than suicide.

And the key point was, if Belo was killed, the so-called blessing of the beastman bloodline would become lethal poison and immediately kill her!

Hence, she was cursing non-stop at Belo in her heart, but at the same time, hoping that Belo could survive.

The duel had already started, but the tight leather suit man did not rush to make a move. It was as if an experienced hunter was eyeing on his prey.

However, in an instant without anyone expecting, his figure suddenly disappeared and closed in towards Belo in a flash.

“An arcane master who also likes close-range combat huh?”

Belo’s lips curled in excitement.


While most audiences could only see a blur and hear a metal cutting sound, Belo and ‘Bat’ had already separated.


Shocked voices could be heard.

Both arms of ‘Bat’ were completely covered by black scales.

On the scales, three half-meter long black stings also extended from both his arms.

The metal grinding noise continued to ring, black metal scales of various shapes flew up from his back and covered up his body. An armor was quickly forming.

On the other side, six deeply carved wounds appeared on Belo’s chest.

In just one second, the armor on Bat’s body was assembled.

The appearance of the armor indeed looked like a black metal bat. However, apart from the stings on his arms, multiple metal shrapnels that seemed to have great elasticity were also on the bottom of his feet.

“This is the bat-base armor from the Kingdom of Doa! It’s a semi-materialized armor!”

“Is this guy a deserter or criminal from the Kingdom of Doa?”

“Only battlemasters in the Bat Corps of the Kingdom of Doa can wear this armor which needs the use of materialization! And this armor is also very rare in the Bat Corps!”

Screams and exclamations rose from the stands as if they just woke up from a dream.

“Semi-materialization huh? Using arcane energy to connect those real armor scales is just like casting and fusing those scales with materialization. This can create a strong armor and yet does not cost a large amount of arcane particles, allowing for long sustainability. It was rumored that those who own such a rare armor were quite strong......”

The bloodied Belo did not make a move and just stared at the opponent with more interest.

“Oi, looks like those who can participate in this kind of duel are all better than those typical arcane masters outside. How about it, come lick my feet!”

He pushed up his glasses and suddenly shouted towards his opponent impulsively.

“......” A few Burning Corps arcane masters next to the metal cage became speechless again.

Is this guy actually treating this slaughterhouse as a retainer recruitment?

“Bat Corps isn’t a common corps...... Regardless of deserter or what, even if he could make him into a retainer, it’s also a troublesome issue he may not be able to handle.” While surprised, Roy Wayne also muttered in his mind.

The man wrapped in bat-base armor remained cold and silent.

In everyone’s eyes, his posture shrank and immediately accelerated. That instant surpassed the limit of most peoples’ dynamic vision.


A dull clash sounded.

All sound disappeared.

Everyone could see that Belo was hanging on the wall of the metal cage behind!

His right palm had three hollow holes and his back was stabbed by the sharp thorns on the metal cage.

“Is he dead?”

Most audiences thought.

Hiruka’s snow white face twisted in anguish and wanted to curse.

Accompanying this lunatic to death? That must be the most foolish way to die.

“Not bad......”

Right at that moment, everyone held their breath again as Belo who was hanging on the metal cage suddenly raised his head slowly. His face showed a creepy smile and his bloody eyes even showed disdain.

“But you should be a battlemaster, why are you lacking the sharpness you should possess...... Such a feeble attack and drive...... You should be able to pierce my head in that attack just now, but you only managed to pierce my palm......” Belo continued.

“Is this guy really crazy? He’s already beaten so much, yet he’s still talking about feeble attack and drive......” Hiruka’s teeth clattered. She had an impulse to suicide.

However, nobody realized that the hands of the man wrapped in bat-base armor slightly trembled at that moment.

“Do you think you can beat me with just wrapping yourself in that airtight armor?”

At that moment, Belo raised his head even higher and laughed.

During his laughter, the few drops of blood dripped on the bat-base armor which nobody noticed, suddenly transformed and grew countless thin thorns on the surface.

These drops of blood eroded the arcane energy connecting the scale joints and squeezed in like a parasite.

“The fight is over again...... What a formidable and eerie beastman bloodline arcane skill...... It looks like when fighting this guy, even a single drop of blood must be completely vaporized with arcane skill.”

Roy Wayne shook his head.


The man with bat-base armor moved forward, seemingly about to accelerate. However, in the next instant, all the armor scales on his body suddenly collapsed. His body seemed to be flung out from a suit of broken armor.


Hiruka was the first to cover her mouth and shouted in disbelief.

“Come, my second retainer.”

Belo jumped down from the metal cage and landed before the man whose face was covered by blood tattoos.

While the man would rather die than to comply, Belo raised his foot and touched the man’s face, completing the ritual.


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