Chapter 373: Fight to Become Stronger

Chapter 373: Fight to Become Stronger

“She’s gained yet another artifact?” Roy Wayne exclaimed in some shock as he saw the dim yellow gemstone in Hiruka’s hand.

“What kind of artifact is it?” Moss asked as he watched numerous currents of wind surge forth from the stone and form a dim yellow barrier of wind around Hiruka.

“It’s the Storm Goddess’ Jewel. As you can see, it forms a barrier of wind around the user which protects and reflects projectiles. This barrier can probably withstand an attack like that at least three times before dissipating,” Roy Wayne casually explained. “At the least, Hiruka has made some time for herself.”

“Three times?” Moss’ face paled.

Blood Mask’s attack was already strong enough to blow a hole in the metal cage.

This kind of destructive power was something which not many four gate arcane masters could defend against without paying a price.

Yet the barrier of wind created by the Storm Goddess’ Jewel was able to block it completely without any sign of wavering. This kind of defensive ability was likely even stronger than Stingham’s Sandworm’s Shield.

After seeing that he had missed, Blood Mask did not immediately attack again as white light surged forth from his body and formed three pillars in midair around him.


The air atop the stage shook violently as if the metal cage had been struck by a hammer.

“It’s coming!”

“She’s using this move again!”

“Hiruka, use this move and kill him!”

Screams began to ring out from all over the stands.

“This?” Moss’ eyes widened to their limits as a spear bathed in golden flames appeared in Hiruka’s hand within the barrier of wind.

However, Hiruka did not attack immediately.

The air continued to tremble as arcane energy gathered over the spear and its golden flames began to burn even more vigorously.

It was getting stronger and stronger.

“What do you think? Not bad, right?” A look of relish emerged in Roy Wayne’s eyes as he looked at the shocked Moss. “This is the skill Hiruka is most adept in, Spear of Bellona. It is one of the rare chargeable skills. Coupled with the amplification effects of her Ritual Bracelet of the Scorching Sun, the power of this spear in her hand can reach an unbelievable degree if she is not disrupted.”

“This skill of hers is especially well liked by the crowd as it has always resulted in her opponents being beaten until their stomach and entrails are exposed.”

“How can Blood Mask possibly deal with this?” At this moment, Moss subconsciously began to root for Blood Mask. He had to disrupt Hiruka’s skill as soon as possible, but she was still surrounded by the barrier of wind.


Brilliant streaks of silver light abruptly shot forth before Blood Mask.


The eyes of everyone watching widened in shock.

The streaks of silver light were actually silver ropes. Contrary to their expectations, these ropes contained very little force, and instead quickly formed a silver net reminiscent of a spider’s web which wrapped tightly around the barrier of wind surrounding Hiruka and constricted around her. Afterwards, the ropes attached to various points of the metal cage.

Hiruka’s eyes filled with disbelief as she began to struggle fiercely within ropes, causing the metal cage to creak.

“What a fascinating artifact. These ropes are made from the web fluids of the Troll Spider. Although there is no arcane energy involved, they are still quite useful,” Roy Wayne muttered to himself. He seemed rather nervous as he began tugging on his hair once more.

Hiruka was just too much more popular than Blood Mask. Indeed, the crowd immediately descended into chaos upon seeing Hiruka entrapped by the ropes.

However, the crowd’s shouts and screams had no effect on Blood Mask, whose actions did not stop at all as he extended his arms, his palms facing each other as if he was holding a large block of wood.

Arcane particles continuously spewed forth from his palms.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”…

Transparent shockwaves began slamming into Hiruka without any pause.

Unable to withstand the barrage, the barrier of wind burst apart. The panic-stricken Hiruka could only stab forward with the flame wreathed spear in her hands.


Spear and shockwave collided, destroying all the silver ropes.

Hiruka’s body flew out from the flaming eruption and smashed heavily into the top of the metal cage.

Flowers of blood appeared all over her back as it was lacerated by the barbs covering the wires.

“It’s over,” Blood Mask, who had been silent this entire time, sneered in a pleased tone.

It seemed like he didn’t wish to expose any more of his methods as he turned towards the bloodied Hiruka while maintaining the same position.


He staggered several steps backwards as he released one more transparent shockwave.

Countless screams rang out amongst the stands as Hiruka abruptly burst into several large pieces.

The look of satisfaction in Blood Mask’s eyes became even greater as he prepared to collect his spoils.

But right at this moment, his entire body stiffened as a pair of supple white hands suddenly appeared around his neck.

Ten fine and transparent strands simultaneously pierced his neck.

“Kek!” Blood Mask coughed as his head was neatly sliced off from his neck and fell to the ground.

The arena descended into complete silence.

Everyone watched as an extremely pale faced Hiruka appeared unsteadily behind Blood Mask’s collapsing corpse. From her expression, it seemed as if her heart was still fluttering with fear.

“What happened?”

“She didn’t die? But it should be impossible for her to have executed an illusory skill and movement skill so quickly in a situation like that!”

“How did Blood Mask end up dead?!”

Moss was completely baffled as he babbled to himself and subconsciously tugged on Roy Wayne’s robes for an explanation.

“She must have been in the possession of a skin puppet. Skin puppets were a cruel invention of the Magus Era. It is said that the number one ingredient of skin puppets was the skin of a newly born infant. They allow you to instantly create a copy of yourself while simultaneously propelling you forward a short distance in any direction, making it one of the best artifacts for escaping and assassinating.” Roy Wayne let out a sigh as he looked at Moss and said, “ Unfortunately, these things can only be used once, so there are only a few of them atop Doraster.”



The crowd broke into raucous applause as they rushed to the side of the metal cage enclosed stage and began to throw coins onto it.

Atop the stage, Hiruka carefully rummaged through the corpse of Blood Mask for spoils.

“How fascinating.”

At this moment, Belo, who had been quietly observing all this time, finally spoke as he pushed up his glasses.

Roy Wayne turned and looked at Belo.

“Can you arrange for me to participate in a match?” Belo’s face immediately filled with impetuousness.

“What a brash appearance. It seems like this arena hasn’t frightened you but awakened your bestial instincts and thirst for blood.”

Roy Wayne didn’t even look at Carter or the other teachers as he chuckled and stood up. “Of course I can. In fact, you can be one of the next participants to step onto the stage. But first, I must give you a nickname. Furthermore, although this is an underground arena, try not to expose all your skills and techniques. It is safer this way as it will prevent people from drawing a connection between your alias and your real identity.”

“Anything works.” Belo licked his lips.

“Very good. What a great appearance.” Roy Wayne chuckled once more as he patted Belo on the shoulder and said, “In this case, I shall name you The Vampire.” Roy Wayne waved over several people from nearby, then proceeded to look at Belo once more as he said in a solemn tone, “However… please do take some caution. If you die here, my Burning Corps will not be taking any responsibility.”

“Teacher Carter, Teacher Rui. Are you actually going to let Belo compete? The people here are so terrifying…” Although Moss knew that they had brought Belo over just for this, he still couldn’t help but feel concerned as he turned and looked at Carter and Rui.


Rui looked Moss in the eye as he emotionlessly said, “Stop underestimating yourself and Belo. The two of you have both become very strong… if you cannot bring yourself to fight an opponent of this level, how will you be able to fight against House Baratheon?”

“We… we are strong… we are capable of fighting against these terrifying opponents?” Moss mumbled. He was unable to believe Rui’s words.

“Just standing and watching, any arcane master who has opened more than three gates with ample combat experience will look frightening and powerful to you. But the same is true when others watch you.” Rui looked at Moss as he continued, “Fighting can only be understood through fighting, and not by watching. Especially fellows like you who each have your own special talents and skills… as long as you can find your own style of fighting – as long as you truly learn how to fight – beating arcane masters who have opened one, or even two gates more than you will become the norm.”

“It will become the norm?” Moss was still full of doubt.

In his heart, he felt that if he were to face someone like Blood Mask or Hiruka, he would definitely end up dead.

But before Moss could ponder any longer, another arcane master of the Burning Corps approached and stopped before Belo.

“Come with me,” they said as they beckoned for Belo to follow.

“Hiruka’s listed for the next fight!”

“Hiruka’s fighting another?”

“The rumor is that the next participant is a newbie. She must want to make another great profit before stopping. She’ll step out once she has finished replenishing her arcane particles.”

“The newbie’s name is The Vampire? This name is not bad… but I’m not going to bet yet. Let’s wait for them to appear first.”

Before long, countless gasps and exclamations began to ring out around the stands. And they all flowed into Moss’ ears.

“It’s Hiruka again?”

“Can Belo defeat her?”

A cold sweat emerged over Moss’ body.

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