Chapter 320: Charging Forth Towards Wealth and Riches!

Chapter 320: Charging Forth Towards Wealth and Riches!

“I’ll give you guys half an hour for rest,” Liszt said towards Ayrin, Stingham, and Rinloran.

“Teacher Liszt, did I hear you wrong?!” Stingham wailed miserably. He cried, “The war still hasn’t completely ended! There are still many other teams fighting out there! How can we arrange for training at a time like this? It’s illogical!”

“It’s because the war hasn’t completely ended that we are doing this. Otherwise we wouldn’t be able to,” Liszt lazily grinned, “This period of time is most valuable for us.”

“What do you mean?” Stingham exclaimed. “What wouldn’t we be able to do? I don’t understand!”

“First, eat one of these pills and replenish your body’s strength. Afterwards, I will explain to you why this time is so precious for us,” Liszt responded as he took a small crystal bottle out from within one of his pockets.

There were several pills reminiscent of fruit within. These pills were slightly larger than soybeans and were perfectly round. They gleamed pink and jiggled as if they were full of water, making them look extremely tasty.

“What is this? It can replenish our strength?” Stingham’s attention was immediately diverted towards the pills.

“Of course. This is an extremely rare and precious item,” Liszt said as he carefully poured a single pill into his hand and handed it to Stingham. “In an auction house, a single one of these pills would be worth as much as a good quality amplification artifact.”

“Worth as much as an amplification artifact?!”

Stingham’s eyes widened in shock.

Even the worst amplification artifacts went for at least several thousand silver coins in auction houses.

“Something so expensive, it would be a waste to not eat it. After all, I can still slack off when the special training begins,” Stingham thought to himself as his gaze flickered between Liszt and the pill. He quickly made a decision and grabbed the pill and stuffed it into his mouth.

“It tastes pretty good!” Stingham immediately announced in a happy manner.

It was exactly like a coreless fruit. As his teeth broke through the outer skin, the smooth, sweet and tangy juice within quickly flooded this mouth, releasing a unique scent. The skin itself was very chewy and tasty as well. In Stingham’s opinion, the pill was better tasting than any fruit he had ever eaten.

But a moment after he swallowed, Stingham’s eyes began to tremble as he cried out, “Not good!”

He felt as if a cluster of flames had ignited within his stomach and begun spreading throughout his body.

It was as if every single particle of his body was being continuously exposed to heat and burned up into ash. Stingham felt his body become paralyzed as if he had lost all strength.

“Teacher Liszt, did you take out the wrong pill?!” Stingham screamed in fear.

It was clear that what he had taken was not some kind of recovery pill, but some kind of poison, one which his body could not resist whatsoever.

“I don’t think so. Are you feeling the poison attacking your body yet?” Liszt responded, his eyes narrowing.

Ayrin and Rinloran looked toward Liszt in confusion as Stingham’s face paled and he shouted, “Just what are you doing? Teacher Liszt, just what did you give me?!”

“I gave you a Poisonflame Emperor Egg. You must know that this is something which even the Nine Great Families dream of obtaining. It is the most valuable thing we found during this war,” Liszt replied.

“Poisonflame Emperor Egg?!” Rinloran exclaimed. “This is the legendary Poisonflame Emperor Egg?!”

Upon seeing Liszt nod in response to Rinloran, Ayrin immediately looked towards Rinloran and asked, “Just what is this Poisonflame Emperor Egg?”

“The Poisonflame Emperor is a creature which looks like a harmless little green snake. However, its poisons are one of the most powerful atop all of Doraster. It is also extremely adept at manipulating poisons. Of the poison attribute skills which arcane masters have created, a vast majority have come from analysis of the Poisonflame Emperor’s skills and abilities,” Rinloran explained to Ayrin at a breakneck speed. “Its eggs contain extremely potent poisons, but their unique characteristic is that they can be harmlessly consumed by the body if the afflicted person continuously moves around and expends energy. Furthermore, as long as an arcane master manages to accomplish this and consume the poison, they will see their strength greatly increase. As a result, during the Era of the War with Dragons, the Poisonflame Emperor’s Eggs were nicknamed the devil’s fruit. As you might expect, they were copiously consumed during that era due to their effects. Thus, they are rare today.”

“Bingo!” Liszt shouted as he clapped in applause and passed an egg to both Ayrin and Rinloran. “However, your explanation is still not complete enough Rinloran. “If an arcane master consumes the egg and fails to maintain a state of continuous high-volume exercise to consume all of the poison, they will die. Fully consuming the poison and gaining the increase in strength is not something every arcane master can do.”

“Why didn’t you say this earlier?!” Stingham cried, his face full of tears. “Teacher Liszt, you deliberately tricked me into eating this?!”

“What? You don’t like it?” Liszt looked at Stingham with a look of feigned shock. “If not for the fact that these eggs have little beneficial effect on arcane masters beyond the upper limits of the fourth arcane gate and those who have already trained their bodies to a high degree, we wouldn’t have given these eggs away to you in the first place.”

Tears continued to stream down Stingham’s face as he whimpered, “I can still throw it up and give it to you Teacher Liszt! And you will gain my thanks as well!”

“Wow! It really tastes very good!” Ayrin abruptly exclaimed as he excitedly ate the Poisonflame Emperor Egg.

Beside him, Rinloran furrowed his brows as he slightly cleaned off the egg and then directly down it without bothering to savor the taste.

“What a powerful poison. I feel like every single particle of my body is about to be burnt to ashes.”

Ayrin excitedly looked at Liszt and shouted, “Teacher Liszt, what kind of training are we about to do? Just now you said that this time was extremely precious, what did you mean by that?”

“Once the war is over, it will become the time for looting spoils of war. Afterwards, everyone will scatter and return to their places of origin. Currently within Fallen Shadow Valley, the Evil Dragon Followers have left behind a lot of things… many of which are extremely valuable treasures for arcane masters. So while the vast majority of arcane masters are still stuck in the midst of battle and unable to leave, before they can sweep through Fallen Shadow Valley and loot it…” Liszt paused for a moment as he looked at Ayrin and then said in a sterner voice, “So, you youths of Holy Dawn Academy, wildly charge forth towards the wealth and riches! You must understand that the improvement speed and strength of arcane masters does not solely depend on battling and training. Like the Poisonflame Emperor Eggs and the gems and artifacts which you have stolen, items also play a massive role in your overall growth and strength as an arcane master. The more of these items, or “wealth”, which you can obtain, the stronger you will become, and the faster you can become stronger. For you youths, this kind of large-scale war is a golden opportunity for you to go beyond your original limits!”


“Aha! I have a Faerie Dragon as my companion… as long as I go to a lot of places, I will definitely be able to obtain a lot of wealth! I will definitely become richer than everyone else!”

Feeling Liszt’s ardent gaze on him, Ayrin finally reacted. A strange light began to burn within his eyes.

As if it understood what Liszt was saying, a look of anticipation also arose on the little yellow dragon’s face as it tightly clutched the pouch hanging around its neck.

“Steal everything before everyone else can get to it? Sounds interesting. And it’s training the body as well? Very interesting,” Rinloran commented as a rare smile emerged on his face.

“I will definitely endure and completely consume the poison. I will definitely become stronger,” Rinloran decisively shouted in his mind.

“Teacher Ciaran, do you any kind of antidote?” Stingham whimpered, “I definitely cannot endure it. I already cannot move any longer.”

“You will be fine. You still have half an hour which you can rest. The poison will only begin attacking your body after this half hour,” Liszt said as he patted Stingham’s shoulder. “That said, the poison of the Poisonflame Emperor Egg can only be removed by an arcane master who has opened six or more arcane gates. So don’t think about getting someone else to get rid of the poison for you.”

“……” Stingham didn’t respond as he almost fainted on the spot from hearing Liszt’s words.

“Ayrin, I will be giving you the rest of these Poisonflame Emperor Eggs. You can make use of them if you wish to experience this special training again in the future,” Liszt smiled as he handed the crystal bottle to Ayrin.

“Thank you, Teacher Liszt!”

Afterwards, Ayrin excitedly combed his hands through his hair and took a deep breath. “There is still half an hour, but I feel like I can’t wait any longer.”

“Twenty minutes,” Rinloran said as he took a deep breath as well.

“Why are there only twenty more minutes?!” Stingham cried out.

“It’s two versus one.” Rinloran looked Stingham in the eyes as he continued, “Time is precious. Also, my physical condition is not as good as yours. If I feel like twenty minutes is enough, then it should be more than enough for you.”

“I will definitely die because of you two!” Stingham wailed, “You two inhumane fellows!”

Twenty minutes later, Ayrin excitedly shouted atop the altar, “Brave warrior Stingham, brave warrior Rinloran, let us charge forth! For wealth and riches!”


“You guys should take action,” Minlur said as he watched the three disappearing youths. He laughed boisterously as he added, “I’ll keep an eye on them.

“They were just in combat for such an extended period of time, do you truly believe that they can endure?” Berryn asked coldly as he looked at Liszt, “I wanted to ask you earlier, but I didn’t wish to injure their confidence.”

“Without a doubt,” Liszt responded as he returned Berryn’s gaze. Afterwards, he glanced at Carter, Ciaran, and the others and confidently said, “If it was just one of them, then they might not be able to do it, but it is all three of them… It will be just like us in the past. Even if one is reaching the limit, they will still endure because their teammates, their closest friends, are enduring beside them. As long as they remain together and cheer each other on, they will endure it all.”

Carter and Ciaran grinned.

They too had thought about their past selves as they watched Ayrin, Stingham, and Rinloran charging into the distance.

“Brave warrior Stingham! Keep it up!...” Ayrin’s shouts rang out in the distance.

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