Chapter 362: A Moment One Must Bear

Chapter 362: A Moment One Must Bear

“What terrifying auras. They all must have opened at least their fifth gate,” Ayrin thought to himself as he observed the four arcane masters with magenta hair standing before him. Although he felt no fear, a strong sense of uneasiness crept into his heart.

It was a sensation naturally generated by the vast differences in their strengths.

For an arcane master of their level, even the most ordinary arcane skill would be enough to send him flying.

“The Maelstrom Team?”

Upon hearing Morgan and Eurena’s cries of astonishment behind him and seeing the looks on the faces of Rinloran and the others, Ayrin couldn’t help but ask, “Just what kind of arcane team is this?”

“They are House Baratheon’s strongest arcane team,” Chris replied. A serious look appeared on her face as she calmly continued, “Their name comes from the rumor that they once trained on Maelstrom Island… Maelstrom Island is largest of the group of islands which make up the Storm Islands. It is a gathering point for pirates and fugitives who have committed serious crimes. Because of the vast number of criminal arcane masters who have gathered on the island, our Kingdom of Eiche is actually unable to exert its control on the island, giving it the nickname the Island of Sin. As a result, even our eastern based corps are constantly dealing with those coming from the island, but they do no dare to venture onto it. They, however… they are rumored to have stepped into Maelstrom Island… and have slaughtered thousands of arcane masters! Thus giving them the nickname, the Maelstrom Invading Devils.”

“Their level of talent is no lower than Rinsyi and the other heirs of House Baratheon, but they are not interested at all in managing affairs and territories. They are terrifying individuals who only care for battle and becoming stronger!”

“A team which trained by constantly fighting savage pirates and vicious criminals?” Ayrin took a deep breath as he looked towards the four arcane masters before him once more.

Ayrin narrowed his eyes as he attempted to lessen the irritation caused by their immense auras and radiant glow to get a clear look at their true appearances.

Although he had never heard of Maelstrom Island before, he knew of other areas which the Kingdom of Eiche and Doa were unable to control which were collectively known as the abandoned lands.

They were chaotic areas where everything depended on strength. The arcane masters and teams who could survive in these areas were not everyday criminals, but those who were strong enough to make other criminals fearful of themselves.”

An arcane team which had entered one of these abandoned lands to battle these criminals who lived in a society based off the law of the jungle… just what level of strength would they have?


The four members of the Maelstrom Team stopped.

“These guys…”

Moss felt his body begin to shiver uncontrollably.

Squinting his eyes, he finally saw their true appearances.

All of these four arcane masters looked to be in their upper twenties and were around 1.75 meters tall.

Their bodies all seemed perfectly proportioned. A little more muscle would make them fat, whereas a little less muscle would make them skinny.

Of the four, three looked extremely similar to Rinsyi as they also had the dusky yellow storm eyes. As for the fourth, their eyes were heterochromatic. One was red while the other was blue.


The moment Moss looked into these eyes, he couldn’t help but scream.

It was because he felt his consciousness being sucked into the blue eye.

“A red and a blue eye… it seems like the Eyes of Bewitchment have not yet disappeared as we had imagined,” Liszt’s calm voice abruptly rang out.

“What a vast number of arcane particles you have reserved,” the red and blue eyed arcane master replied. “You must be Liszt, the one has mastered Holy Gate of Life.”

“I am indeed Liszt.” Liszt’s gaze swept across the four arcane masters before him as he asked, “What have you all come here for?”

“We have come to bring Rinsyi away,” the red and blue eyed arcane master promptly responded.

“As I expected!” Rinloran, Chris and the others all simultaneously thought to themselves.

“Where were you when he almost killed Joyce? Why do you only appear to take him away now when I am on the verge of killing him?!”

Against the expectations of Rinloran and the others, Ayrin’s angry voice abruptly erupted, “I don’t care if Rinsyi is part of House Baratheon. To me, he is but a thug that I must kill. I will never give him up to you!”

Looks of ridicule appeared on the faces of the four Maelstrom Team arcane masters.

“This is an order from the Office of Special Affairs.” The red and blue eyed arcane master looked at Ayrin as he continued, “Even if you have decided to put him to death, he is ours to take away.”

“Take away? But what if he escapes again and hurts more people?!” Anger began to build within Ayrin’s heart once more. And for some reason – perhaps it was the looks in their eyes which reminded him of the look in Rinsyi’s eyes the first time they had met in St. Laurens – he could not control it.

“This matter has nothing to do with you.”

The red and blue eyed arcane master looked at Ayrin in ridicule as he continued, “If this happens again due to our negligence, it will be the Office of Special Affairs who come looking for explanations, and not you.”

“Has nothing to do with me?”

Ayrin’s face twisted with fury as he pointed at the distant Joyce who was currently receiving treatment. “The person lying there right now is not your friend, but mine!”


The red and blue eyed arcane master’s eyes turned cold as he said, “Do I have to say it out loud? Whether you are willing or not, I will be taking Rinsyi away. And if you resist, it may very well lead to the injury and death of those around you!”

“Say that again!” Rinloran’s face turned frosty.

“Ayrin, hand Rinsyi over,” Liszt’s voice abruptly rang out.

“What?!” Ayrin, Rinloran and the others all looked at Liszt in disbelief.

“Hand Rinsyi over.”

Liszt nodded calmly at them as he said indifferently, “Because even we may not be enough to stop them from killing you if they decide to do so.”

Liszt’s words seemed to have caught the four members of the Maelstrom Team off guard as they all stiffened slightly. Cold sneers appeared atop their faces.

“It’s a pity that all these children are here today. You best be ready if we meet again. Regardless of if you are representing House Baratheon or something else, I will see just how strong you really are,” Liszt continued in the same indifferent tone, but his words were laced with a clear killing intent.


A light flashed through the eyes of the four Maelstrom Team arcane masters as the red and blue eyed arcane master replied, “Everyone says that the Holy Dawn Evil Six is the Kingdom of Eiche’s strongest arcane team, but we do not believe so.” His eyes were full of disdain as he nodded towards Liszt, “I also desire an opportunity to test your strength.”

“Is this an agreement to battle to the death?” Stingham’s mouth hung open in shock. He had never expected for such declarations to be made so suddenly.

“Teacher Liszt!” Ayrin roared. Bones cracked all over his body as his fists seemed as if they were aflame once more.

“It’s alright. It is alright to concede when you are facing an opponent who you have no way of defeating at the moment. Just bear it for now.” Liszt patted Ayrin on the shoulder as he whispered, “Your battle with House Baratheon is not over, you will have plenty of opportunities in the future.”

Ayrin remained silent as he lowered his head.

The red and blue eyed arcane master came over and grabbed Rinsyi.

Just as he was about to turn and leave, Ayrin abruptly shouted, “What is your name?!”

“Not willing to give up?”

“If one could just give up, then Rinsyi wouldn’t be in such a state.”

The red and blue eyed arcane master laughed coldly as he replied, “I am Rintucci.”

“Rintucci, one day I will defeat you!”

“I swear!”

Word by word, Ayrin sounded his resolve.

“I don’t think you will ever have such an opportunity,” the red and blue eyed arcane master laughed in disdain.

Afterwards, the Maelstrom Team slowly sauntered away.

Meanwhile, the fire in Ayrin’s eyes grew brighter and brighter.

“Teacher Liszt, I will become stronger!”

“I absolutely will not let people like them use such means to threaten us!”

Ayrin turned and looked Liszt in the eye.

“I know.”

Liszt pat Ayrin on the shoulder once more as he comforted Ayrin, “That day is not far away.”

“In the world of arcane masters, rules are made by those with power… after today’s events, I’m sure you all now have a clear understanding?” Carter said slowly as he looked at all the angry yet abashed youths around him.

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