Chapter 315: An Unexpected Problem

Chapter 315: An Unexpected Problem

“Such a strange energy…”

Ayrin trembled as he turned his head.

He felt an extremely strange sensation from Carter’s attack. Every released fluctuation of arcane energy seemed to contain a terrifying penetrative energy.

These arcane energy fluctuations all moved in the same direction and combined into a powerful cluster of energy which shot towards Dias.

Even the Bloodcrazed could feel just how terrifying this energy was as their movements slowed from hesitation.


Stingham’s mouth dropped wide open once more.

He watched as pale white flames emerged in the sky and descended towards Dias.

But these flames were generated from the friction created as the attack ripped through the sky.

The attack had long since already struck Dias.

As the wind and fire receded, Dias reappeared, only now, a blue spear covered in strange crimson and gold flames had pierced his chest.

“Holy Flames: Spear of Punishment!” Stingham inwardly shouted as he recognized the skill.

This skill was one of the most penetrative taboo skills known atop Doraster. But more importantly, the flames around the spear were deadly against those with non-human bloodlines. Because these flames would continuously burn until all the non-human blood within the struck person’s body burned away!

Stingham was astonished because it was the always low-key Carter, and not the other teachers, who had used such a legendary skill.

But what shocked him even more was that the spear, although it had struck Dias’ chest, had failed to completely penetrate through Dias’ body.

At this moment, a dark purple head abruptly emerged from the wound on Dias’ chest!

Dark purple hair streamed atop the head like a bed of seaweed, signifying that it was a female.

The head opened its mouth and bit the tip of the Spear of Punishment.

“What is this domain?”

This appalling image lasted for a mere moment before the dark purple head disappeared back into the wound on Dias’ chest. Afterwards, a huge vortex erupted out from within from Dias’ body.

The Spear of Punishment ablaze with holy flames abruptly shattered!

“You thought your skill was enough to defeat me? Die!” Dias growled at this moment.

“Siren’s Realm!”

At this moment, lights flashed through Rinloran’s eyes as his expression abruptly changed and he shouted, “This domain is one which grinds away an enemy’s arcane energy and sends it back at them! Ayrin, use the Treasured Book of Sealing!”

“Treasured Book of Sealing?”

A brilliant light flickered through Liszt’s eyes. His face was calm as if he had predicted that Dias would respond with a powerful counterattack and was in the process of preparing for it. But upon hearing Rinloran’s words, the shocking fluctuations around him abruptly disappeared.

“Such a powerful domain. After using this domain, Dias surely doesn’t have very many arcane particles left!”

Ayrin himself had also felt the timing arrive. The moment he heard Rinloran’s shout, he immediately grabbed the book in his robe without the slightest hesitation.

“Holy Gate of Life!”

“Treasured Book of Sealing!”

An energy even fiercer than the one generated by Dias’ domain erupted out in front of Ayrin.


Like a river disappearing into the void, the terrifying currents of domain energy which had spread through the air abruptly disappeared.

“Treasured Book of Sealing?”

At this moment, even the expression of Ana had changed as everyone’s gazes gathered on the book in Ayrin’s hands.

The Treasured Book of Sealing shined brightly.

“Stingham, I will need a little white to replenish my arcane particles. Help me deal with the Bloodcrazed for a while! We must protect Teacher Ciaran!” Ayrin shouted as he completely ignored the looks on Dias and Ana’s faces.

“I am the best at things like this! You should have handed me the job earlier!” Stingham replied as he immediately charged forth into battle.


Carter, Ciaran, and Minlur all rubbed their eyes in disbelief.

Was this really Stingham? The same person who was too lazy to train and hid from battle? Right now, why did he seem even more battle crazed than Ayrin?!

But in the next moment, they became even more speechless as Stingham abruptly disappeared as a massive thicket sprang up around him!

A loud crack rang out as a Bloodcrazed tore through the thicket to attack Stingham.

Everyone watched as the Bloodcrazed’s attack descended upon Stingham, only to be stopped by a metal corpse which glowed a dim yellow. No matter how hard the Bloodcrazed tried, it couldn’t penetrate farther.

“Hurry up and use some more strength! It would be best if you could rip this corpse off me!”

“But at the same time, have a good taste of my fists! Because there are simply too many of you and I can’t let a single one of you past me!”

As Stingham gleefully shouted, he threw out thunderous punches in quick succession.

One Bloodcrazed after another was pummelled into the ground by Stingham.

“Nice! Brave warrior Stingham! Try to hold out for a while!”

Ayrin pumped his fist in the air as he cheered on Stingham. Afterwards, he immediately sat down and began using the Logic Fingers which Ciaran taught him to focus and replenish arcane particles.

“These children of Holy Dawn…”

Berryn’s mouth twitched as a feeling of speechlessness arose within him.

“They sure are an unpredictable bunch, aren’t they?” Minlur couldn’t help but shake his head as he felt himself beginning to relax.

“You all…” Dias roared, as if he felt the need to speak, but didn’t know what to say.

For Dias, his hatred stemmed from his failed assassination attempt of the Holy Dawn Evil Six which had cost him the life of his younger brother.

And now, victory seemed to be disappearing right before his fingertips, it . was beginning to look like he had failed once more.

“Idiot!” Rinloran frostily mocked, interrupting Dias before he could say anything else.

Being mocked by a student of Holy Dawn Academy abruptly drove Dias over the edge as his contained emotions erupted once more.

“You all…” Dias roared once more as he reached into his robe with his right hand.

“Not good!”

The face of Ana beside Dias abruptly changed as the red glow in his pupils abruptly spread across his entire face.

Countless silk-like strands of red arcane energy spun around him as he flew into the air.

“Holy Gate of Life!”

A rumble sounded out from within Liszt’s body as a massive illusory gate appeared in the sky and opened.

“Teacher Liszt……”

Ayrin felt his body sway as the terrifying arcane energy fluctuations generated a storm of winds which nearly knocked him face first into the ground.

He immediately realized that Liszt had used Holy Gate of Life.

But he had never expected that Liszt’s usage of Holy Gate of Life would produce such a terrifying effect. It was completely different from when he used it.

A cluster of black flames appeared above Ana and Dias’ heads.

It was like a little black sun.

The cluster of Evil Dragon blood particles writhing above Ana’s head which had slowly been taking a humanoid shape was abruptly enveloped by the black sun.

Now at the center of the black sun, a strange and shrill ringing sound began to emanate out from within the human figure.

In a single moment, the cluster of Evil Dragon blood particles shifted between a variety of different appearances, from a long horned devil, to a winged angel, to a half-dragon, to a monster with several hands. But no matter what form it took, it couldn’t escape from within this cluster of black flames created by Liszt.

“Dragon Slaying Black Flames Boundary!”

Ana’s face, which was covered with streaks of blood, abruptly turned ugly.

Most of his energy had been condensed into that cluster of Evil Dragon blood particles.

Furthermore, the cluster of particles had been at its most critical point and on the verge of transforming into an Evil Dragon Witch Spirit even more powerful than himself. But Liszt had made his move at this exact moment when they were transforming.

A little earlier, and Liszt would have merely wasted his energy on normal Evil Dragon blood particles.

Liszt’s grasp of timing was just too strong. He had also committed Holy Gate of Life. Even if Ana had been higher level than Liszt and expecting it, there was nothing he could have done at that moment to prevent Liszt’s attack from succeeding. This made Ana feel extremely miserable.

“Dias!” Ana screamed shrilly.

At this moment, Ana could only hope that Dias had some kind of final trick up his sleeve to reverse the situation.

After all, they had made plans for dealing with teams of arcane masters more powerful than the one before them.

“Do you all really believe you can defeat me with just this?!”

“I’m afraid you will all still be dying here today!”

Dias roared in response to Ana as he reached into his robes once more.

But at this critical moment, his body abruptly stiffened.

There was nothing there.

There was nothing in the pocket in his robes!


Seeing Dias pause at this moment, Ana felt like his veins were about to burst atop his forehead.

“How can there be nothing there… I lost it?” Dias rambled like a madman.

“What? Lost?” Ana’s eyes darkened as he nearly spit out a mouth of blood.

The most critical thing had been… lost?!

“What was he hiding atop his body?”

“It was something which could change the tides of the battle, yet now, it’s not there?”

Ayrin fell into a daze as he thought of something. He subconsciously looked down towards his chest pocket.

Stingham and Rinloran’s expressions changed as they too looked towards Ayrin’s chest pocket.

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