Chapter 356: Learning on the Fly

Chapter 356: Learning on the Fly

“This is the Berserk God’s Returning Scorched Sun skill taught to him by Teacher Minlur?”

As Ayrin watched the massive burning figure in the crystal ball, he couldn’t help but smile as he said, “To think that he would manage to master the skill at a time like this.”

“So fast!”

Chris turned her head and looked dazedly at Rinloran as she commented, “I think he’s even faster than you.”

“The speed of his sudden attack…” Rinloran nodded. “I couldn’t even see it clearly.”

Leonardo let out an awkward chuckle as he regained his wits and asked Clancy, “Were you able to see it?”

Clancy shook his head.

“So this is the path that Liszt and the others have planned for him…” Leonardo grimaced as he muttered under his breath, “Even I might not be able to react in time to a sudden attack like that.”

“Each bloodline ability has been emphasized and built upon to the extreme. Liszt and the others, do they hope for these children to be able to threaten four and five gate arcane masters when they have only opened their third gates?” All the referees and medical masters were speechless as such a thought emerged in their minds.

“Teacher Minlur was not lying. The combination of Berserk God’s Returning Scorched Sun and Explosive Strike is indeed extremely strong!”

“I was only barely able to release the blade, and my control over my own speed was not perfect, yet I was still able to pull off such a sudden attack…”

Still wreathed in flames, Moss was on the verge of tears as fierce emotions inexplicably welled up within him.

“Teacher Minlur, I promise to not let you down! I will always strive to fight like I did today!”

“I will become stronger and become the true King of Sudden Attack!”

Moss tightly clenched his fist.

“No one from the other teams have made it out yet?”

“Only the idiot Stingham is left.”

Rinloran took a deep breath as a sense of great pride filled his heart.

For the first time, he was proud to be a member of the team.

For the sake of victory, his teammates were all willing to fight as if their lives were at stake.

“What is Stingham doing now?” Ayrin abruptly exclaimed.

“This guy…” Rinloran’s gaze shifted back to the crystal ball showing Stingham’s fight.

Stingham’s wrestling abilities had greatly risen once more during this period of time as he had managed to firmly lock Black Stingham underneath him with just an arm and two legs.

Of course, his teeth were still firmly clamped on one of Black Stingham’s feet.

After making sure that Black Stingham was unable to break free, Stingham dug into the chest of his arcane master robes with his free hand and pulled out several scrolls.

“He’s in the mood to read? Is his current position that comfortable?” Ayrin exclaimed as he scratched his head in confusion.

“When did this guy become so studious? Just what is he doing? I have never ever seen him reading anything before, no matter how bored he is! He’s only ever chasing after the skirts of pretty girls.” As Rinloran thought to himself, he had a sudden realization.

“This idiot! No wonder!” Rinloran’s face darkened as if his gaze sharpened into a glare which could kill.

“What is it, Rinloran?” Ayrin asked upon noticing Rinloran’s abrupt transformation. “Do you know what Stingham is doing?”

“He’s learning skills!” Rinloran replied one word at a time through his clenched teeth.

“Learning skills? Stingham is so studious? Even in the middle of a fight, he is still learning skills?” Ayrin clutched his head in shock as he cried out, “It seems like I must learn from his example.”

“Studious my ass!” Rinloran roared angrily, “This lazy idiot has entirely relied on his high rank Green Dragon Bloodline to reach where he is today, and as a result, only knows a couple offensive skills! He probably doesn’t have enough arcane particles left to use Gates of Gods, and Water Dragon and his other skills have been proved to be completely ineffective! So even though he has pinned the crystal demon beneath him, he currently has no way of actually defeating it. He’s only studying because he cannot think of anything else to do!”

“This child… is a little too lazy? Yet he still has such ability…” Leonardo and Clancy exchanged looks as they listened to Rinloran’s tirade and finally realized why Stingham had taken two scrolls out from his robes. At the same time, they also felt an urge to beat up Stingham when he came out.

“But for him to even think about studying right now, shows that he isn’t as lazy as you make him sound.” Ayrin couldn’t help but laugh. Afterwards, he abruptly asked, “Rinloran, where did those scrolls come from?”

“I can’t remember clearly, but they should be ones that he found during the battle in Fallen Shadow Valley.” Veins bulged atop Rinloran’s forehead as the image of Stingham collecting scrolls appeared in his mind. He remembered thinking to himself, “What use are these scrolls if you never read them?”

The mind of an idiot truly could not be compared to an ordinary person’s!


Naturally, Stingham had no clue that Rinloran was glaring at him through the crystal ball with eyes full of murderous intent.

“Just what skills do I have here?!” He muttered as his eyes swept across the first scroll.

If Rinloran had heard these words, he likely would have taken his sword and run it through Stingham several times.

Because it now became clear that Stingham hadn’t even glanced that these scrolls when he was looting them!

“Eh?! Starlight Shield?!”

“I already have so many defensive skills, yet here’s another one!” Stingham uttered as a teary expression appeared on his face.

How could it be a defensive skill?!

“So unlucky!”

Frustrated, Stingham immediately opened the second scroll.

“Angelic Flaming Armor!”

Upon seeing the contents of the second scroll, Stingham nearly fainted.

It also contained a defensive skill!

“Aha! Finally, one which isn’t a defensive skill!”

After digging around and finding a third scroll, Stingham’s eyes lit up. But moments later, he almost spit blood. “A love letter! It’s an Evil Dragon Follower’s love letter!”

The third scroll didn’t contain the methods for learning a skill, but the sincere feelings of an Evil Dragon Follower for his lover!

Tears flowed down Stingham’s face as he opened a fourth scroll, his hands trembling.

“Eh? Even a low level arcane skill like Blaze Snake was transcribed into a scroll?!”

Unable to endure any longer, Stingham fiercely bit down on the foot in his mouth.

Although he had found an offensive skill, it was one which was even weaker than Water Dragon.

“This is the last scroll. I might have to give up after all.” Stingham thought as he opened the last scroll.

“Demonic Foxvines?”

The name which appeared before his eyes caused Stingham to stiffen.

“As long as you possess a seed, you can transform it into a demonic foxvine. Upon planting a demonic foxvine into the body of an opponent, it will take root and begin to sprout and proliferate…”

Stingham’s mouth turned dry as he subconsciously read the contents of the scroll.

This skill sounded like it was able to deal with the thing pinned beneath him!

It seemed perfect!

Stingham turned serious as he read over the scroll several more times.

With the crystal demon’s foot still in his mouth, it made for a very funny image.

“It should be able to do the trick!”

Stingham’s eyes fully lit up.

He immediately became immersed in learning and comprehending the skill.

“Did he find a suitable skill?” Ayrin couldn’t help but ask upon seeing Stingham’s change of state.

Rinloran sneered in response, “Even if he found one, so what? Do you think an idiot like him would be able to learn it quickly?”

“There are arcane energy fluctuations! He seems to have learned it already!” Ayrin shouted.

Rinloran’s face darkened.

Indeed, a layer of faint green light had appeared around Stingham’s body.

If Stingham’s comprehension ability was this strong, just how little effort was he normally putting into his training?!

“This skill is indeed extremely suitable for me!” Stingham exclaimed, a look of surprise on his face. In reality, his comprehension ability was not as monstrous as it seemed. This plant-based skill just happened to resonate with his Green Dragon Bloodline.”

“Alright! Let’s give it a try! This must work! Otherwise this guy will learn it and use it against me!”

After several moments, Stingham’s eyes left the scroll. He was full of confidence. But in the next moment, his expression turned bleak once more as he cried out, “Seeds! Plant seeds!”

After undergoing the Lunar Essence’s baptism, Stingham had gained a great affinity with nature. Whenever he released any arcane energy fluctuations, any seeds atop his body would immediately begin to sprout. All his tussling with Black Stingham, however, had completely crushed all the grass seeds and saplings atop his body.

As this area was isolated from everything else, it naturally contained no seeds.

Thus, even though he had managed to learn the skill, he had no way of using it.

“What shall I do? Perhaps some seeds fell off me and under these metal fragments?”

“Or maybe some of these metal fragments had seeds on them when they were thrown in here? But will those seeds even sprout after all these years?”

“It doesn’t matter. This is all I can do!”

Tears streamed down Stingham’s face as he tightly clutched Black Stingham and began to roll back and forth atop the ground.”

“What is he doing now?”

“Is he a wild boar searching for food? Why is he digging around in the ground?”

Rinloran felt the urge to kill rise within him once more.

Stingham rolled and rolled until he had basically covered the entire area.

It was precisely at this moment that Stingham abruptly stopped and stiffened.

Because at this moment, he saw a reddish-purple sapling growing in the ground beside his body.

“Demonic Foxvine!” Stingham shouted, finally releasing Black Stingham’s foot from his mouth.


A green gas gushed forth from his hand and surged into the little sapling.

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