Chapter 377: Rapidly Growing Youths

Chapter 377: Rapidly Growing Youths

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

Ayrin continuously punched and kicked as if he had pent up too much energy. This continued until the piles of trash were beaten until nothing was recognizable and they were strewn all over the warehouse. Only then did Ayrin’s slightly sweaty body finally stop.

“What is going on?”

Ayrin himself was completely befuddled.

For some reason, a feeling of ecstasy had welled up within him as he demolished everything around him. It was strangely addictive. And now that everything was destroyed, his body felt unusually satisfied.

But why had randomly destroying things caused him to feel such satisfaction? It was something he could not understand.

At this moment, Ayrin felt a throbbing pain shoot from his hands and feet. They were all rather swollen.

“Did I really do this?” Ayrin wondered to himself as he looked around and saw numerous deep, fist-like imprints atop a few large metal cylinders.

Before, he would have merely been able to deform such a thick layer of metal without using arcane skills. His punches would never have been able to make such deep and defined dents which seemed to be on the verge of penetrating through the container.

Still dazed, Ayrin subconsciously threw another punch.


The air before his fist erupted as strength abruptly surged through his body.

It was a level of strength beyond when he used Fist of the War God.

But the strangest thing was that as he struck out, the desire for destruction emerged in his mind once more.

He suspected that if there had been a wall or something next to him at this moment, he would have unconsciously destroyed it already.

“Teacher Liszt, just what is going on? Why do I feel such an immense urge to destroy things?” Ayrin shouted towards Liszt, who was the only spectator remaining in the warehouse.

“Hahaha!” Liszt chuckled.

What a naïve and simple hot-blooded youth… but perhaps senior didn’t explain it to you to prevent you from feeling such heavy burden before you matured? Perhaps he wished for you to grow unfettered without any pressure?

After all, it is only an urge to destroy. As long as it remains constrained to objects and does not expand to humans, it should not be too big of an issue. Especially since it has merged with a human bloodline to begin with.

Considering this, I guess I will not tell him the truth. I should allow him to continue growing freely..

Liszt’s laughter slowly subsided.

“Do you feel the increase in strength?” Liszt stretched his waist and then put his hands behind his head as he looked at Ayrin and said, “Don’t worry too much about these urges, you probably just ate too much and have too much energy pent up as a result… you know, some people can also feel the urge to go streaking after eating too much.”

“Eh?” A look of distress appeared on Ayrin’s face as he worriedly said, “Teacher Liszt, I really don’t wish to go streaking.”

“In that case, just keep destroying things when you get the urge. It’s better than streaking,” Liszt said as he started chuckling once more.

“Alright,” Ayrin replied as he looked helplessly at the mess around him.

He was just senselessly destroying things… yet it felt so good…


A deeply focused Rinloran stood motionlessly in the seventh training room.

Carved into the rough black stone floor before him was “Peerless Sword: Second Style.”

A brilliant sword light abruptly erupted forth from Rinloran’s hand.

The figure of light standing before him moved simultaneously.


A nearly indescribable sword light erupted and immediately cleaved apart Rinloran’s Materialized sword as a line of blood appeared from Rinloran’s right shoulder to his abdomen.

“I saw it!” Rinloran shouted joyfully.

The first style of the Peerless Sword used particles to condense sword energy and pierce through the air before completing the Materialization, paving the way for the materialized sword to strike out without facing any resistances. This was why the strike was so fast compared to a normal strike.

However, it required immense skill and precision as the two actions had to flow in succession like water.

Now, he had seen through the tricks of the second style, which actually threw the sword!

It looked like a close quarter strike similar to the first style, but in reality, it had one to use the strength contained within one’s body, wrists, and fingers to underhandedly throw the sword at the enemy.

One would then quickly follow behind the sword using a movement skill, making it seem like a single skill when it actually consisted of two parts.

Now that he had figured out the mechanism of the second style, Rinloran somewhat understood why the Peerless Swordsmaster had decided to name them styles, and not techniques.

It was now also clear why Liszt and Carter had insisted on bringing him here.

It was because all of the Peerless Swordsmaster’s techniques revolved around methods for controlling sword materializations!

Furthermore, these techniques, at least the ones he had seen so far, seemed to focus on increasing speed for the swiftest strike possible.

If such swift strikes were able to be combined together, opponents would be rendered unable to react.

Combined with a sharp sword materialization, one could break through an opponent’s defenses with one offensive burst!

A picture of the Peerless Swordsmaster fighting an enemy surfaced in Rinloran’s mind.

The enemy was only barely able to invoke a defensive skill when numerous streaks of sword light flickered around them and sliced their body into pieces.

These styles were methods for increasing speed by pushing techniques and coordination to the limit rather than relying on arcane particles and arcane skills!

If he managed to master such a style, he would be able to push his speed, which was already incredibly fast due to his high rank Elven Bloodline and Moonlight Swordsman inheritance, even further beyond the limits! His strikes would also become even fiercer!

With these techniques, he would no longer be just a healer, but also an assassin who could burst forth from the shadows! Furthermore, he was confident he would be able to deal with more than just one opponent at a time!

Rinloran’s face was emotionless as he slowly exited the seventh training room, but his heart and mind were ablaze with passion.

As the next test would likely increase in difficultly once more, he needed to recover his condition before he continued.

Creak! Rinloran slowly pushed open the doors of the training room.

Standing outside was Clarissa, as well as a jovially smiling Redwin, who had brought over yet another large group of people.

The wonderful thoughts in Rinloran’s mind of the sword styles abruptly disappeared as his eyes swept across all of the faces before him.

Redwin, this idiot! Did he normally not study or train? Why did he have to keep bothering him?!

“What now?” Rinloran questioned aggressively as his good mood turned bad.

Clarissa’s brows furrowed slightly in response. Unable to understand Rinloran’s desire to quietly immerse himself in his thoughts of the sword, she found Rinloran’s attitude to be rather distasteful.

After all, while Redwin had originally brought his band of brothers to cause trouble, he had not actually caused any trouble, and had in fact shown nothing but good intentions towards Rinloran.

But before Clarissa could scold Rinloran, Redwin broke out in hearty laughter as he said, “Are you guys seeing this? He’s completely different from those who become yes-men and sycophants after learning my background. He is a true brother who doesn’t care about backgrounds and always states his true thoughts and does what he pleases.” It seemed like Rinloran’s poor attitude had not angered him, but made him happier.

“……” At this moment, even Clarissa felt speechless.

Upon seeing Redwin’s reaction, Rinloran’s mood turned even worse as he frostily spat out, “Just what are you trying to accomplish? If there’s nothing else, then please leave me alone. I need to rest.”

Afterwards, he icily brushed past Redwin.

“Wait! Brother Rinloran, since you need to rest, I will not say anything else. But this is for you.”

As Redwin spoke, he quickly stuffed an object into Rinloran’s hand. “We have gathered some information about the Thousand Storms Sword I mentioned to you earlier, but since you don’t have the time, I will tell you next time when you have the time.”

“What is this?” Rinloran stiffened as he looked at the object in his hand, which seemed to be an article of clothing.

“This is the ‘Armor of Clarity’. As robes, they boast quite the defensive ability. But furthermore, they make the mind of the wearer clearer than normal. After asking several of our academy’s teachers, I figured out that this seventh training room functions through using the threat of death to help the trainee comprehend the sword techniques. It is a simulator of actual battles. As a result, I got you this armor. Although it is not as thick or sturdy as plate mail and cannot prevent you from being injured, it will at least lessen the amount of blood you lose in there, allowing you to train a little bit longer at a time and increase the speed of your progression,” Redwin quickly explained enthusiastically.

Seeing the warm smile on Redwin’s face, Rinloran’s icy demeanor subconsciously disappeared.

Rinloran hesitated for a moment, then said to Redwin, “Can you tell me about the Thousand Storms Sword?”

Redwin froze, then excitedly shouted, “Really? You believe me?”

At the same moment, a smile appeared on Clarissa’s face once more.

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