Chapter 374: Hot-blooded Brothers

Chapter 374: Hot-blooded Brothers

Just as Moss was worrying over whether or not Belo would be able to live through his match, Rinloran was in a state of extreme danger!

Beneath Rinloran’s feet was an extremely coarse and bumpy floor made of black stone.

Countless rifts had been cut into the floor, seemingly with a sword, spelling out: “Peerless Sword: First Style.”

On the other side of this dim training room about twenty meters away from Rinloran stood a swordsman made of light who was more or less the same size as him.

This swordsman was an entity of arcane energy condensed by the training room.


A drop of blood-containing sweat flowed along Rinloran’s face and dripped onto the black stone floor, crisply breaking the silence within the training room.

Atop Rinloran’s pale forehead was a single bloody line.

After a moment of slight hesitation, Rinloran took a deep breath and began to approach the swordsman yet again.

The motionless swordsman abruptly drew its sword.

Rinloran’s eyes filled with shock as he quickly withdrew backwards.


The sword turned into a streak of light as its tip passed a mere couple of hairs in front of Rinloran’s face, instantly splitting all the afterimages which Rinloran had left behind.

“How can it be so fast?!”

Rinloran paled as he returned to his starting position, his chest violently heaving.

In order to dodge such a blow, he had gone beyond his usual limit, resulting in a much greater consumption of strength.

He could feel the aura of death lingering around him. The image of being split apart flashed before his eyes.

At this current moment, Rinloran was lost.

The swordsman condensed from arcane energy before him seemed to experience normal physics. It was not weightless, and when its feet slid atop the ground, it was evidently experiencing friction. In other words, this swordsman was a perfect mimic of an arcane master.

So how could its sword reach such an amazing speed? There was nothing special about its posture as it drew its sword – it looked just like a simple chop. Yet somehow, its sword was able to move faster than Rinloran.

Rinloran subconsciously lowered his gaze and stared at the words which had been cut into the ground.

“Peerless Sword: First Style…”

“F*ck! All of those sword energies earlier were just a simple test, a most ordinary one to determine qualifications to enter… this is the first level which truly replicates this swordsman’s abilities!”

“How can I even fail to see through this first level! It’s just drawing the sword!”

Rinloran’s face turned increasingly ugly.

“Bastard, I will definitely see through your sword draw!”

Rinloran shot forward once more.


A sword tore through the air once more.


The sound of metal clashing abruptly rang out from before Rinloran.

Sparks flew as the light blue flower longsword in Rinloran’s right hand shattered and he flew backwards, blood spewing from his chest. But Rinloran’s eyes were indeed filled with excitement.

“I can see it!”


“No more sounds are coming out.”

Redwin glanced around nervously as he stood outside the door of the seventh training room as he asked Clarissa in a concerned tone, “He wouldn’t have been killed in there, right?”

Also at a loss, Clarissa could only reply, “I do not know as I have no clue what occurs in there.”

“Should we…”

Redwin wanted to suggest that they call over a teacher to take a look, but right at this moment, a figure emerged from the shadows before him, causing him to fall silent as his jaw dropped.

Rinloran staggered out from within the seventh training room with difficulty.

Although he was proficient in medical skills and had already treated his wounds, he had exhausted too much of his strength, making him extremely weak.

“Redwin, what is this?!”

Rinloran had only just barely stepped out of the entrance when he jumped in fright.

The hall behind Redwin was bursting with people.

Some carried cotton balls, while others carried bandages, medicines, and stretchers… there were even two beautiful female arcane masters in swimsuits!

“Hahaha! Brother Rinloran, you are alright?”

Redwin’s fear quickly turned into joy as he burst into laughter. “Don’t worry, these guys are just the first aid team I prepared in case you suffered any severe injuries.”

“First aid team?”

Rinloran’s face darkened as he looked at Redwin, and then the two, swimsuit wearing female arcane masters and said, “Then what about those two?”

“Ah. It’s like this. I was afraid that your injuries might be too severe… I once heard that having beautiful women around when one is on their dying breath can provide stimulation which can increase the chances of rescue,” Redwin explained.

“You idiot!” Rinloran nearly fainted as he felt an urge to spit blood.

“But it’s all okay because you are uninjured.” Redwin continued to laugh as he said respectfully, “I never imagined that you would be so strong. How are you able to enter and exit this room as you please?”

“Are you truly okay?” Clarissa asked as she observed the traces of blood atop Rinloran’s body and the holes in his clothes. Nonetheless, she too was completely dumbstruck by Rinloran’s emergence. “Is the seventh training room not challenging enough for you?”

“I was only barely able to pass the first swordsman.” Rinloran lightened up a little as he said to Clarissa, “There are still six more to go.”

“It’s said that the Peerless Sword contained a total of seven techniques. So this means that he has only obtained the first?” Redwin muttered to himself.

However, he quickly realized that his words could be taken as if he was looking down on Rinloran’s abilities as he chuckled awkwardly and said, “This result is already extremely good. After all, an ordinary arcane master would not be able to obtain anything.”

“Why does this fellow seem to be an even bigger idiot than Stingham?!” Rinloran’s face darkened as he tried his best to ignore Redwin.

Redwin, however, clearly wanted to continue the conversation as he enthusiastically bombarded Rinloran with questions, “Seeing that you are okay, are you just going to take a rest and then re-enter the training room? Have you decided to pursue the path of the sword?”

Rinloran remained silent as he resisted the temptation to say, “I’m sorry, but can you just leave me alone.”

“It sure seems like it. Rest assured brother, I will do my utmost to help you. Looking at you now, I’m certain that you will become a swordsmaster whose name brings terror to those who atop Doraster who oppose you!”

Before Rinloran could give any response, Redwin warmly patted Rinloran on the shoulder and continued, “But if I remember correctly, I once heard that the most powerful swordsman is not the Peerless Swordsmaster Gideon, but the Thousand Storms Sword Rhodes…”

“I apologize, but I would like to take this moment to rest, so please be quiet,” Rinloran cried out as he was unable to endure any longer.

Redwin’s face stiffened slightly, but afterwards, he immediately nodded towards those behind him and said, “Okay. Then us brothers will take our leave. Take care.”

“In all honesty, Redwin does do a lot of stupid things. But in the end, he is a good person. He is more attentive when doing things for others than when doing things for himself…” Clarissa turned and said to Rinloran after watching Redwin and his band of brothers leave the hall.

“These fellows who always do stupid things, they will only get in the way and slow me down if they try to help,” Rinloran sneered.

Clarissa’s mouth twitched. She felt that Rinloran was being a little too apprehensive towards Redwin and his brothers, but for the time being, she couldn’t think of anything to say to refute him.

“Have you heard of this Thousand Storms Sword Rhodes?” Rinloran asked immediately afterwards.

Clarissa stiffened, and then shook her head as she replied, “I have not.”


“This… this appetite… just what legendary bloodline has he fused with… just what bloodline can have such an appetite before finishing its development…”

At this time in Professor Kennedy’s castle-like laboratory, Kennedy, the elite teacher whom he had found to assist him, and the teacher’s two apprentices, were all dumbfounded.

Before them, Ayrin was full of smiles as he hugged and devoured a chunk of snow white meat.

This piece of meat which came from the belly of a Demon Whale of the Arctic Sea had originally been large enough to fit two Ayrins inside of it, yet now, it had been eaten until it was only half Ayrin’s size.

But more shocking, was that Ayrin had only just finished eating everything given to him in Hell’s Kitchen just half an hour ago! Including the two meter long head of the Abyssal Monarch!

Kennedy and his assistants had already become exhausted a long time ago from continuously cooking dishes. However, it seemed like Ayrin wouldn’t be full until he completely finished this piece of meat.

At this moment, Ayrin, whose belly had bulged to an unrecognizable degree, began to hop in place.

“Why’s he hopping in his current state?”

The face of the elite teacher called over by Professor Kennedy filled with sweat as he asked, “Ayrin, what are you doing?”

“I’ve eaten so much that the food in my stomach has reached the bottom of my throat. By hopping around, I’m hoping to compress some of the food in my stomach so that I can make some more room to keep eating,” Ayrin replied in a pleased manner while holding his stomach.

“……” Kennedy and his helpers almost tripped over their feet.


“Boss, does the extremely powerful swordsmaster that you mentioned earlier actually exist?” One of the brothers asked as they gathered around Redwin outside of Harmony Cultivation Hall.

“Of course! Ordinary people might not have heard of him, but there is a book in my family which mentions him. The Thousand Storms Sword and the Peerless Swordsmaster once exchanged blows, and the result was that the Peerless Swordsmaster suffered a miserable defeat,” Redwin explained as he nodded confidently. Afterwards, he clapped his hands and swept his gaze across his brothers and enthusiastically said, “From today on, our brotherhood will do our utmost to find out more information about this Thousand Storms Sword. Those who wish to join us can do so in exchange for a piece of information… for brother Rinloran to become the strongest swordsmaster, he must continuously learn and train… learn and train from the best of the past…”

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