Chapter 324: Beckoning Under the Sun!

Chapter 324: Beckoning Under the Sun!

“What is this?” Ayrin exclaimed in surprise.

He also had no clue as to what this radiantly sparkling little crystal skull was.

“Starlord’s Lost Skull!” Kelly shouted as he stared at the skull in Ayrin’s hand.

“Starlord’s Lost Skull?”

Ayrin was still clueless. Moreover, he had expended almost all his arcane particles just now to use the Treasured Book of Sealing. There was nothing left in his tank for him to try and use the artifact in his hands.

“Don’t target him with any arcane skills!”

“Starlord’s Lost Skull is a reactive artifact. If it senses any arcane energy approach it, it will awaken and form a defensive layer of stardust around its wielder! Any skills you use against him right now will just be a waste of arcane particles!” Kelly continued, this time towards Lotner.

“If any skill comes my way, this thing will automatically defend against it?”

Ayrin was pleasantly surprised as he immediately began condensing arcane particles.

“How can he have an artifact like this?!”

“This fellow is too perverse. He is the one who took out the artifact to stall for time to replenish his arcane particles, yet he acts like he himself is the most surprised about it.”

The students of Abel Academy felt chills running down their backs as any thoughts of victory slowly disappeared from their minds.

“I can’t attack…”

Lotner’s face had long since turned as pale as snow.

No matter how he looked at it, this battle had already ended in his complete defeat.

The Scriptures of Time required a full month to recharge energy to release its domain, so it was no longer of any use. Furthermore, the very Domain of Time which it had released had been sealed away by Ayrin and would likely be used against him any moment now.

Prior to the appearance of the skull in Ayrin’s hand, Lotner had kept hope. He would attack before Ayrin could replenish any of the arcane particles he had consumed by sealing away the Domain of Time. But now, with the appearance of the skull, he couldn’t attack. There was nothing he could do but watch, it was hopeless.

He silently observed Ayrin, who was completely motionless as he focused on condensing arcane particles.

“Idiot! Do you actually have no clue as to what to do?!”

The veins running atop Kelly’s forehead seemed to be on the verge of bursting as he let out an angry outburst. He could lose his Scriptures of Time at any moment!

“Just because you can’t attack doesn’t mean you can’t use arcane skills! Do you forget that you have the Blood Sucking Amulet in your possession as well?!” Kelly let out a cold-blooded scream as he glared at Lotner.

“Ah! That’s right! I still have the Blood Sucking Amulet!” Lotner shivered and immediately reacted.

“Hey, Teacher Minlur, all of this constant shouting and reminding, is this not breaking the rules?” Stingham asked at this moment.

“Break what rules? It’s not like this is the national tournament. If you see something and want to shout it out, feel free to,” the several Abel Academy students shouted.

Stingham’s response, however, stunned them speechless. “It’s fine. You are all losers to begin with. No matter what, it’s impossible for you all to defeat a monster like Ayrin,” Stingham shouted while giggling.


At this moment, Lotner’s figure disappeared as he charged towards Ayrin. A vicious wind howled as he threw a thundering punch towards Ayrin’s face.

Bang! An explosive sound rumbled atop the plain as Ayrin raised a hand and blocked Lotner.

“What strength! He is actually stronger than me?!”

Lotner’s face turned ugly as his body shakily fell backwards and he felt his right hand turn numb.


At the same time, a look of surprise emerged across Ayrin’s face.

It was because at that moment, he could feel a strange suction force sucking quite a bit of strength and energy out of his flesh and blood.

“It must be the ability of the Blood Sucking Amulet. It is quite similar to the Field of Blood domain.”

Sensing that a prolonged melee would be disadvantageous, Ayrin subconsciously created some distance between Lotner and himself.

“But I still cannot use arcane particles… do I really have to try to slowly whittle him away and try to outlast him?”

As Ayrin thought about his options some more, he became certain that finishing this fight would require an enormous consumption of strength. As a result, he began thinking about using the Domain of Time which he had sealed away.


But right at this moment, he felt movement in his chest pocket once more as the little yellow dragon took something out of its pouch and stuffed it into his pocket.

“What’s this?”

As Ayrin put his hand into his pocket and took out the object, he felt a scorching heat sweep across his palm. It was a red gem similar to the Essence Burning Stone which Lotner had revealed earlier.

A scorching heat which contained the faint scent of blood emanated from the surface of the stone, which was a perfect sphere about the size of a human eyeball.

Upon seeing Ayrin back away, Lotner’s spirit soared. He charged towards Ayrin once more, leaving numerous afterimages in his wake.

Bang! Another explosion.

Ayrin accurately blocked Lotner’s fist once more as the two of them separated yet again.

“What?!” Cries of shock rang out from the side of Abel Academy.

It was because they could clearly see Lotner’s face abruptly become horribly flushed.

“So hot! I’ve been poisoned! What happened?!”

After the exchange, Lotner felt energy flood his body once more due to the Blood Sucking Amulet. Only this time, the energy contained an astonishing toxicity. The moment the energy entered his body, he felt as if his inner organs had been set ablaze, causing him severe internal pain.

“Lizard King’s Blood Soul!”

Kelly’s gaze turned murderous as he stared at Ayrin’s left hand.


“Lizard King’s Blood Soul? You mean this thing right here?” Ayrin extended his left hand towards Kelly, as if trying to give him a closer look. “Do you know what this thing is?”

“You pervert! Still acting?! If you didn’t know what it is, then why would you take it out against Lotner?!” Angry expressions emerged on the faces of the Abel Academy students as they began to think that Ayrin was even crazier than they had thought.

“The Lizard King’s Blood Soul is a crystal condensed from the blood of a Lizard King. By using arcane particles, the wielder can stimulate the toxins contained within the blood crystal to generate a poisonous attack. Simply put, it is an amplification artifact for poison type arcane skills,” Minlur explained. “Unfortunately for Lotner, his Blood Sucking Amulet has absorbed some of the toxins contained within this blood crystal.”

“He was trying to eat but accidently ate shit!” After a moment’s pause, Stingham began laughing merrily as he said, “Serves him right!”


The students of Abel Academy remained speechless. Meanwhile, Kelly’s face began uncontrollably twitching.

Although Lotner still had not used the Essence Burning Stone, it was also no longer useful in his current situation.

Kelly felt immense regret, but there was nothing he could do. There was no way for him to retract his earlier words. He could only kick himself for not heeding Minlur’s words, that his students were no opponent for Ayrin and the others.

“What is it this time?!”

More exclamations rang out as Ayrin took out yet another object from his pocket. This time, it was a dark blue crystal slate.

The slate was shaped like a flat diamond, but its surface was not nearly as perfect and flat as it seemed.

An extremely frigid aura radiated out from the crystal.

“Fragment of Absolute Frost!”

“Is that not the Fragment of Absolute Frost wielded by the Evil Dragon Follower, the Demonic Ice King Makena?! How is it in his hands?!”

“How can he have so many artifacts in his possession?!”

Kelly nearly screamed at the sky in frustration.

“Just a couple arcane particles should be enough?”

Ayrin had such a feeling as he tightly grasped the icy fragment.

Without the slightest amount of hesitation, Ayrin inserted the few arcane particles that he had just condensed.


A torrent of ice and snow abruptly erupted forth from his hand.


Lotner let out a miserable scream as he could only activate the Essence Burning Stone and face the torrent of ice and snow head on.

Countless blazing flames appeared and formed a barrier of fire around him.


The barrier of flames immediately shattered upon contact with the torrent of ice and snow. In the next moment, a frost covered Lotner flew backwards and crashed heavily into the ground.

“Captain!” the other students of Abel Academy cried out as they rushed to his side in fear.


They quickly realized that Lotner was not heavily injured and on the verge of dying, but just frozen solid and unable to move.

At this moment, the little yellow dragon within Ayrin’s chest pocket proudly raised the pouch around its neck. An expression which seemed to say, ‘what a bunch of idiots, trying to compete with me,’ emerged on its face as it took out an earthen yellow gem. It seemed to be trying to show off now.

“It ended just like that? Wasn’t it a little too easy?”

Stingham felt some frustration as he said, “It ended before anything special happened. Did you guys really come here to challenge us?”

Stingham’s words were like pouring salt onto a wound, but by this time, the attention of Abel Academy’s students had already moved… onto the new crystal which had appeared in Ayrin’s hand!

“That’s… the Spiraling Earth Gem?!”

Seeing the earthen yellow gem in Ayrin’s hand and the constant cloud of dust swirling around it, Kelly felt an urge to spit blood.

“Spiraling Earth Gem?”

“The artifact wielded by Minro, the captain of the Evil Dragon Follower’s Swirling Earth squad. The gem can instantly transform the earth under someone’s feet into a violent vortex!”

“If he had taken out this gem from the start, Lotner would likely have been done for, even with the Domain of Time…”

“Just how can this child have so many artifacts in his possession?!”

The Abel Academy team members dumbfoundedly exchanged looks with each other.

“It seems like Great King Faerie Dragon is not only a miser, but a show off…” Stingham and Rinloran’s expressions both turned cunning.

“Alright, I don’t know why you guys enjoy being abused, but it is all over now. So like we agreed on, hand over the Scriptures of Time, Essence Burning Stone, and Blood Sucking Amulet,” Stingham gloating looked towards Kelly and the Abel Academy students.

All of them, including Kelly, felt a sudden urge to kill themselves.

“But winning just because of artifacts… it doesn’t feel fair. What’s the point?” Ayrin abruptly interjected at this moment.

“Whether the Scriptures of Time, or Treasured Book of Sealing, or a legendary artifact like Lover’s Corpse, against truly strong arcane masters, they will not be of any use. The truly strong are strong because of their own skills.”

Images of the Allen Brothers, Jean Camus, and the other strong figures whom he had encountered flashed through his mind.

“So let us fight a round without any artifacts!”

Ayrin’s blood began to boil again as he gazed at the members of the Abel Academy team with eyes full of fighting intent and said, “We shall still wager the Moon Echo Sword and Spirit Obstruction Gem against your Scriptures of Time, Essence Burning Stone, and Blood Sucking Amulet. But this time, neither side will use the artifacts. We will battle, and winner will take all. What do you say?”

“Ayrin, you are quite the fellow indeed. Even without much guidance, you have already discovered the path of true power?” Minlur couldn’t help but boisterously laugh as he looked at Ayrin.

“Idiot! Crazy!” Stingham shouted in frustration.

All of Abel Academy’s team members were completely speechless.

“What do you say?! Brave warriors! Do you dare fight?” Ayrin shouted under the radiant sun as he menacingly waved his fist towards them.

“Is there anything else to lose?”

“We have opened more arcane gates, there is no reason we would not dare!”

'Sleeptalker' Presley let out a deep sigh as he walking forth from the midst of the Abel Academy team members.

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