Chapter 303: An Agreement Between Two Monstrous Individuals

Chapter 303: An Agreement Between Two Monstrous Individuals


Jean Camus’s body flickered and reappeared beside one of the crystal figures.

That crystal figure immediately shattered and dispersed into countless disappearing particles.

The instant the crystal figure shattered, the stable arcane formation created by the crystal figures collapsed and four of the other five crystal figures abruptly shattered, only leaving behind Clayston’s true body. By this time, any crystallic brilliance radiating from his body had completely disappeared.

“Jean Camus, what domain is this?”

“Clayston’s arcane energy has completely disappeared without a single trace!”

Ayin and Rinloran couldn’t believe their eyes as they exchanged looks of disbelief.

At the current moment, it was clear that Jean Camus had invoked a domain due to the unique aura emanating from his body. But strangely, the domain seemed to be contained to a small area several meters wide around his body and was able to move with him.

Also at this moment, Ayrin and Rinloran were finally able to see the true appearance of Crystal Master Clayston. Although his one point six meter tall frame was revealed, they were unable to clearly see his face as his long, shoulder length black hair covered it.

Had they been able to see Clayston’s face, they would have seen that his bloodshot eyes were full of horror.

“Arcane energy termination… just what domain is this?!”

“How is this possible! I’ve never heard of a taboo domain skill with this effect!”

Clayston’s body trembled incessantly as he screamed in disbelief.

“Didn’t I say it already… Jean Camus is a very abnormal fellow, yet you still fought him… Your greed brought this upon yourself…” Stingham’s voice faintly emanated out from the thicket.

Clayston began running away at a shocking speed, but the expression on Jean Camus’ face remained as nonchalant as ever, as if he didn’t care at all.

Jean Camus’ body disappeared. All Ayrin and Rinloran could see were several flashes as a mere couple of seconds later, Jean Camus reappeared beside Clayston.

As Jean Camus appeared, any remaining glow of arcane energy and any arcane energy fluctuations rippling from Clayston’s body all disappeared.

Clayston’s body abruptly lurched forward.

As Rinloran watched, his expression remained cold and composed, but his mind was a mess, “Clayston can’t release arcane energy! He can’t use any more arcane skills! Just what domain is this?!”

Bang! Clayston blocked Jean Camus’ incoming punch with his arm, sending himself staggering several steps backwards.

“Such strength! Such power!” Ayrin cried out as his blood began boiling.

Jean Camus’ fist hadn’t contained any skills. At this point, the two were fighting a purely physical battle.

The strength contained in Jean Camus’ fist caused Ayrin to feel as if there was an immense gap between him and Jean Camus, igniting a fire within him to train even harder to catch up with Jean Camus as quickly as possible.

“Just what is this taboo domain?! How is this possible! How have I never heard of a taboo domain like this before?!” Clayston screamed as he received yet another punch, sending him sliding backwards.

“Just because you haven’t heard of it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist and can’t appear,” Jean Camus leisurely replied as he took his time approaching Clayston once more. It was clear that he was in full control of the situation.

“Could it be…” Rinloran’s hands trembled slightly as a thought suddenly popped into his mind.

But before Rinloran could voice out his idea, Clayston abruptly shouted, “You have a variant bloodline! This is your bloodline’s Limit Break! This domain is your bloodline’s innate ability!”

“A domain contained within his bloodline? This is the powerful ability of Jean Camus’ mysterious bloodline?” Ayrin stiffened.

Ferguillo had a variant bloodline of House Baratheon. Back in the sewers of Eichemalar, Ayrin had clearly seen the terrifying strength of his variant bloodline.

But it was evident that the strength of Jean Camus’ variant bloodline was even greater and more abnormal.

Jean Camus remained silent, neither confirming nor denying Clayston’s cries.

With another whoosh, Jean Camus appeared on Clayston’s left side, his right hand clutching Clayston’s neck.

Clayston’s eyes turned completely red and his hair fluttered as he shouted, “Dance of Chaotic Leaves!” His hands turned into mere shadows as they shot out at Jean Camus’ fists and body.

For a moment, the sound of exchanging of blows rang out.


A heavy bang rang out from Clayston’s back.


Blood spurt from Clayston’s mouth.

Jean Camus flipped in midair and gently landed back on the ground.

“Can Jean Camus also not use arcane skills within his domain? But regardless, his close combat abilities are incredible!”

Ayrin could feel sweat covering his palms as he tightly clenched his hands into fists.

Just now, he had clearly seen how Jean Camus had used one punch to blast away Clayston’s palm before slipping to Clayston’s left side and kicking him hard on the back and borrowing the force generated to withdraw.

“So neither of them are able to use arcane skills… with his close combat skills, Jean Camus is near invincible!”

Rinloran felt his breath catch in his throat.

Clayston’s close combat abilities were by no means shoddy. In fact, they were quite good. But he was still defeated in a single exchange by Jean Camus, demonstrating the gap between the two.

“Would Chris be able to defeat him in close combat if the differences in physical strength were ignored?” Rinloran wondered to himself.

Originally, Rinloran had been a very proud person. But after watching Chris fight several times, he consciously realized how big of a gap there was between his and Chris’ close combat abilities.

Chris had just trained so much that her body instinctively responded in an optimal manner to every movement.

But after watching this exchange, Rinloran felt unconfident.

Jean Camus’ movements and attacks just seemed too casual and relaxed.

The feeling he got from Jean Camus was one of an unfathomably deep pool. Just now, when Clayston used his Dance of Chaotic Leaves, it seemed like Jean Camus had simply chosen the simplest one of countless ways to easily defeat him.


Desperate, Clayston whirled around and entered a final frenzy. With a fierce roar, he began madly kicking at Jean Camus, leaving countless black afterimages in his wake.


A loud crack abruptly rang out from one of Clayston’s ankles as Jean Camus’ palm accurately slammed into it. It seemed like Jean Camus hadn’t put any strength into it, but the blow was enough to cause Clayston to completely lose his balance and fall towards the ground.

As Clayston fell, Jean Camus’ feet moved like as if they were gliding on water as he slightly readjusted his body and raised his right foot and gently tapped it against Clayston’s chest.


Clayston’s entire chest caved inwards as blood spurted from his mouth like a fountain.

Jean Camus landed lightly not far before Clayston.


Clayston couldn’t even stand up anymore as blood continued to gush out of his mouth. It was clear that he was about to die.

“Strong! Really, really strong!” Ayrin nearly shouted out.

Jean Camus had defeated his opponent without even breaking a sweat!

“I… I lost to you only because of your bloody variant bloodline… although your domain is strong, although is it undoubtedly one of a kind, now that it has been seen… there will come a day where someone kills you,” Clayston said inbetween coughs of blood. Afterwards, he began to laugh wildly.

“Do you think that those who are truly strong are ever afraid of exposing their own skills?” Jean Camus thought to himself as as he looked at the laughing Clayston and shook his head.

Moments later, Clayston finally took his last breaths and died with a grotesque expression on his face.

His eyes were blood red, his features were abnormally contorted, and his entire upper body was completely drenched in his own blood.

His shrivelled right hand, which had been hidden away within his sleeves, was also exposed.

Ayrin was surprised to see it as the hand wasn’t composed of flesh, but of a transparent crystal.

Jean Camus abruptly broke the silence which had descended as he casually broke off the crystal hand as if he were tearing a piece of cloth.

“So he only had one arm? His other arm was created from this crystal?”

Thoughts had only begun emerging within Ayrin’s mind when Rinloran softly whispered into his ear, “It’s the Crystal Hand of Kiloran.”

“The Crystal Hand of Kiloran? Is it some kind of powerful artifact?” By this time, Ayrin had already noticed that the crystal hand held by Jean Camus was exuding the same profound brilliance and aura as released by the crystal dust which Clayston had used earlier.

“It’s an artifact which was wielded by the Draconic Scholar Kiloran during the Era of the War with Dragons, who was a famous and powerful arcane master of the time. Now that I think about it, many of Clayston’s skills were indeed similar. He must have stumbled across an inheritance of Kiloran,” Rinloran responded with a nod.

“It’s an artifact which is rumored to have many mysterious functions, and it has been stolen away by Jean Camus!” Stingham’s dispirited voice rang out from within the thicket.

Meanwhile, Jean Camus knelt down and carefully searched through Clayston’s corpse.

Even geniuses were not aloof enough to ignore the possibilities of treasure.

But it seemed like he didn’t find anything good as he furrowed his brows and became slightly lost in thought.

After a while, he turned towards Ayrin’s group and asked, “Do you guys plan on remaining atop this battlefield?”

“Of course,” Ayrin responded without thinking as he quickly nodded his head.

“It seems like Morgan was right. You are indeed the person who is most likely to challenge me.” A pure smile of joy emerged on Jean Camus’ face as he continued, “In that case, you must not die here.”

“Of course not! I will definitely survive and surpass you!” Ayrin warmly responded, his blood boiling as he waved his fist at Jean Camus.

“Two weirdos,” Stingham muttered within the thicket.

“Until we meet again, then.” Jean Camus smiled once more at Ayrin, then quickly disappeared from their view.

“He is truly an unbelievable strong person. I can’t help but tremble in his presence.”

Ayrin let out a long sigh.

“Eh? What are you chewing on?!”

But he was quickly distracted once more as he abruptly realized that the little yellow dragon had grabbed something else within his robes and was wildly biting away. An extremely strange stench wafted up into his nose.

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