Chapter 360: Linking Domains, Overwhelming Fists and Feet

Chapter 360: Linking Domains, Overwhelming Fists and Feet

Ayrin staggered to his feet within the crater which had formed around him.

A look of horror appeared on Chris’ face.

As someone who had personally witnessed Ayrin’s growth with his own eyes, she was certain that Ayrin’s strength had reached a level which could completely supress even a peak form Rinsyi from the national tournament.

After all, he had done the same to all those celebrity fighters from Abel Academy!

But it was evident from this one strike that Rinsyi’s strength had completely surpassed her imagination.

Just how did he recover himself? Just what transformations had he undergone?

“Teacher Liszt, what is with his appearance? Did he master one of House Baratheon’s secret skills?” Rinloran asked, his pupils quivering.

Ayrin’s skill combo had unmistakably struck Rinsyi perfectly as there were numerous punctures on Rinsyi’s body, yet Rinsyi seemed to not have been affected at all.

But even if Rinsyi had used some secret skill to sever his senses and not feel pain, he should not have been immune to the freezing and numbing effects of the frigid ice energy contained within the skills.

Even stranger was the fact that no blood flowed from Rinsyi’s wounds.

In fact, it seemed like there was no blood flowing in Rinsyi’s body at all. Instead, his blood vessels were full of strange white crystals.

“I see…” A trace of coldness appeared in on Liszt’s face.

“It should be Soul Reincarnation,” Liszt replied to Rinloran.

“Soul Reincarnation? What kind of skill is that?” Moss asked, beating the others to the punch.

“It’s a taboo skill which allows one to use the energy contained within the soul of a powerful arcane master or giant beast to revive an arcane master who has just died.” Liszt’s eyes glinted as he explained, “Naturally, the revived will obtain a portion of the sacrifice’s strength. However, because of the incompleteness of the mind and spirit, as well as the circumstances required for the skill, the revival is not perfect. In general, the revived becomes a simple-minded monster which only lives for one thing.”

“Revival… simple-minded monster?” Stingham, Moss, and the other youths all shuddered subconsciously as the image of zombies climbing out from graves appeared in their minds.

“The ability to revive the dead is fantastic. However, because this skill does not actually revive the dead person, but an incomplete entity, it has always been considered an evil skill.” Liszt’s eyes narrowed slightly as he continued, “Looking at it logically, the person who invoked this skill should have wished to turn Rinsyi into an obedient tool for killing no different from the clockwork puppets around you. However, Rinsyi instead turned into a monster who only knows slaughter and hatred. And the reason for that, is his single desire to kill Ayrin and all of his friends.”

“Is it because he believes that Ayrin made him this way? It’s clearly his own fault for using that spiritual attack and trying to kill Ayrin. He can only blame himself for his failures!” Stingham cried out in frustration.

But in the next moment, his attitude abruptly changed as he shouted at Rinsyi, “Hey you! I’m not friends with Ayrin. So don’t kill me!”


The faces of Rinloran and the others darkened as they covered their ears. If they kept listening, they would likely end up losing their minds and killing him.


“It seems like you have improved quite a bit. But you are still too weak.”

Rinsyi did not immediately make another move as he mocked Ayrin in a cold tone full of hatred and satisfaction.

Although his revival had turned him into a monster which only knew vengeance, it seemed like he still carried his previous habits and character. He still talked a lot.

“I still haven’t used my full power, yet you…”

Rinsyi continued speaking, but then abruptly stopped. Because the snow and ice covering Ayrin’s body had suddenly melted, revealing his body which was like a piece of burning red iron.

There were no traces of injury atop Ayrin’s body, only a blazing aura.

“This is the effect of the Heart of Fury!” Moss exclaimed as he recovered his wits. “The Heart of Fury made his body tougher, and in combination with Dragon Scale Absorption, Ayrin didn’t suffer and injury!”

“I don’t care what you have become. You have harmed Joyce to such a degree, and so I will kill you!”

Ayrin exploded forward once more!

“Water Dragon!”

A loud roar rang out as a massive dragon made of water charged at Rinsyi.

“Ayrin, are you messing with me?!” Stingham exclaimed in surprise. “I thought you were going to use some powerful move, yet all you did was use this skill of mine.”

“You think a skill like this can threaten me?” Rinsyi sneered.

White light flickered around his body as the dragon abruptly collapsed.

“Destruction Quake! That’s Rinvinshin’s skill!” Rui’s eyes darkened, “House Baratheon has indeed gone mad. To use the remains of one of their own as a sacrifice…”

“What do you mean, Teacher Rui?” Stingham asked.

“Rinvinshin was a House Baratheon dragon rider who died in battle. Destruction Quake was his signature skill. It is able to dissipate any skill, as well as arcane energy,” Rui frostily explained. “For Rinsyi to be able to use this skill, House Baratheon must have used Rinvinshin’s remains as the catalyst for Soul Reincarnation.”

“House Baratheon doesn’t bury the bodies of their deceased but uses them as materials?!” A dense killing intent surged in Rinloran’s eyes.


At this moment, countless beads of water began to condense at an astonishing speed around Rinsyi, cutting off his monologue once more.

A cube of water formed around Rinsyi, trapping him inside like a fish in a barrel.


The white light flashed around Rinsyi once more.

Streams of bubbles erupted within the transparent cube of water, but it remained intact.

“You can’t completely destroy my World of Water?”

“Since it’s like this, then let me try out my newly mastered Water’s Domain combination!”

A fire began to burn in Ayrin’s eyes once more as arcane particles abruptly burst forth from his body.


Another domain energy enveloped Rinsyi.


At this moment, even Liszt and the other teachers stiffened in shock because they too had never seen Ayrin use this skill before.

“This is Tranquil Water’s Water Rendering Boundary!” Rui exclaimed.

“This is that skill that the Allen Brothers used against us? Just when did Ayrin manage to learn this?” Stingham and Rinloran exchanged looks of shock.

Within the cube of water, Rinsyi abruptly stiffened as the invisible shockwave which had been forming between his hands dissipated.

“Soul Reincarnation transforms the body’s blood and arcane particles into special crystals which are then used to invoke skills. The particles of water created by these domains have penetrated these crystals… and have completely disrupted their structures. These domains have perfectly targeted Rinsyi’s weakness.” Liszt stretched his waist as the seriousness in his face disappeared. “I never thought that Ayrin would use Water Dragon to more quickly construct World of Water around Rinsyi. I didn’t expect this second domain either. But as it stands, Rinsyi is completely unable to use skills anymore.”

“Linked domains… Just how many more surprised will Ayrin give us?” Carter thought to himself as his lips pursed into a smile.

“It’s over just like this? Rinsyi, aren’t you a little too easy to beat?” Stingham exclaimed. His eyes widened as Rinsyi’s body begin to swell within the cube of water and Rinsyi remained motionless.

“You are turning into a fat white pig! Rinsyi, can you imagine your current appearance?” Stingham continued to mock.

Rinsyi’s body had already swelled to several times its original size, making it indeed look like a white pig which had spent several nights soaking in a barrel of water. Rinsyi’s face wasn’t even recognizable anymore.

“Still not bursting?”

Some more time passed, and the domain energy of Water Rendering Boundary had begun disappearing. By this point, numerous ruptures had appeared over Rinsyi’s skin as water spewed out, and he was as round as a ball. Yet for some reason, he still had not burst apart.

“Perhaps it is because this revival skill greatly enhances the body?”

Observing the round Rinsyi, Moss couldn’t help but mutter, “Is he even still alive?”

But right at this moment, as the domain energy of the Water Rendering Boundary completely disappeared, Rinsyi’s mocking voice rang out once more. It was like a sound directly from hell.

“Ayrin, I’m going to kill you!”

“It’s a pity that your strength is not high enough. Your domain is still a little bit too weak to kill me!”

“You are now out of arcane particles, right?”

However, because of how swollen his face was and how water spewed from his mouth as he spoke, everyone found his threats rather comical.

“Hahaha! Rinsyi, can you look less like an idiot? Water keeps coming out of your mouth as you speak!” Stingham giggled uncontrollably.

“Although I cannot use any skills right now, you also no longer have any arcane particles. With my superior body and my memories of the fighting skills of a peak five gate arcane master… you are destined to die here before me!” Rinsyi shouted as he charged at Ayrin. He looked like a giant ball as he shot through the air.

“You can fight like this?” Stingham exclaimed, dumbfounded.

Rinsyi’s current appearance reminded him of a toad which had spent too much time soaking in water.

Because although he was swollen, Rinsyi’s actions were by no means slow. Every strike of his pillar-like arms and legs tore through the air.

“I didn’t think arcane particles were necessary in the first place.”

“Since it has come to this, let me show you my mastery of physical combat!”

Ayrin raised his head and stomped heavily into the ground.


The ground trembled as two of the large piles of wreckages behind him collapsed.

Ayrin abruptly appeared beside Rinsyi.


“When did this guy’s combat skills become so strong?”

Stingham, Moss and the others all watched in astonishment as Rinsyi’s fists and feet continuously landed on nothing but air and he was constantly sent staggering backwards like a bag of sand by Ayrin’s strikes.

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