Chapter 369: The Inexplicable President of the Brotherhood

Chapter 369: The Inexplicable President of the Brotherhood


The door of a room on the third floor of the easternmost dormitory located in the seventh district of River Bend Academy was powerfully pushed open.

This room was the largest within the dormitory, but due to the dozen or so boys crowding within, it currently looked rather small and chaotic like a bar right after a fight.

Opening the door was a stocky, average sized student with a face full of freckles and short hair. From his muscles and thick neck, it was clear that he spent quite a lot of time working out.

The dozen or so boys within the room immediately calmed down as one of them said, “Pizarri, why are you yelling? You look as if you’ve seen a ghost!”

“It’s really bad!” The boy called Pizarri seemed full of despair as he ran to the side of a tall male youth with a long ponytail and a face full of acne and cried out, “Boss Redwin, all of our planning to steal the Sacred Snow Deer meat in Professor Kennedy’s Winterfrost Kitchen has been for naught!”

“What do you mean?” At this moment, the sound of bones cracking emanated throughout the room as all of the dozen or so boys in the room jumped to their feet.

“The information from a trusted source is that some people from Holy Dawn Academy visited Kennedy, and he actually welcomed them into his laboratory! Apparently, he is taking out his entire collection of materials for them to consume! He even called Teacher Anya over to help him!”

Pizarri shouted gloomily, “And that’s not all. Our Harmony Cultivation Hall has also been temporarily borrowed by these people. For the time being, we students cannot access the hall at all!”


“These fellows from Holy Dawn Academy are too arrogant! They are not even putting us in their eyes!”

“Not only stealing our meat, but also our best cultivation hall?”

Cry after cry of outrage rang out from the boy with the ponytail as he waved his fist in the air.

Afterwards, he shouted, “Who’s the boss here?”

“Us brothers of course!” The other boys replied.

“Who gives the orders here?!”

“Us brothers of course!”

“Who are the most loyal in River Bend Academy?”

“Us brothers of course!”

“So who will step forward to deal with this problem?”

“Us brothers of course!”

“Let’s go! Let’s gather all of our brothers and go to Harmony Cultivation Hall to find them and settle our debts!”

Spirits ablaze, the boys followed the boy with a ponytail out of the room.


Within the Harmony Cultivation Hall which was regarded as the best within the Golden Roses Plain, a charming girl with beautiful long brown hair looked at Rinloran with some qualms as she asked, “Are you sure that you want to enter training room seven?”

The girl’s name was Clarissa, and she was a third year elite student of River Bend Academy. She was one of the students who had been assigned to the Harmony Cultivation Hall as their weekly job assignment.

Although she could somewhat sense Rinloran’s unusual background from his appearance, she was still hesitant about letting him into the training room as the teacher from Holy Dawn Academy had requested of her.

After all, other than a couple of the elite teachers, no one had dared enter training room seven for many years.

Even the students on the team representing their academy were not strong enough to enter this training room.

“What is contained within this training room?” Facing Clarissa, Rinloran’s face was as still cold and emotionless as usual.

Rinloran understood that he, Ayrin and the others had been separated to make the most of this time by arranging special trainings specific to each of them. After all, they were currently at River Bend Academy, an institution with an embellished history and a number of notable seniors.

Although he knew that the Harmony Cultivation Hall he stood in was one of the best within the Kingdom of Eiche, he did not know what kind of training he was about to undergo.

“You don’t even know what is contained within this training room? Your teachers are truly irresponsible.”

Clarissa felt her anger rising as she explained, “Training room seven was established with help from our Golden Roses Plain’s own Grandmaster Gideon, also known as the ‘Peerless Swordsmaster’…”

Before Clarissa could explain any further, Rinloran interrupted in a cold voice, “So it is a training room for skills of the sword?”

“Correct.” Clarissa looked blankly at Rinloran as she nodded weakly.

“Then please let me in,” Rinloran said immediately.

“……” Clarissa looked at Rinloran in disbelief.

She just couldn’t understand what Rinloran’s problem was.

Her words should have made it clear that this training room was incredibly dangerous.

After all, the room had been created with the intention of simulating a direct fight against Gideon, the Peerless Swordsmaster, himself. Unless one was already an extremely high level practitioner of the sword, one would not be able to gain any insights from the boundless sword energy contained within the room, and would perhaps be seriously injured instead.

In her mind, no matter how strong this member of Holy Academy’s team was, he was not strong enough to train in this training room.

He had directly requested to enter after just hearing that it was a room for training in the sword without asking any other questions.

“Of all my offensive methods, my strongest are still with the sword… During this period of time, Teacher Liszt and the others must be hoping for me to… focus solely on my skill with the sword… so that my offensive ability becomes stronger…” Thoughts completely different from the ones Clarissa imagined surged through Rinloran’s mind.

Right at this moment, several angry curses rang out from the front of the cultivation hall, breaking the quiet peace.

“Bastard! Before you can borrow our cultivation hall, you have to at least gain the approval of us brothers first!”

“Let’s make this fellow from Holy Dawn Academy scram!”

“Don’t think that you can act so arrogantly in our academy just because you defeated us in the national tournament!”

A large group of angry boys entered Clarissa and Rinloran’s sight like a gushing stream.

“Redwin, what are you doing?!” Clarissa shouted angrily as she immediately saw the tall boy with a ponytail and acne filled face in their midst.

“Clarissa, why are you acting so fierce? Could it be that you have already taken a liking to this little innocent faced boy from Holy Dawn Academy?” Redwin brazenly thumped his chest as he laughed and said, “Where is he better? How can he possibly compare to the matchlessly loyal brothers of our brotherhood!”

“Redwin, stop messing around!” Clarissa screamed as her face paled.

“Who are you?” Rinloran asked icily.

“Huh? You’ve come to our River Bend Academy yet you don’t know who I am?” Redwin laughed louder as he thumped his chest harder and sneered, “I am Redwin, the president of River Bend Academy’s famous brotherhood!”

Rinloran glared at Redwin as he replied, “Brotherhood? What is that?”

“What?! You don’t even know what a brotherhood is?” An incredulous look appeared on Redwin’s face as he hollered at the boys behind him, “Brothers, tell him what a brotherhood is!”

“The boss of River Bend is our brotherhood!”

“Our brotherhood is River Bend Academy’s largest club!”

“Anyone who enters our brotherhood becomes our brother!”

Cry after cry sounded out amidst the steady beating of drums.

A look of glee appeared on Redwin’s face.

“Idiots!” This single icy word abruptly petrified Redwin and silenced everyone behind him.


Clarissa’s face turned even paler as her palms turned sweaty.

Redwin and his group of brothers did not just look arrogant and idiotic. They had done their fair share of stupid things within River Bend Academy.

But their words were not wrong. In fact, although there were countless idiotic boys who wished to join the brotherhood and cause trouble with them but had yet to be accepted, the brotherhood was already the largest club within River Bend Academy. And it was powerful enough to smother and wipe the ground with any other club, let alone an academy team.

Furthermore, Redwin’s father was the lord of Rapids City!

As a result, normally no one dared to clash with them, making them the tyrants of Rapids City.

“What did you say?” Redwin stiffened as he looked incredulously at Rinloran and wondered if he had heard wrongly.

“And I had thought you guys were something… just a bunch of worthless thugs…”

Rinloran didn’t bother looking at Redwin again as he turned around. His icy voice rang out in Redwin’s ear, “Idiot… hurry up and scram. Stop bothering me and disrupting my training, or you are dead.”

“Eh?! You dare call me an idiot? You dare mock us as a bunch of worthless thugs?!” Redwin’s eyes widened in anger as he shouted, “You dare threaten me?!”

Rinloran ignored Redwin and walked towards the door of the training room.

“Halt! You still wish to train before we settle this?!” Redwin roared.

Rinloran abruptly turned around.

Redwin felt a chill course through his body as he saw the icy look in Rinloran’s eyes.

“I was scared by a little brat?!”

Completely infuriated, Redwin declared, “Throw him out of here for me!”

“You dare disrupt my training… make me waste my precious time…” Rinloran muttered slowly as he glared murderously at Redwin.

“What? You dare to fight back…?” Redwin shouted.


But before he could finish his words, a heavy fist smashed into his nose, causing blood to spurt everywhere.

Before he could even comprehend what had occurred, Rinloran had reappeared at his original position.

“You actually hit me… do you know who I am?!”

Redwin was blinded by his anger as he screamed, “Did you know that my father is the lord of Rapids City?!”


This time, he had just finished speaking when another heavy fist slammed into his nose once more.

“Stop bothering me!” Rinloran said icily, his eyes full of killing intent.

“He… he actually dared to hit our boss?”

Countless arcane energy fluctuations erupted within the hall as the large group of boys behind Redwin invoked arcane skills.

“Stay your hands!”

Seeing how those around him were about to strike, Redwin wiped away the blood streaming from his nose and said with a large smile, “From today on, this fellow is our good friend, he is also our brother!”

“What?!” Everyone behind him stiffened as they wondered if their boss had suddenly turned stupid.

Rinloran was also baffled.

What was wrong with this guy’s head?!

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