DIF Chapter 330: Ayrin's Plan

Chapter 330: Ayrin’s Plan

“Come with me!” Stingham cried out as he puffed out his chest and led the way.

As they followed the road, Rinloran appeared before them. He was currently standing atop a large tree not too far away and looking into the distance.

“This fellow just really loves standing in trees. You know, sometimes I can’t help but wonder if Elves evolved from birds,” Stingham muttered to Ayrin.

“What did you say, you idiot?” Rinloran coldly shouted as his head fiercely swiveled towards Stingham.

“He can hear me? What good ears,” Stingham thought as he jumped in shock.


At this moment, Ayrin saw Charlotte in the distance.

She was currently surrounded by three blue robe wearing arcane masters.

Seeing Ayrin break into a sprint, Rinloran quickly jumped down from the tree and quietly said to Ayrin, “Those arcane masters are from Charlotte’s House. They were sent here to convey her father’s message that she must marry Rincero.”

“Rinloran, you’re eavesdropping on their conversation?!” Stingham’s eyes widened.

“You idiot, weren’t you also here just a moment ago? The only difference is that I’ve been listening while you haven’t!”

“Didn’t Charlotte already refuse?” Ayrin’s eyes turned cold, “Why are they still bringing it up?”

Rinloran’s face seemed to freeze over as he replied, “They came with a threat. If Charlotte still refuses to marry Rincero, then her father will marry off her little sister Charline instead.”


Stingham incredulously cried out, “Are Charlotte and her sister not her father’s children?”

“Despicable bastards, using her own sister to threaten her… are you not arcane masters?!”

Flames of anger emerged in Ayrin’s eyes as he charged to Charlotte’s side and called out the three blue robe wearing arcane masters standing around her.

“Ayrin…” Charlotte was mortified to see Ayrin as her face turned pale and she trembled.

If it was just herself, then she wouldn’t agree to any compromise, even if it meant completely breaking off her relationship with her father.

But she couldn’t let her younger sister, who was not as talented and held much lower influence within the family, experience such a tragic fate.

“That’s right! Why don’t you go and marry off your own sisters to Rincero instead?” Stingham shouted. “Has your sense of justice been eaten by dogs?”

The three blue robed arcane masters stiffened.

They had never encountered these youths before them, yet they seemed to clearly know the entire situation.

Afterwards, the leader of this group of three opened his mouth and shouted, “This has nothing to do with you.” This pale, tall, and lanky arcane master carried a long blade in a black sheathe on his back and tied his hair in an upward ponytail. He glared at Ayrin and Stingham and gravely said, “These are matters of our House.”

“How can it have nothing to do with me when I am Charlotte’s boyfriend! Ah no! I mean he is Charlotte’s boyfriend!” Stingham shouted as he nodded towards Ayrin.

“So what?” Looks of ridicule and disregard emerged on the faces of the three arcane masters as they looked at Ayrin. It was clear that they had already known.

“Don’t worry.”

But much to the shock of everyone present, Ayrin seemed to not be worried at all as he stared Charlotte in the eye and declared, “Your sister will not have to marry Rincero.”

“You have a plan?” Charlotte looked at Ayrin in surprise.

“It’s simple.”

Ayrin demonstrated his violent tendencies as he swung his fists through the air like Minlur and replied, “If you wish to marry, there must be someone willing to accept on the other side. If we beat Rincero up until he is no longer willing to marry, then isn’t everything solved?”

“You want to beat up Rincero until he can no longer find a girlfriend?” Stingham’s eyes hazed over as he cried out, “Isn’t that a little too violent?”

“This guy is truly different from everyone else. He thought for so long and came up with a plan like this.” Rinloran thought to himself, a crafty look emerging on his face.

“Beat Rincero up until he no longer dares to accept this proposal?”

The three blue robe wearing arcane masters froze for a second, and then broke out into raucous laughter as they said, “Just who do you think you are? Although Rincero is not as talented as Rinsyi, he has trained for much longer. As a result, he is stronger than Rinsyi. Furthermore, he is soon to become the Lord of House Baratheon’s Blue Eyes Forest. So even if you are able to defeat Rincero and the arcane masters beneath him, do you think the more powerful members of House Baratheon will allow you to? And to such an extent where Rincero will refuse to accept our lord’s daughter?”

“That still leaves a lot of other options. For example, we could beat up your lord until he changes his mind, beat up the escorting arcane team until they can’t leave, or kidnap the sister… or we could kidnap someone important and use them to threaten the lord or Rincero. Regardless, we are quite used to being scoundrels…” Ayrin replied without any hesitation.

“……” Stingham and Rinloran could only remain silent.

In his past life, Ayrin must have been a very powerful villain.

For some reason, all of the violent and insidious methods which came out from his mouth seemed to contain the sense of justice.

“Beat up the escorting arcane team so they can’t escort the lord’s daughter?”

The faces of the three blue robed arcane masters abruptly turned cold and serious once more.

The tall and lanky arcane master sneered as he glared at Ayrin and said, “Just who do you think you are? You are nothing more than a freshman who has shown some talent in the national tournament. Do you think you are invincible because of that?”

“There are many arcane masters out there who are stronger than me,” Ayrin responded. His eyes became filled with a raging fighting intent as he continued, “But I should be more than strong enough to trample all over a small house which is willing to marry off their daughter for their own interests!”

“Such arrogance!” the tall and lanky arcane master shouted as killing intent flashed through his eyes.

But right at this moment, the tall and lanky arcane master’s expression changed as he abruptly turned and looked to the path on his right.

“Is that Liszt and the others?”

Everyone watched as several figures emitting stiflingly powerful auras slowly approached them.

It was Minlur followed by Liszt, Carter, Ciaran, and the others.

“Liszt… Holy Dawn Evil Six…” The faces of the three blue robed arcane masters inexplicably paled.

“What’s up, Thousand Birds, you wish to teach Ayrin a lesson?” [1]

Liszt calmly looked at the tall and lanky arcane master as he spoke in a nonchalant tone, “You three need not worry about us. We are only here to see what the ruckus was and will not make any moves.”

“Moreover…” Liszt paused for a moment before continuing in an even more nonchalant tone, “Honestly, I have the same thoughts as Ayrin. Ayrin will have no issue dealing with a small territory like Teutonic Forest.”


The three blue robed arcane masters felt extremely disgraced.

“You might be one of the strongest arcane masters within the Office of Special Affairs, but it doesn’t mean that your student can also look down on us so wantonly!”

The face of the arcane master called Thousand Birds by Liszt was still terrifyingly pale as his eyes became blood red.

“Since it’s come to this, let me see whether or not you actually have the strength to back up your words!” he shouted as he stared Ayrin in the eye.

“Don’t blame me for not holding back! Because if I don’t beat you up, then won’t your lord, Charlotte’s father, think that I’m all talk?”

Ayrin puffed up his chest as he turned and looked at Charlotte. Flames of fury seemed to ignite over his body as he shouted, “Charlotte, I shall fight to protect you!”

“What a powerful aura! He’s already opened his third arcane gate?! He’s a mere freshman, yet he has already reached this level of strength?! But he is still at least an entire gate behind me!”

Thousand Bird’s gaze turned serious as he waited for Ayrin to make the first move.

From his point of view, since he was faster than Ayrin, he would be able react to anything Ayrin did.

“With him… any problem can be solved,” Charlotte thought to herself as she watched the situation unfold.

Although she didn’t think too highly of Ayrin’s approach to the situation, his resolute spirit and determination inexplicably caused her anxiety to disappear. The look in his eyes just made it seem as if he could trample through any hardships he encountered, no matter how difficult they were.


“Waiting for me to make the first move? You are going to regret this!”

Confidence began slowly building within Ayrin’s heart as he stared down Thousand Birds.

“World of Water!”

Force erupted from Ayrin’s feet as he stomped on the ground and made a sharp invocation. Countless drops of water abruptly began to converge around Thousand Birds.

“What is this skill?!”

“It covers a greater area than Water Prison?!”

“Whistling Ghost Blade!”

Thousand Birds’ face changed once more as he unsheathed the long blade on his back and cut towards the charging Ayrin. His blade was like a streak of lightning.

Countless screams echoed out from within his blade as it sliced through the water, which was condensing in the air, and scattering it.

“Evil Flaming Eye!”

But by this point, Ayrin had already released his second attack.

Over a dozen flickering Evil Flaming Eyes abruptly appeared in the sky and shot towards Thousand Birds.

Thousand Birds’ pupils shrank as he let go of the blade in his right hand and clasped his palms together. A sharp invocation rang out from his mouth, “Black Wind: Barrier!”

A stream of black air enveloped his entire body.


The Evil Flaming Eyes slammed into Thousand Birds, sending flames and black winds everywhere. At the midst of it all, Thousand Birds didn’t tremble at all, as if he hadn’t felt any impact.

“Activate: Fist of the War God!”

However, Ayrin’s third attack, a thundering punch, had already reached him.


The black winds around Thousand Birds erupted, revealing him.

A faint groan escaped Thousand Birds’ mouth as he stumbled backwards.

“He actually…” Looks of shock flashed through the eyes of the other two blue robed arcane masters.

At this moment, Ayrin had completely taken control of the battle!

“Homing Thunderball!”

After sending Thousand Birds stumbling, Ayrin immediately began condensing a blinding yellow ball of lightning between his palms. The thunderball shot out and began to chase after Thousand Birds.

“Shadowbound Severing Blade!”

A vicious expression emerged atop Thousand Birds’ face as the blade which he had dropped abruptly soared into the sky as if grabbed by a shadow and cut towards Ayrin at an unimaginable speed. The blade rang as it tore through the sky.


But much to his shock, his attack missed as Ayrin seemingly melted into a puddle of blood and disappeared.

“Black Wind: Barrier!”

Thousand Birds used his defensive skill once more as he defended against the thunderball chasing after him. As he did so, he constantly turned his head and surveyed his surroundings. For some reason, his heart was extremely uneasy.

“Crown of Ice and Snow!”

A massive block of ice abruptly slammed into him from behind.


Ayrin’s fist slammed into the massive block of ice right as the blinding yellow thunderball struck Thousand Birds from the front, causing countless icicles to protrude and penetrate into Thousand Birds’ back.

“Agh!” Thousand Birds let out a wail of agony as he felt as if he had been compressed between two walls.

The black wind surrounding him scattered.

“It’s over!” Stingham let out a sympathetic sigh.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! …

Thousand Birds was unable to make another invocation as explosions constantly rang out atop his body.

A wild wind wrapped around Ayrin’s body as he continuously appeared at different areas around Thousand Birds and threw vicious punches which caused Thousand Birds’ body to twist into various unnatural shapes.


Several minutes later, when Thousand Birds finally fell back to the ground, his face had been disfigured so greatly that even his two teammates could not recognize him any longer.

[1] Here, Liszt is calling the arcane master by the pattern on his robes

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