Chapter 305: Monstrous Little Dragon, the Kingdom’s Tenth Dragon Rider

Chapter 305: Monstrous Little Dragon, the Kingdom’s Tenth Dragon Rider


Arcane energy fluctuations began to ripple from Ayrin once more.

“Evil Flaming Eye!” Ayrin shouted.

“Is there something wrong with you Ayrin? We are just testing out this Fractal Crystal! Why are you suddenly using Evil Flaming Eye?!” Stingham screamed in surprise.

But in the next moment, Stingham’s eyes widened to the extreme as a dozen or Evil Flaming Eyes simultaneously formed in midair around them. Stingham gulped and then shrieked, “What’s going on?!”

How could Ayrin’s single invocation cause so many Evil Flaming Eyes to simultaneously form!

“One, two, three, four…”

Stingham couldn’t believe his eyes as he said incredulously, “Ayrin, just what is going on? How did you manage to simultaneously form fifteen Evil Flaming Eyes?”

“You idiot! Do you not even know how to count?! There are clearly seventeen of them!” Rinloran bellowed in frustration. His face was also filled with shock and disbelief as he asked, “Ayrin, just what did you do?”

“I also don’t know.”

Ayrin’s eyes contained a strange expression as he gazed at the little yellow dragon, “Just… after hearing the syllables it said… I felt arcane particles circulate within me as if an arcane skill was invoked… and then this happened…”


Rinloran and Stingham exchanged looks before looking back towards Ayrin and the little yellow dragon as if they were looking at two monsters.

“What?” Ayrin only felt more bewildered.

“It’s a spiritual contract. When a person is recognized by a dragon as their partner, a special kind of spiritual connection forms between them. This connection allows the partner to utilize some Draconic skills and even gain some of the dragon’s innate abilities,” Lotton’s voice abruptly rang out. “But normally, this kind of spiritual contract is something which forms only after a long time of partnership. Furthermore, dragons normally have to mature to a certain extent before they are even able to form one. But based off what just happened, it did indeed form a spiritual contract with you. Considering that the dragon has only just hatched, there must be some abnormal circumstance or connection between the two of you.”

“Draconic skill?” Ayrin dazedly mumbled, “Then maybe this wasn’t due to the Fractal Crystal?”

“Ayrin, you moron. Just now, you created more than a dozen Evil Flaming Eyes, yet you still can’t determine if it was due to a skill or the Fractal Crystal!” Stingham cried out in annoyance.

“It seems like it was indeed due to a skill,” Ayrin abruptly agreed as he somewhat snapped out of his daze.

“Could those extraordinary bursts that I felt earlier also be due to it?” Ayrin thought to himself as he thought back to sensations of going far beyond his ordinary limits which he had felt during the earlier fight.

“Just what kind of dragon is this?” Rinloran felt increasingly speechless as he stared at the cute little yellow dragon.

It was extremely miserly, and it stole things so quickly and unnoticeably that even Jean Camus was unable to discover it.

And now, it had already established a spiritual contract with Ayrin.

Was Ayrin the strange one, or was this little dragon the strange one?

At this moment, a sudden realization emerged within Stingham’s mind as he opened and closed his mouth in silence, “If Ayrin’s managed to form a spiritual contract with a dragon, then doesn’t that mean he’s become a dragon rider? Ayrin’s become the tenth dragon rider of the Kingdom of Eiche?!”

But the yellow dragon was still so small. If Ayrin tried to ride it, wouldn’t it be smashed into a pancake?

“Ayrin, do you only sense this one skill?”

After having fallen completely speechless due to the little yellow dragon, Rinloran turned his attention back towards Ayrin and his new skill. “It’s a silent invocation skill? And can it applied to all of your other skills as well?”

“It seems like there is only this one skill,” Ayrin quickly shook his head after a moment of thought. “Furthermore, considering the low number of arcane particles consumed by the skill, it should only be creating illusions. Only one of the Evil Flaming Eyes around should be real.”

“So they are all fake.” Stingham disdainfully snorted, “It’s pretty useless then.”

“Idiot! Even if the others are illusions, the opponent doesn’t know that! If they can’t see through them, how are they going to defend against tens of attacks?!” Rinloran berated.

Rinloran couldn’t help but become enraged at times due to Stingham’s frivolous words and actions.

“Hello? How come there is only this one useless skill?! Other dragons provide their partners with a lot of powerful skills and a special joint domain after forming a spiritual contract. For example, House Baratheon’s Storm Dragon and its partner have the Ion Storm Field, and it has provided its partner with powerful taboo skills like Soul Storm,” Stingham ignored Rinloran and shouted at the little yellow dragon in despise, “Aren’t you a little too inferior? Hurry up and take out something stronger.”

The little yellow dragon seemed to have clearly understood Stingham’s words as a look of fierce anger emerged on its face.

It extended its claw and pointed towards Stingham’s Spirit Obstruction Gem once more.

“What are you pointing at? Do you plan on stealing it again?! This is mine!” Stingham shouted nervously as he tightly grasped the Spirit Obstruction Gem with his hand.

“You want the Spirit Obstruction Gem?” A thought emerged in Rinloran’s mind. “Are you saying that if we give this Spirit Obstruction Gem to you, you can provide Ayrin with another arcane skill?”

The little yellow dragon immediately nodded its head.

“What are you doing? Don’t even think about it! This is mine!” Stingham shouted in annoyance.

“It’s fine. It’s not like the dragon can eat it,” Ayrin chuckled as he scratched his head and said towards the little yellow dragon, “Then I will give this gem to you for now. But you are willing to return it to us it during a battle?”

The little yellow dragon seemingly pondered for a moment before nodding.

“No! I’m not willing! This is mine!” Stingham threw a tantrum.

“Two versus one!” Rinloran’s expression turned cold, “We will return it to you during fights.”

“You two only know how to bully me! Why don’t you give it some of your things?!” Stingham dispirited shouted.

“We will also let it hold onto our stuff, alright?” Ayrin took his empty money pouch out of his robe and dropped the Fracture Crystal into it before handing it over to the little yellow dragon.

The little yellow dragon’s eyes abruptly brightened.

In the next moment, it abruptly disappeared from Ayrin’s shoulder.

Stingham only felt a gust of cold air blow past his neck. By the time he reacted, he could only helplessly watch the excited little yellow dragon toss his Spirit Obstruction Gem into the pouch.

Afterwards, the little yellow dragon closed the pouch and hung it around its neck, its claws still tightly grasping it, making it seem increasingly miserly.

“This little dragon…” Stingham pursed his lips.

The little yellow dragon turned its head and deliberately looked away from Stingham as Draconic began to flow out from its mouth once more.

Ayrin felt the arcane particles within his body began to resonate in a strange, but wonderful, manner.

This time, Ayrin could somewhat sense the mysterious secrets of the spiritual contract.

Arcane energy radiated from his and the little yellow dragon’s bodies and merged together. A portion of it entered his body and seemed to increase his strength. The other part seemed to incite his arcane particles, guiding them in a particular manner.

“This can only be done with a Draconic invocation?” Such a thought immediately emerged in Ayrin’s mind.

He subconsciously began repeating the mysterious Draconic syllables after the little yellow dragon.

Even though it was his first time, his Draconic seemed indistinguishable from the little yellow dragon’s.

And each time he emitted a syllable, a strange arcane energy fluctuation rippled through the air around him.

A look of surprise emerged in the eyes of the little yellow dragon.

It seemed like it had planned on repeating these syllables several times, but Ayrin had managed to learn it in just one try.

“What is this skill?” Stingham couldn’t resist asking at this moment.

“It seems like a skill used to deal with the skills invoked by opponents,” Ayrin replied with some uncertainty as he perceived the flow of arcane particles within his body and the arcane energy fluctuations around him.

“For dealing with arcane skills? Let me try it out!” Upon hearing Ayrin’s response, Stingham felt his heart itch as he immediately invoked a skill, “Water Dragon!”


“Si… Xi… Er Ke…” Ayrin repeated the mysterious Draconic syllables once more.

A strange arcane energy fluctuation spread through the air and swept over Stingham’s massive water dragon as a faint layer of yellow light appeared over it.


Stingham’s mouth opened in shock as he watched his water dragon abruptly shrink in size. It was obvious that some of the condensed arcane energy used to create it had dissipated.

“Dragon’s Breath: Exhaust!” Rinloran and Lotton shouted at the same time.

“So this skill is one which weakens other skills by consuming arcane energy?” Ayrin asked.

“During the Era of the War with Dragons, only very few dragons and Draconic scholars knew this taboo skill!” Rinloran took a deep breath as he attempted to regain some composure, “This is a very powerful restriction type Draconic taboo skill!”

“This taboo skill can weaken, and even destroy, domains as well,” Lotton added.

“It works against domains too? So I won’t have to worry about domains anymore? How powerful…” Ayrin muttered.

“This little dragon has some ability after all,” Stingham looked at the little yellow dragon in a new light.

“So powerful,” Ayrin couldn’t help but repeat. Afterwards, he turned and asked the little yellow dragon, “Do you perhaps know how to use the Fractal Crystal?”

The little yellow dragon immediately shook its head.

Even the mysterious little dragon wasn’t omnipotent.

“Perhaps Teacher Liszt will know the method. Or we could try asking Jean Camus. Considering he took Kiloran’s Crystal Hand and searched for the Fractal Crystal, he probably knows how to use it,” Ayrin said as he looked towards Rinloran and Stingham.

Rinloran nodded. The abilities of this Fractal Crystal were very useful and would greatly enhance their combat strength. It would be quite sad if they weren’t able to use it.

“Forget about it. You can’t actually be considering trying to get it from his mouth? It’s enough to not have to worry about being robbed by him,” Stingham interrupted. His face slightly paled the moment he heard Jean Camus’ name.

“What is it?”

Right at this moment, the little yellow dragon’s eyes brightened as if it had discovered something as it fiercely pointed one of its claws towards one side.

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