Chapter 302: A Battle Between Geniuses

Chapter 302: A Battle Between Geniuses

As Jean Camus spoke, six figures shining with a crystallic brilliance appeared in the area where he looked.

“Is this Crystal Master Clayston?” Ayrin asked as he gazed at the six figures which were about ten meters apart from one another.

He quickly realized he couldn’t discern which one was the real body. Furthermore, the blinding brilliance they released prevented him from seeing their features.

“Stingham, which one is the real one?” Ayrin couldn’t help but asking Stingham, who had hidden himself.

“I can’t tell either,” Stingham replied, feeling somewhat annoyed.

In the presence of Jean Camus, who had beat him up so heavily, he didn’t want to speak at all.

It was fortunate that Jean Camus was acting as if he hadn’t seen Stingham. Otherwise, who knew what kind of humiliating act Stingham would do.

“The Treasured Book of Sealing?”

Clayston didn’t pay any attention to Jean Camus. Instead, all six crystal figures looked towards the Treasured Book of Sealing in Ayrin’s hands and spoke in unison.

“With an artifact like this here, it seems like it is not suitable for me to use domains.”

Only after saying this did the six crystal figures simultaneously turn towards Jean Camus and ask, “What is your name?”

Jean Camus calmly looked back and succinctly replied, “Jean Camus.”

“Aha, so it is the number one genius of the Kingdom of Doa.” The six crystal figures chuckled in unison, “Your life is worth quite a lot right now.”

“You are welcome to try,” Jean Camus nonchalantly responded.

“If I kill Jean Camus, I will at least become a cardinal, right…”

Thoughts raced through Clayston’s mind as his gaze swept across Jean Camus, and then Ayrin’s group. He realized that these people would likely be very difficult to deal with, but the enormous rewards made him feel like it was necessary for him to try.

“Is Jean Camus about to fight this guy?”

Seeing how both sides seemed to have forgotten about them, Ayrin anticipated Jean Camus’ move.

Ayrin had wanted to personally see Jean Camus’ abilities and strength ever since he learned that Jean Camus had one-sidedly beaten up Stingham.

“He’s so calm and composed. The look in his eyes… I must be careful, after all, it is rumored that he has never lost a battle.”

Clayston slowly exhaled.

For Ayrin and the others, it looked like all six crystal figures were exhaling at the same time.

“Crystal Haze!”

Six invocations rang out in unison.

Six clusters of brilliant light emerged and bloomed outwards.

“So uncomfortable!”

“He actually knows a skill like this!”

The moment Rinloran took a breath, he immediately realized what was going on as he began coughing. The light was actually countless miniscule crystal particles. As they entered his lungs, they gathered and hardened, making it harder and harder for him to breath.

“An area of effect skill!” Ayrin exclaimed as he too began coughing and feeling extremely uncomfortable.

But before the particles could wreak any more havoc within his body, they quickly decomposed and transformed into arcane particles.


Although he himself was fine, he could see Rinloran, Stingham, and the Dark Queen Mermaid all struggling as their faces turned purple. Together, they rushed out of the range of the crystal dust as quickly as possible. But Rinloran, Stingham, and the Dark Queen Mermaid continued to cough violently, even hacking up blood, as they struggled to breath.

“Rinloran, Stingham, are you two okay?!” Ayrin asked anxiously as he rushed to Rinloran and Stingham’s side.


A faint blue arcane energy rose up from between Rinloran’s hands and flowed over Stingham and himself like water.

“This skill is quite similar to House Baratheon’s Suffocated World. But it is even more insidious!”

Rinloran spoke inbetween his coughing. As he looked down, he could see countless tiny shining crystal particles within the frothing blood he coughed up.

It was evident that although the Tree of Life’s arcane energy healed his lungs, it was unable to dispel the skill itself.

As Clayston’s arcane skill hadn’t caused much of an arcane energy fluctuation, it was clear that this skill didn’t consume too many arcane particles. But the damage it could deal towards other arcane masters was immense. It was definitely capable of incapacitating many arcane masters at the same time.

At this moment, Ayrin realized that Lotton was not with them. But he didn’t worry too much about it because he knew that Lotton’s ability to survive surpassed even his own. Lotton was a Vengeful Spirit who had already ‘died’ after all. Unless he was completely destroyed by an immensely powerful arcane skill, he would be fine. And it was especially true for a skill like this which attacked the body’s tissues. It wouldn’t cause him any harm.

“Jean Camus…”

Ayrin’s eyes widened as he saw Jean Camus calmly standing motionlessly amidst the crystal dust enveloped earth. His body was covered with a layer of faint, gauze-like white light.

“This guy…”

This scene alone caused Ayrin to understand just how powerful of an arcane master Jean Camus was.

“Witch’s Shawl?” Clayston abruptly cried out.

The six crystal figures all looked towards Jean Camus as if evaluating him.

Jean Camus continued to stand silently in place, remaining as calm and composed as ever.

“Can he also not tell which of them is Clayston’s real body?”

“Is he just going to keep taking blows without fighting back? Isn’t he in a lot of danger then?”

Ayrin wondered to himself as he watched the two sides face off. Clayston’s skill was just too strange. All six crystal figures were exactly the same. It was impossible to determine which one was the real body.

“Crystal Burst: Flash Freeze!”

Arcane energy fluctuations rippled from the six crystal figure once more.

This time, the arcane energy fluctuations were incredibly strong. As they traveled outwards, they propelled the crystal dust as well. At the same time, countless slivers of sparkling crystals tore through the skies and descended over Jean Camus like rain.

The white gauze-like layer of light enveloping Jean Camus’ body wavered fiercely but didn’t break. But as more and more slivers of crystal collided with him, they quickly condensed and formed an increasingly large cube crystal around him, completely enveloping him.

“What skill is this?”

Ayrin immediately felt great worry for Jean Camus, yet Jean Camus still didn’t make a single movement. But then, a single unique arcane energy fluctuation emerged amidst the rest.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! …

A massive scythe wielding black shadow of the Death God abruptly appeared behind each of the six crystal figures and cut their throats in one fell swoop.


The sound of crystals shattering rang out from each crystal figure.

Six groans intermixed with the sound of countless crystals falling to the ground and shattering.

Once everything had settled, six large broken crystals appeared on the ground before everyone’s eyes.

A figure quickly appeared before these six broken crystals. This figure flickered with the same crystal brilliance but was clearly trembling uncontrollably. It was obvious that it was Clayston’s real body which had suffered quite a lot from Jean Camus’ attack.

“Death God’s Rend!”

“A silent taboo skill which summons as many Death Gods as the number of enemies!”

“This is the strongest taboo skill of the Kingdom of Doa’s Winter Mountain Academy! I never expected for you to have learned it!”

Claystons pain filled voice rang out.

“You too are stronger than I thought,” Jean Camus calmly said from within the massive crystal cube. He seemed to have no intention of trying to escape from within.

“Although Death God’s Rend is a powerful skill, aren’t you looking down on me a little too much if you think you can defeat me with just a single skill?”

Clayston exhaled before speaking again, his voice now filled with a cold arrogance, “You must understand that I am an existence which House Baratheon was once afraid of.”

“Is that so?”

A rare smirk emerged on Jean Camus’ face as he replied, “If you have any powerful skills, please use them. Your past, as you just explained, is why I am still willing to play with you.”

“All geniuses are wildly arrogant, I see that you are no exception.”

Clayston shook his head as he spoke, then silently thought to himself, “But you see, I used to be considered a genius as well.”

Afterwards, he roared in his mind, “Divine Crystal Boundary!”

A terrifying storm of arcane energy simultaneously erupted from the six broken crystal figures as they climbed back up.

It was another silent skill!

The pupils of Ayrin, Rinloran, Stingham, and the other onlookers all shrunk.

Each of the six crystal figures moved to a different spot around Jean Camus, surrounding him.

Afterwards, the figures began teleporting around, exchanging positions with each other.

Every time an exchange of positions occurred, a crystallic wave of energy of about the same size as the crystal figures would shoot towards Jean Camus.

It was as if Jean Camus had become entrapped within an encirclement of six arcane masters who were constantly sending out powerful crystal blades at him.

These evermoving crystal figures and the constant generation of crystal energy blades created a strange and bizarre scene. It looked like a crystal array had formed around Jean Camus.

The white gauze-like layer of light covering Jean Camus was broken through in but a single moment.

Arcane particles violently surged within Ayrin’s body as he decided that he was going to strike, regardless of whether the one he attacked was real or not.

But then, he saw the calm and composed expression on Jean Camus’ face.

A strange domain energy erupted from Jean Camus’ body.

“Impossible!” Clayston screamed.

The six crystal figures all abruptly froze in place.

As for the crystal energy blades flying towards Jean Camus, they all disappeared without a trace the moment they touched him!

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