Chapter 316: Avenging Flame

Chapter 316: Avenging Flame

The little yellow dragon stuck its head out from Ayrin’s chest pocket, the pouch which Ayrin had given it still hanging around its neck.

Upon seeing Stingham and Rinloran curiously staring in its direction, it happily took out a dull yellow crystal from within the pouch and bit it.

“It actually!” Stingham’s eyes bulged in shock.


At of this moment, several Bloodcrazed had latched onto him. Stingham thunderously punched them, sending them flying away. His eyes, however, remained fixated on the little yellow dragon.

“What kind of crystal is this? It really stole it just in time. Dias and Ana were just about to use it to turn the tides.” An expression of shock and joy emerged on Rinloran’s face as he felt like laughing, but couldn’t.

“Where did you get this crystal from?!”

“Did you steal it from them?!”

Although slowest to react, Ayrin’s reaction was indeed the most enthusiastic as he failed to contain his cries of excitement.


A strange atmosphere suddenly descended atop the entire altar.

Up until now, no one atop the altar had sensed the presence of the little yellow dragon!

Being the closest to Ayrin, Ciaran was the first to clearly see the dragon. She immediately released a cry of shock, “A dragon without draconic aura? This is… a Faerie Dragon!”

“A Faerie Dragon?!”

“Just what happened?! Ayrin, just where did you manage to encounter a Faerie Dragon?!” Minlur couldn’t help but exclaim in a thunderous voice.

“A Faerie Dragon?!”

“How is this possible?!”

“How can there be a Faerie Dragon?!”

Dias and Ana’s shrill screams of disbelief simultaneously rang out from the center of the altar.

“What is a Faerie Dragon? Is it super powerful?” Stingham shouted.

Ayrin, Rinloran, and Stingham all exchanged looks.


“Water Dragon!”

Stingham sent another Bloodcrazed flying backwards.

But no one responded to his question because at this moment, the battle resumed once more.


Ana’s figure abruptly disappeared as dozens of blazing red flames scattered around him and flew up towards the sky.

At the same time, Dias released another violent roar as clumps of black scales began to grow over his skin and his body began to shift and swell.

“Trying to escape? It will not be easy.”

Although unable to participate in battle any longer, Liszt’s face had regained its normal calmness as he lazily stretched his waist and attempted to say something which sounded cool.

“Dark Flames!” Donna coldly shouted beside him.

A unique domain energy swept across the altar once more.

Tiny red flames appeared in the sky like little flashing stars.

As they appeared, the temperature atop the altar sharply decreased until it was even colder than when Berryn had used his skill.

It was because all the heat and arcane energy atop the altar had been absorbed by these flames.

The flames themselves were extremely hot, but everything around them was extremely cold.

Crack crack crack…

Space itself seemed to freeze over.

The flames which Ana had transformed into abruptly began to stagnate where they were in midair.

“What kind of evasion skill is this?!”

Now that the flames had slowed down, Ayrin, Stingham, and Rinloran were finally able to see them clearly for the first time. To their disbelief, Ana had not transformed into flames, but clusters of blood and flesh!

Ana had separated his body into dozens of smaller copies in attempt to flee!

“This is a technique of the Blood Witches. As long as a single piece of flesh and blood manages to escape, the user will remain alive. Of course, they will still remain heavily injured,” Liszt explained in a lazy voice.


At this moment, the domain energy released by Donna abruptly underwent a violent transformation as the extreme heat produced by the flames mixed with the extreme cold in the air around it, resulting in an incomparably violent explosion.

The sky seemed to be burning as waves of heat spread across it and turned it crimson.

“So hot!” Ayrin, Stingham, and Rinloran exclaimed as their skin began to burn as if it were on fire.


Dozens of miserable screams rang out from within the now crimson sky.

They could vaguely make out dozens of tiny figures desperately squirming in the sky as if trying to escape. Slowly but surely, these figures all turned to ashes.

“In the end, this Bishop doesn’t seem so powerful at all!” Stingham muttered as he unleashed another punch towards another approaching Bloodcrazed.

“Idiot! He has already fought against Teacher Liszt. For him to have such strength even after fighting Teacher Liszt alone is already proof of his strength. If it was a one on one fight, I’m afraid that none of us would have been his match,” Rinloran said as he looked at Stingham as if he was stupid.

“What kind of skill is Dias using?! We must not let him escape! We must kill him to get revenge for Teacher Ashur!” Ayrin shouted.

As of this moment, Dias had already finished his transformation into a monstrous creature.

Dias now looked like a half-dragon. His body was covered in black scales. Sharp claws protruded from his hands and feet and two long spiralling horns emerged from his forehead as his body neared three meters in height and continued to grow.

“The more powerful Evil Dragon Followers normally have two final cards. One is expelling all the Evil Dragon blood particles within their bodies and using Evil Blood Corruption to take the opponent down with them. The other is to transform using the Evil Dragon bloodline into a half dragon. The former option is quite easy to learn, whereas this latter option is extremely hard to learn. Furthermore, many who attempt the transformation die before the transformation even completes. For Dias to have completed this transformation is a testament to his talent.” Liszt shook his head, “It’s a shame. It is futile for him. This struggle is just a waste of energy.”

“Ayrin, releasing the seal shouldn’t require too many arcane particles. The domain you just sealed, I think it would be nice to return it to him now,” Liszt said as he looked at Ayrin.


Flames of vengeance and excitement emerged in his eyes.

“Dias have a taste of your own domain! And a taste of my anger and hatred!” Ayrin shouted as the Treasured Book of Sealing in his hand released a brilliant light.

A powerful domain energy immediately struck Dias like a tsunami.

“Ack!” Dias let out a miserable cry.

Sacred flames erupted atop his body as clumps of scale and flesh scattered around him.

A terrifying energy surrounded him and began grinding away at his body like a millstone as his growth abruptly stopped.

“You used to look rather handsome, but now, you are so ugly. Hahaha, I am the most handsome!” Stingham shouted as he cackled happily, causing Rinloran to nearly slam his head into the ground.

Crack crack crack…

The sound of bones breaking began ringing out from within the half dragon form Dias.

However, a stream of black particles continuously devoured the sacred flames as Dias remained standing even under the pressure of such a domain.

“Ashur, this punch is for you!” Minlur roared.

He abruptly entered a beserk state as he charged forward like an unstoppable meteor, causing the air around him become ablaze.


Ayrin and the others weren’t able to see anything as Minlur’s fist viciously slammed into Dias’ chest.

Dias’ chest collapsed inwards as he spat a mouthful of black blood from his mouth.

“Ciaran, this punch is for you!”


Minlur’s second fist thunderously collided with Dias’ forehead, turning Dias’ head into a bloody pulp and causing Dias to fall to his knees.

“This punch, is for all of us!”

Minlur’s third punch slammed into the top of Dias’ head.

One of the black horns atop Dias’ head shattered as his neck seemingly disappeared.

After throwing these three punches, Minlur violently roared and beat his own chest.

“…… Indeed a barbarian. He’s acting just like a savage monkey,” Stingham muttered.

“Teacher Ciaran!” Ayrin whispered as he ignored Stingham’s words.

After Minlur’s three punches, Dias was clearly unable to fight any longer. He couldn’t even stand.

Ayrin watched as Ciaran slowly walked towards Dias.

Dias felt the sensation of fear wash over him as an unintelligible sound came out of his mouth.

Ciaran arrived beside Dias and slowly raised her head towards the sky as she slowly said in her mind, “Ashur… can you see this? We have avenged you!”

Afterwards, a stream of arcane particles emerged from the palm of her right hand. It was everything that she had been able to condense during this last period of time.

A deep red flame surged towards Dias’ bloody forehead.

Dias let out one last miserable cry as his face was engulfed by the flame and he limply fell backwards onto the ground.

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