Chapter 351: Body Surpassing Consciousness

Chapter 351: Body Surpassing Consciousness

As if in response to Ayrin’s declarations, Black Ayrin acted once more as it extended both of its arms forward.

Arcane energy gathered before Dark Ayrin’s extended palms. Flames emerged as the air began to burn.

Countless sparks of electricity could be seen dancing amidst these flames.

Thunder Blaze Wall, which Ayrin had just used, was already being used against him!

“Ice Witch’s Throne!” Ayrin shouted.

His face was full of determination and resolution.


A ring of ice expanded around him and crashed into the incoming flames, resulting in a massive explosion. Meanwhile, Ayrin charged towards Black Ayrin, leaving afterimages in his wake.

However, Black Ayrin abruptly shrouded itself amidst dozens of pillars of chaotic wind.

It was Chaotic Wind Movement!

Without any hesitation, Ayrin immediately shouted, “Thunder Blaze Wall!”


Countless flames interspersed with electricity collided with the pillars of wind, violently blasting them apart.

An expressionless Black Ayrin appeared on Ayrin’s left as its flaming right hand descended towards Ayrin!


Ayrin crossed his arms before his chest as he was sent skidding backwards.

“Ruin Fetters!”

A ring of black light descended upon Black Ayrin, greatly slowing down its movements.


Flames seemed to ignite within Ayrin’s eyes as his legs erupted with strength, causing the fragments of metal beneath his feet to shoot up into the air and sending him flying forward towards Dark Ayrin.

It was time for his counterattack!

But right at this moment, a ring of black light also descended upon him.


“Dragon Scale Absorption!”

Ayrin’s face was full of frustration as a layer of light appeared over his body and he attempted to resist the barrage of arcane energy around him.


“An opponent exactly the same as oneself is indeed extremely troubling to deal with. Just the fact that one has to face one’s own skills is enough to cause anyone to feel helpless,” Leonardo thought to himself as he observed the battle from the center plaza. He felt somewhat speechless.

“The most critical point is that this crystal demon formed from the Demon Transforming Wax Crystals do not face physical exhaustion.” Clancy shook his head, “I’m afraid that even a super talented genius arcane master like Ayrin, regardless of their stamina and will to fight, cannot maintain their peak state forever. But this crystal demon can. So the longer this battle is drawn out, the more disadvantageous it becomes for them.”


“It’s all useless! Whether I use a skill which I haven’t shown yet or a new combination, it is all useless! Because it will just immediately learn it and use it back at me!” Such a thought echoed in Ayrin’s mind as he was continuously restricted by the exact same skills he was using to restrict Black Ayrin.

The advantages he experienced as a Kaleidoscope Arcane Master were completely being suppressed!

“It really is a complete copy of myself… no matter what I use, it will immediately recognize and respond. And it’s not experiencing any exhaustion…”

Although his counterattacks were unsuccessful, Ayrin was not discouraged whatsoever as his eyes still burned with fighting intent.

“Chris, Rinloran and the others… if they encountered such an opponent, what would they do?”

A strange light abruptly flickered through Ayrin’s eyes.

If it was Chris who faced Black Ayrin, she would bide her time until an opportunity for her to strike with Dark Destruction Dragon appeared… as for Rinloran, he would likely push his speed to its limit, rendering Dark Ayrin unable to respond.

There was a clear solution! He just had to focus on a single aspect and surpass Black Ayrin in that single aspect.

However, just what aspect could he focus on to surpass his limits and breakthrough?


“If it were Chris or Ayrin who had encountered this situation, what would they do?”

“Where can I surpass my limits and breakthrough? Speed… power…”

At this time, Rinloran was pondering the exact same question.

Facing Rinloran, who was currently panting heavily, was also a completely black copy of himself.

But unlike Ayrin, Rinloran was extremely knowledgeable due to his high elf upbringing, having read countless stories and legends from the Era of the War with Dragons.

Unlike Ayrin, Rinloran knew that he had encountered Demon Transforming Wax Crystals!

Every single particle of the Demon Transforming Wax Crystal was capable of memory and mimicking a particle within an arcane master, allowing it to make a complete and perfect copy.

It would have the exact same physical ability as the encountered arcane master, no more and no less.

As for the skills it was displaying, it was due to the arcane energy field around them.

In this sense, each of these three buildings was a massive domain.

That was to say, unless this domain was completely broken, the crystal demon before him would be able to continuously replicate his skills!

Even during the Era of the War with Dragons, only a single Corps was capable of manipulating Demon Transforming Wax Crystals like this, the Golden Demon Corps. In other words, this ruin had once belonged to the Golden Demon Corps, one of the ten great corps under the Evil Dragon King’s control!

Only by surpassing his own limits would he be able to win against this copy of himself!

Icy flames appeared within Rinloran’s eyes.



Ayrin flew backwards once more.

Over the last several seconds, he and Black Ayrin had exchanged several more strikes using the same skills.

And yet again, Ayrin had been suppressed until he was forced to use Dragon Scale Absorption to take the blow. There was nothing Ayrin could do as Black Ayrin didn’t feel pain, preventing Ayrin’s attacks and counterattacks from disrupting its flow.

“If it were Chris or Rinloran…”

Ayrin could taste the blood in his mouth yet he continued to ponder the same question and refused to give up.

He still had Holy Gate of Life, but once he used it, it would immediately be replicated by Black Ayrin.

Over the course of the battle, he had also come to an understanding about the field he was in. Like Rinloran, he had also realized that the skills Black Ayrin used originated from the domain around him!

“Rinloran is more agile than me… Chris has better fighting skills… what can I learn from them to improve myself? What will allow me to defeat this thing?” Ayrin thought as he climbed up once more.

At this moment, countless images flashed through his mind. In particular, he was drawn to his memory of the fight between Chris and Ferguillo during the match between Holy Dawn Academy and Iron Forest Academy.

Carter’s voice echoed in Ayrin’s mind, “Her body has already surpassed the limits of her consciousness.”

A glint flashed through Ayrin’s eyes.


“What is he trying to do?”

“Wasn’t he trying to stall for time to allow himself to recover?”

“Maybe he realized that it wasn’t feasible, and has decided to try going for all or nothing?”

All the observing arcane masters, including Leonardo and Clancy, felt their minds and bodies tense.


Arcane energy rippled around Ayrin, causing a fluctuation which was visible with the naked eye.

It was evident that Ayrin had invoked Holy Gate of Life!

“Ice Witch’s Throne!”

A gigantic ring of ice bloomed at an astonishing speed!


At the same time, an arcane energy fluctuation of the same terrifying magnitude occurred around Black Ayrin as it used Thunder Blaze Wall.

A seemingly infinite torrent of flames shot out from Black Ayrin to meet the ring of ice.

A boiling steam filled the area as ice and fire collided.

Without hesitation, Ayrin charged at full speed through the ice and flames towards Black Ayrin.


The boiling steam and blazing flames caused blisters to form atop his body as the shards of broken ice made countless thin cuts atop his skin.

But his face remained calm. It was evident that he was in a state of extreme focus.


Ayrin’s fist tore through the air.

In but a single instant, his fist reached the chest of the emotionless Black Ayrin.


But right at this moment, a sturdy leg smashed into Ayrin’s waist like a blunt axe, causing his entire body to bend.

Ayrin’s face turned purple as he let out a fierce roar and steeled his legs, enduring the blow and connecting his own punch onto Black Ayrin’s chest.

“Bang bang bang bang…”

Countless afterimages began to appear as Ayrin and Black Ayrin exchanged blow after blow.

“Close combat?”

“He is trying to use close combat to prevent the crystal demon from gathering arcane energy and using skills?”

“Fighting close combat at such a speed will indeed prevent the crystal demon from using skills… but using close combat to determine victory and defeat… the crystal demon is a complete copy of Ayrin and has his close combat skills as well. He cannot win with this method regardless of how monstrous his endurance is!”

All of the observing referees and medical masters silently entered deep thought as they pondered Ayrin’s actions.

“What is he trying to do?” Leonardo was also perplexed.

As far as he could tell, Ayrin’s attempt was near suicidal.

“Could he……”

A strange light flickered through Clancy’s eyes as he suddenly shook his head in a regretful manner and muttered to himself, “It’s a pity… his plan, it probably won’t work?”

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