Chapter 313: The Death God’s Laughter

Chapter 313: The Death God’s Laughter

Liszt, Carter, and Minlur’s gazes all gathered atop Dias and Ana in the center of the altar.

“Liszt? You all? You truly believe that they can hold off so many Bloodcrazed?” Berryn shouted as he sensed their gazes leaving the incoming onslaught of Bloodcrazed. His expression turned ugly.

“If you throw out a single Primordial Frost, I guarantee that these youths will be able to hold them off,” Liszt calmly responded as he threw Berryn a glance.

This wasn’t the first time Berryn and Liszt had fought side by side and experienced a battle of life and death. In the past, Berryn had never doubted Liszt’s words in battle, but this time, he couldn’t help but feel uncertain as he watched the Bloodcrazed charging towards him. Black lines emerged across his face as he asked for confirmation one more time, “You’re sure?”

Even though Ayrin was using a rarely seen necromantic skill, Berryn could not see it happening. After all, every usage of the skill required some consumption of arcane particles. Furthermore, it was evident that the power contained within each shadow ball was still somewhat lacking. They were not killing the Bloodcrazed, only sending them flying backwards.

In the distance, many of the Bloodcrazed sent flying by Ayrin were shakily climbing back to their feet, ready to continue the fight.

But even more critically, there were still howls and screams coming from beneath the stone statue. There was still an unknown number of Bloodcrazed who had yet to emerge.

No matter how he looked at it, he believed that their best option, no their only option, was to break through and hope for the best.

Some would perish, but it was better than all of them.

“I am very certain,” Liszt responded as he stared Berryn in the eye.

Berryn lowered his head.

There was nothing else for him to say.

“Primordial Frost!”

A violent arcane energy fluctuation erupted from Berryn’s body.

Pops began ringing out atop the altar as countless white snowflakes began to descend from the sky onto the ground.

The snowflakes quickly accumulated on the ground, forming thick layers of snow. A strange arcane energy emanated from these snowbanks, as if they were never going to melt.

“What a powerful skill!”

“Their movements are slowing down! It’s becoming easier to group them!”

The light in Ayrin’s eyes shined brighter.

“Rinloran! Stingham! You two make sure no one sneaks up on Teacher Ciaran! Don’t worry about killing any of the injured Bloodcrazed on my end!” Ayrin shouted without looking back. It was a shout of confidence and trust.

“You are willing to sacrifice them to kill me? This is your decision?”

Strong arcane energy fluctuations continued to ripple atop Dias’ body, but he remained motionless.

He naturally didn’t think much about Ayrin and his abilities.

However, Liszt’s attention had caused him to become cautious once more.

As long as Liszt had the ability to use Holy Gate of Life, Dias could not take the battle lightly.

“Ayrin, we shall entrust our backs and Ciaran to you,” Carter shouted in his heart.

A shocking killing intent began to emanate from the kind teacher of Holy Dawn Academy as he, and not Liszt or Minlur, made the first move.

The past Dias was an existence on a higher level than them to begin with. And now, after fusing with the Evil Dragon’s bloodline for so many years, he had become a Bishop.

Right now, there was another Evil Dragon Bishop besides Dias. The three of the knew that they would have to be extremely cautious in this battle. They couldn’t lose a single person or waste a single skill.

“Teacher Carter is attacking?”

“Teacher Carter must have always been hiding his strength. The aura exuding from his body has actually reached such a terrifying level.”

Rinloran and Stingham were shocked speechless.

The arcane energy fluctuations rippling around Carter were so violent that they had directly kicked up a small tornado around him.

They also understood how unforgiving this battle was. As a result, they had never expected for Carter, who normally seemed so average, to be the one to ignite the fuse.

“Teacher Carter is actually so strong as well… is he preparing to use a taboo skill?”

Ayrin watched as a blue light enveloped Carter’s body and seemingly began to condense into something huge.

At this moment, several of the Bloodcrazed which had previously been sent flying by him charged towards him once more.

A red glow emanated from their bodies as their nails began to gleam blood-red. Blood dripped from their injuries but did not fall to the ground. Instead, the blood flowed atop their skin like a fluid layer.

The moment the Bloodcrazed were close enough to Ayrin, they immediately lashed out with their hands.

“Dragon Scale Absorption!”

Facing the attacks of all these Bloodcrazed who were no different from savage beasts, Ayrin didn’t attempt to dodge. Instead, he let their sharp nails directly rain down upon his body.


Even with Dragon Scale Absorption, numerous wounds abruptly emerged atop Ayrin’s body and began to drip blood.

At the same time, Ayrin felt his body absorb arcane energy from the Bloodcrazed and transform it into arcane particles.

“As long as I can continuously replenish my arcane particles, I will undoubtedly be able to protect Teacher Ciaran!”

The fighting intent burning within Ayrin’s eyes began to burn even more intensely.

“Activate: Fist of the War God!”

Following Ayrin’s shout, countless bangs rang out around has him the Bloodcrazed surrounding him were thunderously smashed into the ground by his fists in succession.

“Death’s Energy: Shadow Ball!”

Without any pause, a ring of evil, dark purple light descended over a Bloodcrazed which had just died. A shadow ball shot up from the corpse and immediately slammed into another incoming Bloodcrazed.


At this moment, cries of shock rang out atop the altar as Lotton, who had been standing before Liszt, suddenly stepped forward, arcane energy surging around his body.

“He wants to make the first move?”

A light flashed through Carter’s eyes as he forcefully contained his release of arcane particles.

“You wish to be the first to fight me?”

Dias’ pupils abruptly shrank. He had not expected for Lotton to make the first move either.

“This will be my first time fighting for myself. My first time fighting because I want to. My first time fighting as a free person!”

“This feeling of fighting because I wish to, this feeling of being free. It really feels good.”

“These feelings of hatred and happiness, these feelings are both good.”

“Since it is like this, then I shall put everything on the line and fight just like Ayrin!”

A trace smile abruptly emerged atop Lotton’s face, which had always been cold and expressionless.

The air around him began distorting as all of the arcane particles within his body spewed out around him and began to circulate, eventually hiding Lotton from view.

A massive shadow emerged over Dias as a huge humanoid figure appeared before him.

The figure looked exactly the same as Dias, as if it was merely a replica of Dias which had been blown up a dozen times. The same except for a strange and shocking smile on its face.

The sensation emanating from Lotton’s skill was the same sensation they had gotten from Dias’ skill.


Just as Lotton’s skill took shape, a domain energy emanated outward from Dias.

A holy, pure white light began to flicker around him as a pair of large angelic wings appeared on his back.

At this moment, the Evil Dragon Bishop, who wanted to enslave all of Doraster and was the embodiment of evil, had released a domain which seemed so sacred and pure. But it only made the others feel more disgusted.

The towering smiling figure of Dias and the actual Dias with a pair of holy wings behind him stood face to face. It was a strange and unbelievable scene, one which imprinted itself into everyone’s minds.

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