Chapter 314: Sever, Angel of Horror

Chapter 314: Sever, Angel of Horror

Sacred Angel’s Domain!”

The faces of Carter and the others turned even frostier.

The powers wielded by the Evil Dragon Bishops were indeed enough for them to stand at the pinnacle of Doraster.

Sacred Angel’s Domain was one of the strongest defensive domains known atop Doraster. It was known for being able to repel all kinds of arcane energy, preventing many skills, and even domains, from penetrating within.


But to their complete surprise, Dias abruptly released a shrill scream of pain.

Above his head, the larger, shadowy replica of himself was clutching its head with both of its hands, its face twisting and contorting as if in pain. However, the strange smile remained on its face.

“Lotton’s skill is actually penetrating through Sacred Angel’s Domain?”

“Just what kind of skill is he using?!”

Utter shock emerged on the faces of the teachers as they observed the scene before them. As they did so, the smile on Dias face seemed increasingly strange.

“Domain energies?”

At this moment, Ayrin’s soul trembled as he subconsciously clutched the Treasured Book of Sealing in his robes with his right hand.

But after a moment’s hesitation, he released it.

In a battle like this, he would likely only be given a single chance to use the book. Considering the types of characters Dias and Ana were, they would definitely have more powerful domains still hidden up their sleeves.

Sacred Angel’s Domain continued to exert its influence atop the altar, preventing Carter, Liszt, and the others from attacking as any attack would be incapable of penetrating to Dias, making it a waste of arcane particles.

“Look at his face!”

“Could this be… Angel of Horror!” Donna couldn’t help but shout.

Even Ayrin turned and looked at Dias.

Dias seemed to have lost control of his face as expressions of anger, pain, jealousy, sorrow, and many others continuously appeared and disappeared. All except for happiness.

“From now on, even if you survive today, you will never be able to smile. You will never be able to feel happiness or joy… you will be just like my past self. What you once gave me, I now return to you!” Lotton screamed inwardly as he raised his head and glared at Dias.

He had already completely exhausted the arcane particles within his body, and his body had also long since surpassed its limits, yet he still stood strong without fear.

“I will kill you!” Dias roared angrily.

Angel of Horror was a skill which attacked the mind both physically and mentally. It made one forever lose the ability to feel a single emotion.

This loss of emotion was extremely serious for arcane masters. It was even worse than losing a limb as the emotional instability which resulted from lacking an emotion would result in constant loss of control and schizophrenic tendencies.

For Dias, suffering such a heavy blow when he thought everything was under control made him feel great shame and failure.

“How are you going to kill him? He is already dead,” Stingham cried out in ridicule.

Dias’ face twisted in anger once more.

As Lotton was a vengeful spirit, he was indeed, in the strictest sense, already dead.

“No.” Lotton interrupted as he shook his head. “Only now am I truly alive.”

“Body Splitting Light!”

A silvery grey streak of light surged forth from before Dias and shot towards Lotton at an unimaginable speed. It looked like a giant blade piercing forth to completely impale him.


But right as the streak of light left the range of the Sacred Angel’s Domain, Berryn emerged before it.

“Ultimate Permafrost!”

Countless tiny icicles emerged around the streak of light and attached to it, slowly slowing down its advance until it finally stopped five meters before Berryn and dissipated.

Berryn’s trembled where he stood as his face turned pale. His eyes, however, narrowed as he looked even more pridefully at Dias and shouted, “Dias, earlier you mentioned how we progressed faster than you had ever imagined, yet now, you are trying to kill someone right before us when we are still able to fight? Aren’t you looking down on us a little too much?”

Dias was currently like a wounded beast. The loss of an emotion had greatly wounded his soul.

A guttural roar erupted from his throat as the arcane energy around him began to fluctuate even more wildly.

Two wisps of fiery purple gas emerged above his head and took the shape of horns.

But right at this moment, Ana abruptly spoke from beside him, “Calm down Dias.”

A pale black ring of light descended over Dias.

Dias’ face relaxed as his emotions were seemingly frozen.

“Mindless clashes will only get the both of us killed. You don’t need to do anything to kill them. Just let the Bloodcrazed do their work,” Ana said as he watched the Bloodcrazed continue to pour out from beneath the statue. Although he looked even younger than Ayrin and the others, his voice was incredibly hoarse and low. If one closed their eyes and heard it, one would probably imagine it belonged to a thin and wizened old man.

The pale black halo seemed to have successfully weakened the intense emotions coursing through Dias as he replied, “You are not wrong.”

Dias nodded, “Let’s just let these Bloodcrazed kill them all.”

“These Bloodcrazed are not enough to kill us!” Ayrin shouted in response to Dias.

“How much longer can you resist? Half a minute? A minute?”

Beneath the ring of pale black light, Dias was calm and emotionless, as if he had transformed into a weapon.

An arcane master who had opened a mere three gates. Just how much longer could they last while invoking skills and consuming so many arcane particles?

The scene atop the altar seemed frozen as time continued to flow.

One minute quickly passed, yet Ayrin continued to fight while everyone else silently watched on. It was a strange scene reminiscent of a training exhibition.

Even Ayrin himself felt like he was simply training as he thought to himself, “A little more, and my casting speed will improve!”

Having to use the same skills and movements over and over again under such pressure, Ayrin could feel his own skills becoming increasingly sharpened, whether it was his movements or the speed at which his arcane particles circulated.

“Just what is going on with this child? Why does it seem like he has an endless reservoir of arcane particles? Has he really only opened three gates? By this point, even I would be exhausted! What a monster!” Berryn exclaimed, his mouth twitching.

“How is this possible?!”

Dias was still enveloped by the pale black light, but his mouth and eyes had both started twitching once more.

“I apologize, but it seems like we are destined to disappoint you,” Liszt abruptly said as he stopped watching Ayrin repeatedly knock down Bloodcrazed and turned back towards Dias, whose face was beginning to twist once more, and flashed him a smug grin.

“That child’s bloodline is similar to ours, yet also very different. It seems like his is able to devour the arcane particles of others and transform them into his own,” Ana cried out at this time. His voice was much colder and solemn than before.

“Devouring arcane particles?”

Dias’ face became even more contorted. He couldn’t believe it, but there was nothing else which could explain the scene occurring before him.

The more Ayrin fought, the fiercer he became, and the less likely it seemed for the Bloodcrazed to ever break through.

At this moment, the massive angelic wings behind Dias’ back dimmed as if they were beginning to disappear.

The lull caused by Sacred Angel’s Domain was ending.


Carter and Liszt exchanged looks and nodded as they both took deep breaths and charged forward once more.


Carter’s body disappeared as a massive tornado formed around him.

Blue flames surged atop the tornado.

Afterwards, everyone tensed as they sensed a powerful energy descend upon Dias.

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