Chapter 361: House Baratheon’s Strongest Arcane Team

Chapter 361: House Baratheon’s Strongest Arcane Team

“Even if you’ve merged with the soul of a powerful expert, your body is not theirs.”

“So even if you allow it to guide your actions, your body is unable to keep up!”

“And since it is like this, how can you possibly defeat me?!”

“Joyce must have felt such pain when you broke his arms and legs!”

“As a monster with a sole purpose for vengeance, you might not feel this kind of pain…”

“But your soul must be burning with pain at the thought of being defeated by me!”

“I will make you suffer! Suffer!”

Ayrin’s eyes turned crimson as his rage reached its peak. His strikes were like volcanic eruptions as he used every single ounce of his strength.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

Everyone’s eyes twitched as they watched Ayrin land punch on Rinsyi’s right shoulder with his fists which were burning with anger.

“In the future, I must not anger Ayrin. What a monster,” Stingham muttered to himself he wiped a cold sweat off his forehead.

Rinsyi continued was completely unable to hold any ground as his shoulder was continuously battered by Ayrin’s fierce and explosive punches.

The speed of Ayrin’s punches seemed to have surpassed the limits of his mind as they left afterimages, making it seem as if Ayrin’s fists had become glued to Rinsyi’s shoulder.

Ayrin was like a maddened bull which had pierced Rinsyi’s right shoulder with its horns.

With every punch, the ground trembled and debris tumbled.

Before long, every punch was sending Rinsyi crashing into the ground.


The painful sound of a bone snapping rang out from Rinsyi’s right shoulder.


Rinsyi, who had been quiet all this time, abruptly let out a feral roar.

Ayrin’s judgement had been correct.

After undergoing Soul Reincarnation, Rinsyi had already transformed into a monster which didn’t feel pain whose entire purpose was to take revenge on Ayrin by killing him.

However, being on the verge of losing to Ayrin again, especially after he had thought his strength was superior, was causing him to feel as if his incomplete soul was being burned by flames. It was an indescribable pain.

“You are finally feeling the pain!”

“So what if you are House Baratheon’s genius? It doesn’t mean that you have the right to decide the life and death of others, and it certainly doesn’t mean that you are superior to everyone else!”

“This pain, have you had enough?!”


Ayrin let out a bestial roar as his fist viciously smashed into Rinsyi’s mouth, interrupting Rinsyi’s screams.

“He can’t even scream anymore,” Stingham muttered.

But just when everyone thought that Stingham could not bear to watch any longer, he abruptly stuck his hands at his waist and excitedly shouted, “Ayrin, put some more strength into it!”

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

Having destroyed the right shoulder, Ayrin turned to the left one. It sounded like a violent thunderstorm had descended over the wreckage.

Before long, Rinsyi’s left shoulder also shattered as it completely caved in.

Rinsyi’s right ankle was the next to go.

But right as he was about to begin his assault on Rinsyi’s left ankle, several cries rang out somewhat in the distance.

“What’s happening?”

“Is that Ayrin?”


“It’s Morgan and Eurena.”

As Rinloran and the others turned around and looked, they quickly recognized the faces of Dragon Breath Academy’s Morgan and River Bend Academy’s Eurena, who had both just exited the final trial.

“Eurena had a lot of room for improvement, so it is not surprising for her to pass the last trial… but Morgan… he had already reached the peak in every aspect. For him to have been the first of Dragon Breath Academy’s team to exit… If there was one person within the entire national tournament who could pose a deadly threat towards you guys, someone who could possibly snatch away your championship, then it would be him,” Carter whispered to Rinloran and the other members of the Holy Dawn Academy team as he observed the distant Morgan.”

“What’s going on?”

Morgan and Eurena quickly arrived beside Rinloran and the others. “Rinloran, Stingham, why is there a battle going on right here? Who is Ayrin fighting? And why does he look as if he has gone mad?

“Eh? You guys don’t recognize his opponent? It’s Rinsyi,” Stingham gloated as if he were the one beating up Rinsyi.

“What? Rinsyi?”

“Stop joking Stingham.”

“This white fatty and Rinsyi look nothing alike. Who is it?”

In their minds, Morgan and Eurena thought to themselves that Stingham really liked to spout rubbish.

“It really is Rinsyi. Only he’s been afflicted by Ayrin’s Water Rendering Boundary, so he’s become like this,” Stingham replied awkwardly. Looking at Rinsyi, he added, “Well, I guess he is really hard to recognize in his current state.”

“It’s really Rinsyi?” Morgan and Eurena asked once more. But from the expressions of Rinloran and the others, they realized that Stingham was not joking. Both of them took a sharp breath.

In the next moment, both of them stiffened as if they had been struck by lightning as they screamed, “Wait! All six of you have already broken through the last trial?”

“Hahaha! Are you guys turtles or something? We’ve already divided, eaten, and digested our Heart of Fury already. You guys are just too slow,” Stingham gloated even more proudly. Giggling to himself, he patted Morgan’s shoulder and continued, “Why don’t you guys just give up already, the championship is already ours.”

A feeling of complete disbelief arose in Morgan and Eurena’s minds.

But as they saw the wounds in the back of Belo’s head and Chris’ left arm which was still somewhat bleeding even after receiving treatment… they accepted that these each of these six members of Holy Dawn Academy’s team had indeed passed the trial.


The sound of a bone shattering sounded once more.

Now, Ayrin had broken all of Rinsyi’s arms and legs.

Some of the anger in Ayrin’s eyes finally began to recede.

Ayrin stood menacingly before Rinsyi, whose body was still slowly leaking water and who was no longer able to move. Afterwards, he turned and looked towards Liszt and the others.

“Morgan, Eurena, you guys have come out?”

“Rinsyi, he actually beat Joyce up into such a state!”

“Teacher Liszt, Teacher Ciaran, we can release Joyce now?”

“That’s Joyce? Rinsyi actually… no wonder Ayrin became furious,” Morgan and Eurena both took deep breaths as they finally discovered Joyce’s presence.

“Yes,” Liszt replied, nodding in affirmation.

“I’ll bring him over to where the medical masters are. There shouldn’t be any major issues, I just need to borrow some medicines,” Ciaran replied as she picked up Joyce and carried him towards the nearby medical teams.”



“Arcane masters like you should not exist!” Ayrin sneered as he turned his attention back towards Rinsyi.

“Ack!” Rinsyi screamed shrilly as if his soul was being burned.


The only response was yet another one of Ayrin’s heavy punches.

This time, Ayrin struck Rinsyi’s forehead. His fist was like a sledgehammer as it sent Rinsyi’s head backwards into the ground.

“If I kill you again, even that Soul Reincarnation skill or whatever will not be able to bring you back!” Ayrin shouted in his mind as he his fist smashed into Rinsyi’s forehead yet again.

“Quite ruthless,” Stingham commented.

“If only the person Rinsyi had harmed was not Joyce but you,” Rinloran sneered coldly.

“Ayrin’s not ruthless at all!” Stingham immediately shouted.

No one else made any comment or attempt to curb Ayrin.

The only sounds atop the wreckages were the thuds caused by Ayrin’s punches and Rinsyi’s screams of pain.


Liszt and Rui simultaneously turned around as if they had sensed something.

Several more figures moving at extremely fast speeds appeared from the same direction which Rinsyi had come from earlier.

“Who are they?” Rinloran asked as he also discovered their approach.

He could tell that they weren’t wearing the special robes of the Office of Special Affairs or those given to the judges, yet the arcane masters guarding the ruins hadn’t released any alarm.

“What powerful auras!”

Ayrin felt several terrifying auras descend over him.

It was a clear threat.

If he did not immediately stop his actions, he would be attacked with horrifying arcane skills.

“Who is it?” Ayrin wondered as he turned around. Four arcane masters appeared before his eyes.

All four of them wore the same golden arcane master robes which had been embroidered with the image of a golden stag and a flaming maelstrom. Furthermore, their hair was all the same striking magenta.

“It’s the Maelstrom Team!” Shock filled the faces of Morgan and Eurena.

“The Maelstrom Team…” Rinloran’s breathing inexplicably quickened.

For one of House Baratheon’s arcane teams to suddenly appear here at this moment, something sinister had to be going on.

For a team which had likely been tasked with tracking down Rinsyi, it was too coincidental for them to appear right when Ayrin had defeated Rinsyi and was about to kill him.

But regardless of the underlying plots, the ones who had arrived was the Maelstrom Team!

The team rumored to be the strongest House Baratheon had to offer!

The team said to be composed of bloodthirsty demons who survived the slaughterhouse… each one of its members were said to have killed hundreds of arcane masters by themselves! They were incomparably cruel and savage!

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