Chapter 319: Bloodline? A New Special Training

Chapter 319: Bloodline? A New Special Training

“Still not telling the truth?” The strange spider-man cackled as he shouted, “Unfortunately for you, I will never fall for your tricks.”

“I still don’t understand what you are saying.” Jean Camus furrowed his brows, “I am not an Evil Dragon Bishop. I also do not know who you are. I am an arcane master of the Kingdom of Doa, the son of the leader of the Royal Palace Guard of Doa.”

“The son of the leader of the Royal Palace Guard of Doa?” A look of confusion emerged on the half man half spider’s face as if he still didn’t believe Jean Camus’ words, “Do you think that I will believe you just because you say so?”

Jean Camus looked the half man half spider in the eye as he responded, “Any of countless arcane masters of the Kingdoms of Doa and Eiche running around outside of here would be able to confirm my identity for you.”

The half man half spider broke into raucous laughter as he shouted, “The countless arcane masters running around outside? You are only saying this because you know that I cannot leave here due to this domain around me!”

“You cannot leave?”

Jean Camus slightly stiffened as he thought, “What kind of domain is this?”

“Stop pretending! Scram!” the half man half spider shouted as his behavior abruptly became violent once more.

“Why don’t we talk a little bit more and see if you still believe I am an Evil Dragon Follower,” Jean Camus responded as he calmly looked the half man half spider in the eye. “You say that you cannot leave, but perhaps I can help you.”

“You can help me leave?”

The half man half spider glared at Jean Camus and sneered, “Okay! I want to see just what kind of tricks you have up your sleeve. Since you wish to keep pretending, I shall accompany you. I have all the time in the world, after all. I want to see just how you get rid of the Emperor Spider Bishop’s Lifebound Domain!”

“Lifebound Domain?”

“My lower half is a result of the Emperor Spider Bishop’s skill. It is a queen spider, and it provides me with the nutrients I require to survive. But at the same time, my aura has merged with its aura and her arcane energy to form a unique domain. If I leave it, the energies contained within this domain will immediately obliterate us,” the half man half spider said coldly.

A light flickered through Jean Camus’ eyes as he asked, “So you are only like this because of a taboo skill? You weren’t originally like this?”

“Are there any arcane masters like this?” the man coldly sneered.

Jean Camus remained silent as he fell into deep thought. After a while, he began walking towards the half man half spider.

A mirthless smile and violent expression emerged on the man’s face as he abruptly shouted, “What are you trying?!”

Jean Camus remained silent as he continued to approach until he was right outside of the domain.

He felt the energy and aura of the domain wash over him as he motionlessly stood there for several seconds. Afterwards, he decisively stepped into the domain.

“What are you trying to do?!” the half man half spider shrilly screamed.

Even the slightest, most fragmented arcane energy fluctuation could cause the domain around him to completely collapse, immediately killing him.


But right at this moment, the air around him trembled. The half man half spider’s body stiffened.

It was because a powerful storm had erupted around Jean Camus. At the same time, Jean Camus’ body sagged, as if he had consumed too much power.

But there wasn’t a single arcane energy fluctuation or collision around them. There was only a strange ripple of another domain.

As the ripple of domain energy blossomed, the domain around the half man half spider abruptly disappeared.

“What?!” the half man half spider gasped.

His lower spider half violently burst apart, making it look as if a massive maw was trying to devour him.

But any arcane energy which emerged from within the bursting spider immediately disappeared.

The black haired man’s true figure was finally revealed as bits of spider landed around him.

“A domain which can directly disperse arcane energy!”

The black haired man still couldn’t believe his eyes.

The domain energy emanating from Jean Camus’ body slowly disappeared.

He calmly approached the black haired man who was standing amidst the pieces of spider and said, “You can leave now.”

“I can leave?” the black haired man’s face was still full of doubt.

“Although I do not know who you are, I’m assuming that you are an arcane master who was trapped here by the Evil Dragon Followers.” Jean Camus calmly observed the black haired man as he continued, “I assume that you have something the Evil Dragon Followers want, but because I don’t know who you are, and because I didn’t come here with any intention of taking anything, you are free to go whenever. Seeing how your level his higher than mine, you should have no trouble leaving Fallen Shadow Valley as it is now. Nonetheless, if you can, you should probably condense some arcane particles before you leave.”

A sharp glint flashed through the man’s eyes as he hesitated for a moment, and then looked towards Jean Camus and asked, “You truly are an arcane master of the Kingdom of Doa?”

Jean Camus calmly nodded his head, “You will know once you step out.”

“But your bloodline is strange,” the black haired man abruptly said after a moment of silence.

Jean Camus slightly furrowed his brows as he asked, “What do you mean?”

“I can sense the same bloodline as the Emperor Spider Bishop coming from within you. Only, it seems to have somewhat mutated to allow you to produce the incredible domain you used just now. I am certain of it,” the black haired man responded.

Jean Camus shook his head, “I have never heard of the Emperor Spider Bishop before. And my father has an Ice Dragon Bloodline.”

A confused expression emerged on the black haired man’s face as he slowly said, “But the Emperor Spider Bishop is a woman.”

Jean Camus abruptly raised his head and stared into the eyes of the black haired man.

The black haired man looked straight back.

“Just like how I do not fully trust you right now, you do not fully trust me.” The long haired man slowly made his way out from the corpse as he slowly continued, “But I trust that you will eventually come to the correct answer.”

After this, the black haired man didn’t dawdle any longer as he walked out of the cave. He took a deep breath and then immediately disappeared from Jean Camus’ vision.


“Undead Bishop, Shaman Bishop, Plague Bishop. What was Dias the Bishop of?”

Ayrin continuously asked questions as he sat atop the massive, valley-sized altar beside Liszt. “Also, how many bishops are there? Are they all so powerful?”

On his other side, Rinloran and Stingham panted heavily as they laid limply on the ground, so tired that they couldn’t even move their fingers.

There was no longer a single standing Bloodcrazed standing atop the entire altar. In fact, they had all been thrown into a massive pile.

“Dias was the Shadow Bishop,” Liszt responded as he lazily stretched out his waist. He looked at Ayrin and continued, “Based on the information I received before, there are a total of thirteen Evil Dragon Bishops.”

“Thirteen of them? Then outside of the ones we encountered, what are the other Bishops like? Did they appear during this battle? Were any of them killed?”

Ayrin continued to fire questions in rapid succession.

Their previous confrontation with Dias and Ana had caused Ayrin to clearly understand just how powerful of an entity Evil Dragon Bishops were. In one on one situations, not even the top masters of the Office of Special Affairs were their matches.

“Emperor Eye Bishop Augustine was assassinated at the start of the war by several of the Southam Demon Corps arcane masters. As for the others, there are the ones we met and then Ghost Bishop Hela. However, I do not know if they have been killed or not.”

Liszt looked at Ayrin as he explained, “The Evil Dragon Bishops are an extremely secretive group of people. We only know about the ones I just named, and the Bishop of Lost Faith Kreisler and Bishop of Darkness Jia. We do not know anything about the others.”

“So there are several Evil Dragon Bishops whom we do not know their appearances and skills?” Ayrin asked impatiently.

“Of all of the Evil Dragon Bishops, the Coffin Master Bishop should be the strongest,” Lotton abruptly spoke.

“Coffin Master Bishop?” Ayrin’s eyes brightened as he turned his full attention towards Lotton.

“Outside of the Evil Dragon Bishops, none of the Evil Dragon Followers have met him, including me,” Lotton responded as he slowly nodded his head. “But I could feel their fear whenever they mentioned the title. Even Dias was no exception.”

“So this Coffin Master Bishop has more power than all of the other Bishops?” Ayrin reiterated.

“It seems that the bishops’ positions are determined by the Coffin Master Bishop as well,” Lotton replied.

“They can even decide whether or not someone becomes a bishop? They are definitely the big boss!” Stingham’s eyes widened in shock as he shouted, “Teacher Liszt, we should hurry and run! Otherwise, if this guy appears and starts killing, we are all doomed!”

“Idiot. If they were to appear, they would have appeared already. Why would they appear after we have captured this most important place and destroyed the bones which produced the blood particles of the Evil Dragon?!” Rinloran swore. “Dias and Ana only decided to destroy everything as a final effort so that they could use the particles to display all of their skills.”

“But what if they just happened to be out and around and are coming back now?” Stingham muttered.

“Do you think that they are the same as you, always running around and chasing after skirts?!”

“Ayrin, Rinloran, Stingham.” Just as Stingham and Rinloran were beginning to bicker, Liszt suddenly spoke to the three of them. “As of this war, we have managed to win countless battles against the Evil Dragon Followers and obtain a great victory. However, it is impossible to end the Evil Dragon Followers with just this one war. So instead of being afraid of the enemy and focusing on living, let’s focus on becoming stronger.”

“Teacher, are you about to arrange a special training for us?!” Ayrin’s eyes abruptly brightened.


Stingham had only barely crawled up onto his knees when he heard Ayrin’s words and immediately fell back down onto the ground.

They were still in the Evil Dragon’s Abyss, yet Ayrin actually wished to train! And when they were all so exhausted that they couldn’t climb to their feet!

In the following moment, Stingham nearly fainted as he heard Liszt’s cheery response to Ayrin’s words, “You three have improved so much that I indeed want to arrange new special training for you guys right away.”

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