Chapter 331: After the Fight, Independent Training and Becoming the Strongest Meat Shield

Chapter 331: After the Fight, Independent Training and Becoming the Strongest Meat Shield

The gap had been overcome!

An arcane master who had only opened three arcane gates had defeated an arcane master who had opened four arcane gates! And it had been a completely one-sided fight as well!

The other two blue robe wearing arcane masters stood motionless as they couldn’t believe their eyes.

“As expected,” Stingham said as if were nothing special. He seemed to be relishing in the misfortune of these blue robe wearing arcane masters.

“Only this? Compared to the two brothers, you are much too weak.”

Ayrin shook his head as his gaze swept across the swollen face of Thousand Birds and the shocked faces of the two arcane masters and he shouted, “Go back and tell your lord that if he continues to threaten Charlotte and try to force her into a marriage, I will attack the arcane masters below him, as well as the arcane masters below Rincero, on sight! There will be no holding back!”

“Ignorant child! You are not facing just one or two arcane masters, but the entirety of House Baratheon!” one of the two standing arcane masters retorted. “You are but a single person, how can you win against teams of powerful arcane masters?!”

“Who said he is by himself?” Rinloran interrupted, his voice eerily cold.

“Although this guy is quite abnormal, he is still one of us. He is our teammate. So anyone who wishes to bully Charlotte will have to come ask my wise, skilled, and most handsome self for approval first as well,” Stingham immediately added.

“Betraying his own family because he is afraid of another, what kind of lord is he? He might as well just kill himself,” Ivan seethed as he, Wilde, and the others stepped forwards.

“You should go back and tell your lord. Ayrin has always been one to follow his words.” Liszt nonchalantly looked at Thousand Birds and the other two arcane masters as he continued, “And let him know that if he continues down his current path, he will become the enemy of all of us.”

The expressions of the two arcane masters turned even uglier.

It was an unveiled threat.

One which caused them to feel an immense pressure.

Because for a long time, the Holy Dawn Evil Six had been generally acknowledged as the strongest arcane team.

“If I were your lord, this would be enough to change my mind.” Carter gently gazed at the two arcane masters, and then Thousand Birds, who now seemed to have also lost several teeth, as he said, “Ayrin is but a freshman of our Holy Dawn Academy, yet he has already defeated the Ghostwind Blade, Thousand Birds, of the Blue Radiance Team. Just how strong do you think he will be in the future?”

The two arcane masters trembled as they remained silent and picked up Thousand Birds and quickly withdrew.

“Teacher Carter, will they continue trying to use Charlotte’s sister against her?” Ayrin asked as he turned around and looked at Carter.

“This should only be the beginning.”

Carter stared into Ayrin’s pure and innocent eyes as he shook his head and replied, “For a big house like Baratheon, they will likely use whatever means they can to exterminate their enemy and obtain what they desire.”

After a short pause, Carter earnestly continued, “They are just like Dias. When they act, there will be countless people helping them in the shadows to accomplish their plans, people you will have to deal with one by one.”

“But as long as I am strong enough, they won’t be able to do anything?” Ayrin asked as he fervently gazed at Carter, Liszt, and the others.

“I did not expect for House Baratheon to act so overbearingly. They sure are attacking fiercely. But now that the war has completely ended, there is time for us to begin another round of special training,” Liszt said with a chuckle as he stretched his waist.

“What? Another round of special training?!”

Stingham slowly backed away, his feet trembling, as he remembered the taste of the Poisonflame Emperor Egg and he shouted, “I will not train! Didn’t we just finish? How can immediately start again?!”

“Brave warriors.”

Liszt raised his head and looked at the slowly descending sun as he said, “As arcane masters, are we not supposed to welcome challenges, whether it be training or battles, with open arms?”

“Have a nice and slow conversation, you guys. I have some matters which I need to take care of,” Stingham replied as his pace visibly quickened.

But then, he abruptly froze place as a familiar figure appeared behind him.

“Teacher Rui?!” Ayrin excitedly cried out.

The head of short hair and low-key appearance, just who else could it be?!

“Teacher Rui, you’ve recovered from your injuries?” Ayrin asked.

“Of course. Are injuries supposed to be forever?” Rui begrudgingly replied.

“It’s over. I can’t leave anymore. Otherwise, I will definitely be beaten with his stick.” Stingham teared up.

“Come with me,” Rui immediately said to Stingham.

“Teacher Rui, don’t be like this,” Stingham lamented as he obediently followed Rui towards a nearby building.

“Ayrin, you are with me,” Carter said with a nod.

“Can I stay with Charlotte for a while?” Ayrin asked.

He was still feeling uneasy.

“Of course,” Carter said with a gentle smile. He could tell exactly what Ayrin was feeling.

“Rinloran, come with me,” Ciaran said towards Rinloran.

“Brave warrior Moss! This time, your instructor is me!” Minlur immediately followed in a booming voice.

“Then I?” Chris expectantly turned her head and looked towards Liszt.

“Let’s go, goddess like girl!”

Liszt leisurely smiled as a gust of wind wrapped around his body and he floated towards a nearby roof.

“I’m coming!” Chris excitedly shouted as she shot up after Liszt like a shooting star.

“A separate training for every person? Each teacher focuses on creating a tailored training plan to help them become stronger…”

“These fellows from Holy Dawn Academy are already starting up their training again? It is really something to be envious of. It’s unfortunate that we do not have a group of teachers like the Holy Dawn Evil Six.”

As he watched Ayrin and the others follow their respective teacher, Wilde couldn’t help but feel envious.

“Their talent is different from ours. And some of their skills have already fully developed. It is of no use to be envious,” Ferguillo calmly comforted Wilde.

“I understand, boss.” Wilde took a deep breath and then slowly said, “Even the most amazing teacher cannot increase my speed of improvement if I have yet to master any suitable skills and complete the training that I already know. I must continue to work harder.”




“Yes, Teacher Rui?”

Stingham stood in a cleared room which now resembled a training arena with a teary expression.

“You know of Teacher Ashur’s title, Ever-Standing Meat Shield?” Rui asked as he observed Stingham.

“Of course,” Stingham hesitantly responded. He was not sure why Rui had suddenly asked such a question.

“I heard that you vowed alongside Ayrin to protect Teacher Ciaran in Teacher Ashur’s place during the fight against Diaz in the Abyss of Evil.” Rui deeply looked at Stingham, “You must keep your word.”

“Of course!” Stingham replied as he combed through his hair.

“In the past when Ashur had only opened three arcane gates as you have now, his defensive ability was stronger than yours. He was so strong that he could defend against the attacks of a four gate arcane master using an amplification artifact and the attacks of an arcane master nearing five gates…” Rui slowed down as he continued, “It was because he was able block Dias’ ambush that the rest of us are alive today.”

After a short pause, Rui looked at Stingham, who was feeling increasingly confused, once more as he said in a serious tone, “If you truly wish to protect Teacher Ciaran in his stead, then you must become even stronger than he was.”

“Teacher Rui, you mean?” Stingham asked as he seemed to experience a sudden revelation.

“I will be responsible for teaching you Teacher Ashur’s skills.”

Rui stared at Stingham as he continued, “You already have a natural affinity due to your possession of Lover’s Corpse. If you also learn Ashur’s skills, you will be able stronger defensively than anyone else. Furthermore, with your high rank Green Dragon Bloodline which has undergone Lunar Baptism and your mastery of several suitable high rank Elven skills, you will be much more than just a meat shield!”

“Not just a meat shield? Then what will I be?” Stingham asked, his eyes widening in anticipation.

“You will be the strongest meat shield!” Rui replied.

“……” Stingham almost fell over on the spot.

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