Chapter 350: Black Ayrin

Chapter 350: Black Ayrin

“Flaming Evil Eye!”

Ayrin’s eyes glinted as he immediately released an attack towards the black figure.

He couldn’t understand what was going on, but he was certain that this black figure was his opponent.

He probably had to defeat it before he could exit.


The Flaming Evil Eye exploded atop the black figure’s body.


But much to Ayrin’s astonishment, the black figure did not fall over. It merely staggered several steps backwards as it finished forming.

The black figure’s height, features, and even face seemed to be exactly the same as his own!

Facing him was a completely black version of himself, a black Ayrin!

“What is going on?”

“Just what kind of opponent will it be?”

The look of bewilderment within Ayrin’s eyes grew greater and greater.


As Ayrin was still stuck in his stupor, Black Ayrin made its move. As it waved its right hand, a cluster of flames appeared and shot through the air towards Ayrin.

The world before Ayrin turned white as he an intense heat washed over him. Simultaneously, a strange sensation pricked at his mind, causing him to feel somewhat dizzy.

“Dragon Scale Absorption!” Ayrin shouted reflexively as a brilliant light covered his body and he violently punched forward with his right hand.


A powerful force crashed into his fist, numbing his entire right arm and causing him to tremble and stagger several steps backwards.

“It’s Evil Flaming Eye!” Ayrin gasped in disbelief

Black Ayrin had used Evil Flaming Eye, and it was exactly the same as his!

“Could it be that this fellow is able to learn my skills? Just what is this thing?!”

A feeling of great astonishment pervaded Ayrin’s mind.


Black Ayrin took action once more as it suddenly moved ten meters towards Ayrin, clasped its hands together, and made a strange symbol with its fingers.

A strong arcane energy fluctuation rippled through the air as countless panes of ice began to appear in midair like small mirrors!

Black Ayrin disappeared into the midst of these floating panes of ice.

“Veil of Winter!” Ayrin exclaimed.

It was one of the same skills which he had used to deal with the golden clockwork puppet!


Without warning, a frigid cold erupted on Ayrin’s left side.

“Ice Witch’s Throne!” Ayrin shouted, as if he had invoked the skill instead of his Black Ayrin.

A brilliant light covered Ayrin’s body once more as he exerted strength and shot forward.


A massive ring of ice appeared and expanded, its edge viciously smashing into Ayrin’s body.

“Crack crack crack…”

Ayrin’s body became covered with countless crystals of ice as he was sent flying backwards.

However, even after suffering such a blow, Ayrin’s eyes were still devoid of fear.

A powerful arcane energy fluctuation began to emanate from his left hand.


But at this moment, Ayrin’s pupils abruptly shrank as a great pillar of blue ice suddenly erupted from beneath him and crashed into him.

Ayrin’s ice covered body flew up into the air as if he had been standing on a geyser.

Arcane energy fluctuations still rippling from it, Black Ayrin revealed itself in the center of the ring of ice.


After taking a moment to determine the identity of the crystals, Leonardo couldn’t help but exclaim, “Demon Transforming Wax Crystals?”

He, Clancy, and the other referees and medical masters had already arrived at the central plaza between the three buildings.

Behind them were two pillars half the height of the average person. Atop each pillar was a chest of pure gold. Naturally, these chests contained the reward for the victors, the Heart of Fury.

To one side of them was the wreckage caused by the past battle where pieces of bronze and various fragments of metal puppets covered the ground as far as the eye could see.

It was a scene which could only be described as unbelievable.

Before them were many sparkly crystal balls which had been set up by the Office of Special Affairs.

The image of Ayrin facing off against Black Ayrin was present atop one of them.

Leonardo’s eyes were firmly fixated upon Black Ayrin.

“Those are indeed Demon Transforming Wax Crystals. At the time, the team which discovered this ruin was also thoroughly shocked by their number. After all, so many precious and rare treasures were used up during the Era of the War with Dragons. Naturally, that is why the strength of arcane masters and Corps during the Era of the War with Dragons are near unimaginable for us,” one of the referees responded as they nodded their head in affirmation.

“A Corps like this was actually exterminated… each and every line of defense was so meticulously thought out. All of their behaviors, skills, and strengths were recorded in the previous trials and now, in the final trial… each of them is facing off against themself. No wonder you all called it the Limit Surpassing Battlefield. Only by surpassing yourself can you win.”

Leonardo took a deep breath.

In his heart, Leonardo knew that he likely wouldn’t be able to pass this trial.

Because the hardest enemy for an arcane master to defeat was themselves.

And as one became stronger, it would become harder to take that extra step to overcome oneself.

Prior to this, Leonardo had never considered encountering such a situation where one was pitted against oneself.

Leonardo’s eyes regained their sharpness as he once more focused on Ayrin, who had been entombed within fragments of ice.

The only thing he was certain of at this moment was that someone like Ayrin would not be defeated so easily.



With some difficulty, Ayrin climbed out from within the pile of fragments of ice.

Even with Dragon Scale Absorption, his body was riddled with a tearing pain after taking so many consecutive blows.

The thing facing him was not as simple as he had thought! It was not sealing his skills and returning them like the Treasured Book of Sealing. Instead, it was already in possession of every skill he had used since the beginning!

And it had even modified some of his combinations! Instead of using Crown of Ice and Snow to follow up after Ice Witch’s Throne as Ayrin had done against the golden metal puppet, this black Black Ayrin of Ayrin had used Winter’s Pillar. It was this change which had caused Ayrin’s lapse of judgement, resulting in his taking of the blow.

“Just what are you?” Ayrin said as he panted heavily.

Although made from crystals, Black Ayrin was clearly able to think for itself and adapt just like any other arcane master!

Black Ayrin didn’t respond, but a faint black light could be seen flickering around within its black eyes, seemingly seeing through Ayrin.

Ayrin took a deep breath as his eyes became filled with a ferocious fighting intent.

At this time, a dazzling red light flashed around Black Ayrin as it began to melt.

But it had only melted halfway when several black crystals suddenly appeared before Ayrin and shot towards him.

“Thunder Blaze Wall!” Ayrin shouted as a fierce glint flashed through his eyes and arcane particles surged forth from his hands.

All the space before him was abruptly filled with fierce lightning covered flames.

The glow of Dragon Scale Absorption abruptly shot out from within the dazzling flames.

In the next moment, a black fist erupted from within the flames, bring flames with it!


Ayrin reached out and blocked the punch. A burning smell permeated the area as a sharp pain flared in Ayrin’s shoulder joint and he was helplessly forced backwards once more.

What a powerful force!

Because it was not made of flesh and couldn’t feel pain, Ayrin’s flames had not managed to stop its momentum at all, even though it had caused some minor damage.

Ordinary control skills would have no effect on it!

This opponent was more than just a copy of himself! It was something even more horrifying!

Thoughts like this began flying through Ayrin’s mind.


An Evil Flaming Eye exploded right before Ayrin.

Closely following behind it was yet another punch.


At this moment, Ayrin couldn’t react at all as he felt a sharp pain in his chest. He flew several meters backwards before crashing heavily into the ground.

“I actually… am completely unable to return blows…”

“We are the same in terms of physical ability and skill mastery… but it is more able to withstand pain than I am. So I cannot try to fight a war of attrition and mutual destruction.”


Since entering Fallen Shadow Valley and experiencing rapid growth, Ayrin had never felt so dejected, not even when facing arcane masters over a full rank higher than him.

For others, being defeated by such a strange opponent without being able to fight back was not something unusual. But for Ayrin, being beaten into such a state by such an opponent was a great shame.

Because this opponent of his was only replicating his own ability. It was no stronger than him. It was not like when he fought the Allen Brothers, whose strengths had greatly surpassed his own and who had been in possession of powerful artifacts.


“If I do not defeat you here, then I won’t be able to help Chris achieve her dream of becoming the champions!”

“So I don’t care what you are… I will definitely… definitely not lose to you!” Ayrin shouted in his mind as the blood within his body began to boil.

“Bastard! Come on, I don’t believe that I cannot defeat you!” Ayrin roared at his Black Ayrin, his face flushed red.

“This fellow… will he never give up?” Everyone observing felt their breaths catch in their throats.

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