Chapter 322: Gambling Over Strength

Chapter 322: Gambling Over Strength

“You all are certain that you encountered these three youths of Holy Dawn Academy around the Fourth Western District?”

Kelly, the elite teacher of Abel Academy versed in trickery, had a look of skepticism on his face as his gaze moved from the map in his hand to the two arcane masters before him.

Now that the dark purple smoke covering Fallen Shadow Valley had scattered, the valley was bathed in a warm sunlight. A mere two days had passed since the end of the battle, yet green grass and buds were already beginning to sprout atop the valley once more.

The Office of Special Affairs and Southam Demon Corps had moved extremely quickly during this time. The entire Fallen Shadow Valley and Forest of Evil around it had already been fully explored and mapped. Furthermore, outside of the Abyss of Evil, everything else had been clearly divided and organized into districts.

As a result, as long as one had one of the new maps, it was now very easy to find one’s way.

The two arcane masters before Kelly also wore the robes of Abel Academy, but they were much too young to be teachers. They were likely either graduates or elite senior students.

“We are certain that we encountered that group of youth from Holy Dawn Academy. They stopped there to rest over a day ago. We don’t know where if they are still there, or where they went from there,” the two arcane masters replied in more detail following Kelly’s question.

“So a night has passed since you saw them? And they were over there when you last saw them? Even if we hurry over, it will be at least half a day before we get there, and they probably won’t be there anymore.” Kelly was hesitant as he put away the map in his hands and waved behind him, “Even then, we can probably ask others for more recent news. So let’s hurry over!”

The students of Abel Academy followed after him.


After leading the Abel Academy team forward for a couple seconds, Kelly seemed to have suddenly remembered something as he turned around and shouted towards the two arcane masters behind him, “Lennon! Wait a moment!”

“Yes? Is there something else? Teacher Kelly,” the arcane master on the left politely asked.

“Let me borrow your Essence Burning Stone for a while. I’ll give it back to you when we leave,” Kelly replied.

“Alright.” The arcane master nodded as he willingly took out a spherical red gemstone and nonchalantly handed it to Kelly.

“So this is the Essence Burning Stone which contains a violent flame which is useful for attacking and defending?”

“With this Essence Burning Stone as well, victory is definitely ours!”

The faces of all the Abel Academy team members lit up in joy.

“Getting happy already? Wait until after we find those youths and get our things back!” Kelly sneered. He continued, “The Moon Echo Sabre is not a particularly powerful and precious artifact, but the Spirit Obstruction Gem is a treasure which can turn a powerful spirit arcane master into a useless piece of trash. The academy only gave it to you because it was afraid that you so-called geniuses would die atop the battlefield without it. We never even considered that you ‘geniuses’ would somehow lose this gem, which has been in our academy for hundreds of years. And not to arcane masters, but to children no less!”

“If you fail to get back the Moon Echo Sabre and Spirit Obstruction Gem, it will be a humiliation which will follow you for the rest of your lives.”

The jovial expressions of the Abel Academy team members immediately twisted as if wracked with pain.



“That’s Minlur?”

Traveling swiftly, Kelly and the others arrived at the Fourth Western District around noon. Popping sounds rang out from the ground around them as a blazing sun shined down from the sky.

Based on their prior information, Holy Dawn Academy’s team had arrived here the night prior. Nearly a full day had passed since then. As a result, Kelly had been rather certain that they would not encounter their quarry here today, and that they would need to ask around and continue chasing.

But against his expectation, and the expectations of everyone else, a familiar towering figure appeared before them.

A body which contained an immense explosive strength stood on the plain before them. It was undoubtedly Minlur of the Holy Dawn Six Evils.


“Those three fellows are still sleeping!”

Even more shocking to them the appearance of Ayrin, Stingham, and Rinloran’s snoring figures as they approached closer.

Not only were the three sound asleep, their limbs were splayed everywhere and atop each other. Even Rinloran, who so greatly valued cleanliness, seemed to have stopped caring as he even drooled in his sleep.

“They’re this tired?”

“How can they sleep so soundly?”

“They were so energetic and hyper elsewhere, but here in Fallen Shadow Valley, they sleep so deeply?”

The youths of Abel Academy felt an indescribable madness welling up within them as they observed Ayrin, Stingham, and Rinloran’s content expressions.

“Oh, Kelly. What’s up? Is there some mission?” Minlur called out in a warm manner upon seeing Kelly.

“There’s no mission. We were just looking for you,” Kelly smiled back, trying to show sincerity.

“Looking for us?”

A curious light flashed through Minlur’s eyes as he strangely looked at Kelly and the Abel Academy youths behind him and asked, “What is the matter?”

“It is honestly a very simple matter.”

Kelly rubbed his chin as a light flickered through his eyes and he nodded towards Lotner and the others and said, “It’s actually their matter. It’s just a minor issue, a bit of an annoyance. You see, when these guys first met Ayrin and the others, they got along rather well, and in a moment of rashness, they gave the Moon Echo Sabre and Spirit Obstruction Gem to them. But afterwards, they quickly realized how useful these artifacts were to them. These youths have been wanting to ask for them back, but their skin is a little too thin and they are to ashamed to ask.”

“A good relationship… Teacher Kelly sure can lie, his face isn’t even turning red…” the youths of Abel Academy felt sweat emerge atop their foreheads as they watched Kelly’s performance.

Minlur ever so slightly trembled as he asked, “So you are here to help them ask in their stead?”

“I have already reprimanded them. They now know. They know how stupid they were to give things away just because they made some good friends.” Kelly’s face remained normal as he continued, his tone abruptly changing, “I understand that things which have been given away do not need to be given back. Nonetheless, these artifacts are powerful and precious. They must be paired with strong arcane masters. If your children are indeed more powerful than mine, then all is good. However, if your children are actually weaker than mine, they are not worthy and should return the artifacts, for the greater good of Eiche.”

“My children say that they are weaker, but I do not believe it!” Kelly said as he provocatively waved his fist in the air. “I will not believe it until I see it for myself. If Ayrin is truly much stronger than Lotner, if he is truly a genius among genius, then I will even give him some presents to help him achieve more in the future. But if Ayrin is not as strong as Lotner, then I must ask for him to return the items. What do you say, Minlur?”

“Do you take me for a fool, Kelly? You realize that I only look a little rough, right?”

Minlur laughed as he stared at Kelly, “Kelly, you just wish to get your items back. Why waste so much breath on words?”

“This guy, he really is not as stupid as he looks,” Lotner and the others thought to themselves.

Kelly’s expression darkened as he replied, “Great. Since you have already figured it out, then let me say it directly. Let us make a wager! What about it!”

“Perfect! They needed to test just much of a gap has opened up between them and their opponents in the national tournament anyway!” Minlur’s laughter became even more boisterous as he glanced at the still sleeping Ayrin, Stingham, and Rinloran and he replied, “Kelly, I will absolutely accept your offer. But I think you will be regretting it in the future.”

“Regret?” Kelly laughed, “You are so confident in your children, Minlur?”

“When have I not been confident in these children of my Holy Dawn Academy?” Minlur looked at Kelly and revealed a crazed smile as he said, “This kind of challenge is good for them. Feel free to challenge them again after you lose today!”

“Truly not the normal kind of crazy,” Kelly thought to himself. His face turned serious as he turned his gaze towards the still sleeping Ayrin, Stingham, and Rinloran, and asked, “Then can you wake them up so we can start?”

“Of course. I can’t wait any longer either,” Minlur replied. Afterwards, he roared, “Ayrin, Stingham, Rinloran! It is time for you brave warriors to fight!”

Minlur’s thunderous roars were met with complete silence.

A trace of embarrassment emerged on Minlur’s face.

It was because Ayrin, Stingham, and Rinloran were still sleeping as soundly as before.

“Well, if they don’t wake up to that, then I can only wake them up one by one.”

Minlur scratched his head as he shouted, “Ayrin, it’s time to eat!”


Ayrin immediately sat up as he rubbed his eyes and confusedly asked, “Teacher Minlur, where’s the food?”

“……” Kelly and the youths of Abel Academy speechlessly watched on.

“Stingham, your girlfriend is being stolen away by Rinloran,” Minlur shouted yet again.

“What?!” Stingham immediately jumped up from the ground.

“Rinloran, your body is so dirty!” Minlur immediately followed.

“I need to bathe!” Rinloran shot up from the ground.

“Teacher Minlur, just what is going on?”

“Where is my girlfriend?”

Upon seeing their surroundings, Ayrin, Stingham, and Rinloran confusedly asked Minlur questions.

Minlur put his hands on Stingham’s shoulders as he responded first to Stingham, “Your girlfriend didn’t like the sunlight, so she has hidden herself in a nearby shaded area. Rest assured, you have very special taste. I don’t think anyone will ever steal your girlfriend.” Afterwards, he laughed as he responded to Rinloran’s question, “Those fellows of Abel Academy have come looking again. They wish to make another wager.”

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