Chapter 355: Burning Blood and Spirit

Chapter 355: Burning Blood and Spirit

Belo was currently covered in blood. Furthermore, he had numerous metal shards protruding from various spots atop his body. Meanwhile, the crystal demon facing Belo seemed completely untouched.

It was evident that the fight had not been going Belo’s way so far.

But at this moment, Belo had pierced the back of his own head with the sharp nails of his right hand!

“What is he doing?!” Ayrin shouted immediately.

The crystal demon facing Belo seemed to also be perplexed by Belo’s action as some sluggishness appeared in its movements.

Belo extracted his nails from his head, bringing out several fine blood vessels with them.

This scene, which was displayed extremely clearly by the crystal ball, immediately caused Rinloran to pale.

“He actually pierced his own brain. This self harm, just what is he trying to accomplish?” Leonardo couldn’t help but mutter to himself as he too paled slightly.

“It seems like…” A medical master spoke with some hesitation.

“Like what?” Ayrin asked tensely.

The medical master took a deep breath and replied, “He has severed some of his own neurons. Based on the area, it seems like he has severed ones which regulate the release of hormones and the ones which sense pain!”

Ayrin blankly repeated, “Severed the neurons which regulate the release of hormones and perceive pain?”

“When we encounter dangerous situations, several spots in our bodies will release hormones which can greatly increase our bodily functions. However, because the body is unable to withstand too much of these hormones, the secretion is very tightly controlled by our brain,” the medical master explained to Ayrin. “Even your Holy Dawn Academy’s Holy Body Ignition skill cannot overcome this regulation. However, Belo has just severed these neurons. He has gone beyond the bottom line!”

“He has destroyed his body’s own self defense mechanism?” Rinloran’s hands trembled. “Just what was Belo trying to accomplish?”

“He’s allowing the level of hormones within his body surpass lethal dosage! And to prevent himself from abruptly dying due to the pain of his body being forced beyond its limits… he has also severed the neurons which perceive pain.”

The medical master’s face turned increasingly pale as he turned and looked at the referees and other medical masters. “Should we step in?”

“No, it’s already too late,” Clancy replied as he shook his head. A strange look had appeared atop his face.


Ayrin’s eyes widened.

He watched as Belo’s skin twitched and began darkening until it became completely pitch black.

Belo’s bones also seemed to grow thicker and more resilient as they began to protrude from his body.

As for his knife-like nails, they grew even longer as the bones in his fingers emerged and lengthened, transforming his nails into true blades.

As for Belo’s head, it somewhat reverted to its normal shape instead of becoming even fiercer and more wolf-like as one might have expected.

Once the transformation was complete, Belo looked like he was wearing an armor of bones.

“I see…” Clancy let out a long sigh.

Leonardo immediately looked at Clancy and asked, “What do you mean?”

“The beastmen’s Severing Transformation.” Clancy did his utmost to remain calm as he said slowly, “Belo, this child, has already mastered the transformations of his beastman bloodline. Once the level of hormones within the body surpasses the critical level and the body surpasses its limits, one will surely die, no matter how strong of a will one has. This is because this event results in complete destruction of the neurons which make up the brain. In Belo’s case, however, the moment his hormones began to surpass the critical level, he also initiated a transformation. This transformation used these extra hormones as a fuel, and as a result, Belo’s body never truly felt the effects of surpassing the critical level, allowing him to avoid death. This ability is the beastmen’s legendary Severing Transformation.”

“This guy… only this guy would dare to use these near-suicidal methods.” Rinloran thought as he dazedly watched the fierce looking, but abnormally calm, Belo. He couldn’t determine if what he felt in his heart was horror or admiration.

“What, did you think that you would be able to defeat this grandfather by copying this grandfather’s techniques? How about you obediently come here and lick this grandfather’s feet!”

Within the area shrouded by the curtain of light, Belo raised his hand and traced his fingers across his face, leaving several thin traces of blood.

In the next moment, he abruptly appeared before Black Belo.


Both of Belo’s hands directly pierced through Black Belo’s head.

The crystal demon, which had been evenly matched with Belo, was now completely helpless as it was violently thrown into the ground by Belo and then had its head pressed against his feet.

It looked like Black Belo was actually licking Belo’s feet.

Black Belo struggled to climb up.

But it was for naught as a look of excitement appeared on Belo’s face and he began to tear at its body with his hands.

The ground quickly became covered with black fragments.

“So strong! What explosive strength,” Ayrin muttered to himself.

“This makes four!”

All the referees and medical masters felt a now familiar sensation of speechlessness emerge in their hearts once more.

“Belo also won! Only Stingham and Moss are left!”

Unlike the referees and medical masters, Ayrin was completely unaffected by Belo’s victory. It was as if he was expecting all six of them to pass.

“What is Stingham doing? Does he have a foot fetish?” Ayrin quickly exclaimed.

“……” Clancy and Leonardo were too shocked to respond.

It was evident that Stingham had gained the upper hand against the crystal demon as Stingham was currently completely on top of it.

At this moment, Stingham, breathing heavily, had firmly bitten onto one of Black Stingham’s feet, as if to further limit its movements.

“This idiot.” Rinloran could only curse. Afterwards, his gaze fixated upon a nearby crystal ball.

The match projected by this crystal ball was precisely that of Moss.


“I can’t continue. What to do?”

At this moment, Moss, who was still suffering from his previous injuries, could sense that he was close to reaching the limits of his body. Drops of sweat flowed down his pale face as his legs trembled continously.


The crystal demon facing him moved once more as the sound of metal being trampled upon rang out around them.

Although the crystal demon had copied his state as it was at the start of this fight, it had not experienced the same rapid exhaustion. As a result, no matter how hard Moss tried, he was physically unable to keep up with the crystal demon, even when using Holy Body Ignition.

“Skills! Only by using skills!”

“Even if my body is exhausted, I still have arcane particles!”

“If only… If only I could catch it by surprise with Berserk God’s Returning Scorched Sun, I would be able to strike it down before it can imitate me!”

“If I had mastered Berserk God’s Returning Scorched Sun, I definitely would defeat it! With particles burning in the sun’s flames… condense a massive blade!”

Moss’ face contorted.

“Berserk God’s Returning Scorched Sun!”

“I must master Berserk God’s Returning Scorched Sun!”

“Why am I so stupid! Why have I been unable to master it all this time!”

Not resigned to his current situation, Moss let out a desperate and maddened roar.

An aura filled with vigour began to pervade the air around Moss as a strong force erupted from his chest.


But before anything else could happen, Moss was sent staggering by Black Moss’ punch.

“Bang bang bang!”

Three more punches followed in quick succession, sending Moss sliding backwards and leaving two deep ruts in the ground.

A near unbearable pain surged through Moss’ body as his chest injuries were aggravated.

A feeling of extreme weakness followed.


A foot violently stepped on his face, blinding him.

“It’s over …”

“I’m completely exhausted…”

Moss’ mind went blank.

His body felt powerless. He wasn’t even able to struggle, let alone remove the foot stepping on him.

“If it were Ayrin, would he give up just like this?”

“If I give up, wouldn’t I be mocked in the future?”

“Even if I die, I will fight!”

“Otherwise, even I will be disappointed in myself!”

“I absolutely cannot give up here!”

Moss roared angrily in his mind.

Moss’ entire body shook as his burning blood collided with his arcane particles.

“What’s going on?” Ayrin, Rinloran, and Chris simultaneously stiffened as they watched waves of heat arise around Moss’ body.

“So it’s like this!”

“This is how I can ignite the sun’s flames!”

“Only by fusing my blood with my arcane particles can I create the required particles burning with the sun’s flames!”

Moss slowly propped himself up under the crystal demon’s foot.

As if it had sensed the change in Moss’ body, the crystal demon quickly withdrew.

“Berserk God’s Returning Scorched Sun!” Moss roared loudly as his body shot up from the ground.

Blazing flames reminiscent of the sun’s appeared over his body.


Countless streams of steam erupted behind Moss as his body abruptly disappeared from where he was standing.


In the next moment, a massive blade bathed in blazing flames slammed into Black Moss.


Black Moss shattered to pieces.

Moss’ exhausted and tottering figure looked incomparably majestic as he reappeared from within the flames.

His spirit was completely ablaze.

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