Chapter 337: Jean Camus’ Request

Chapter 337: Jean Camus’ Request

Two wizened old men stood shoulder to shoulder atop a platform of the Sacred Tower of Eichemalar and gazed down at the city below.

On the left, wearing white robes, was Gatling, a legendary figure within the Office of Special Affairs and creator of the Shackles of Starlight Domain.

On the right, wearing gray robes, was Enrico, another legendary figure within the Office of Special Affairs who was once known by everyone as the Shadow Dancer.

He might have once been the strongest assassin, but his face was now covered with wrinkles and radiating warmth. At this moment, he opened his mouth and said to Gatling beside him, “Will the main barracks of the Devil Corps not be too dangerous for these youths?”

“For youths of their talent, and especially the one who has been chosen as inheritor by him, this level of danger is necessary for their growth.” As Gatling spoke, a trace of joy and a slight smile emerged atop his face, which had previously been gloomy from thinking about all the arcane masters who had perished in Fallen Shadow Valley. “I never imagined that he would end up finding such a staunch successor.”

“Now that the legendary bloodline has reappeared, the weight on our old shoulders has lightened up quite a bit,” Enrico replied as a smile emerged on his face as well.


“Brave warrior Moss, we must not waste this time. You must continue your special training even as we travel. Just treat it as another method of walking!” Minlur was full of enthusiasm as he loudly spoke to Moss, whose head was still full of bumps, while they walked.

“Just what kind of special training has Moss had to endure? Is he working on some Iron Head technique? How come it seems like his head is in an even worse condition than mine?” Stingham’s eyes lit up in surprise as he observed Moss upon hearing Minlur’s words.


Moss rubbed his head as he let out a fierce shout and his body immediately began to expand.


Stingham felt his eardrums reverberating as Moss abruptly disappeared from beside him. Before Stingham could even figure out what had happened, he heard a miserable scream in the distance. Only then did he see the human shaped hole which had emerged in the thicket of branches and leaves not far above his head.

“What kind of special training is this?”

“Shooting oneself into the air? Using the head to break trees?”

Stingham’s eyes widened and his mouth gaped open in bewilderment.

“Moss, what are you doing?” Ayrin asked as he clutched his stomach and broke out in laughter.

“Ha ha ha. Brave warrior Moss, it seems like you have failed again. It doesn’t look any better than before either. But do not give up. Keep going at it, and perhaps you will be able to master this skill before we arrive at the competition ground.” Minlur couldn’t help but laugh as well.

“Stingham, we are also about to start,” Rui’s emotionless voice rang out from behind Stingham.

“No!” Stingham’s face paled as he subconsciously let out a fearful yelp.

But as he turned around, there was already a great black stick flying towards him.


Stingham abruptly flew backwards.

A contorted figure appeared on a tree in the distance.

“Master Scoundrel Rui actually has a black stick…” Ayrin and Rinloran thought to themselves as sly looks emerged on their faces.


At this same moment, Morgan, Audrey, and the rest of Dragon Breath Academy’s team were also quickly traversing through the Southam Demon Forest.

Traveling alongside them were four elite teachers of Dragon Breath Academy and an arcane team from the Shadowfiend Corps.

Suddenly, the three members of the Shadowfiend Corps arcane team who were in the lead simultaneously stopped as if they had sensed an abnormality.

Before they could react and do anything, a person appeared in between them and Morgan’s group.

A look of shock emerged across the faces of the three arcane masters as they quickly turned around and looked behind them.

If this person behind them had come to assassinate them, they would have likely succeeded.

At this time, Morgan felt a familiar aura coming from the figure before him. He motioned for everyone to stand down as he asked, “Jean Camus?”

As if stepping out from a layer of mist, Jean Camus’ calm features gradually manifest before them.

“This is Jean Camus, the number one genius of the Kingdom of Doa? What ability!” The three Shadowfiend Corps arcane masters relaxed as such thoughts raced through their minds.

Jean Camus nodded towards Audrey and the others in greeting and then turned towards Morgan and said, “I wish to speak privately with you.”

Morgan followed Jean Camus to the side before curiously asking, “What’s the matter?”

“I seem to not know anyone from the Kingdom of Eiche outside of your and Ayrin’s respective groups.” Jean Camus paused for several seconds before abruptly asking, “Are we friends?”

Morgan looked at Jean Camus in surprise as he replied, “Why are you acting so different from usual? Why have you suddenly asked a question like this?”

Jean Camus ignored Morgan’s question as he stared him in the eye and asked, “If I needed your help, you would help me, right?”

“Although we have not had many interactions and therefore be considered friends in the strictest sense…” Morgan paused as he threw a strange look at Jean Camus, “if you need my help with a matter, I will certainly help out to the best of my abilities.”

“I heard that the national tournament has started once more. To tell you the truth, Ayrin’s progress has exceeded my expectations.” Jean Camus looked Morgan in the eye once more as he asked, “I wanted to ask if you believe that your team can defeat his.”

“It is not just Ayrin who has shown shocking improvement. His teammates have as well. Even Lotner and the rest of Abel Academy’s team was no match for them. So I have no confidence in saying that my team will be able to defeat them.” Morgan bitterly laughed as he shook his head and continued, “Currently, people have begun calling their group of six the new Holy Dawn Evil Six.”

Jean Camus nodded but did not reply as he just stood there as if lost in thought.

“You are truly acting strange today.” Morgan began to increasingly suspect that Jean Camus had encountered some kind of difficult matter as he pressed Jean Camus for an answer, “Just what did you want to talk to me about?”

“Can you keep this letter for me?” Jean Camus seemed to have finally made a decision as he took out a sealed envelope and handed it towards to Morgan.

This turn of events only further confused Morgan.

“I am about to return to the Kingdom of Doa. If after I return, there is no news of me, or if you hear of something happening to me, please hand this letter to Ayrin.” Jean Camus looked at Morgan as he added, “But before then, just hold onto this letter for me and don’t let anyone, including yourself, see the contents within. Can you do this for me?”

“What do you mean?” Morgan exclaimed, “Is there some danger waiting for you in Doa?”

“It is just a guess.” Jean Camus shook his head. “As for the specifics, I cannot tell you.”

“There is a matter which even a fellow like you cannot solve?” Morgan asked in astonishment before turning silent.

“Can you help me with this matter?” Jean Camus calmly asked once more.

Morgan took a deep breath as his face turned solemn and he replied, “Although I do not know why you are making this request, I swear on my identity as an arcane master to protect this letter for you. But I don’t understand. Why can you not directly hand this letter to Ayrin yourself? Why must I had it to him for you?”

“Because he and his teammates, especially that fellow Stingham… are a little unreliable,” Jean Camus responded. “I’m afraid that they might open the letter and see its contents before the time comes.”

“But you trust me?” Morgan couldn’t help but ask in response. He gradually felt that this matter was even more important than he had originally believed.

Jean Camus ignored Morgan’s question and only replied, “When I went to the national tournament, it was merely for the sake of talking to you… and beating up Stingham.”

“This guy, are you trying to make me feel honored with your words?” Morgan showed a slight smile as he replied. Afterwards, his expression turned serious once more.

“I will help you keep this letter safe… and no matter what is going on, you must be careful,” Morgan said as he looked Jean Camus in the eye.


Jean Camus nodded towards Morgan and then turned and disappeared.

Morgan looked down at the letter in his hand as he muttered to himself, “Whatever… I wonder just what this fellow is doing… maybe I should just open the letter and take a look right now?”

Morgan motioned to open the letter, but quickly stopped. A complex look emerged across his face as he looked into the depths of the forest before him.

“This fellow actually left just like that… he really does trust me.”

“I truly hope that this letter is not a last testament.”

Morgan shook his head and let out a deep sigh before tucking the letter into his breast pocket and walking back towards the others.

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